Press Releases

2017-10-27 Associative life
Meeting of associations with the Fondation de France

The community of Saint-Martin, service of social cohesion, invites the associations to a meeting of presentation with the Foundation of France, on Friday 27 October 2017 to 16h30, in the Polyvalent Room of the College Mont des Accords in Concordia.

2017-10-25 Reconstruction
Professionals are invited to drop garbage in public landfills

The Community of Saint-Martin informs all professionals that the collection of household garbage, bulky and green waste, has resumed its original operation. Merchants are advised not to leave cartons and cumbersome on the sidewalks, but to evacuate them to public landfills as usual. 11 temporary garbage and garbage disposal sites opened immediately after Hurricane IRMA to store debris in an emergency are permanently closed. These sites will be cleaned and refurbished in the coming weeks.
It is now imperative that professionals transport their own waste and cumbersome waste to Galisbay or the ecosite of Grandes Cayes, as they used to do before the passage of IRMA. To help them evacuate a maximum of waste, the removal of these cumbersome will be free to the waste as the ecosite, until Tuesday 31 October 2017.
The community of Saint-Martin invites professionals to demonstrate civility and rigorously follow these instructions for cleaning the public domain, and thanks them for their contribution.
************************************************** ***************************
Businesses are invited to drop off at public dumping sites

The Community of Saint-Martin informs the household of garbage collection, bulky refuse and green waste has resumed normal operation.
Business owners are kindly asked to know more about cardboard boxes.

All 11 temporary public sites have been opened following Hurricane Irma, for urgent debris discharge, are now officially closed. Throughout the coming weeks, those sites will be cleaned up, returning to their initial state.
It is imperative to ensure that they take advantage of their own time and experience in Galisbay dump gold or the ecosite of Grand Cayes. Galisbay dump and Grand Cayes will be released on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017.
The Community is encouraging all businesses to conform to these public clean-up instructions and to follow-through by a show of civic-mindedness. Thanking you in advance.

2017-10-25 Reconstruction
Prohibition of picking up sea sand

Prohibition of picking up sea sand
The community of Saint-Martin reminds us that it is strictly forbidden to collect sea sand on community beaches for private purposes. The beaches will be rehabilitated and the sand found there must be preserved. The community also recalls that the reconstruction of housing from sea sand is particularly risky and dangerous, the sea sand greatly weakening buildings; It is also forbidden to collect the sand deposited by the sea inland following the passage of the cyclone.
Thus, anyone caught taking sea sand on beaches or public spaces will be questioned and verbalized. The Territorial Police is responsible for surveillance.
The community of Saint-Martin thanks you for respecting this public interest directive.
Collecting sand on beach is strictly forbidden

The Community of St. Martin would like to remind you that it is strictly forbidden. Beaches will be rehabilitated and the sand found thereon must be preserved. It is also forbidden to collect the sand that was deposited by the sea inland following the passing of the hurricane.
By way of reminder, the use of sand for housing is particularly risky; it increases chances of building collapse.
Hence, persons caught in the act of sand extraction, will be arrested and held accountable for their actions. Territorial police officers will be performing beach patrols.
The Community would like to see you in the public interest.

2017-10-24 Reconstruction
The community takes tax measures for individuals and businesses

During the Executive Board of 22 September 2017, the Collectivité took two major fiscal measures to help individuals and businesses:
-A tax rebate was requested by the Collectivité. Thus, individuals and businesses are exempt from payment of this tax. For those who have already paid their property tax, they will be reimbursed by the Treasury without further formalities.

-The Community has also decided to suspend the lawsuits on 2017 and previous years during 12 months, that is until 22 September 2018 for individuals and businesses.

On the other hand, any taxation derived from the activity or income in the 2018 year will be due and may be subject to prosecution in case of non-payment.
Attention, this suspension is not synonymous with cancellation of the tax debt of the concerned taxpayers. As a result, the community is urging all taxpayers to pay their arrears before prosecutions resume.
Saint-Martin Public Finance Administrator (Public Treasury - Concordia) is available for staggered payments.

By these measures, the President, Daniel Gibbs, and the elected representatives of the Collective wished to accompany the population in a complicated social and economic context following the passage of hurricane IRMA.

2017-10-23 Reconstruction
Realization of the annual agenda of the Collectivité

The President of the community of Saint-Martin, Mr. Daniel Gibbs, informs you that the realization of the annual agenda of the community of Saint-Martin has been entrusted, since the 02 April 2017, to the COM and COM Advertising Regie operated by Eurl B. ADDA, located at No 12 rue Anégada at HOPE ESTATE, represented by Mrs Brigide ADDA.
No other company and / or commercial agents in advertising can therefore rely on the President of the community, the community, its services or its elected officials, to market an agenda on our territory.

The community is warning companies that could be solicited by companies and / or individuals who fraudulently take advantage of the post-IRMA to cause confusion by using the Community Logo for the realization of any publicity.
Only Mrs. Brigide ADDA is authorized to solicit on behalf of the Collectivité, it will be provided with a letter of the President attesting of this operation.
Any actions contrary to this organization should be reported to the community by contacting the 0590 29 56 60.

2017-10-12 Reconstruction
The community is demanding the removal of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs)

The community of Saint-Martin asks the owners of end-of-life vehicles to come closer under a week from their insurer, in order to carry out the procedures of declaration of disaster and to evacuate their vehicle from the public domain by their insurance as soon as possible deadlines.
As the community is cleaning up the territory, it needs these abandoned vehicles to be removed from the public domain as soon as possible. In addition to obstructing traffic, obstructing parking and access to certain car parks, these end-of-life vehicles (VHUs) represent a danger to personal safety and public health. VHUs promote vector diseases by sheltering mosquito and insect habitats.
Beyond the 8 days of tolerance granted, the community of Saint-Martin will proceed by a territorial decree to the notice of the owners who have not undertaken this procedure with their insurer, it will proceed to the removal of the vehicles outside of by integrating them into the destruction circuit.
The community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your contribution and your understanding, this device being part of a public utility after the hurricane IRMA.

2017-10-12 Reconstruction
Community requests removal of marine wrecks

The community of Saint-Martin is asking ship owners who are damaged or are now in the state of wrecks following Hurricane IRMA to get closer to their insurance company as soon as possible in order to proceed or to finalize their claims.
Owners are then required to take all necessary measures to evacuate the public domain and to treat these vessels.
The community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your contribution and your understanding, this device being part of a public utility after the hurricane IRMA.

2017-10-12 Civil status
Civil status: Last Saturday for people affected

The community of Saint-Martin has set up three exceptional civil status offices, on Saturday 30 September, Saturday 07 and 14 October 2017, from 9h to 12h, at the hotel of the community. The last permanence of Saturday takes place the 14 October.
This permanence is open to the victims of Irma who need to obtain official documents (passport - Identity card - various acts). It is complementary to the permanence of the open civil status, from Monday to Friday, from 8h30 to 12h, at the hotel of the community.
Through this initiative, President Gibbs wished to allow the victims of Irma to have a particular listening with a dedicated window to carry out their formalities as soon as possible.

The Collectivity of St Martin

The community of Saint-Martin is setting up three exceptional "civil registries" help desk on Saturday, September 30, Saturday, October 7, 14, from 2017: The last one will be open on Saturday 9th.

This administrative document shall be open to Irma. It comes in addition to the permanent civil registries, from Monday to Friday, from 8: 30 to 12: 00 pm, at the hotel of the Community.

Through this initiative, President Gibbs wished to allow the victims of Irma to have a particular listening with a dedicated to carry out their formalities as soon as possible.

2017-10-11 Reconstruction
Latest news from the community

ARS News on the operation of the CFL hospital in Saint-Martin
According to Jean-Claude LUCINA, Director of Care at ARS Guadeloupe, the hospital is gradually returning to normal activity with a steady rate of consultations with emergency departments (120 / day against 60 to 70 in normal times).
While there is also a strong "dressing activity" in the absence of many regular providers, Mr. LUCINA advised that the outpatient consultations resumed on Monday 9 / 10 and that the programmed activities (Medicine and Surgery) resume on Friday 13 October.
The psychiatric unit, requisitioned to house reinforcements arrived in Saint-Martin in the aftermath of Hurricane IRMA, will be released between 19 and 22 October and patients who have been displaced in Guadeloupe will be able to return to this service.
Moreover, although the hospital's food supply is now fully operational, the facility will only operate at full capacity in 6 at 9 months after the renovation of rooms and facilities destroyed by IRMA.

La Poste Info on Mail Delivery
The opening of the office of Marigot to the following temporary schedules with the realization of all mail and banking operations:
Monday to Friday from 7h00 to 15h15
Saturday from 7h00 to 13h

Both ticket dispensers are in operation.
The 3 other establishments in Grand-Case, Galisbay and Quartier d'Orléans, which are heavily vandalized and degraded, are being repaired and closed until further notice.

The opening of the Concordia Courier Center for the delivery of proceedings only pending the restoration of the network.

Customers with post office boxes at the Concordia Courier Center can go.
All incoming mail, parcels and Chronopost will be delivered to the recipient as far as possible.

2017-10-10 Reconstruction
Latest news from the community

Social Care:
The social hub of the community continues to welcome the victims of 8h 15h at its premises in Concordia, St. Paul Mingau (job center building).

• Solidarity and Families:

- + 70 families listed for the distribution of food and water
- Processing time of a file: 20 minutes
- The census of the victims will end this week

• Aid to victims:
- Single number: 0690378401
- Legal, social and psychological assistance
- Appointment possible shortly

Removal of garbage and miscellaneous waste
• Starting on Monday 9 October 2017, garbage collection is resumed. People are encouraged to use garbage cans and to discard garbage on public roads. The selective sorting of glass and cardboard must resume as before, since the ecosite of Grandes Cayes is in the capacity to treat sorted waste.

• Merchants are asked to transport their waste to the landfill and not to put their rubbish bins on the pavements. Thank you to everyone who keeps the cleanliness.

• People wishing to have car wrecks removed free of charge can get closer to the Sustainable Development Pole, former Fort Louis Road Hospital, open Monday to Friday from 8h to 15h.

This management of the community must make it possible to remove as many abandoned vehicles and to clean the polluted areas.

The water network
• The reverse osmosis plant UCDEM is currently capable of producing 3500m3 of water / day, however it operates in a degraded mode.
• La Générale des Eaux fuels 63% of households, but some sectors are still cut, such as Anse Marcel Orient Bay, Oyster Pond. Many leaks on the networks
• A "rotating" distribution is implemented with controlled cuts to try to serve as many sectors as possible and repair leaks.

The EDF network
• On 16 000 fireplaces, 12 000 are supplied with electricity: 80%
• On 241 transformation stations, 231 are now secure
• All schools (public and private) are replenished in electricity
• 25 generators have been installed in areas where networks are not yet rehabilitated. These generators can power up to 20 homes.

Security :

• At the request of President Gibbs: The device for a visible presence with traders reassure professionals. 60 mobile patrols monitor territory
• Traffic restriction is maintained from 00h to 5h
• 600 gendarmes are mobilized.
• 12 police officers of the Judicial Police have just arrived to help the procedures "looting".
• 120 procedures against looters have been conducted to date

Back to School
• Facilities that meet security standards have been re-opened. The Clair Saint-Maximin and Omer Arrondell elementary schools and secondary schools in the Quartier d'Orléans, the École Cité and the Aline Hanson, Hervé Williams and Emile Choisy schools.
• The Collège Mont des Accords and the Jean Anselme schools have just reopened.

Health - ARS
• Opening of the outpatient clinics at Marigot Concordia LCF Hospital starting Tuesday, October 10.
• 75% of GPs are open
• 50% of specialist doctors are open
• 5 pharmacies are open on existing 11
• Vector control (mosquitoes): reinforcements will arrive in the territory to go door to door and prevent mosquito proliferation. Young people will be recruited locally to ensure this awareness.
• Specialized local companies will soon be called upon to combat the proliferation of flies
It should be noted that local doctors in Orléans will be able to issue prescription drugs to compensate for the absence of pharmacy in this area.
The Orléans neighborhood clinic was transformed into a psychological support cell
Sandy Ground and Grand Case Clinics are currently accommodating doctors whose office has been destroyed
A territorial decree will be taken to catch stray animals (dogs - cows - pigs).

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