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A water treatment plant
A water treatment plant
The community of Saint-Martin and its Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM), represented respectively by the President of the Territorial Council, Aline Hanson, and the President of the EEASM, Louis Fleming, laid the foundation stone of the New wastewater treatment plant (STEU) of Quartier d'Orléans, Monday 21 December 2015, next to the head of cabinet of the prefect, Emmanuel Effantin. The 1er Minister William Marlin and the Minister Angel Mayers of Sint Maarten, made the trip of the Dutch part.

Expected by the residents of the district for a long time, this new generation station will require 2 years of work. Funded to 10.4 M € by the European Funds FEDER, 1.5 M € by the National Office of Water and Aquatic Environments (ONEMA), 800000 € by the State and 800000 € by the Collectivity on the development contract State-COM, the new STEU in the Orléans district will be designed for 18 000 equivalent inhabitants, on a biological concept unpublished in the West Indies. It is the concretization, as President Hanson said, of sustainable community-led policy and the will of the executive to build modern and sustainable infrastructures in synergy with the needs of the territory.

In his speech, President Fleming recalled the old-fashioned station, built in 1983, "which no longer corresponds to the needs of the development of the eastern part of the island, nor to the observance of the norms of rejection in the pond To fish that is classified Ramsar ". "This new equipment is therefore part of the many European disputes that provide for the resolution of sanitation problems definitively on the 2016 horizon on all French territory," he said.

Situated very close to the dwellings, the new STEU has been the subject of a thorough reflection for a relevant integration in the landscape in favor of the respect of local residents.

"Thus, this infrastructure is a gateway to a remarkable natural environment: mangroves, bird species, fish and crustaceans ... it will be completely closed, deodorized and soundproofed, without any discomfort for the inhabitants," said Louis Fleming , Before adding that in the long term, this building will be able to receive visitors for didactic purposes: accompanied classes, private visitors in the framework of ecological tourism.

Emmanuel Effantin, stressed "the well-being of residents who reside nearby and the preservation of natural resources through the recovery and reuse of water; Equipment designed to protect biodiversity ".

After the symbolic pose of the 1ère stone, the elected representatives of the community thanked all the partners of this project, the financial contributors such as Europe, Onema and the state, but also the assistant owner de work Safege , And construction companies, not to mention the Conservatory of the Coastal Zone and the Nature Reserve which, through their cooperation, contributed to the realization of this ecological project.

Collectivit - 2015-12-03
The 1er vice-president Guillaume Arnell, senator of Saint-Martin, and the territorial adviser in charge of Cooperation, Louis Fleming, represented the Collectivité de Saint-Martin at COP 21 in Paris. At the heart of the exchanges between the government and the overseas departments, the two Saint-Martin members were able to expose the problems and the environmental policy of our territory. Aware of the stakes of the COP21, President Aline Hanson wished an effective presence ...
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Green Brigade sargasses
Green Brigade sargasses - 2015-09-28
At the initiative of Deputy Prefect Anne LAUBIES and the President of the Territorial Council of Saint Martin, Aline HANSON, a "green brigade", composed of twenty brigadiers, was set up and set up on Thursday XNUM Preservation of the littoral environments and the collection of brown algae, known as "sargas", which currently affect the coasts of Saint Martin. The schedules of intervention of this new ...
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18 job seekers recruit
18 job seekers recruit - 2015-09-04
In order to respond effectively to the massive stranding of brown algae on our beaches, the Saint Martin Community and the French government have decided to create a green brigade which will come into action at the end of September. Thursday 03 September 2015, the signature of the single contract of insertion between the Employment Pole, the Association Center Symphorien insertion of Quartier d'Orléans and 18 job seekers recruited in assisted contracts, was ...
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25 Territorial Council June 2015
25 Territorial Council June 2015 - 2015-07-07
Major projects of the mandate on the table of the territorial council The Territorial Council of Saint-Martin met in plenary session on Thursday 25 June 2015. With a particularly detailed agenda on the eve of a long holiday, the elected representatives were asked to decide on major deliberations, such as the PLU project, the Marigot Bay project and the project Revitalization of the ...
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Marigot center: The blue parking area will be op
Marigot center: The blue parking area will be op - 2015-06-08
The first measure initiated by President Hanson and his team in the context of the revitalization of downtown Marigot, the creation of a parking zone known as "blue zone" was recorded by the executive board, 05 May 2015. This new territorial regulation will come into force at the end of this year and will concern about 450 parking spaces. Considering the ever increasing growth of the car fleet and the ...
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R - 2015-05-13
The Community of Saint-Martin undertook the 16 April 2015 rehabilitation of the public park of the Hôtel de la Collectivité, an arrangement originally planned for July in the 2015 budget of the Sustainable Development Pole, but which was Anticipated due to presidential visit the 08 May. These works of rehabilitation have been the occasion to enhance the flower beds, to renovate the planters and to realize ...
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Vandalism on Community Information Boards
Vandalism on Community Information Boards - 2015-04-21
Bathing conditions The personnel of the Environment and Community Life Department of the Saint-Martin Community again observed, on Tuesday 24 February 2015, the deterioration of information panels installed on the territory by the Community . From bay to plums to Orient Bay, via Friar's Bay and the bay of Grandes Cayes, numerous signs informing the public about the conditions of bathing on the territory of the Collectivity were ...
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Environment and living environment
Environment and living environment - 2015-01-22
Marigot, Monday 19 January 2015 President Aline Hanson received Guy Neuhaus, the new CEO of CITEC Environnement, to whom the Saint Martin community has entrusted since November 2011 the rental and maintenance market for 2171 Bin-waste bins distributed in the territory of the Collectivity. This interview, held at the Hôtel de la Collectivité in the presence of the Director of the Environment and the Living Environment, ...
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