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As every year, the Community of Saint-Martin wished to highlight the investment of Saint-Martin's students who graduated this year, organizing the Laureates' Evening on Friday 22 July 2016 at the Sandy Ground Cultural Center.

Present for the occasion, many elected officials and the prefect Anne Laubies, welcomed the success of the young graduates and invited them to continue their efforts in the long term. President Aline Hanson, the elected representatives in charge of youth and the Maison de Saint-Martin Paris, encouraged them to give themselves the means to succeed and thus give the territory the technicality necessary for its future development.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks all those who have joined this initiative for the young people of the territory.


Speeches President Aline Hanson - 2016 Award Winners' Party

The Prefect, representing the communities of St. Barthelemy and St. Martin,

Deputy of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin,

The Senator of Saint Martin,

Ladies and gentlemen, the territorial advisers,

Ladies and gentlemen, dear laureates,

Good evening everyone,

Every year, the community of Saint-Martin honors new graduates from its territory. She does it not to salute a performance, but to encourage you to continue your efforts to succeed in your studies. Because your studies will open the doors of an accomplished professional life.

Dear Laureates, those of you who have obtained their baccalaureate have just taken an important first step. It is now up to you to start successfully this 2e cycle of studies which will lead you towards your future profession.

The community is particularly attentive to your journey, and this is why every year, a substantial budget is devoted to the accompaniment of students, thanks to the territorial scholarship of higher studies which mobilized over the year 2015 a budget Of 400000 €.

I would add that in the 2015-2016 year, the community financed the vocational training aid in the amount of 2M €.

Thanks to all these measures, today there are concrete grants in Saint-Martin to accompany our young people towards the professionalization, the apprenticeship of a trade or the pursuit of studies.

What we need to develop now are opportunities for post-baccalaureate higher education. Constraints are great for parents and children when it comes to studying away from St. Martin.

That is why, in partnership with the Rectorate, I have set up a Pôle d'Excellence Hotel, Catering and Tourism, which will open its doors next year, with the first step of setting up a BTS Hotels - Restaurants Trilingual.

The apprenticeship will be carried out alternately between the theoretical courses in GRETA and the practical courses in partner hotels.

This is a first step, and we intend to develop the possibilities of post-bac training with the opening of Licenses and Masters, in areas of competences that Saint-Martin will need.

As you can see, the award ceremony is not a trivial event. It is, in fact, a strong act witnessed to our youth.

You are the future of this territory. You are the business leaders, the employees, the politicians of tomorrow.

It is you who in the next few years will constitute the living forces of Saint Martin. And we encourage you to move forward.

For elected officials, it is a pleasure to come and reward the young people of the territory who have successfully passed their exams. This is one of the pleasant moments of political life.

Some of you are already part of the Territorial Youth Council, and I congratulate this emerging political commitment in favor of Saint Martin.

I would like to end my remarks with this message: you are at the very beginning of your adult life, but already, through your choices, your commitments, your decisions, you are an important actor in our society.

Your Saint-Martin roots are your asset. Always keep in your history, your origins. Do not forget where you come from. Use it as an unalterable force.

You must fight to succeed, for no one will do it for you, and you must always bear in mind that we must act for the best, for social justice, for the good of your neighbor.

For the ultimate goal of every human being is to put his stone to the building to build a better world. So good luck to all for your upcoming journey.

Congratulations to all Laureates!

And good holiday before a well-deserved recovery!

Merci de votre attention.

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