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Scheresse et risque d'incendie
In recent weeks, Saint-Martin firefighters have been called upon to intervene on bush fires. Plant dryness combined with strong wind events is a real danger to fire hazards.
St. Martin is currently subject to an absence of precipitation and drought becoming more and more pregnant. The high temperatures, the dryness of the soils and the vegetation, form elements favorable to the starts of fire.
The population is invited to observe simple precautions. Cigarette butts should not be thrown away, especially along roadsides and hedgerows or undergrowth. Precautions for use are necessary for barbecues. In particular, they must be carried out on a protected area, away from the vegetation and with a means of extinction nearby. Burns are banned in gardens and fields during drought.
The community of Saint-Martin invites the population to the utmost vigilance.

2018 cyclonic season: 9 shelters, s
2018 cyclonic season: 9 shelters, s - 2018-07-18
The capacity of the cyclonic shelters is changing from 500 to 1700 people this year, with optimized safety and comfort conditions. 6 September 2017, Irma ravaged St. Martin and the return to a normal life, safe under a protective roof, is still far from obvious for many families. Families who are worried about the possible passage of a cyclonic phenomenon in 2018, just like 11 000 people living ...
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The trajectory estimates of hurricane BERYL
The trajectory estimates of hurricane BERYL - 2018-07-06
The trajectory estimates of BERYL, category 1 hurricane located at 1800km of the Antilles, indicate a passage between Martinique and Guadeloupe from Sunday evening, but it is still difficult to anticipate its trajectory and its development. The weather services France announce a rainy degradation and a strengthening of the winds on the northern half of the West Indies arc, without being able to specify yet the intensity of the phenomenon and the final trajectory. By...
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Approach to
Approach to - 2017-09-18
In anticipation of Hurricane Maria's approach, normally expected in the 4 category as it passes 150 km south of Saint-Martin tomorrow Tuesday, a Red vigilance will be done from 19 hours today (Monday 18 September 2017), and a driving ban will be stopped tonight at 19h, until Wednesday 20 in September at 6 in the morning. For your safety, it is imperative to respect these instructions. In anticipation of the approach ...
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Hurricane IRMA - Cyclone Season
Hurricane IRMA - Cyclone Season - 2017-09-04
Be careful! The islands of the North are in YELLOW vigilance. President Daniel Gibbs asks the population to prepare. The phenomenon is under the supervision of the competent forecasters, the forecasts of the NHC and Météo France have yet to be refined, but it is necessary to be vigilant, to take the precautions of use today, and especially to inform the evolution of the phenomenon by following carefully the ...
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Postponement of the return
Postponement of the return - 2017-09-03
Please find enclosed the communiqué of the Prefecture announcing the postponement of the start of the classes at a later date due to the passage of hurricane IRMA. The President asked the staff of the Collectivity and the CTOS to be present at their workplace on Monday 04 September, at the usual times to secure the public buildings and prepare the arrival of the phenomenon. Keep informed of ...
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2017 Cyclonic Season
2017 Cyclonic Season - 2017-06-01
Cyclone season: Let's be ready! The cyclone season officially kicks off the 1 June and ends on 30 November 2017. Each year it is important to remember the instructions for preparation and the conduct to be taken for our safety and it is in this sense that the Collectivity invites you already to verify your material and food reserves, preparation and protection ...
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2016 cyclone season: Let's take a look
2016 cyclone season: Let's take a look - 2016-05-23
The 20 May 2016 was held in Collective the large annual meeting preparing for the 2016 cyclone season. For all actors present, it was necessary to make an inventory of the equipment and means of intervention available. Chaired by President Aline Hanson and initiated by the territorial adviser in charge of the Orsec Plan, Mr. Louis Fleming, this meeting prepares to meet several requirements in terms of ...
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R - 2016-05-20
On 20 May 2016, President Aline Hanson chaired the big annual meeting to prepare the 2016 cyclone season. Since the season began on 1 in June and ended on 30 November 2016, the President wished to bring together all the players in the security and the prevention of natural risks to discuss the organization before, during and after the passage of a hurricane . The prefect Anne Laubies was at the side of the ...
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