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Visit of Pr
Visit of Pr
Thursday speech 23 November 2017

Speech of the 2th Vice President, Mr. Yawo Nyuiadzi


Mr President of the National Assembly,
The Prefect,
The Deputy of Guadeloupe, President of the Assembly Delegation to Overseas,
The Deputy of Yvelines, Vice-President of the Assembly delegation to Overseas,
Madam deputy of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin,
Ladies and gentlemen, vice-presidents and territorial advisors of Saint-Martin,
Hello everyone and welcome to the community hotel.
Mr. Speaker of the National Assembly, on behalf of our President, Mr. Daniel Gibbs, I thank you for coming to us to report on the situation.
Thank you for coming to appreciate for yourself the test that the Saint-Martinois cross, since the 6 September, date of the passage of hurricane IRMA.
I would also like to greet the members of the delegation accompanying you on this trip. After the President of the Republic, the September 12, then the Prime Minister, November 6, it is an honor to welcome the representatives of Parliament on our small territory.
For almost three months now, our compatriots in Saint-Martin have learned to live with the consequences of this devastating hurricane, facing day-to-day the urgencies of daily life and the difficulties that accumulate.
Many people are still without the roof, housed by family or friends - 17 500 dwellings have been declared uninhabitable, half of which are totally destroyed.
The community supports a hundred people in an emergency shelter - here in a school in Marigot - and near 2 000 emergency aid files were registered by the Solidarities and Families Department of the Community , in charge of social action.
In the aftermath of the disaster - when Saint-Martin was in a state of absolute urgency - the services of the state, the military, the gendarmes were very supportive in the field ... They accompanied our community and its in many ways, and we would like once again - through your presence among us - to salute their commitment.
We are also very grateful to the Non-Governmental Organizations and the many volunteers for providing valuable assistance in managing the emergency we have just been getting out of.
Three months after IRMA, Saint-Martin is recovering slowly, too slowly. The expectations of our fellow citizens are still many and very legitimate.
The excavation is still in progress despite a considerable effort of the community (8.2 million euros were invested in cleaning), insurance made their findings, but are slow to initiate repayments, the foundations of the reconstruction are set up but concretely it is not yet visible and our population is still waiting for strong signs.
We signed a protocol of operation with the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, the 6 last November, which will make it possible to secure the finances of the community these next months, and - no later than Tuesday November 21 - we have ratified the protocol of investment "For an exemplary and united reconstruction of Saint-Martin", with the Minister of Overseas Annick Girardin.
We recognize significant progress for Saint Martin; this is a new step, but we are also waiting for certain points to be specified, particularly concerning the financing of reconstruction.
This is why we remain vigilant about the continuation of negotiations with the state. We want solidarity and sustainable reconstruction, and as President Daniel Gibbs said, "in a win-win partnership" with the state.
The President of the Republic is committed to this ... We have also "jostled procedures", as he had indicated, by creating a plan for the economic and social recovery of St. Martin that President Gibbs called the Phoenix Plan.
Today, the absolute urgency, when many people find themselves unemployed, is simply to allow our socio-professionals to survive, and get up as soon as possible. In this area, the situation is so critical that we can not limit ourselves to common law.
Negotiations are underway in Paris, we are hopeful to be heard.
With this aim in mind, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Minister of Labor in order to advance on the social issues that are important to us and to avoid the threat of mass unemployment that is devastating to our social cohesion and public order. convalescent.
We also want high-level law enforcement to be maintained in 2018. These reinforcements should not go too fast and leave behind a recrudescence of insecurity.
The future of our children is a priority of the Nation: I hope that the State will help us to succeed in this challenge - here in Saint-Martin.
The presence of the state must be strengthened, Saint-Martin must be able to benefit from a prefect of full exercise, with the presence of deconcentrated services which do not still exist, ten years after our accession to the quality of Community of besides -sea.
The state must also assume jurisdiction over immigration control, and strengthen the control of legality as it is committed to. We also urgently need statistics and we are asking for an INSEE Antenna in Saint-Martin.
This is - Mr President - dear Members - the expectations and concerns of the people of Saint Martin following the unprecedented natural disaster, which hit us hard.
These are the files on which we wish to be supported and accompanied by a legislative point of view.
As our president says, we will not let go and we will continue to defend with all our energy the future of this small territory of the Republic, whose economic and tourism potential is unique in the Caribbean and whose specificities (its bilingualism, its binationality, culture and lifestyle) are strength.
Thank you for your attention ... Mr. President, you have the floor.

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