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A blue week learned
A blue week learned
As every year, Blue Week for the elderly has kept its promises. After a busy week of conferences and activities for our elders, the closing ceremony of Blue Week took place at Sandy Ground Youth House on Sunday, 09, October 2016, under the aegis of Vice-President Ramonna Connor, In charge of the Solidarity & Families cluster.
Mrs. Barry, Ambassador of the Blue Week 2016 who lent her face to the poster of the event, was warmly congratulated; She received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the neighborhood council 5 to thank her for her participation.
Mrs. Ramona Connor took advantage of this moment of exchanges with our elders to thank them for their presence at the Blue Week. She encouraged them to stay active and keep a vibrant social life to preserve their health. The ceremony ended with the representation of the candidates in the election of Miss Carnaval senior and junior, who did not hesitate to dance the seniors, who appreciated very much this moment. The musical animation was provided by the local band Boulogne Combo.
A blue week full of events and joie de vivre for all those who participated in this dedicated week organized by the community of Saint-Martin. Vice-President Ramona Connor and the Autonomy of Persons Directorate would like to thank the associations, neighborhood councils, EHPAD Bethany Home, the Regional Health Agency and all those Are involved in this event in favor of the elderly of the territory.

Blue Week for people
Blue Week for people - 2016-10-05
The Saint-Martin community organizes Blue Week every year, designed to promote actions for retirees and elderly people in the territory. This year, the theme of the event is "I love my heart, I'm moving! ", Words that reflect the importance of regular activity to preserve one's health. Monday 03 October, the launch of the blue week at the Bethany EHPAD ...
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THE BLUE WEEK - 2016-09-23
OCTOBER PROGRAM 2016 EHPAD "BETHANY HOME" SSIAD Claire ARRONDELL 15, route du Grand Saint-Martin - Galisbay Tel: Fax: SUNDAY 02 OCTOBER 09h00: Dominican Mass-Catholic Church of Grand Case MONDAY 03 OCTOBER 11h00: Opening Ceremony of the National Week of the Elderly -EHPAD Bethany ...
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Birthday Yvette Fleming-Hodge
Birthday Yvette Fleming-Hodge - 2016-03-28
"Mrs. Yvette Fleming-Hodge celebrates her 100 years, this Wednesday 30 March 2016. Due to its exceptional longevity, it is a unique and privileged witness to the evolution of Saint-Martin and the history of the island. A must-see figure in our Friendly Island, Mrs. Fleming-Hodge has built her life on founding values ​​such as respect for others, family and generosity, and this is surely the secret of her 100 years. The community...
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Disability week
Disability week - 2016-03-02
Give a heading to my handicap.
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RSA - Reaction Decision of the Council of State
RSA - Reaction Decision of the Council of State - 2015-12-03
30% flat-rate levy on the basic RSA: the Conseil d'État rejects the appeal of the Deputy Prefect By a decision of the 30 November 2015, the Council of State, ruling in the Litigation, rejected the request of the Prefect of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin to cancel the deliberation of the Territorial Council 30 October 2014, relative to ...
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Disabled Persons Day
Disabled Persons Day - 2015-11-26
The December 03 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This day was proclaimed in 1992 by the United Nations with a specific aim: to promote the integration of people with disabilities into our society, by guaranteeing their access to economic, social and political life. People with disabilities represent 15% of the world population, while 80% of them are of age of ...
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Intervention Quartier d'Orl
Intervention Quartier d'Orl - 2015-10-06
Acting President Guillaume Arnell, along with three vice presidents Ramona Connor, Wendel Cocks and Rosette Gumbs-Lake, went to Quartier d'Orléans on Tuesday 06 October evening after a family saw his house Burned in suspicious circumstances. Immediately, the vice-president in charge of social affairs, Mrs. Connor, mobilized the social services so that this family of two adults and four children can benefit from emergency housing ...
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Health Observatory
Health Observatory - 2015-09-05
Created in October 2010 under the impetus of the Collectivité of Saint-Martin, the Saint-Martin Health Observatory was born of a project of cooperation between the Collectivity, the government of Sint Maarten and the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital , Financed by the European Interreg Caribbean Fund 2007-2013. If it took time to set up, the general assembly held on Friday 04 September 2015 made it possible to formalize ...
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