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Saint-Martin participated 7 and 8 last June at the seminar "Communicating Europe in the Regions and Europe of Regions" in Brussels.

This seminar, organized by the offices of the Representation of the European Commission in Paris and Marseille in partnership with Régions de France, was intended for the European and Regional Communications directorates. Saint-Martin, who as a reminder takes the presidency of the Conference of Presidents of the ORs in November, participated in these two days of work at the European Commission, with about forty participants from all over France.
Through exchanges with the European Union's policy and program managers, the objectives of this seminar were twofold: how to better promote Europe in the regions and the driving role of the regions in the construction of Europe, but also how to strengthen the sense of belonging to the Union and European citizenship in the run-up to the 26 May 2019 elections.
Ambitious objectives for a major subject that fits in a context of both balance sheet and future for the European Union, but also against the backdrop of Brexit and rising euro-sectarian populisms in member states.
Eurobarometers are talking: 27% of French people say they are poorly informed about the role and functioning of the European Union. As for the help of Europe in the Region, it passes almost unnoticed: according to a study carried out last year, it is indeed some 72% of the French who have simply never heard of projects co-financed on their territory .
Simplification, proximity: these two slogans will now be the common thread of the communication policy of the European authorities, which intend to start a closer and more dynamic relationship with their partners and to reinforce the responsibilities for communication on the use of funds, managing authorities.

In addition to traveling exhibitions, promotional campaigns such as #UEinmyregion or Road Trip Project and cultural events to promote Europe and its values, initiatives are proposed to restore a relationship of trust between the citizens of Europe. Union and its elites and institutions.

At a time when European issues are at the heart of the news, the Representation in France of the European Commission has for example launched the creation of a guide called Decoders of Europe, to unravel the misconceptions about the action of the European Union, and to enhance the value of its little-known action.
In the context of the ongoing debate on the future of the European Union at 27, launched by the publication of the Commission's White Paper 1er March 2017 and in parallel with the citizens' dialogues organized by the European Commission and the Member States, a 12's online quiz questions further expands the existing opportunities for expression to the citizens of the European Union. 30 000 questionnaires have been validated to date and the consultation continues until the European elections of 2019, on the website of the Commission and its French Representation. Our fellow citizens can thus make their voices heard on and

The wishes of the Pr
The wishes of the Pr - 2018-02-05
EHPAD Bethany Home celebrated the new year, on Wednesday 31 January 2018, during a friendly ceremony in the presence of the territorial councilor Annette Philips, President of the EHPAD, the director of the establishment Mr. Jean-Marie Marchais, Representatives of the State and the Regional Health Agency, represented by its director Pascal Godefroy, as well as representatives of the hospitals of ...
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Saint Martin's Day
Saint Martin's Day - 2017-11-11
Your Excellency Governor Holiday, Madam the Prefect Delegate for the Communities of Saint-Martin and St Barthélemy, Honorable Member of Parliament, Honorable Prime Minister, Honorable Ministers of Sint Maarten, and members of the Territorial Council of Saint Martin, Ladies and gentlemen, Dear fellow citizens of St. Martin / Sint Maarten, I am very pleased, proud and touched at the same time with you on this ...
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Speech by the Professor
Speech by the Professor - 2017-11-06
In appendix, the speech delivered by the President Daniel Gibbs during the visit of the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, today in ...
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27 Territorial Council July 2017
27 Territorial Council July 2017 - 2017-07-28
Here in PJ, the elements relating to the Territorial Council of this Thursday 27 July 2017, as well as the topics addressed by the president during his conference of ...
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Ex Council
Ex Council - 2017-05-24
Please find herewith the report of the executive board of this Wednesday 24 May 2017. For more details, I enclose the report of item No. 1 on the draft decree (territorial continuity). The deliberations of the EC of 24 May will be accessible on the JO of the COM (Web site of the Collectivity) as of the return of the control of legality by 10 days. In the photo: President Daniel Gibbs held his first press conference post Executive Council, ...
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First Council ex
First Council ex - 2017-04-05
President Daniel GIBBES held his first Executive Board on Wednesday 05 April 2017 at 9 hours at the hotel of the community, in the presence of the councilors of the executive, Mrs. Valérie DAMASEAU, XNUM Vice-president, Mr. Yawo NYUIADZI, 1ème vice -President, Mr. Steven PATRICK 2e Vice-President, Ms. Marie-Dominique RAMPHORT member, and Mr. Louis MUSSINGTON member. Mrs. Annick PETRUS, 4e Vice-President, was excused. In...
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C - 2017-04-05
President Daniel Gibbes officially entrusted with his executive powers The ceremony of transfer of power between the old and the new majority took place on Sunday 02 April 2017 at the hotel of the community of Saint Martin. President Daniel Gibbes received the symbolic keys of the community from the 1er outgoing vice-president, Mr. Guillaume Arnell, who represented President Aline Hanson, outside the territory of the ...
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Speeches Guillaume Arnell
Speeches Guillaume Arnell - 2016-01-17
Madam President, Dear Parliamentarian, Distinguished Vice-Presidents, Ladies and Gentlemen, Territorial Advisers, Deputy Directors-General, Directors and Heads of Services, Representative at the EESC Mr President of the CESC, Mr President of the CCISM, Mr ...
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