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Sint Maarten Parliament Meeting
Sint Maarten Parliament Meeting
Sint Maarten Parliament Meeting
The Territorial Council of Saint Martin, led by President Aline Hanson, visited the Parliament of Sint Maarten on Tuesday 23 June 2015, at the invitation of its President Loyd Richardson.

This first meeting between the Territorial Council of Saint Martin and the new Parliament of Sint Maarten (elected in October 2014) was the occasion to raise common concerns, such as the repayment of retirement pensions, waste management, The exchange of driving licenses, license plates, water and electricity, and geothermal development.

On the existing dysfunctions with regard to the repayment of pensions to employees domiciled on the French side who had worked and contributed to the Dutch side, Vice-President Ramona Connor, in charge of the Social Portfolio for the Community, reminded parliamentarians in Sint Maarten that France paid a pension to any employee who had contributed to its territory, and that therefore the problem arose mainly from the Dutch authorities. Parliament proposed that the Public Health, Social Development, Labor Commission work in collaboration with the Solidarity & Families of the Community to find solutions.

The Inter-Parliamentary Affairs and Kingdom Relations Committee was also asked by Parliament to work with the French side on the exchange of driving licenses between Sint Maarten and Saint-Martin and on the checking of license plate defects On both sides of the island.

Waste management was the subject of extensive discussion. First Vice-President Guillaume Arnell, in charge of Sustainable Development of the Territory, mentioned the considerable efforts made by the Saint Martin Community in terms of waste recycling, tri-selective awareness, and ecosite compliance Of Grandes Cayes under European constraints. An important substantive work undertaken by the French side, which has not yet taken place on the southern part of the island, which seeks cooperation on waste management.

The two entities also discussed the issue of water and electricity autonomy of the island. To the questioning of parliamentarians, President Hanson had to recall the operation of the French electricity grid managed by EDF, which is currently building a new power plant in Galisbay. The development of geothermal energy could be the subject of a cooperation project based on work on the surrounding islands (Dominica, St. Lucia, Guadeloupe).

In conclusion of this particularly fruitful exchange, President Aline Hanson confirmed the need to meet more often and to work in partnership on these bilateral issues. The Chair also suggested the establishment of a joint action plan overseen by the working committees.

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Reaction Aline Hanson of the presidential visit
Reaction Aline Hanson of the presidential visit - 2015-06-02
First of all, I would like to extend warm thanks to the people of Saint-Martin who came to welcome the President of the Republic and who have given him a very nice welcome at Grand Case and Marigot, and all along the journey from Hope Estate At Rambaud and Cripple Gate, where many people acclaimed the presidential cortège as he passed. A warm welcome, whose president has taken the measure by greeting at length the inhabitants come to meet him, ...
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