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Visit of the ecosite of Grandes Cayes and the recycling circuits

After President Daniel Gibbs visited the site last June, it was the turn of the majority elected representatives, on Monday 24 July, to discover the site guided by Jean-Pierre Tey, the operating company VERDE SXM. They thus learned about the processes of waste treatment and recycling of the materials collected on the island.
The ecosite of Grandes Cayes is one of the most modern in the Caribbean, with an optimized treatment of waste and bulky and the systematic recycling of heavy materials. The device of treatment of Vehicles Out of use - the famous VHU - makes it possible to recycle the majority of the parts.

The objective of this move was to enable them to familiarize themselves with the work carried out on the French side in terms of treatment and recycling of waste, and thus be able to inform the population about the processes in force on the territory .

This visit was organized by the Environment and Community Living Directorate and its director Anne Marie Bouillé at the request of President Daniel Gibbs.

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