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2017-04-12 Environment and Living Environment
2017 Waste Collection-Easter

The Collectivité of Saint-Martin informs the population that dumps to collect the waste of the paschal weekend will be installed on the beaches of Galion and Grandes Cayes, from Thursday 13 April 2017, eve of the Pascal weekend, and until 'On Tuesday 18 April 2017.

The Collectivity also organizes a free distribution of garbage bags in favor of the campers. This distribution will take place jointly, on Thursday 13 April 2017, by the agents of the insertion company EME and the agents of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin. They will be on the ground, in particular at the Galion and in Grandes Cayes, to make campers aware of the respect of the beach and the instructions of cleanliness to observe before leaving their place of picnic.

The Collectivity calls for the citizenship of all, so that the beaches Saint-Martin are respected. Please pick up your waste before leaving your camps.

In the interest of all, the Community of St. Martin is counting on you!

2017-04-10 Town planning
1e Phase works development street of Spring - April 17

Launch of the 1 phase of the development of the rue de Spring - Concordia
The community of Saint-Martin will start, on Tuesday, 11, April 2017, a phase of work on a portion of the rue de Spring, located between the intersection of Holland Street and the intersection of Paul Mingau Street.
The project will involve the first phase of work during the Easter holidays (10 at 23 April 2017), to demolish the wall of the Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium in Marigot to widen the adjoining sidewalk . The objective of this layout is to move back the enclosure wall to widen the pavement and secure pedestrians. This development will be finalized during another phase of work authorized by the community, between Monday 31 July and 31 Thursday August 2017, during the school holidays. The amount of operations entrusted to the prime contractor ETEC is 440286,50 €.
During the Easter holidays, the portion of Spring Street affected by the works will be closed to traffic (except residents). The traffic diversion will be by the street Concordia and St. Paul Mingau (cf. attached map).
The community of Saint-Martin apologizes in advance for the inconvenience caused by these works of public utility and thanks the users for their understanding.

2017-04-07 Condolences
Condolences of President Daniel Gibbes

I learned with sadness, this Friday 07 April 2017, the death of Mrs. Carme CHARVILLE, mother of our colleague territorial adviser, Mr. Jules CHARVILLE.
I wish to extend to Mr. CHARVILLE and his family the sincere condolences of all the elected representatives of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin.
Our deepest consideration and sincere support go to our colleague and his family, to go through this difficult ordeal.

President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin

2017-03-26 Culture
28 May Abolition of Slavery

2017-03-20 Land Use Planning and Urban Planning
Pruning in the rue du Général de Gaulle

The community of Saint-Martin informs its citizens that it will proceed, Wednesday 22 March 2017, to the pruning of the trees of the street of General de Gaulle. The order of President AR034-2017 prohibits parking in the section of rue de General de Gaulle located between the intersection of Kennedy Street and the intersection of Rue de l'Anguille, between 6 hours and 11 In the morning, Wednesday 22 March 2017. Only parking spaces on the left side of the street will be closed to parking to allow for pruning.
The territorial police is responsible for the execution of this decree. The community of Saint-Martin thanks the citizens for their understanding.

2017-03-17 Elections
Distribution of voters' cards by mail

The community of Saint-Martin informs the citizens of the distribution of the electoral cards by La Poste. The distribution of voter cards began this day and will continue until Saturday 18 March 2017.
The community of Saint-Martin recalls that the two rounds of the territorial election are scheduled on Sunday 19 and Sunday 26 March 2017. The 19 polling stations will be open from 8 hours and will close at 18 hours.

Location of 19 polling stations
-Bureau n ° 1: Hotel of the community in Marigot.
-Offices n ° 2 - n ° 3 - n ° 14 - n ° 15: Elementary school Nina DUVERLY, street of Holland in Marigot
-Offices n ° 4 - n ° 5 - n ° 16: Elementary school Hervé WILLIAMS, street from Spring to Concordia
-Offices n ° 6 - n ° 7: Elementary school Aline HANSON, main road in Sandy Ground
-Offices n ° 8 - n ° 9: Cité Scolaire Robert WEINUM, road of La Savane
-Offices n ° 10 - n ° 17: Elementary school Elie GIBS, school street in Grand Case
-Bureau n ° 11: Kindergarten Ghislaine ROGERS, school street in Grand Case
-Bureau n ° 12 - n ° 18: Nursery school Eliane CLARKE, rue Red Fill in Quartier d'Orléans
-Offices n ° 13 - n ° 19: Elementary school Omer ARRONDELL, rue de Coralita in Quartier d'Orléans.

A web map of places and polling stations
The Community of St. Martin - Information Systems Directorate - has created a web map on which the 9 polling places. By clicking on it, you will be able to access the address of each place of your and of the 19 corresponding polling stations.
To view the web map, here is the link:

All this information is available on the Internet site of the community of Saint-Martin:

2017-03-16 Information / Administration
Friday 17 March 2016, exceptional closing of the service of the Greeting cards and Driving license

Exceptional closure of the Greeting Card and Driver's License, Friday 17 March
The community of St. Martin informs the population of the exceptional closure of service gray cards and driving license, located in the premises of the Community to Galisbay (Sports Hall) on Friday March 17 2017. The officers of this department will be trained on the detection of false documents all day of Friday. The service will be reopened at the usual times (8h - 15h), as of Monday 20 March 2017.
The community of Saint-Martin thanks the citizens for their understanding.

2017-03-09 Security and Prevention
The animal pound activated between the March 20 and the 03 April 2017

The Community of Saint Martin informs the public that the next catch of stray dogs on the public road by the territorial pound will take place from Monday 20 March to Monday 03 April 2017.
All pet owners are asked to keep them tied up and monitor them even after the catch phase. For further information, please contact the Environment and Living Environment Department at 0590 52 27 30.
The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

Territorial decree 033-2014
The President of the Territorial Council, Aline Hanson, issued a decree (No. 033-2014) regulating the conditions of possession of pets and their movement on public roads.
This decree stipulates that it is forbidden to let the animals wander in the territory of the Collectivity. To avoid accidents, dogs must be kept on a leash, so-called dangerous dogs must be muzzled.

2017-03-06 Auto school
Temporary closure of Sandy Ground and Galisbay car parks

Temporary closure of Sandy Ground and Galisbay car parks for license tests
As part of the organization of the trailer, non-circulation, motorcycle and truck driver's license events, the Saint Martin Community brings to the public's attention the temporary closure of the parking lots at Sandy Ground and Galisbay , On the following dates:
-Wednesday 29 March 2017 from 07H00 to 12H00 on the entire parking lot adjoining the Alberic stadium RICHARDS

-Journal 30 March 2017 from 07H00 to 13H30 on the reserved area of ​​the car park of GALISBAY

These exceptional closures are governed by Territorial Order No. A1331-2017, dated 07 February 2017 (displayed in community). As such, traffic and parking will be prohibited in these spaces at the dates and times mentioned above.
Please make your arrangements, the vehicles parked on the two car parks after 7 hours can be verbalized and removed by the territorial pound at the expense of the owner.
The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2017-03-02 Help / Steps / Services
New procedure for issuing national identity cards

The continuity of the public service
As part of the modernization of the issuance of the National Identity Card (CNI) in the communities of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, the Saint-Martin community's civil registration service informs the population that " It will continue to investigate applications for national identity cards, between 27 February and 24 March 2017, transitional period before the implementation of the new procedure.
Indeed, as of 24 March 2017, applications for identity cards issued by Saint-Martin will be directly processed in Martinique, following the same secured procedure as for biometric passports. The format of the new electronic ID card will remain unchanged and free of charge (except in the event of loss). From 24 March 2017, it will be possible to fill out a pre-request for a national identity card online on the site of the national agency of secured securities
Each user can then apply for an identity document in any community (or town hall) equipped with a collection device, and no longer only in his municipality of residence. After the file has been examined, a telephone sms will be sent to the applicant informing him of the availability of his title to the depository.

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