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Second degree
Second degree
The schools are ready for the school year! Second level: schools ready for the school year!

On Monday 25 August 2014, the President of the Territorial Council, Mrs. Aline Hanson, paid a detailed visit to the various renovation projects launched by the Collectivité de Saint-Martin in secondary schools. The aim was to draw up an inventory of the work carried out during the summer break and to ensure that everything would be ready for the beginning of the school year, on Tuesday 2 September.
This is accompanied by Mr. Pascal Averne, Director General of Community Services, Mr. Thierry Gombs, Deputy Director General in charge of Human Development, Mr. Albert Conner, Chief of the Territorial Police, Mr. Max Ogoundélé, Director of technical services of the COM, and Messrs Mesba and Beaud de la Semsamar, which President Aline Hanson made this inventory. All rehabilitation works of secondary schools are the responsibility of Semsamar, within the framework of a mandate contract signed with the Collectivité for a period of 4 years with a dedicated budget of 4 million euros.
Extensive renovation project at the Lycée Polyvalent des îles du Nord
The visit began with the polyvalent high school of the northern islands, which this year underwent a major renovation project, financed by the Collectivité. The President, Hanson, was received by the new headmistress Jeanine Hamlet and the deputy headmaster Mr Frantz Gumbs and was informed of the progress of the renovation work at the central entrance of the establishment. The new entrance portal will be ready for re-entry, with wider access, in particular to allow emergency vehicles to enter the school premises. The entrance porch will be rebuilt during the holidays of All Saints, with a timber frame. The central staircase serving the upstairs classrooms has been completely rehabilitated, with a new metal structure built in earthquake-resistant standards. Access to the floor will now be controlled by an intermediate portal.
Four specialized classrooms (science and computer science) were reorganized, and the teachers' bathrooms were completely redone. The new school boundary will be completed before the start of the school year, while the new sports shelter, consisting of a covered sports hall and bleachers, will be operational at the end of September 2014. The Collectivity will finance, as each year, the tools and outfits of first-time students in the professional sections, as well as book checks.
The school, which will host this year approximately 1400 pupils (annex included), will continue to benefit from a security guarding and security service, while the Territorial Police will be present at the exit of the classes in order to secure the zone of access to the buses school.
A new sports field at Collège Mont des Accords
A new sports field will be operational at the Marigot College as soon as the school starts. The intermediate access portals overlooking the teachers' car parks will be secured by a digicode. The college Mont des Accords had undergone extensive renovations last year (carpentry, painting, etc.). Small works are planned this year, notably the rehabilitation of the Internet, anti-termite treatment, and air conditioning of some rooms. The school headed by principal Aline Confiac and his assistant Leela Connor, will host this year's 1200 students.
A coup de jeune for the Collège Soualiga
The college Soualiga de Cul de Sac, directed this year by the principal assistant Madame Dubois, until the return of the principal M. Arlac, will welcome 750 students. The last major works on the central structure gave it a hell of a youth. The green spaces, particularly well maintained, and the planting of the central median realized by the relay class, finish to embellish the courtyard of this college. The Semsamar has carried out, at the request of the Collectivity, painting, electricity, rehabilitation of gutters, and extension and redevelopment of certain classrooms. Finally, the two entry gates were changed.
Strengthening security at the Quartier d'Orléans college
The college of Quartier d'Orléans will be led by the principal Daniel Gumbs, and his deputy Mr Martin. It will host 606 students. Passing through the Priority Education Network (REP Plus) will lead to major organizational changes, with reduced enrollments in each classroom to optimize student learning. The Semsamar realized the cover of the gymnasium, the creation of a metal framework and painting works. The wooden doors of the secretariat will be replaced and the access to office accommodation reinforced in order to prevent burglary, frequent in this establishment. Territorial police officers will be present at the end of classes, as in the other two colleges of the French party, in order to secure the area.
This field visit enabled President Hanson and her teams to take stock of the work in progress and ensure that everything was ready for the start of the school year on Tuesday 2 September. The second level will be held this year near 4000 pupils, and the President makes it a point of honor that their return is done under optimal conditions.

Photo at Soualiga College: Secondary School College Soualiga.jpeg

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