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2018-02-27 Call for Projects
City Contract: 2018 Call for Projects

2018-02-23 Home, Information and Referral
The RSMA and the Air Force are recruiting!

The RSMA and the Air Force will be in Saint-Martin for Monday recruitment sessions 26 February at thursday 1er march 2018.

Two collective information meetings will be held at the AIO service of the Collectivité, former school Evelyna Halley in Marigot, on monday 26 february 2018:

10 h 30 to 12 h 00 for RSMA

From 15 h 00 to 16 h 30 for the Air Force

The Community of Saint-Martin invites people (18-25 years) interested to come to inform themselves and constitute a file of candidacy.

2018-02-23 Information / Administration
Connection to drinking water

The Red Cross is currently removing 11 emergency drinking water tanks set up to address the lack of drinking water in neighborhoods after Hurricane Irma.
The Water and Sanitation Establishment of the Community of St. Martin (EEASM) works to repair drinking water connections and invites users who still do not have access to drinking water because of a lack of water. broken or faulty connection, to signal urgently to the General of Waters so that repair work is undertaken as soon as possible.
Reminder: any failure occurring before the water meter (public network) is taken into account by the General Water and must be reported. Conversely, for any breakdown located after the water meter (private part), repairs are the responsibility of the user (owner of the home). It is recommended to hire a plumber.
To report your situation, contact the General Waters: 0590 89 76 76.

2018-02-07 Associative life
Workshop Well Aging At Home

2018-02-06 Security and Prevention
Voluntary fire brigade commitment: COM-SDIS

Community of St. Martin - Rescue Department of St. Martin (SDIS)

The Community of Saint-Martin will be organized on Saturday March 3rd, 2018.

Applicants must be of French Nationality and be at least 18 years of age (turned 18 as of January 1st of this year). The deadline to submit the application to the Rescue Department of St. Martin is February 20th, 2018. The Department is located in the Savannah and opened from 8: 00 to 12: 00pm, Monday to Friday. No application file will be accepted after the deadline.

Application file must consist of the following documents:

-Copy of passport or copy of valid Identity card
-Motivation Letter
-Medical Fitness certificate attesting physical fitness to practice sports and swimming (less than 3 months)
-Telephone and email contact as well as a home address

Incomplete files will not be accepted.

Lieutenant Bernard MAES
Chief of the Rescue Department
Tel: 0590 52 30 40
Cell: 0690 63 76 37

The French version is attached.

2018-02-06 Security and Prevention
Information note

English version


The Collectivity of St. Martin in collaboration with the Departmental Fire and Rescue Center of Guadeloupe (SDIS) has decided to organize two competitions for the recruitment of twelve corporal professional firefighters.

a.External Competition
Number of positions available: 6

Eligible candidates must have a title or diploma classified as level V or a qualification recognized as equivalent to one of these degrees or diplomas in the conditions established by the provisions of Chapter II of Decree No. 2007-196 of February 13th 2007.

B. Internal Competition
Number of positions available: 6
Eligible candidates must have the title of a volunteer firefighter, justifying three years of activity in this capacity or a young firefighter, be a volunteer in civilian service civil security missions, be a firefighter Auxiliary or military of the fire brigade of Paris, The battalion of the Seafarers of Marseilles, or units of instruction and intervention of the civil aviation industry, has been successfully completed by the 2nd 7nd class of XNUMXnd class of XNUMX of this decree.

This second competition is also open to candidates who are nationals of the Member States of the European Union or other States belonging to the Agreement on the European Economic Area which has a qualification equivalent to that issued to volunteer firefighters by the Commission in Article 7 and with three years of activity.

The examinations will be held in St. Martin on the following dates:
-Written examination and pre-admission May 24th 2018
-Athletic examination from the 25th to the 30th of June 2018
-Oral examination from the 8th to the 12th of October 2018

Registration forms can be retrieved at the Rescue Department in the Savannah starting on the 1st of February 2018 at 8: 00 until the 14th of March 2018 noon.
The registration form can be downloaded on the website of the SDIS Guadeloupe:

The deadline for registration is Thursday March 15th 2018:
-Before 12 pm (noon) by submitting your application directly to the Rescue Department in Savannah
-Before midnight if feels by postal service attested by the date on the postmark, to the following address:
"St. Martin Rescue Center, 80 La Savane, 97150 Saint-Martin"

Applications or mailed after midnight will be automatically rejected.

The French version is attached.

2018-02-05 Schools
School enrollment opens in kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year

Registrations in the nursery class are open from 29 January 2018 to 23 February 2018: Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 12h30 and from 13h00 to 15h00.
Parts to be provided (photocopy)
-Family certificate or birth certificate of the child
-Certificate medical aptitude for school life (children born in 2015 and 2016)
- Up-to-date vaccination card
-Piece of the parents
-Assessment addressing valid

The Education Department is located in the Annex of the Collectivité - Former School Seaside - Liberty Street in Marigot. The application can only be accepted if the file is complete.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2018-02-02 Security and Prevention
Waiver of bathing bans on community beaches

By order of the President, the community of Saint-Martin authorizes swimming again on the beaches of Grand Case, Petite Plage, Friar's Bay, Galisbay, Anse Marcel, Great North Caye, Grande Caye South, Orient Bay North, Orient Bay South, Bay of the North and South Mouth, Long Bay, Baie aux Plums, Baie Rouge.

This authorization comes after the submission of the bathing water analysis report by the Regional Health Agency (ARS).

See annexed order.

2018-01-26 Town planning
The rules of Urbanism in English

2017-12-22 Information / Administration
Closing COM Services for Holidays

The community of Saint-Martin informs its citizens of the closure of services to the public for Christmas, from Friday 22 December to Tuesday 26 December included. The opening to the public will be on Wednesday 27 December 2017, at usual times, from 8h to 15h.
As part of New Year's Eve celebrations, community services will be closed on Monday, January 1, January 2018. The reopening of services will be on Tuesday 02 January 2018, at usual times. Community services are open to the public from Monday to Friday, from 8h to 15h.
The community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding and wishes you a happy new year.

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