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Hello everyone,

It is a real pleasure to welcome you today as part of our wishes to the people.

Greetings to everyone and thank you to this morning.

Fellow Saint-Martiners, 2015 was surely marked by sad events.

We were all shocked by the attacks in Paris, and we are still shocked. This black year for France, concluded by the November attacks, will remain engraved in our memories.

In remembrance of the victims, we owe to maintain the republican flame and to work together so that the unity of the peoples is not an empty word.

We also experienced a number of violent acts at the local level, including armed robbery in Marigot shops in broad daylight and a gendarme wounded in the performance of his duties.

We have taken the measure and put in place adapted means that are already beginning to bear fruit. I will elaborate on these points in my remarks.

That 2016 sees our community evolving, that each of us is involved in our responsibility, and I hope that these futile criticisms will cease and that we will be constructive and serene.

Ms. Rosette Lake, please.


Thank you to my Vice-Presidents for expressing with precision and conviction the results of their activities in 2015 and their projects for the current year.

For the human development center I am responsible for:

Key actions have been taken in 2015, particularly in the field of education.

1,9 M was devoted to the Renovation of Educational Institutions Who welcome // I remind you // 8774 pupils - first and second degree combined.

These commitments will continue in 2016:

The community will continue to provide financial support for educational projects.

The opening of the 04 School City January, now offers good working conditions to students and faculty.

I would like to remind you that this new building allows us to reduce the congestion of the college Mont des Accords and the Lycée polyvalent de Marigot. The LPO sees its workforce go under the bar of the 900 students while it was in overstaffing since 10 years! We can be proud of this achievement.

The scholarship policy will also be maintained in 2016 // 400000 € will be devoted to students, with the support of the European Social Fund.

Among the educational priorities of 2016 // I recall the generalization of computing in colleges and elementary schools thanks to the 2016 Digital Plan.

In September 2015, we set up a Vocational training program 2015-2016 particularly ambitious: 2 million euros will be devoted to this device with the help of the ESF // 27 training actions are proposed with partner training centers, upgrading up to Bac + 2. This operation is already bearing fruit with 200 jobseekers currently in training.

For the 2015 year, 29 public interest associations have been assisted by the community // for 80 young people hired for future contracts.

We also finance 75% of the budget of the Center of Apprenticeship Training (CFA) of Saint Martin.

The Information and Orientation Service, Which works for social and professional integration has achieved very good results in 2015:

100 young people are in formation within the RSMA of Guadeloupe.

20 contracts of engagement in the Army were signed by youngsters from Martinique.

996 students have benefited from our partnership with LADOM (676 territorial continuities and 320 mobility passports)

In the last four years, 700 young people have been working in a local company thanks to the operation "Lend a Hand", Thus benefiting from a professional experience during the summer period.

We are actively working to create a Local Mission In Saint-Martin to offer youth a more effective welcome and guidance.

On the employment of our young people, I would like to remind charter With local companies in 2016 so that young people of the island are hired first. It is a project that is close to my heart because together we will succeed in reducing the unemployment figures.

Concerning Youth and Sport

During the month of January, we will proceed with the installation of the new Territorial Youth Council.

The rehabilitation and upgrading of sports facilities in the neighborhoods is well underway.

The Sandy Ground Sports Plateau was inaugurated in August 2015.

In 2016, it is planned to deliver the trays of Cul de Sac, Orléans area, and Concordia which are under renovation.

On Galisbay, the community will also deliver a Beach Volley / Beach Tennis area on the beach. The work of the Omnisports room will also be completed this year after several months needed to bring it up to full standards.

The soccer field at Thelbert Carty will be up to standards. The cover of the board and the lawn of the Vanterpool stadium will also be delivered in 2016.

We will order a feasibility study for the creation of a Center of Excellence and Education through Sport (CEES) as of the 1er quarter. A technical study is also planned within the framework of the center of excellence for the creation of a swimming pool and a nautical base.

With media, It will be a question of continuing the work already undertaken with the school, of multiplying the events and of arranging the auditorium and the entrance hall to host exhibitions.
The year 2015 was marked by the opening to the public of Territorial archives. The service is expanding, many archives are already available to the public. The collection will continue in 2016, with a project of collection of oral memory which will be realized through interviews filmed.

Let us now turn to the general policy of the Collectivity:

LE city contract, Which we signed with Madam the Prefect, 14 last December, will enable priority neighborhoods - Sandy Ground and Orléans neighborhood - to benefit from concrete actions in the key areas of health, educational success, prevention of Delinquency, training and economic development.

2016 will see the start of actions in the field.

The 1ère Strategy Territorial Security and Prevention of Delinquency Signed on 15 December 2015 within the framework of the CLSPD is among its strong axes reinforced pedestrian police patrols and territorial police in the districts sensitive, knowing that 2016, the urban security center (CSU) will be endowed with 20 additional cameras, deployed On all the territory that already has 48.

Actions will also be taken in the areas of parenting, combating intra-family violence, and preventing recidivism among first-time offenders.

The security of the territory

This brings me naturally to talk about the Security of the territory, Which, although it is a prerogative of the state, is nevertheless a priority of the Collectivity.

The 10 last December, the community and the state signed a Partnership agreement Territorial Police / Gendarmerie Aimed at formalizing and framing joint actions for the security of the territory.

I also decided to Local safety diagnostics With a complete inventory of the situation of the territory, and operational recommendations. This study will be conducted in 2016 with the assistance of a specialized firm.

The territorial police Is being reorganized.

The Grand-Case police station is reopened and we are also planning to open an annex to Quartier d'Orléans as soon as 2016. Our involvement in security is increasing lA cooperation of Sint Maarten.

More broadly, cooperation was particularly rich in 2015 for our territory. The operational program with Sint Maarten has been approved by the European Commission. The first project of this program will be the waste management facility in Cole Bay.

2014 and the entry in March 2015 within the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), for its continued integration into the region.

This month, St. Martin will become the 11th member of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.

Cooperation in the field of education is formalized with the Dutch side. Educational institutions of secondary school work together with the support of the Head of Education in St. Martin, represented by Mr. Michel Sanz, who accompanies the movement.

Cooperation in the field of health in the creation of the Health Observatory of St. Martin / Sint Maarten. The first joint study entitled "How Healthy is St. Martin" is actually in progress.

The community also emphasizes on cooperation in the field of disaster management. We have acquired new monitoring equipment such as weather radar, tide-gauge, and harmonization of warning codes.

We do the same for the protection of the environment and biodiversity.

I would say Saint-Martin is now ready to go forward and make an active contribution to regional, national and international debates.


With regard to the financial situation of the community, three elements Important points to remember:

First : Tax revenues are rising and, for the first time, this increase is partly the result of progress in recovery and in the management of taxes and duties.

This is good news for taxpayers that we are. By making sure that everyone pays what is owed to the community, the tax administration and customs enforce the principle of equality in the territory and I thank them for it and encourage them to continue to do so.

I therefore hope that these efforts will be sustained and expanded in 2016 with a broadening of the tax base, as this increases the financial room for maneuver without the need to increase taxes.

The second point I have asked that the litigation which opposes us to the State concerning the just compensation of the transfers of competences of 2007 be entirely re-examined by the tax division in connection with new advice.

At the end of this review, I consider that I have demonstrated that the law governing the calculation of this DGC does not fully compensate for the expenses related to the exercise of the communal powers transferred to the community. We quantify the loss suffered in this respect at approximately 11 M € each year since 2009. So you understand the importance of this litigation.

In the interest of the territory, I decided to bring before the Paris Administrative Court a priority question of constitutionality with a view to declaring the legislative provisions governing the calculation of the DGC in conformity with the Constitution. The deadlines being very framed, we will know the answer of the court in 2016.

The result of this procedure is a major issue for Saint-Martin and its inhabitants because here too the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution must apply.

Third and final point: I put an end to the mutual proceedings initiated during this term - as from 2012 - to obtain the repayment of the levies on the games and the sums owed to the community as compensation for the special rules of tax domiciliation.

Three years without the opening of any discussion on these subjects despite the commitments made by the State, I considered that this was enough.

The administrative court was therefore seized of the litigation on the games. It will be very soon the litigation concerning the compensation of the special rules of direct domiciliation. Here again, the stakes are significant because we claim a total of 13 M €

I often say, the success of our territory is conditioned by the Tax liability. It is you - dear saint-martinis - who by your contribution to taxes and taxes participate in the development of Saint-Martin.

A word about the new programming of the European funds 2014-2020 which is now operational; This is an important step because it will help us to realize our projects and to implement ambitious public policies for the territory.


Following the visit of the President of the Republic in May 2015, Travel and meetings have produced results that I have had the opportunity to report to territorial councils and in the press, the latest advances are:

Concerning the planned cadastral mission at the end of 2015, we are awaiting its report on the evaluation of the work to be carried out;

The implementation of BTS by alternation is validated by the National Education, they will see the day as expected at the beginning of the 2016.

Discussions on the TGI detached room resulted in an agreement on the free exchange of the library against part of the former Concordia gendarmerie where the future educational home will be located. This exchange will be validated at the January 19 Executive Board. In March-April, the transformation of the old library will be undertaken by the Ministry of Justice. The magistrates and registry are scheduled for September 2016.

On the other hand, the joint consultation committee in charge of drawing up the structuring catch-up plan specific to Saint-Martin has still not been met by the Minister of Overseas France despite my requests. I insist on the importance of this device and count on you Madam the Prefect to relay this request one last time.


In terms of population, the census Will take place from 21 January to 27 February 2016. The days of 21 and 22 January being devoted to people living on a boat.

It is a useful act for the territory because it determines the endowments of the state to our community. So I would ask you to welcome the enumerators.

New services to the population:

I have the will to create in neighborhood houses - which are animated by neighborhood councils - Home Where certain administrative services will be decentralized to the population. I know that this system will be appreciated by the public.

2016 Will also see the launch in February of the New website Of the Community. This new site wants to be accessible and functional. It will gather all the information useful to the citizens, with practical news on the territory in general.


Before concluding, a word on the amendment of the Organic law. The synthesis of the work has been completed. Begin the finalization phase of the memorandum to be sent to the Ministry and parliamentarians. A meeting will be held on 28 next January for this process to be completed.

As you can see, the 2015 year was an operational year. 2016 is in the same dynamic with the launch and finalization of the community's achievements, but also in the longer term the implementation of major projects: the development of the Marigot Bay and the revitalization of the city center .

This last year before the March elections 2017 is the culmination of a strong political commitment in favor of Saint Martin since 4 years. We move forward gradually, without ever giving up, and with an intact will to serve the general interest.

In this connection, I welcome the commitment of the Vice-Presidents, who instill the directives of our politicians in their respective fields and of all the elected representatives of the Territorial Council. I would also like to thank all the staff of the Collectivité who contribute, through their involvement, to the increasing power of the administration and to the accomplishment of the missions entrusted to us.

Again, I would like to extend our most sincere wishes to 2016 for the entire population, the youth and the elders, our institutional and socio-professional partners.

Together, let's build a strong and innovative territory, a prosperous and sustainable future for the generations to come.

Thank you for your attention and I invite you to share the glass of friendship to celebrate the New Year.

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