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Vernissage - Faces of Saint Martin 2
Vernissage - Faces of Saint Martin 2
Vernissage - Faces of Saint Martin 2
Word of Welcome from VP Valérie Damaseau

Inauguration Faces of St. Martin II

Ladies and gentlemen,

Madam President of the Culture Committee,

Ladies and gentlemen photographers who participated in the project,

Dear members of the press, dear audience,

Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Jardin de la Collectivité for the vernissage of the exhibition Faces of Saint-Martin 2eme Edition.

After the success of the first edition we inaugurated here in Marigot, in June 2017, just two months before Irma's visit, I am proud and excited to present this new exhibition: a series of more than 140 ephemeral photos that have been posted throughout the week to all corners of St. Martin. From Sandy Ground to Orleans District.

I know the work that this has represented, a big congratulations to Mrs. Sylvestre and the Culture Department, especially to Carole Tondu who set up this project. We can applaud them because it is a beautiful enhancement of our culture.

They are 8 photographers to have answered the call of the Collective for this second opus of Faces of Saint-Martin devoted this year to the trades.

Four girls: Valérie VINCENT, Nathalie BEAURAIN, Steph DEZILES, Lauralie PETERSON

Four boys: Jean-Robert CAJUSTE, Mathieu ALEXANDRE, Christian MANSANA, Guillaume COELHO.

This research work has brought to light many professions that you can discover on the projection that runs behind me and in our neighborhoods as you move.

These photos are for us precious testimonies of the resilience of the inhabitants of our island. They are also a tribute to these women and men who invest in their daily work and help our territory to recover.

Carole Tondu can confirm, this "Faces II" was prepared before the passage of Hurricane Irma. These photos are all the more meaningful today because they deal with a major topic for our economy.

This new exhibition will contribute I am convinced to value the work and know-how of Saint-Martin. In any case, all the meaning that we wish to give to this event: to promote our island and its components. To honor our population. Our people.

The photographs were placed at strategic locations in Saint-Martin, and are spread throughout the territory.

They are displayed on public and private buildings.

Thanks to the individuals who allowed us to post at their homes: Sir James Irish, 73 Sandy Ground, Mr. Paul Whit, 90 Sandy Ground Road, Mont Vernon Mall represented by Mr. Christophe Lopez and Mr. Gilles Parisot from the Multitoiture company.

I also thank the Semsamar and the prefect Sylvie Feucher who have given us the agreement to display authorized signage on their buildings.

Chers amis,

Finally, I would like to point out that by agreeing to be part of this artistic project, our 8 photographers have also participated in a competition.

The candidates were selected from 15 photographs analyzed by the selection committee. The jury was chaired by Mrs. Yolande Sylvestre, and composed of Mr. Moizan, Mr. Alain Jouet, Mr. Claudio Arnell and Ms. Carole Tondu.

They relied on several selection criteria:

 Respect of the theme.

 The staging of the image.

 The visual force of the work.

 The originality of the framing.

 The quality of the rendering.

As you know, the exhibition is not fixed, the posters will take off and tear until disappearing over time, the dissolution is also part of the artistic process of this Street Art project.

The 3 first selected candidates will each receive a prize.

1er price: 500 €

2 Price: 350 €

3 Price: 250 €

I invite the population, the younger generations, to take the time to look at the 145 portraits on our streets and especially to stop to discover the trades of Saint-Martin.

A big thank you to our partners, Semsamar, the Cultural Affairs Department of Guadeloupe and the Ministry of Culture who helped us to finance this exhibition.

Thank you to our teams and our service providers for the work done and especially thank you to the photographers who have sublimated our local personalities through the profession they perform.

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