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2018-08-28 Jobs / Training / Reviews
The RSMA offers free training in September!

Recruitment notice :

Machinery operator Roadworks Various networks (EC / VRD) of a duration of 12 months. 1 space available!
Cariste Handler (MAT CAR) with a duration of 10 months. 1 place available!
tiler (CARR) of a duration of 10 months. 14 places available!
Building Electrician (EDB 8) with a duration of 8 months. 6 places available!
Wood crafts (MDB) with a duration of 12 months. 3 places available!
Versatile outdoor agent (APE) with a duration of 12 months. 5 places available!
Technical Sales Agent (ATV) with a duration of 6 months. 5 places available!
Driver All Transport (CTR) with a duration of 8 months. Permit C / D and EC, PL / SPL / TC. 4 places available!
Mobility Remobilization at Employment(MOB / REP) with a duration of 6 months (open to graduates whose professional project is moving towards a course in mainland France).11 places available!

The incorporation is scheduled on Monday 03 September 2018. Incorporation up to 06 / 09 case by case.

To apply for free training, you must be:

Male or female, no schooling
Age of 18 within 26 years
French nationality
Suitably medically
Resident in Guadeloupe

Young St. Martinois interested and present in Guadeloupe must present themselves at Camp de la Jaille, in Baie-Mahault, every morning from Monday to Friday from 08 h 30 to 11 h00 to retrieve an application file.

The young Saint-Martinois present on the community must present themselves to Ms. Corine PINEAU at the Home Information Orientation (AIO) service, former Evelina Halley School.

These files are also available on the RSMA website.

Applications must be submitted by Tuesday 31 August 2018. Cases arriving after this date will also be studied on a case-by-case basis.

2018-08-10 Calls for projects, national aids
Call for projects: Exchange Fund for Educational, Cultural and Sports Purposes

The filing date for FEBECS files has been extended to 31 August 2018.

Find attached the call for projects under the FEBECS (for profit, educational, cultural and sporting exchange fund).

This is a state fund for associations and not grants from the Collectivité.

2018-07-27 Jobs / Training / Reviews
Information Note: Mandatory Training TAXI / GRE Drivers

Dear Taxis Drivers and Great Discount Contractors,

Please see the attached document on your professional training.

2018-07-23 Land Use Planning
Road works at CRIPPLE GATE

The community of Saint-Martin will begin work on the roadway at the crossing of Cripple Gate (Colombier entrance), beginning Monday, August 13 2018. This work will take place over 15 days and will consist of laying guardrails and protective edges for pedestrians. The amount of the work raises 169 202.00 €. Alternate traffic will be in place during the first 15 days.

The community of Saint-Martin apologizes in advance for the inconvenience.

Cripple Gate Roadwork

The Community of St. Martin will start workwork near Cripple Gate (at the entry to Colombier), as of Monday, August 13, 2018. This work will last for 15 days and include the placement of security guards and protective barriers for pedestrians. The cost of this project is 169,202 €. August (alternate circulation).

The Community of Saint-Martin offers its excuses in advance for any inconvenience.

In annex, find a general plan of the works of development of the pavement on the sector of Cripple Gate from 13 August 2018.

2018-07-19 Scholarships / Schools / Education
Exceptional closure of the seaside offices

The community of Saint-Martin informs its citizens of the exceptional closure of the offices located in the annex of the seaside, this Friday 20 July 2018 all day for work.

The offices concerned are:

Office of the Bourse
School Registration and Transportation Office
Office of the Associative Life
The Territorial Board
Registration Office and Gray Cards
Directorate of Vocational Training and Education
Event Service
Office of 1ère Vice President and DGA

The community apologizes for the inconvenience. The offices will be open again to the public from Monday 23 July at usual times.

2018-07-18 Learning
Opening of registrations for CFA trainings

The CFA and the Community of Saint-Martin have the honor to announce you the apprenticeship trainings planned for the 2018 season:













These courses are for young people from 16 to 25 years) who have a valid identity card or a residence permit authorizing him to work in France.

Registration forms may be withdrawn from the Employment, Apprenticeship and Vocational Training Department (tel: 0590 29 59 24), Seaside Annex, Liberty Street, Marigot, 18 / 07 / 2018 to 31 / 08 / 2018, from 08 hours to 14 hours.


Attention: Apprenticeships openings are subject to the commitment of companies.

2018-07-18 Reconstruction
Reconstruction: a CAUE architect available to the public

The community of Saint-Martin informs you that a consulting architect of the Council of Architecture of Town Planning and Environment (CAUE) will be in Saint-Martin to advise the people who need information for their project of reconstruction or construction every last Friday of the month.

The permanence will be open Friday 27 July 2018, from 9 hours to 12 hours, in the premises of the new administrative city of the community (Planning and Urban Planning Department), rue Fayel in Concordia. The next permanence will take place on August 31 2018.

This consulting architect is present in Saint-Martin every last Friday of the month. His advice is free, do not hesitate to come and get the information you need.

2018-07-18 Major Hazards
9 safe shelters for 1700 people in case of cyclone

The hurricane season is here and the time is up for preparation. If the current state of your home after Irma does not allow you to feel safe in the event of a hurricane and you do not have the opportunity to be housed in a third party during the confinement phase, the Community you invite you to go to the nearest safe shelter.

The list of 9 safe cyclonic shelters

Émile Choisy School - Concordia - 200 People

Evelina Halley - Marigot - 200 people

Marie-Amélie Leydet School - Concordia - 50 People

Clair Saint-Maximin School - Orleans District - 260 persons

Hervé Williams School - Concordia - 160 People

Marie-Antoinette Richards School - Rambaud - 90 People

School district - La Savane - 340 people

Former Gendarmerie (Concordia Road) - 200 people

ASMT - Anse Marcel - 200 people

Guidelines for safe shelter use

The shelters have water and foodstuffs (biscuits, bananas ...), as well as folding camp beds, but not in sufficient quantity for their capacity of 1700 people. Everyone remains responsible for their own comfort during their stay in the shelter.

It is therefore essential to arrive in the shelter with provisions ready to eat: water, fruit juice bricks, bricks or tubes of milk, bread, rusks, biscuits, energy bars, chocolate bars, compotes, peanut bags ...

For young children, provide baby bottles, milk, jars, as well as diapers and toiletries, a plastic bowl and, possibly, ongoing medical treatment.

It is necessary to prepare a bag with his belongings: cutlery, toiletries, wipes, towels, sheets or blanket, pillow, first aid kit (dressings, disinfectant, compresses, regularly used drugs ...), a flashlight and a battery transistor. Folding or personal inflatable beds are allowed and even encouraged. Expecting earplugs is a good idea.

Do not forget identity documents, important papers, medicines and prescriptions in case of medical treatment in progress, as well as health and / or vaccination booklet.

People undergoing heavy medical treatment or having significant health problems will have to approach their doctor or the hospital in time to judge what to do.

Before leaving home, it is important to warn your neighbors and relatives of your destination. Also, do not forget to secure your home by cutting water and electricity and getting inside all moving objects, which could turn into a projectile.

In a safe shelter, the rules of life in society are de rigueur: civism, hygiene, friendliness, respect for others.

Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited.

The use of fire, weapons or sharp objects is prohibited.

Containment is mandatory and applies to everyone.

The officials designated by the Collectivité are the only interlocutors of the command post.

The presence of territorial police officers will be considered for good order and security.

2018-07-18 Major Hazards
Cyclonic season: To prepare is to protect oneself!

Although we already knew it, the Irma phenomenon painfully made us aware of the importance of preparing our environment for a possible cyclone. To minimize the consequences of strong winds and torrential rains, here is the list of essential actions that the Community is urging you to practice today.

• Clean and secure the surroundings of your home and garden.

• Prune trees nearby.

• Evacuate all bulky items - sheets, planks, scrap metal - that could become dangerous projectiles during strong winds.

• Check and if necessary consolidate the roof of your house, as well as the attachment of the sheets and replacing or adding screws every 50 centimeters.

• Check the shutters and if there are none, provide plywood guards to protect your windows and windows.

• Consolidate the house at the doors and windows.

• Make sure the channels and gutters are well maintained for good drainage.

• If you live in a flood zone, be sure to prepare in advance a protection system that will help reduce water penetration into your home: metal plates, sandbags, silicone.

• Designate a safe room without a window or door to the outside in case your home becomes weak.

• Organize your eventual evacuation and talk about it right now to the person close to you who could host you in an emergency.

• Build and store in a safe place a sufficient and long-term food reserve: rice, canned food, sugar, oil, biscuits ... As well as food for babies and animals.

• Provide a reserve of drinking water, at least 10 liters per person per day.

• If you usually cook with electricity, get a small gas stove.

• Have a radio and electric lights with a battery of batteries, or even a small generator with a small supply of fuel.

• Store in a defined and accessible place equipment and tools likely to be useful after a cyclone: ​​ax, saw, nails, hammers, tarpaulins, plywood ...

• Have a first aid kit: dressings, disinfectant, cotton wool, compresses, tape, and your medications if you are undergoing medical treatment.

• Check that your home and your vehicle are well insured.

• Make sure you and those around you are familiar with the safety instructions.

2018-07-17 School transport
Opening of school bus registration for the 2018-2019 year

The Community of Saint-Martininforme the parents of the students of the opening as of Monday 16 July 2018, enrollments to the school transport, for the school year 2018-2019.

The registration form is to be withdrawn from the Human Development pole - school affairs department - located at the annex of the Collectivité, rue de la Liberté in Marigot (Seaside).

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