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Everything is pr
Everything is pr
See the program of the festivities.

The f
The f - 2018-07-23
A return in images to the festivities of the 21 July ...
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The official program of the F
The official program of the F - 2018-07-19
Enclosed, the festivities of the Victor Schoelcher Festival at ...
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The official program of 14 July
The official program of 14 July - 2018-07-11
Find in appendix the official program of the 14 July ...
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F - 2018-06-21
You are invited to the 2018 Music Festival. See the poster for more ...
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170 - 2018-05-24
Please see the attached invitation card for the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery ...
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2018 Fish Day, Sunday 06 May!
2018 Fish Day, Sunday 06 May! - 2018-04-30
Tradition at the heart of the festivities! The community of St. Martin organizes its traditional Fish Day on Sunday 06 May 2018. President Gibbs and his team insisted that Fish Day take place in Cul de Sac Bay as usual, despite the passage of Hurricane Irma, which damaged the site and despite the Sargassum algae have been stranded on the North East coast for a few days. A great cleaning of the bay was ...
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Carnival 2018: A f
Carnival 2018: A f - 2018-02-15
Organized by the Carnavalesque Committee, the Saint-Martin Carnival has become over the years an unmissable event on the island. In this period of post-cyclone Irma reconstruction, our carnival deserved the success it has met. The Collectivité of Saint-Martin supports each year the Carnival of Saint-Martin and has a lot of pleasure to present you a return in images on this beautiful event. Despite Hurricane Irma, which last September 06 has ...
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The community
The community - 2017-07-27
The Community of Saint-Martin invites you to open air cinema during the month of August! The "August au Ciné" event, which consists of outdoor film screening in neighborhoods, will take place this year, from 05 to 27 August 2017. Projectives will start at 18h. There will be two screenings per weekend, one on Saturday, the other on Sunday. The period before the start of the school year is often an empty period in terms of animation, ...
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