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Protocol Meeting Ambassador of India
Protocol Meeting Ambassador of India
Protocol Meeting Ambassador of India
President Aline Hanson and Senator Guillaume Arnell received the Excellency the Ambassador of India to France, Mr. Mohan Kumar, on Saturday, 27 February 2016, on his first visit to Saint Martin. The Ambassador was accompanied by the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy, ​​Mr. Jaswal and three members of the Association of Indians of St. Martin, represented by its President, Mr. Pradeep Sadarangani.

This particularly fruitful exchange between the territorial executive and the representation of the Indian government has among them the elaboration of avenues of cooperation in the economic, cultural and educational fields.
The President presented the "Doing Business in Saint-Martin" booklet, produced by the community for investors, in order to inform them of the very advantageous tax potential of our territory. The ambassador said he was ready to consider the Saint Martin's fiscal regime to develop economic ties between India and Saint Martin indicating that this was precisely the goal of the new Indian minister Narendra Modi, His country radiates all over the world.
The promotion of Indian culture is also at the heart of the Ambassador's journey, which supported the President of the Saint-Martin Indian Association, which wants to build a cultural center on the French side, with support Of the Community. A project that would benefit the entire Saint-Martin population.
Among the Ambassador's proposals is the participation of Saint-Martin, the 21 next June in International Yoga Day, as well as the arrival of high-caliber Indian artists in Saint-Martin as part of the Namaste France program Initiated by India.
Lastly, the possibility of setting up student exchanges between India and Saint-Martin was mentioned, with the opportunity for Saint-Martin students to benefit from an Indian scholarship, particularly in the fields of technology and science . The Ambassador also informed the President that places would be available for Saint-Martin's young people in the partnership Volontariat International Entreprises with Business France which allows 250 young French people every year to go to India to train.

President Aline Hanson and Senator Guillaume Arnell were very attentive to the Ambassador's proposals, as exchanges between India and our small territory proved to be particularly promising. The two councilors wished to salute to the Ambassador the exemplary Indian community in Saint Martin, who actively participates in the local economy and invests constantly and positively in the life of the city.

Accession of the COM of Saint-Martin to the ACS
Accession of the COM of Saint-Martin to the ACS - 2016-01-22
Saint-Martin, the 18 January 2016:Represented by the territorial adviser Louis Fleming, in charge of cooperation, our overseas collectivity participated in the 21th ordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), the 18 and 19 January 2016, in Petion-Ville in Haiti. Integrated into Caribbean organizations, the community of the Caribbean is ...
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Meeting Ambassador Coop
Meeting Ambassador Coop - 2015-11-06
Mr Louis Fleming, Regional Counselor for Regional Cooperation, received in the Community on Wednesday 04 November 2015, Mrs Véronique Bertille, Ambassador Delegate for Regional Cooperation Antilles Guyana. A meeting of courtesy, in which key topics of regional cooperation were discussed. Named the 1er October 2015 ambassador of regional cooperation in the West Indies Guyana - a position that is ...
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The Europ Transboundary Program
The Europ Transboundary Program - 2015-09-09
On Wednesday 09 September 2015, the steering committee was set up in Prefecture on the implementation of the first European cross-border program Saint Martin / Sint Maarten. A European program so far unpublished, whose implementation and success are being scrutinized by Brussels. The managing authority represented by the prefect Anne Laubiès, the president of the Collective of Saint Martin Aline Hanson and the 1er minister of Sint Maarten, ...
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A European mission
A European mission - 2015-07-23
The European Commission's Directorate-General for Urban Regional Policy has entrusted José Palma Andres, former Director of the Directorate-General, with a mission to support the Community of Saint-Martin in the implementation of the European programs. Among his missions, Mr. Palma Andres is to help the Community develop a longer-term development perspective for the territory and at the ...
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Sint Maarten Parliament Meeting
Sint Maarten Parliament Meeting - 2015-06-24
The Territorial Council of Saint Martin, led by President Aline Hanson, visited the Parliament of Sint Maarten on Tuesday 23 June 2015, at the invitation of its President Loyd Richardson. This first meeting between the Territorial Council of Saint Martin and the new Parliament of Sint Maarten (elected in October 2014) was the occasion to raise common concerns, such as the repayment of retirement pensions, waste management, The exchange of permits ...
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D - 2015-06-15
Rosette Gumbs-Lake, Vice-President of the Saint Martin Community, visited the 16 and 17 in Martinique last June, where she participated in the 4e Floralies Internationales, organized by the Trois-îlets Town Hall. The commune of Trois-îlets is the leader of an inter-island cooperation project, financed by the European funds INTERREG CARAIBES, to develop a Caribbean horticultural network. This horticultural network entitled "La ...
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Reaction Aline Hanson of the presidential visit
Reaction Aline Hanson of the presidential visit - 2015-06-02
First of all, I would like to extend warm thanks to the people of Saint-Martin who came to welcome the President of the Republic and who have given him a very nice welcome at Grand Case and Marigot, and all along the journey from Hope Estate At Rambaud and Cripple Gate, where many people acclaimed the presidential cortège as he passed. A warm welcome, whose president has taken the measure by greeting at length the inhabitants come to meet him, ...
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The Pr
The Pr - 2014-10-02
The Community of Saint Martin was represented at the Forum des RUP in Brussels The Community of Saint Martin - represented by Junisa Gumbs, in charge of "external services and territorial administration", and Rudya Lake, European Affairs Had the pleasure of participating in the 3th edition of the Forum of the Ultraperipheral Regions of Europe (RUP), held 30 September and 1er ...
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