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Thanks to the support of the Interreg Caribbean IV European Cooperation Program (2007-2013), the Saint Martin Community has worked in partnership with the community of Saint-Barthélemy to equip the two northern islands with a tidal station. On Thursday 19 last May, President Aline Hanson and partners of the Interreg program inaugurated the tide gauge of Saint-Martin, on the port of Galisbay.

The strategy of the INTERREG IV Caribbean Program 2007-2013 aimed at sustainable development, based on environmentally sound economic growth and job creation. The deepening of regional cooperation and the strengthening of territorial cohesion by improving the competitiveness, attractiveness, integration and valorisation of the resources of the Caribbean area were also part of the prerogatives. The co-operation area is wide, it concerns the whole of the Greater Caribbean.

Aware of the lack of data in the northern islands, the community of Saint-Martin, leader of this project, chose to equip its territory with a tide gauge station. This ocean measurement tool is capable of providing real-time data for tsunami warning and forecasting and marine submersion. Tide gauges are used to measure the level of The sea continuously.

These measurements can be used for many applications:

- contribution to the tsunami warning
- determination of tidal cycles
- determination of the average sea level and its evolution
- response of ports to specific meteorological demands ...

In the presence of Marie-Luce Penchard, 2e Vice-President of the Guadeloupe Region, Managing Authority of the Interreg Caribbean Program, Guyana Territorial Counselor Jocelyn Ho-Tin-Noe, Member of Parliament for Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy Daniel Gibbs , Of the 1er Minister of Sint Maarten William Marlin and of the prefect Anne Laubies, the President Aline Hanson raised the veil on the tide gauge. Charlotte Terrac, Head of the Major Risks Unit, informed the community of the technical feats of this extraordinary tool.

As part of this inter-island partnership, the community of Saint-Barthélemy will shortly set up its own tide gauge. The installation of tide gauging stations in the northern islands completes the network of monitoring stations of the Arc Antillais. It thus improves the tsunami warning system, but it is also a support to the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan (PNACC).

As a leader in the operation, the community of Saint-Martin received an ERDF grant from 75 000 €, under the Interreg Caribbean IV Program, representing 75% of the total estimated cost to 100 000 €.

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