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2017 Cyclonic Season
2017 Cyclonic Season
Cyclone season: Let's be ready!

The cyclone season officially kicks off on June 1 and ends on 30 November 2017. Each year it is important to remember the instructions for preparation and the conduct to be taken for our safety and it is in this sense that the Collectivity invites you to verify your material and food reserves, Preparing and protecting your home, removing or securing any object that can turn into a projectile.

This year the Collectivity and the Prefecture will organize several operational meetings between the services and actors in the same sector of intervention in order not only to list the human and material resources at our disposal but also to exchange effectively on the organization Before, during and after the passage of a phenomenon.

Also, President Daniel GIBBS and his team will carry out a major cleaning operation in all the neighborhoods at the end of June. This action to improve the living environment at the very beginning of the cyclone season is necessary in the event of a meteorological event, sometimes leading to the accumulation of very large quantities of waste.

The Community of St. Martin asks you to help him to keep the island clean and advise you to start the work of pruning and cutting of the plants in anticipation of a possible cyclonic phenomenon. Everyone will then have to take all necessary measures to evacuate green waste, bulky waste and any other waste that can be dangerous in case of strong winds, towards the Galisbay waste disposal center or the Grandes Cayes eco-site in Cul de Sac.

Citizenship and the sense of responsibility of everyone involved in the implementation of this clean-up are called for. No wild deposits can be tolerated upon the announcement of a cyclone warning.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your contribution and your understanding.

2016 cyclone season: Let's take a look
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The 20 May 2016 was held in Collective the large annual meeting preparing for the 2016 cyclone season. For all actors present, it was necessary to make an inventory of the equipment and means of intervention available. Chaired by President Aline Hanson and initiated by the territorial adviser in charge of the Orsec Plan, Mr. Louis Fleming, this meeting prepares to meet several requirements in terms of ...
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On 20 May 2016, President Aline Hanson chaired the big annual meeting to prepare the 2016 cyclone season. Since the season began on 1 in June and ended on 30 November 2016, the President wished to bring together all the players in the security and the prevention of natural risks to discuss the organization before, during and after the passage of a hurricane . The prefect Anne Laubies was at the side of the ...
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Thanks to the support of the Interreg Caribbean IV European Cooperation Program (2007-2013), the Saint Martin Community has worked in partnership with the community of Saint-Barthélemy to equip the two northern islands with a tidal station. On Thursday 19 last May, President Aline Hanson and partners of the Interreg program inaugurated the tide gauge of Saint-Martin, on the port of Galisbay. The strategy of the INTERREG IV ...
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Press Briefing - 2015-10-10
The President by Interim Guillaume Arnell received the press on Friday 09 October 2015 during the Internal Security Days in Marigot to present to the population the Territorial Information Document on Major Hazards (DITRIM) carried out by the Community of Saint-Martin. This preventive document is accompanied by a small booklet covering the prevention and relief measures to be observed, which will be distributed to 40000 ...
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The 2014 cyclone season
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Forecasts for the cyclone period Consult cyclonic forecasts for the upcoming season: CYCLONE INSTRUCTIONS (Fr-En) .pdf HOUSEHOLD USE INSTRUCTIONS.pdf LIST OF CYCLONIC SHELTERS 2014.pdf LIST OF ELECTORS RESPONSIBLE FOR SECTOR 2014.pdf ...
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