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2017-08-31 Major Hazards
Communicated to Ship Owners or Guardians

Upon the announcement of an ORANGE vigilance for a weather event confirmed by the competent authorities, the owners or guardians of ships, who do not have the possibility to secure the ships or other property located on the maritime public domain, to leave the area to such ships or other property.
At the announcement of a vigilance VIOLETTE, thus announcing the strict confinement, any movement will be strictly forbidden.
A decree was taken in this sense the 26 May 2017 and is displayed in particular in the marinas, the Maritime Station and the Port of Galisbay.

The lagoon of Simpson Bay is not considered a shelter and the past phenomena have amply demonstrated it.

At the announcement of an ORANGE vigilance, the lifting of the Sandy Ground Bridge will continue to be ensured subject to weather conditions and police orders.
The bridge will remain closed as soon as a RED vigilance is announced.
Independently of any alert or vigilance, once the winds have reached 25 knots (46 km / h), the bridge will remain closed.
In all cases when an alert is triggered, vessels shall maintain a permanent listening of the 16 VHF channel as well as weather information.

Owners or guardians of ships shall be solely liable for damage to their property or damage to their property on the development of the port area and any other public or private development on the coast.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2017-08-24 Land Use Planning
Works on the Rue de Hollande

2017-08-16 Territorial Bank for School Works and Canteen
Call for Candidate CTOS - HRD Position



• Type of contract: Permanent contract
• City: Saint Martin 97150
• Department: Guadeloupe
• Function: Human Resources - Personnel - Training - Legal
• Sector: Local authorities - Public services - Administration

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

Company Description
The CTOS de Saint-Martin is an autonomous public administrative body created by the community of Saint Martin. She has 230 employees, serves more 4.000 meals a day, with a budget of over 8 million.

Contact information
Send CV: Madam Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the CTOS Candidature - Caisse Territoriale des Œuvres Scolaires, 98, rue Franklin Laurence, Grand-Case - 97150 SAINT-MARTIN.
E-mail : - Tel: 0590 27 94 95 - Portable

Profile Description
Category A Position - Employment Framework for Territorial or Category B Attachés - Confirmed Territorial Writer.
Mastery of office automation and payroll software, career, time management.
Perfect command of the English language.

Job Description
Under the authority of the Director of the Territorial Fund for School Works (CTOS), an autonomous public administrative institution comprising 230 agents, you will ensure the implementation of the human resources policy, namely:
"XSuccession of careers, organization and implementation of the recruitment process, monitoring and implementation of statutory and legal legislation, preparation of administrative acts (decrees, internal promotions, contracts etc.)
"X Follow-up of career-related procedures (sickness - valuation of benefits, disciplinary system)
"XPreparation of deliberations relating to human resources management
"X Ensure the preparation of the human resources budget and establish payroll monitoring dashboards
"X Organize the follow-up of the committees of the joint bodies by preparing the files to submit them to the opinion of the CAP
"XMetter does not place and ensure the follow-up and organization of the CTP and the CHSCT
"XRelay the requests of trade union representatives and make proposals
"XControl the missions of the human resources department by verifying payroll processing, define training needs and establish corresponding schedules, establish schedules of leave, RTT and trainings
"XProvide new tools for career and time management.

POST TO FILL At the 1er October 2017

2017-08-16 Territorial Bank for School Works and Canteen
Call for Candidature CTOS- Director's Position



• Type of contract: Permanent contract
• City: Saint Martin 97150
• Department: Guadeloupe
• Function: General Management - Management
• Sector: Local authorities - Public services - Administration
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Company Description
The CTOS de Saint-Martin is an autonomous public administrative body created by the community of Saint Martin. She has 230 employees, serves more 4.000 meals a day, with a budget of over 8 million.

Contact information
Send CV: Madam Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the CTOS Candidature - Caisse Territoriale des Oeuvres Scholaires, 98, rue Franklin Laurence, Grand-Case, 97150 SAINT-MARTIN
Tel: 0590 27 94 95 - Mobile: 0690 88 64 62 - Email:

Profile Description
Category A Position - Employment Framework for Territorial Attachés
Perfect command of the English language.

Job Description
Leading the Territorial School Works Fund requires qualities of manager, "manager" and the ability to develop and lead projects. The Caisse has a direct management which involves a strong investment, which requires the presence of a good level executive with a good knowledge of the restaurant sector and the territorial public service. Thus, the Director must manage the following points:

"OThe staff: recruitment, evaluation, ratings, careers, sanctions, functioning of employee representative bodies.
"OThe social climate: having partnerships with trade unions
"OOrganization of services: defining the missions of the managers, evolving if necessary the organization chart

"OContribute to the development of the restoration tool
"OPost a business project approach to federate staff around the new kitchen
"OPost a consultation approach with the local residents, ensure the information of the elected representatives and the users of the school
"OOnsure contact with principals and parents

"OManagement of the budget
"OPublic procurement: the renewal of public procurement
"OProposing a tariff policy

To develop the extracurricular activities both on the help of homework and on animation

POST TO FILL IN 1er October 2017

2017-08-16 Associative life
Notice to associations

The community of Saint Martin, invites you to a meeting on the theme "working against delinquency", on Thursday 24 August 2017 from 17h30 to 19h00 at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint Martin, 10, rue Jean Jacques Fayel Concordia.

Counting on your actual presence.

2017-08-02 Jobs / Training / Reviews
CAP Poissonnerie Support COM

The community, the CCISM and the ESF finance the training "CAP Poissonnerie" for a total amount of 129061 €
The Executive Council meeting on 17 May 2017 validated the co-financing of the European Social Fund (ESF) requested by the Inter-professional Consular Chamber of Saint Martin (CCISM) for mobility training CAP FISHERMEN.
The total cost of the action is 129061 € with an ESF contribution of 71%, ie 91221 €. The Community also participates in the financing of this training up to 20000 €. The self-financing of the CCISM is 17840 €.
This training is dedicated to young NEET (neither in employment, nor in studies nor in training); They were 12 to participate in this training in Boulogne sur Mer, for a duration of 728 h (of which 70h of training in company). The training took place from 1er January to 31 December 2017. They are among the number of 8 to have already obtained their diploma. The young people were followed during 6 months after the training exit.
At 11 July 2017, 5 award winners signed an employment contract, and 2 young people are starting their own business.
The aim of this training course is to qualify young people from Saint-Martin to the trade of fishmongers and make them immediately employable by the local market.
As part of this training in mobility, the CCISM mandated the Training Center for Sea and Earth Products (CFPMT) and the ALVI Management firm, which has been selected to support young people on the spot in the form of tutoring to promote Cultural and social immersion in the new environment. Before the start, the 12 youths benefited from a refresher in the basic subjects of teaching at GRETA Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin.
President Daniel Gibbs would like to pay tribute to this job-creating scheme initiated by the CCISM in the framework of the ESF actions and intends to continue to support this type of initiative on the part of the community.

2017-07-31 Media library
Media Center - Acknowledgments

The Médiathèque Territoriale de Saint-Martin, and more specifically the Youth Section, wishes to become a member of the "ILE MARINE SHIPCHANDLER" society for the donation of equipment for the "baby-readers" corner.

This donation is invaluable to the Médiathèque de Saint-Martin, because it offers a space dedicated to parents who want to spend a moment of conviviality with their young children around a book.
The community of Saint-Martin and its Médiathèque Territoriale thank you for your generosity.

2017-07-29 Transport
Launch of the 3th phase of the development of the rue de Spring - Concordia

The community of Saint-Martin will start, on Tuesday 1er August 2017, the 3e and last phase of the rehabilitation works of the stadium Jean-Louis Vanterpool. A portion of Spring Street between the intersection of Holland Street and the intersection of Paul Mingau Street will be closed to road traffic during construction. The deviation will be via the Rue de Concordia.
The objective of this layout is to move back the enclosure wall to widen the pavement and secure pedestrians. It will be finalized the 31 August 2017, during the great school holidays. The amount of operations entrusted to the prime contractor ETEC is 440286,50 €.
The community of Saint-Martin apologizes in advance for the inconvenience caused by these works of public utility and thanks the users for their understanding.

2017-07-28 Culture
Relaunch: Call for applications for 2017 edition of Overseas Talent

Join the 185 "Overseas Talents" already distinguished by the CASODOM since 2005 that radiate around the world.
Apply now for the selection of 2017 Overseas Talents. See attached document.

2017-07-28 Proceedings of the Executive Board
Report of the Executive Board

The Executive Board met on Wednesday 26 July 2017 in ordinary session and deliberated on 19 items on the agenda. Three deliberations were adjourned, while the 16 points were unanimously approved. Focus on key decisions.

EC approves installation of weather radar in Sint Maarten
The Council approved the project to install the weather radar in Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten as part of the Interreg Caraïbes V project (2014-2020). This new radar will replace the old equipment located on the Dutch side, which is currently down. This cooperation project has three objectives: on the one hand, the monitoring of hazardous phenomena, within the framework of the management of major risks, the real-time monitoring of climatic hazards, and on the other hand a shared management of the alert And crisis management, with the implementation of common strategies. Saint Martin North and South and the surrounding islands will benefit from this new facility. A grant from 1293750 € was granted to the community of Saint-Martin, for an overall amount of 1725000 € operation. The community will invest 431 250 € in this project, while the government of Sint Maarten will devote 575000 €. The tender for the acquisition of the equipment will be launched in September for a production schedule for the end of 2018.

COM brings 6000 € help to young athlete
The community of Saint-Martin has granted 6000 € assistance to the young Sherron BROOKS, for his integration into the overseas Martinique basketball pole. The young man began his passion on the basketball courts of the Saint-Martin periscolaire, before joining the club Aya Green Hill, then the Killer Bees of Quartier d'Orléans. After participating in several training camps in mainland France, including that of Tony Parker, he was spotted by the selections of Martinique in U13, then of Guiana in U15. He joined the basketball pole pole in Guadeloupe in 2015 (CREPS Antilles Guyana) where he perfected his learning. He will join the overseas Martinique cluster at the beginning of the school year, in 1ère class. With few resources to cover the inerrant costs of integrating into this exceptional school, the Executive Council decided to give Sherron a boost and grant him an exceptional 6000 € grant for his school year.

COM funds displacement of Red Eye Crew Group in Florida
Local music group Red Eye Crew has asked the community for financial assistance for their trip to the Zumba Instructor Convention in Orlando, Florida. Fueled by their fame in the Caribbean, members of the group were invited by the organizer of this event which brings together 8000 spectators and more 8 millions of followers on the social network Facebook. Their title CUKU is known worldwide in the circle of the zumba which earned them this invitation.
As it does regularly for Saint-Martin artists, the community of Saint-Martin accompanies Red Eye Crew in its project, to help it to make itself known, but also to promote the island beyond its borders via its music.
The Territorial Council therefore opted for the support of 8 round-trip airfare SXM / Miami / Orlando for the end of July 2017. President Gibbs highlighted the community's strong commitment to local artists, and reminded members of Red Eye Crew that he had been questioned by the press, that prior to any challenge to respect the institution And its elected representatives.

The Executive Council endorses the four-day school week
The Executive Council adopted the four-day week, in accordance with Decree No. 2017-1108 of 27 June 2017 on derogations from the organization of the four-day week in public nursery and elementary schools as from the beginning of the school year. September. Thus, the territory opted for the return to the school week of four days according to the following schedules: 8h00-11h30 / 13h30-16h00, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. The extracurricular activities managed by the Territorial Fund for School Works (CTOS) will take over on Wednesday morning, with sports and fun activities for children and after school from 16h to 17h. The meridian pose will offer calmer activities, studies, especially within the framework of the fight against illiteracy.
Wished by the majority of the councils of Schools of the territory, the Executive Council validated the week of four days.

The Executive Board ratifies the new regulation granting the territorial fellowship for higher education
Awarded to eligible students (with the financial support of the European Social Fund), the territorial scholarship for higher education constitutes a significant financial aid for more than 300 students in Saint-Martin. It is complementary to national stock exchanges. The Executive Board voted to amend the allocation rules in order to simplify the procedure and thus to delete certain documents deemed unnecessary. This regulation follows the requirements of Europe in terms of supporting the training path of the students, so as to keep the co-financing up to 85% of the ESF.
10 land use applications receive favorable opinion
The Executive Council endorsed 10 advice from the Planning Department concerning applications for land use or occupation, namely 10 favorable opinions of permission to work essentially, emanating from Semsamar for 8 of them, having regard to Maintenance work on dwellings, an individual wishing to renovate his home and the community for the construction of a local association in Colombier.

The Savane water management project approved by the Council
The Executive Council voted in favor of the Savane water management project, as well as its financing plan. The community will invest 386000 € in this project, while the state will dedicate 1544000 € via the FEI, for a total of 1930000 €.
This will involve the creation of a stormwater drainage system along the RN7 in the Savannah area, a catchment area on a community plot, a storm interception gap, From the ravine to the pond Guichard. The request for financing also includes the creation of a technical scupper for the removal of underground networks (fiber optics, cables, etc.) and operational studies. Classified in floodplain areas in the PPRN, the Savannah area must be secured and the populations protected. The project will reduce the vulnerability of the sector to flood risks and to secure water circulation during important rainfall events.

50 not geometric: 30 requests receive a favorable opinion
The community has relaunched the regularization of claims for titles of properties installed on the area known as 50 pas geometric, recorded in 90 years. The ad hoc committee of regularization of the occupants of the 50 area did not examine 32 requests for regularization in July and pronounced 30 favorable opinions.
The Executive Council decided to endorse the Board's advice for the surrender of parcels in the Sandy Ground, Marigot, St James and Grand Case districts, and to transfer to the private domain of the community the parcels received by the occupants. a favorable opinion. Occupants will now have to take notary steps to obtain their title.

The Executive Council updates the Market Regulation of Marigot and allocates seats to new occupants
28 July 2016, by decision of the Executive Council No. 142-11-2016, the community of Saint-Martin replaced the old market regulation dated 06 October 2005, with a more recent version taking better account of certain peculiarities of The activity of street vendors. Adjustments are needed again, so that the Executive Council has updated the expectations of the newly elected majority. Thus, among the changes, it is specified that the vehicles bringing the goods will no longer be able to park near the tourist market. Once the cargo is unpacked, the vehicle must park further. Sellers can now set up from 4 in the morning, and now enjoy a royalty-free month off (low season between 15 April and 15 October). The community may assign this location to another vendor during the vacation period.
In a second phase, the Executive Board authorized two new sites at the Marigot fish market to Messrs. Alvaro Sanchez and Jean-Robert Zetrenne, as part of their business plan. They are permitted to use the food market space allocated to them for seafood processing. To help them start their project, the community exempted them from three months' royalty, starting on the first day of operation, exploitation.

The Community grants an exceptional grant to "Saint Martin Active Initiative"
The Saint-Martin Active Initiative platform is in favor of financing local businesses. In particular, it supports these new structures in their dealings with banking organizations through the France Active Guarantee scheme. In 2014, the community of Saint-Martin has committed 9000 € to provide this guarantee fund with an agreement of objectives, as well as the CCISM (9000 €), the Social Cohesion Fund (60000 € ) And the ERDF (62500 €). Since 2015, 60 bank loans have been guaranteed up to 80% through this device, and these are more than 70 jobs that were created at startup structures. However, the ERDF fund could not be collected for technical reasons (late definition of the regulatory framework), which resulted in a financial risk for the "Saint Martin Active Initiative". Consequently, the Executive Board validated an exceptional grant from the 35000 € community to compensate for the loss of the ERDF funds, the supplement (26500 €) being contributed by the structure to its own funds.

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