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2017-06-30 Environment and Living Environment
Reminder: Clean island operation Friendly Island- Clean Island is this weekend!

The big collective cleaning of the island takes place this weekend! President Daniel Gibbs and his team made the election promise, this major clean island operation will begin on Saturday 1er July at 7h in districts no. 1-2-3 and end on Sunday 9 July 2017 to 13h in the Neighborhoods # 4-5-6, under the slogan "St. Martin Friendly Island - Clean Island".

The goal is to carry out a major cleaning in anticipation of the hurricane season and make Saint-Martin an eco-Friendly destination. The public is invited to clean the private property while the community will continue the cleaning work on the public domain with all the people who wish to join the device. The partner companies of the community will intervene free of charge by putting dumpsters for the green waste and the bulky ones at the disposal of the residents in each district. Neighborhood associations will also assist.

At the same time, the community has launched its VHU operation for the removal of the carcass of a user vehicle entirely free of charge for all those who wish to make themselves known to the personnel of the community who will be in the field, or directly to the service in charge, Contacting the 0590 52 27 30. Removal of carcasses and bulky carcasses will be carried out during the week on request of the local residents.

President Daniel Gibbs makes a civic appeal to all our fellow citizens for an active participation in this collective cleaning program, the 1er weekend and 2 July for the 1, 2 and 3 districts (7h to 13h) and the weekend Of the 8 and 9 July for the districts 4, 5 and 6 (7h to 13h).

The Community of Saint Martin - Environment and Living Environment - invites you to use the devices that will be available to collect as much waste as possible between the 1er July and the 9 July 2017, and thank you in advance Of your involvement in respecting our environment and our living environment.

To find out where the collection bins are located, the community invites you to consult the map designed for this purpose:

2017-06-30 General policy
General Statement - President Daniel GIBBES at the 29 CT June 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, Vice-Presidents,
Ladies and gentlemen, the territorial advisers,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is once again a dense agenda that awaits the elected as we are this morning. 11 points are indeed on the agenda of our Assembly: provisions relating to our mixed economy company in particular, but also the vote of the administrative account 2016 or that of the supplementary budget for 2017. So important deliberations, and for some politicians, dare the word!

Concerning the budget, my reading of the local press a few days ago, allowed me to discover that my "opposition" within this Territorial Council meant to nibble on the vote of the BP last April. This one has passed the control of legality, so I will not waste our time - it is precious - by discussing useless points of law. Nevertheless, I take this opportunity to form a wish for a constructive opposition in the future, which will formulate real proposals for our territory, for the benefit of its population, rather than those sterile ebullitions which would "make the buzz" No debate.
Let ...


I committed myself to the 15 last June and I would like to take this opportunity to take stock of the 3 first months of this new mandate and the work in progress.

On the administrative side, first, I wanted to make, with my teams and my elected representatives, the turn of all services. As I told you at the last Territorial Council, I discovered a government that is out of breath and that I absolutely want to upgrade and modernize for two main reasons: the well-being and therefore the efficiency of our civil servants at work. On the one hand, and the legal security of our Community on the other.

To this end, and taking advantage of retirements, two key positions will shortly be filled, that of Director General of Services and that of Human Resources Director. I repeat: it is inconceivable that the Collectivity should continue to function as a commune for a longer period, unrelated to the competencies assigned to it.

We will therefore restructure the services and perfect our administration: the organizational audit, HR and the processes that Team Gibbes announced in its electoral program is preparing. And, second good news: thanks to our partnership with the AFD, with which we are currently discussing, this audit will not cost the community a penny.

I am already making this announcement: we will draw up from the start of the school year an effective "administration" project, based on our political program, which will perfectly clarify the objectives and missions of the staff.

In addition, and because we need to prepare for the future, I would like to see an internal support and sharing mechanism in place within our administration: for example, Will be joined by an agent who will be trained to be able tomorrow, to take up duties of responsibilities.


Sound management is also an effective tax policy. On this subject too, our majority has made strong commitments, which it intends to respect. I therefore announce that we have published a contract just a week ago for the launch of our tax audit, which will start in October. It will not only be a matter of auditing the existing one, of course, but also the drafting of a new code. Our slogans remain unchanged: we want to aim for a simple, coherent, fair and efficient taxation in its collection.
In our program as well, we announced the development of a multi-year investment program: know that on this issue, thanks to a partnership with AFD, the Community will not pay a penny to set up this necessary PPI .

Finally, as you know, we are launching an indemnity claim of 50 million euros, on all uncompensated social benefits to the Collectivité. 50 millions of euros, it is about the amount of the debt of Saint-Martin to the CAF of Guadeloupe. We will go to the end of this procedure, which must allow our Collectivity to no longer function with this sword of Damocles above the head, budget after budget.

Our majority has placed economic development at the heart of its priorities. I am announcing that we are launching the work for the long-term tourism strategy, 2017-2027. I even meet the socio-professionals today, but I also want to seek advice from neighborhoods and the CESC. I will present our tourism strategy very officially at the beginning of the school year, before the Territorial Council.

At the same time, and in order to diversify our economy, we are also launching the work of our future economic development plan. Moreover, for the primary economy, the future Local Action Group for the agriculture of Saint-Martin is given 3 million euros of EAFRD funds up to 2020.

Moreover, our majority is committed to working on the introduction of new social clauses in public procurement. In particular, to ensure that companies responding to these contracts, guarantee the hiring of a certain percentage of Saint-Martinois long-term unemployed or in insertion for example. Please note that we are currently working on the legal arrangement of these clauses and on the search for partnerships.


I conclude my remarks by tackling subjects related to the living environment of Saint-Martin. A word about town planning: you know, at first I want us to keep our POS. Nevertheless, we will review it - the work begins in the days to come - because there are inconsistencies in the regulations. These changes will be implemented as early as December.

In a second step, as we committed ourselves, we will adopt a new regulatory document, which will allow us to work in the broadest possible consultation and with the greatest possible pedagogy, in order to avoid the pitfalls of the PLU proposed by the Previous majority.

Still on town planning, regarding the 50 not geometric, our services still have in their drawers some 300 files past due. This situation can not endure: I will therefore deploy human resources, to speed up the regularization procedures with greater legal certainty.

A word on the embellishment of our districts: you have seen, the Supplementary Budget that is submitted to your examination and your vote today, dedicates 300 000 euros extra compared to the BP last April to bloom and To the beautification of our neighborhoods.

At the same time, our majority undertook to make Saint-Martin cleaner and more pleasant in the first months of its mandate: I know that this concern is shared by a great many of our fellow citizens, so I would like to conclude my statement By launching a great invitation to those who want to see Saint-Martin in its best light, to participate in the good mood, to our operations of cleaning the various quarters of the island. These operations start this weekend: make it a real success!

Thank you.

2017-06-29 Waste Management
Reminder: Instructions for household waste

In order to best meet the requirements of cleanliness and respect for the environment, the Saint-Martin community has set up an efficient waste collection system:

-7 days on 7 for garbage
-5 times per week for bulky items
-3 times per week for green waste

The Community of Saint-Martin reminds the population that waste bins have been installed in the territory to allow local residents to deposit their household waste daily. It is advisable to use the bins provided for this purpose from 18 hours (at sunset), the waste being picked up every night from 19 hours (7 days on 7).
Bulky items (scrap iron, household appliances, hi-fi, mattresses, etc.) are picked up every day, except on Sundays, from 18 hours: deposit near garbage shelters (depot prohibited on sidewalks or in front of houses).
Green waste is collected 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), in the morning. They must be stored in closed bags and placed near the garbage bins.

The Collective reminds craftsmen, traders and professionals that they are responsible for their waste and their evacuation. Unauthorized depots of household waste, bulky waste and green waste are prohibited by law (Article L. 541-3 of the Environmental Code).

The Galisbay-Bienvenue waste collection center is open every day, from 10h to 18h (except Sundays and public holidays). The Grandes Cayes ecosite is open from Monday to Friday from 06h00 to16h00 and Saturday from 06h00- to 12h00.

The Community of Saint Martin - Environment and Living Environment - invites people to use the facilities that are in place, and thanks you for following these guidelines while respecting the living environment of our fellow citizens.

2017-06-21 Containers
Note to the users of the DÃ © cheterie Welcome

Thursday 29 and Friday 30 June 2017: La Déchèterie will be open from 10h to 16h, from Monday to Friday.

Resumption of the usual schedules: Monday 03 July 2017

Exceptional closing: Friday 14 July for the national holiday and Friday 21 July for the feast of V. Schoelcher.

The Galisbay-Bienvenue waste collection office thanks you for your understanding.

2017-06-19 Environment and Living Environment
Free pick-up of abandoned vehicle carcasses on public roads!

As part of the clean-up campaign for "Friendly Island - Clean Island", launched by President Daniel Gibbs and his team, 01 and 02 July and 8 weekends and 9 July 2017, the community of Saint -Martin - Environment and Living Environment Department - proposes a free operation to remove carcasses from vehicles. This operation will continue beyond the collective cleaning campaign.
A free pick-up of all the wrecks is offered to the owners who want to get rid of an end-of-life vehicle. Removal of abandoned carcasses contributes to the development of our landscapes and makes it possible to effectively combat the viruses transmitted by mosquitoes, destroying larval habitats.
If you need to dispose of one or more vehicles, a phone number is available: 05 90 52 27 30 - Environment Directorate and the living environment / living environment service.
The Community of Saint-Martin invites you to participate actively in this campaign of public utility.


Free removal of cars from public roads

The newly launched campaign "Friendly Island - Clean Island: Our Duty of Solidarity!" Is an initiative of President Daniel Gibbs and his team, in partnership with the Environmental Department of the Community of St. Martin. No charge, in efforts to enhance the environmental health and beautification of our island.
A free and full scale removal of all car wreckage is offered to car owners wanting to get rid of obstruction. The eradication of these virulence viruses as we purpose to eliminate breeding sites.
Please note that the Community will only provide free towing services to the public. Exceptionally, during the cleaning campaign it will be possible to remove abandoned cars from private domain.
If you wish to have one or more vehicles, contact the Department of Environment and Livelihoods at 0590 52 27 30.
The Collectivity of Saint-Martin strongly encourages its population to take an active part in this campaign of public utility.

2017-06-19 Environment and Living Environment
Large Cleaning - Waste Disposal Sites

Intervention plan

1er weekend

Neighborhood n ° 1: Rising sun (orange): Griselle - Oyster-Pond - Beautiful plain - Flagstaff - Orléans - Eastern bay.
1 bucket and 1 tent: RN7 in Quartier d'Orléans near the market place (intersection rue Coralita)
1 Tipper and 1 Tent: Entrance to the Spring Orléans Sports Tray
+ 1 additional bucket

Neighborhood n ° 2: Land of Culture (Violet): Chevrise - Cul de Sac - Mont Vernon - Grand-Case - La Savane - Morne O'Reilly.
1 tipper and 1 tent: Cul de Sac: in front of the sports plateau of the college Soualiga
1 tipper and 1 tent: Grand Case: MJC parking lot

Neighborhood n ° 3: Land of hope (green): Savanna - Pic Paradis - Saint-Louis - Rambaud - Colombier - Cripple Gate - Friar's Bay.
1 tipper and 1 tent: The savannah: In front of the station Delta Petroleum
1 tipper and 1 tent: Entrance of Colombier field of Sir Sylvestre

Second weekend

Neighborhood n ° 4: Land of exchange and heritage (blue): Morne-Valois - Approval - Hameau du Pont - Galisbay - La Colombe - Concordia - Spring - Mont des Accords.
1 tipper and tent: Approach roundabout
1 dumpster and tent: Concordia: parking lot of the Media library

Neighborhood 5: La Capitale (red): Downtown Marigot - Saint James - Rue de Hollande - Mont Fortune - Bellevue.
1 tipper and 1 tent: Marigot: in front of the Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium
1 bucket and 1 tent: Bellevue: near the sports shelf

Neighborhood n ° 6: Terre des Peuples (yellow): Sandy ground - Terres-Basses.
1 tipper and 1 tent: Sandy Ground Street Lady Fish (near the restaurant Le Santal)
1 tipper and 1 tent: Baie Nettlé road - near the sports shelf

* (See attached PDF - Map of neighborhoods and locations of rubbish bins).

2017-06-16 Sport
The community launches its operation Ticket-Sports, from 03 to 28 July 2017!

The community launches its operation Ticket-Sports, from 03 to 28 July 2017!
The Youth and Sports Department of the Saint-Martin community is renewing its Ticket-Sports operation for young people from 7 to 14 years. Among the new releases, the community has expanded its field of action and offers a sports ticket to Quartier d'Orléans on the Thelbert CARTI stadium, with the collaboration of SXM Sport pour Tous.
Very popular with children, this operation initiated by the community wins every year a very big success by proposing sports activities throughout the month of July.
A District of Orleans:
Venue: Thelbert Carti Stadium
Number of places: 48 children (between 7 and 14 years)
Times: 08h00 to 13h00.
Site Manager: Joel Hyman (SXM Sport for All)

In Marigot:
Place of reception: Salle Omnisports
Number of places: 96 children (between 7 and 14 years)
Timetable: 08h00 to 13h00
Site managers: Wendy Gumbs and Kévin Orville

Registration opens from Monday June 12 2017 to the Office of Youth Service and Sports Schedule of the community, former school in the sea, of 8h to 14h30, Monday to Friday. Come and see!

2017-06-14 Income Tax - Income of the Year 2016
Filing of IR declarations 2016: the deadline set at 30 June 2017

The Executive Board, meeting in plenary on Wednesday 17 May 2017, decided to extend the deadline for filing 30 income returns for 2017 June 2016; A resolution voted unanimously. Taxpayers have until the 30 June 2017 (midnight), a deadline to complete their tax return and send it to the Saint-Martin tax department.
The tax department is available to the public in its new premises located at Concordia, 16 rue Jean-Jacques Fayel (behind CAF):
- Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7h30 to 12h00 and from 14h00 to 16h00
- Wednesdays and Fridays 19 May from 7h30 to 12h00
The tax department will welcome the public on the usual schedules, on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 8h to 12h.

2017-06-13 Culture, Youth & Sports
Sandy-Ground Cultural Center: 2017 Summer Vacation Occupational Program

As part of its 2017 summer vacation activities, the Sandy-Ground Cultural Center is organizing 10 on 31 July 2017. On the program: outings, manual activities, games, introduction to Tahitian dance, Morning Splash, Summer Circus and more ...

We propose :

"A" VACATION WORKSHOP "for children from 6 to 12 years from Monday to Friday from 8h - 16h (lunch included)
Price per child: € 85 for the month

"" COURSES DE RATTRAPAGE "Monday to Friday of 8h - 13h of the French and Mathematics courses for the children schooled from the CP to the 3ème
Price per child: € 50 for the month

"" A WORKSHOP FOR YOUNG PEOPLE AND CREATIONS "for young people from 13 to 17 years, from Monday to Friday 8h - 14h
Price per child: € 40 for the month

Room to be furnished :
-1's Photo
-Copy health record (vaccines to day)
-Automations and health record to be completed on site

For any registration, contact the Cultural Center at 0590 87 76 02 or
0590 87 18 44 - ou

2017-06-13 Cooperation
Interreg Caraïbes presents the INTERREG Volunteer Youth Initiative, IVY

The INTERREG Volunteer Youth Initiative (IVY) suggests a European voluntary offer for local youth.

See attached document.

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