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Upgrading of electrical installations and works in schools

The technical services of the Community of Saint-Martin intervene in the schools. It is for the teams to upgrade the electrical installations before the overall renovations of the schools start in the context of public contracts passed by the community.

Thus for several weeks, several phases of work are underway at the request of President Daniel Gibbs and under the aegis of Vice President Annick Pétrus, in charge of Education, and Vice President Steven Patrick, in charge of sustainable development.

The community services are currently operating at the Polyvalent High School of the North Marigot Islands, where it is a question of renovating the electrical installations in the kitchen workshop, the carpentry workshop and the electromechanical workshop, to enable students to practice their skills. subject for future examinations. The sealing problems that existed in this establishment have been solved.

This electrical refurbishment work will continue in other establishments where several phases of work are being carried out.

So in the 1er degree, 8 classrooms were renovated in Concordia's Simeone Trott Kindergarten; the small pupils were able to return to their classes on Monday 22 January. Renovation work is underway in the Emile Choisy school, which should be completed by the end of January.

With respect to the Hervé Williams and Nina Duverly schools, arrangements were made by the community and school principals to avoid rotating elementary schools and to return to normal hours of operation. Thus, only two schools still work with adjusted schedules.

In the 2nd degree, the Robert Weinum School District of La Savane, which houses a college and a general high school, is also undergoing renovations. 4 classrooms will be refurbished (roof, wall separation and electricity), knowing that 4 new rooms will be open at the end of January in temporary modules type ALGECO to meet the needs. The gymnasium and gymnasium of the school district are operational. The community carries out the closing work of the football field, which will be usable upon receipt of this work.

On all the schools, and in general, the Collectivité involves its technical services or companies in the framework of public contracts, so that the schooling of the pupils and the work of the educational teams are carried out in the best safety conditions. given the situation.

As a reminder, the community has framework contracts in several areas of expertise (carpentry, plumbing, large electricity), but remains obliged to consult the companies holding these contracts to obtain quotes, which implies legal deadlines I add the time of the works.

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