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Muriel P Tour
Muriel P Tour
Daniel Gibbs, President of the Collectivité of Saint-Martin, welcomed, on Saturday 16 December 2017, Mrs. Muriel Pénicaud, Minister of Labor, for her first official visit to the Territory. This move, mentioned by the Prime Minister, 6 last November, is the realization of a government pledge made to the President of the COM. It was particularly eagerly awaited by the socio-economic actors of Saint-Martin.
President Gibbs hailed some progress on the iconic issues he had defended in Paris in recent weeks, particularly on the occasion of the last two Interministerial Committees for Reconstruction.
On the one hand, with regard to partial unemployment, a specific legislative amendment will take place at the end of January 2018 in Parliament, to extend the duration of the device in Saint-Martin, which is supposed to end in June. In fact, this device granting 5 additional months will make the junction with the next tourist season, in November 2018.
At the same time, the mobilization of Collective Collective Organizations (OPCA) by the Government aims at improving the remuneration of employees placed on partial unemployment and following training. Indeed, the OPCAs will pay the difference between the previous salary and the perceived allowance (currently based on the SMIC). The intervention of the OPCAs will, moreover, be of a nature to favor the long and qualifying trainings which the Saint-Martinois need to improve their employability.

On the other hand, two requests, constantly expressed by President Gibbs were satisfied:
- The forthcoming reinforcement of the local staff of DIECCTE and Pôle Emploi
- The exemption of the CSP for companies forced to carry out economic redundancies. In concrete terms, thanks to this last measure, the companies concerned will no longer have to pay three months of salary per employee to Pôle Emploi as notice.

In addition, responding again to a constant request from the Collectivité, the Minister announced new simplification measures, specific to the post-IRMA Saint-Martin situation, for the beginning of the 2018 year:
- The interview prior to an economic dismissal will be done remotely
- Dematerialization of Pôle emploi registrations will be possible for employees forced to leave the Territory
- Companies obliged to lay off will be able to hire fixed-term contracts before the legal term of one year.

Finally, longer-term measures have been announced:
- The development of apprenticeship through the strengthening of the Apprentice Training Center (CFA) of Saint-Martin, taking more into account local specificities.
- Strengthening the statistical tool
- A synergy between the future Local Mission and Pôle Emploi to reinforce the support of young jobseekers.
- Outlook for lowering charges in 2019.

At the same time, the Government will henceforth allocate, in the case of subsidized contracts, a specific budget to Saint-Martin. The number of jobs involved in the coming years will be conditioned by training requirements and reinforced support for beneficiaries.
All these measures go in the right direction, and are the fruit of a constant and demanding dialogue between the President of the community and the Government of Edouard Philippe.
Some devices - including the training plan announced Saturday before the elected members of the Executive Board - will need to be clarified and refined, particularly to preserve the cash of companies and increase their ability to hire as soon as possible.
The President of the Collective will also ensure that the 15 billion euros announced under the Vocational Training, as part of the Great Investment Plan 2018-2022, can fully benefit Saint-Martin.
As President Gibbs pointed out in his address to the minister, the COM executive is not in a position, he favors dialogue and partnership, and his demands are concrete, legitimate and realistic. Vigilant, the President will refuse "a minimum reconstruction, low cost ads and measures to zero euro".
Daniel Gibbs will ensure, during January, in his upcoming meetings with the highest authorities of the state, that these advances can be realized as quickly as possible. And that other initiatives can intervene to accelerate the reconstruction of our island.

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