Press Releases

2015-03-04 Security and Prevention
Information to the public

Capture of stray or wild animals The Community of St. Martin informs the population of the capture of stray animals on the public road by the pound, between Monday 16 March and Tuesday 31 March 2015.
All pet owners are asked to keep them tied up and monitor them even after the catch phase. For further information, please contact the Environment and Living Environment Department at 0590 52 27 30.
In the interest of all, the Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

Order of the President
The President of the Territorial Council, Aline Hanson, issued a decree (No. 033-2014) regulating the conditions of possession of pets and their movement on public roads.
This decree stipulates that it is forbidden to let the animals wander in the territory of the Collectivity. To avoid accidents, dogs must be kept on a leash, so-called dangerous dogs must be muzzled. In addition, dog owners are required to collect livestock manure on public roads, including gutters, beaches and public green areas. Note that this decree also stipulates that it is forbidden to place food on the street to attract stray or wild animals.

2015-02-27 Culture, Youth & Sports
Validation of professional achievements now possible in Saint-Martin

The Community of Saint Martin has signed a partnership agreement, the 27 February 2015, on the validation of prior learning (VAE) with the Groupement d'Intérêt Public (GIP) of the academic insertion system and the GRETA of Saint-Martin.

This agreement acts the opening on the territory of a DAVA Antenna, which is the Academic Device of Validation of Acquisitions. DAVA offers the Saint-Martinois in all sectors of activity the opportunity to validate their professional experience and obtain a diploma, a certification or a patent in their field of competence. The DAVA antenna is installed on the premises of the CCISM, within the training area. The creation of this antenna is a considerable asset for Saint-Martin, as it facilitates access to the VAE. It is now enough to register on the digital platform (Click on the Saint-Martin territory and follow the instructions). The candidate will then have to attend an information meeting within the DAVA Antenna to start the VAE process. To be eligible for a VAE, the candidate must have at least three years of professional experience in the field of the diploma. Funding for VAE may be provided by the usual training assistance organizations, the Pôle Emploi, the OPCA, or the employee's personal training account.

President Aline Hanson welcomed the creation of the DACA Antenna in Saint-Martin, which will greatly facilitate access to VAE in our territory. It also invited those with some professional experience to take advantage of this new system, which will allow these people to value their achievements and the territory to raise graduates.

The VAE antenna of Saint-Martin can be reached with the 0590 29 12 26.

2015-02-25 Town planning
Presentation of the new Town Planning Code of Saint-Martin

Execution from 1er March 2015

Since the 1er April 2012, the Collectivity has set its rules for urban planning, and as such, it has been decided to draft a new Urbanism Code adapted to the constraints and specificities of Saint-Martin, with a view to clarification And administrative simplification in relation to the National Code.
Various working sessions were held with the elected officials, the Community Services, the State services and the representatives of the public, the planning office in charge of the PLU, the CAUE and the professionals. They enabled the drafting of the new Urban Planning Code.
This document was the subject of public information on the site of the Collectivity and a consultation (cf .: Article 7 of the Constitutional Charter on the Environment).
It was validated by the Planning, Works, Urban Planning and Transport Commission and the Tax Commission before being presented to the Territorial Council and adopted by the latter on 18 December 2014.

To discover the new Town Planning Code of Saint-Martin, click HERE

2015-02-24 Cooperation
Saint-Martin at the OCT Conference in Tortola

The outermost region of Saint Martin participated in the regional conference of the OCTs of the Caribbean, the 23 and 24 February 2015 in Tortola in the Virgin Islands. Our Community was represented by the President of the Territorial Council, Mrs. Aline HANSON.

Although Saint-Martin is an outermost region (RUP), the European Commission and the current President of the Association of Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTA), Dr Orlando Smith, Prime Minister of the British Virgin Islands, Invited the Community of Saint Martin to the Regional Conference of Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT), which is being held on 23 and 24 February 2015 in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

This regional conference brought together the Heads of Government and Territorial Authorities of the OCTs of the Caribbean, the representatives of the Member States of which the OCTs are responsible, the countries of the ACP group and the outermost regions (RUPs) (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana and Saint -Martin), as well as regional organizations, the European Investment Bank and financial institutions in the region.

The objective was to enable all the participants to discuss ways and means of strengthening cooperation between the actors in the area and to identify the priorities for action that could receive financial support from the Union European.

The objective of the participation of the ORs and ACP countries in the Caribbean area was to strengthen synergy and coordination between the European Development Fund (EDF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) cooperation programs, . The conference was a platform for discussion to identify opportunities for joint programming between the OCTs, the ACP countries and the ORs.

In this context, cross-border cooperation between Saint Martin and Sint Maarten could serve as a model for all future cooperation projects, which could call for the necessary coordination of the EDF and the ERDF.

2015-02-23 Economy
Eleven Guest Houses Join the Community Standards

Friday 20 February 2015: The Community of Saint Martin has organized a ceremony to give twelve owners of Guest Houses / Bed and Breakfast a plaque with the number of stars referenced in the official classification of the Collectivity. After the 2012 executive's hotel standards and the 2013 master restorer, it is now the Guest Houses to integrate the Community's reference classification. This framework was adopted in February 2014 by decision of the Executive Board.

The Guest Houses can now integrate the process and benefit from 1 to 5 stars, whose rankings have been defined by a customer audit. And if this new standard offers official recognition to these establishments, it will above all allow them to improve their offer and their product, the Community having set up a subsidy system for the renovation of guesthouses referenced. Aids evolve according to the number of stars, which will encourage homeowners to improve their services to get a star upgrade. Eleven owners of Guest Houses / Bed and Breakfast have joined the scheme and received their official plaque from the hands of the 3 Vice-President Wendel Cocks, responsible for economic development of the territory, and the elected representative of Tourism, Jeanne Rogers-Vanterpool .

And as mentioned by the two elected representatives, the Guest Houses referential is an integral part of the political project and the tourism development plan carried out by the Mandate. This plan includes the general beautification of the territory, the revitalization of Marigot, the development of the bay, as well as concrete actions to improve the security of the territory. Mrs Rogers-Vanterpool and Mr Cocks warmly thanked the eleven Guest Houses which have integrated the territorial arrangements, as they enrich the tourist offer referenced by the territory, while continuing to perpetrate the quality of reception and the Friendly Island , Which was born in the 50 years thanks to the tradition of the Guest House.

2015-02-22 Culture, Youth & Sports
Closing of Galisbay's Omnisports Hall

From 22 February 2015 to 10 May 2015 The Collectivity of Saint-Martin and its Sports & Youth department inform you about the closing of the Galisbay Omnisports Hall, from 22 February 2015 to 10 May 2015, for work. The room will be fully rehabilitated and brought up to standard, so that during this period of work, no sporting activity can take place on the site.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2015-02-21 Cooperation
20th Conference of Presidents of the ORs, Guillaume Arnell recalls the stakes for Saint-Martin

The XXth Conference of Presidents of the ORs met in Guadeloupe, the 04, 05 and 06 February 2015, the Presidents of the Outermost Regions (RUP), including the Community of Saint Martin in the person of 1er Vice-President Guillaume ARNELL representing the President , European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Ms Corina CRETU, as well as representatives of the European Parliament and national governments.

The Conference of the Presidents of the ORs, whose purpose is to defend the specificities and interests of its regions on a European scale, marked the end of the Guadeloupe Presidency and its transition to Madeira . The Presidents also adopted a final declaration highlighting the major challenges facing all outermost regions such as unemployment and youth employment, fisheries regulation, the importance of regional cooperation, accessibility And the need for structural catch-up in infrastructure.

In his various speeches, the 1er Vice-President Guillaume Arnell explained all the sectors that represent real issues of territorial development such as energy autonomy - supported by the European Union, which favors renewable energies and for which the Territories of the ORs have significant potentialities - regional integration as well as trade cooperation with the neighboring territories of the area. He highlighted the contrast between the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy and the developmental delays experienced by the Territory in relation to other European regions and, consequently, the Community's desire to promote development comparable to that of other regions which are experiencing A high rate of growth and a sufficient level of equipment and infrastructure.

The 1er Vice-President expressed his satisfaction at the allocation for the first time of an operational program for cross-border cooperation for Saint-Martin, while noting the need to provide suitable modalities for sharing the island, So that it can be implemented. In this connection, he referred to the Commission's reflection on the need for coordination between the outermost regions and third countries, since it was in the region that the island wanted to develop its assets. He finally recalled the need to maintain a stronger partnership with the European Commission.

The Community of Saint-Martin, in the person of Mr Thierry GOMBS, DGA of the human development division, and Mrs Salammbo GUIBERT-SOUTADE, in charge of the DGA, also took part in the thematic session dedicated to employment which Within the framework of the Conference. Following this thematic session, all the ORs adopted an 2015 action plan focusing on the green and blue economy, which reaffirms the need for joint actions and exchanges of good practice in sectors such as: Agriculture and sustainable tourism, the sector of new technologies for waste treatment, alternative energy and maritime resources, which constitute employment-generating sectors. All these orientations were presented to the Presidents of the ORs who reaffirmed the importance that should be given to the employment especially of the youngest and the desire to be endowed with a specific instrument for employment in the outermost regions.

2015-02-18 Miscellaneous information
E-Newsletter n ° 10 - February 2015

The digital magazine of the Community of Saint-Martin Click on the hyperlink below to consult the e-Newsletter of February:
E-newsletter n ° 10 (February 2015) Community of Saint-Martin.pdf

2015-02-10 Culture, Youth & Sports
The 2nd Forum of Parents

This Wednesday 25 February 2015 The National Education organizes in collaboration with the Community of Saint-Martin and Rotaract Clubs and Rotary Saint-Martin North:

The "2nd Parents Forum" of Marigot and Sandy-Ground
Theme: "Support for parenthood: the parent-child relationship within the family.
Communication within the family "
On Wednesday 25 February 2015 from 10h to 13h
At the Elementary School of Nina DUVERLY.

The objectives of the action:

Allow parents to meet with various educational collaborators;
Create a space for communication between partners;
Anchor the school in its territory.

Parents of pupils are invited to come and talk with educational professionals on the many subjects related to the education of their children.

2015-02-09 The taxation of non-residents
Income tax due by non-residents

The rules for calculating tax due on income in year 2015 change

The territorial council made significant changes to the calculation of the income tax payable by "non-residents", that is to say, persons not resident in Saint-Martin ( CT21-1bis-2014 of the 20novembre2014).

Thus, for the taxation of income for the year 2015 And subsequent years, the tax on income of non-residents deriving from Saint Martin all or almost all of their income will be calculated on the same terms as those applicable to persons having their fiscal domicile in Saint Martin ( Application of the general scale comprising several tranches subject to different rates which increase gradually according to the importance of income, family quotient, reduction of 40%, access to all tax advantages ...).

Who is affected by these changes?
The persons concerned by this reform are those who fulfill the following two cumulative conditions:
- They do not have their fiscal domicile in Saint-Martin;
- Their total income from Saint-Martin's source is greater than or equal to 75% of their taxable world income.

For example, persons settled in Saint-Martin but whose domicile for tax purposes has been established during any period between 1erjanvier2011 and their arrival in Saint-Martin, in a department of metropolitan France or overseas, Be affected by this reform if they are deemed to have their fiscal domicile in Guadeloupe (non-residents "Less than five years").
In order to assess the threshold of 75%, income from Saint-Martin's sources is defined as income from real estate located in Saint-Martin and income from professional activities, whether employed or not, exercised in Saint-Martin, Including where such activities are carried out within the framework of the civil service of the State.

What is the general scope of these changes?

The non-residents concerned are treated as income tax purposes by persons domiciled in Saint-Martin; They nevertheless remain subject to a tax obligation limited to the taxation of their only income from St. Martin's sources.

What are the consequences of these changes on the amount of tax due?

The amount of income tax for the year 2014 (tax notices sent in September 2015) will not be affected by this reform.

For the taxation of income in 2015 and subsequent years (tax notices distributed in September 2016 for the taxation of 2015 income), the effects of this reform will depend on the situation of the households concerned (level and nature of their incomes, composition The existence of expenses deductible from the total income such as alimony, payment of expenses likely to open right to reduction of tax etc ...).

In particular, some non-residents are currently subject to a minimum tax at the 14,4% rate, which will cease to apply, while others, such as wages and salaries, may see their taxation reduced To a considerable extent in relation to the taxation which would have been theirs had they been taxed as residents.

The simulations show that some households may see their income tax contributions increase compared to the current situation.

The attention of the households concerned is called on the fact that this increase may be wholly or partly neutralized if they From 2015 Of the expenses eligible for one of the many tax reductions provided for by local tax regulations. These tax reductions, now open to non-residents drawing from Saint-Martin at least 75% of their income, are as follows:

- Reduction of tax on contributions paid to trade union organizations (CGISM, Article 199 quater C)
- Reduction of tax on tuition fees for children attending secondary or higher education (CGISM, article 199 quater F)
- Reduction of tax on certain investments made in Saint-Martin (local tax-exemption regime, CGISM, Article 199 undecies D and 199 undecies E)
- Reduction of tax on expenses related to dependency (CGISM, article 199 quindecies)
- Reduction of tax on the employment of an employee at home (CGISM, article 199 sexdecies)
- Reduction of tax on cash compensatory benefits paid in the event of divorce (CGISM, article 199 octodecies)
- Reduction of tax on donations (CGISM, article 200)
- Reduction of tax on certain capital expenditure for the main dwelling (CGISM, Articles 200 quater and 200 quater A)
- Tax reduction for early childhood care expenses (CGISM, Article 200 quater B)

On applicable tax regulations

Taxation of the community

Head of the cluster:
David Girardot Mail:
Odile Winner
Tel: 05 90 29 56 20

On your personal tax situation (simulations etc ...)
Saint-Martin Tax Service (State services)
Responsible: Horace Cantone, Divisional Public Finance Inspector

Tel: 05 90 87 63 22

2015-02-08 Town planning

Burning in the open Following the incident on Friday 6 February 2015 near the airport of Grand Case requiring the intervention of the firefighters, it is reminded to the population that the burning in open air of the garbage And green waste is strictly prohibited throughout the territory of the Community of Saint-Martin. (99-2013 Territorial Decree of 15 May 2014 + Circular of 18 Nov. 2011 relating to the prohibition of open burning of green waste).
The burning of green waste can cause neighborhood disturbances generated by smells and smoke, harmful to the environment and health, and may cause a fire to spread. More specifically, burning in the open air is a source of significant emissions of pollutants.
Landscaping companies and landscapers are also obliged to eliminate their green waste in ways that respect the environment and the regulations: by grinding on site, bringing waste to the ecosite of Grandes Cayes , Or by direct valuation. Under no circumstances should they be burned.
It should also be borne in mind that Article L. 541-21-1 of the Environmental Code obliges persons who produce a significant quantity of bio-waste to ensure their valorization, since 1XXXXXXXXXX, which excludes any disposal Of their green waste by burning.
In case of non-compliance with the provisions of the decree, the offenses duly noted by the sworn personnel of the Collectivité of Saint-Martin, by the territorial police or the gendarmerie, will be the object of a verbalization in accordance with the provisions of the R.610.5, 632-1, 635-8 and 644-2 of the Penal Code and Article L. 1311-1 of the Public Health Code.

2015-02-08 Culture, Youth & Sports
Information to parents

Siméone Trott Kindergarten The Collectivité de Saint-Martin informs all the parents of pupils whose children are enrolled in the Siméone Trott kindergarten that, in partnership with the Rector's services, it has been decided that Carnival vacations will be on Tuesday 10 February 2015 after class (usual schedules).
Thank you for taking note.

The Directorate of Education / Community of Saint-Martin

2015-02-03 Town planning

Embellish roundabouts
The Environment and Life Framework in partnership with the Sandy-Ground On the Move association will plant on the roundabouts of Marigot, starting on Tuesday 10 next February. The program will begin with the embellishment of the Agrément, Mini Club and Sea Front roundabouts, as the planters in the downtown area will also be reflowed. As part of its integration market with the Community, Sandy Ground On The Move will benefit from mandatory training in the market, which will be delivered by the training center Foreisles du Nord.
The planting program will then extend to the roundabouts of the cemetery and tourist office, Bellevue, Sandy Ground and St James, and all other areas of Saint Martin.
The Saint-Martin Community and Environment Department also informs the public that it proceeded on Thursday 05 February to clean the car park of the Marina Royale, with a view to the opening of the event " Les Jeudis de la Marina "and that a mowing of the aisles on the main roads is scheduled from the beginning of February on the territory.

2015-02-01 Culture, Youth & Sports
The Human Development Pole

Opening hours Saint Martin Community informs the public that the weekly opening hours of the Human Development Pole, located on the rue de la Liberté in Marigot (formerly the seaside school), have been modified as follows: from 8h to 15h, Monday to Friday.
The human development cluster can be consulted in the areas of vocational training, kindergarten and elementary school enrollment, school transportation, scholarship applications and any questions concerning associations.
The standard of the Community Human Development Pole can be reached at the 0590 29 59 24.

2015-01-28 Culture, Youth & Sports
Opening of applications for 2015 Jobs

From 02 February to 02 March 2015 Entries to the Employment-Vacancies positions of the Community of Saint Martin will be opened from 02 February to 02 March 2015. The Jobs-Holidays are exclusively reserved for young people from 17 to 23 years.

Registration documents are to be submitted to the Youth and Sports Department of the Human Development Center of the Community, located in the Annex Bord de Mer, in Marigot, at the following times: Monday to Wednesday between 10 hours and 13 hours.

Photocopies of documents to be provided:

- Banking Identity Statement (RIB) in the NAME OF THE POSTULANT
- Vital card or attestation in NAME OF POSTULANT
- Handwritten application letter
- 2014-2015 Education Certificate

(Places are limited, no incomplete files will be accepted.)

2015-01-25 Miscellaneous information
The latest decisions of the Executive Council

13 January 2015 The Executive Council of the Community of Saint Martin met on 13 January 2015, to decide on several deliberations emanating from the Human, Solidarity & Families, Sustainable Development and the Taxation cluster.
Financial support for athlete travel
Among the decisions relating to the Human Development Pole, the elected members of the Executive Board, numbering six, decided to grant financial support for the travel of athletes going to the French Open of Karate in Paris, the 1er February 2015. The Executive Board decided that the Collective would be responsible for the five round-trip tickets for Paris, which were addressed to the Poussins, Pupilles and Benjamins categories, represented by five young athletes (two boys and three girls) from Saint-Martin . A decision voted unanimously.
Support for moving a storyteller
The Executive Council has also decided to pay the expenses incurred in connection with the visit to Saint-Martin by the artist François Vermel. This storyteller was invited to Saint-Martin by the Médiathèque Territoriale, 22 next February, to perform two performances of the mini show "Les contes à croquer". The Collectivité will therefore pay for the artist's travel from Guadeloupe, as well as his stay (stamp, hotel and restaurant) on our territory. A vote was taken unanimously.
Community Financial Assistance to the Red Eye Crew Association
Also within the framework of the human development pole, the executive board voted to grant a grant to the association "SXM Artists". This association created a few years ago groups together several local artists and neighboring islands, including the local group Red Eye Crew, which created this association in order to have an administrative recognition. The band Red Eye Crew is planning a musical tour in France and Europe in February 2015 and has solicited the Community to obtain a subsidy to finance this trip. The Executive Council decided to grant a grant to this association for the promotion outside the territory of Saint-Martin musical culture.
The Community contributes to the funeral of Juliette Mingau
The Executive Council authorized the Community to contribute on behalf of the extra-legal aid to funeral expenses of Juliette Mingau, who died in Martinique on 04 January 2015. Juliette Mingau was very much appreciated in Saint-Martin for having largely worked in favor of Saint-Martin's culture and the young people of the island, notably through its association of traditional dancers Grain d'Or.
Land use: two negative opinions
Within the framework of decisions taken by the Sustainable Development Pole, the Executive Council decided to endorse the advice of the Planning Department relating to applications for land use or occupation. Two opinions were rendered inadmissible in the first case (Tennis Court: need to file a building permit) and unfavorable for the second (Warehouse: failure to comply with Articles 7, 8, 12).
Details of the Petroleum Tax Regulations
As part of the territorial tax regulations, the Executive Council has validated the rules applicable to the fueling of aircraft and ships, with regard to the taxation of consumption on petroleum products.
If the rate of the consumption tax on petroleum products applicable to the quantities of fuel entering the territory of the Community has been increased to 0.12centimes of ?? (By decision of Territorial Council No. 20-03-2014 dated 30 October 2014), the taxation of industrial diesel remained fixed at 0.23 ??, while the taxation of products intended for the refueling of aircraft, Boats or boats, benefits from a reduced rate of 0.065 ?? Per liter.
In order to facilitate tax control, the application of the reduced rate of 0.06 ?? Was subject to an obligation to issue a delivery order called "victualling voucher" for each victualling operation (set by regulation of the executive board).
It was therefore the Executive Council's task to lay down the implementing regulation for the implementation of the reduced rate of consumption tax on petroleum products. In general, any aircraft, ship or boat can be supplied with fuel taxed at the reduced rate of 0.06 ?? Per liter, provided that these fuels are actually used for the operational needs of the aircraft or vessel concerned.
In order to ensure a uniform application of this rule and to avoid possible misuse of the device, all operators must draw up a valid victualling voucher for each victualling operation. Voted unanimously.

2015-01-15 Miscellaneous information
E-Newsletter n ° 9- January 2015

The digital magazine of the Community of Saint-Martin Click here to read the e-Newsletter n ° 9: Community of St Martin e-newsletter n ° 9 - January 2015.pdf

2015-01-13 Culture, Youth & Sports
School Listings 2015-2016

Timetable The Collective informs parents that, in preparation for the 2015-2016 school year, students will be enrolled as follows:

1. Registration in kindergartens: All sectors combined.
From 12 January 2015 to 20 February 2015
- Children born in 2012 (PS) and 2013 (TPS)
- Children born in 2011 and 2010 (MS and GS - no schooling)

2. Registration for the Preparatory Course (CP): All Sectors combined.
Parents of children enrolled in GS will pick up from the 26 January 2015 the fact sheet which, duly completed, will be submitted to the 1er degree and school affairs board between February 9 and 13 March 2015.
3. From 1er June to 12 June 2015: nursery classes
- Request for Transfer: (reconciliation of siblings or of domicile)
4. From 15 June to 26 June 2015: Elementary Classes (CE1 to CM2)
- Application for registration: (newcomers or schooled elsewhere)
- Request for transfer: (reconciliation of siblings or of domicile)
Transfer requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be granted within the limit of available seats. The files will be analyzed in detail.

List of documents to be provided per child for any registration or transfer
The application can only be accepted if the application is complete.
- Photocopy of the family booklet or birth certificate (child)
- Photocopy of the vaccination record (pages 90 to 93)
- Photocopy of a proof of residence of less than 3 months (EDF, Waters, Telecom, other administrative documents, Notices of imposition or non-taxation 2013)
- Attestation of addressing (to be withdrawn at the Sustainable Development Department - Census and Addressing Service - former Hôpital)
- Photocopy of the parents' identity document,
- Photocopy of the judgment for the exercise of parental authority (in case of separation, divorce, ...) and the identity document of the ascendants or persons responsible under Article L131-5 of the Code education.
- Medical certificate of aptitude for life in school (children born in 2012 and 2013).
- Certificate of education or cancellation (in case of change of public or private school)

Registration certificates must be withdrawn from:
8 June 2015 for kindergartens and 22 June 2015 for elementary

Public Reception Schedule:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 8h30 to 15h00 and Wednesday and Friday from 8h30 to 14h00

2015-01-11 Economy
Wendel Cocks 2015

Nineteenth Vice-President of the COM

Voeux 2015

Madam Chairperson, Dear Colleagues, Members of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen, Hello! My turn has come to present my wishes for this new year, hopeful vows for the economy of our territory in 2015. First of all the new year brings us good news, with this record of the euro which at the beginning of the year has reached its lowest level since 2006, returning under the 1 $ 20. Decrease initiated for months, and which should continue in 2015. This return to a weaker euro is obviously favorable to our economy. In 2008, the euro had reached its highest level at about 1 $ 60 and has since held itself between 1 $ 30 and 1 $ 40. Consumption has naturally been carried over massively on the Dutch side, to the detriment of our traders. I am hopeful that things will gradually rebalance. The euro is now trading around 1 $ 10 in exchange offices.

Consumers have less interest now to change their salary and will return to spend their euros on the French side. This new situation will take a little more time to reach our tourists, we will together have to communicate to their attention on this rediscovered balance. But they too will come back more easily to consume with us when they realize that we have become again a "dollar-friendly" destination. The second good news for 2015 is the large 2014 projects that will be realized or finalized in 2015. I am referring, of course, to the development of Marigot Bay. This morning, I read in the press that boating is going well, good news for this particularly buoyant sector, which generates activity and direct and indirect employment.
The grouping around the firm Ricochin, awarded the AMO, is currently carrying out the specifications that should result in a finalized program of the 1er quarter 2015. Obviously followed by the necessary steps to launch a contracting procedure from the second quarter onwards 2015 for a period of approximately one year. I am also thinking of the development of downtown Marigot, parallel to Marigot Bay and in the same logic, the plan of revitalization has just been entrusted by mandate to the group led by the Semsamar. An initial phase of the state of Marigot has already started.
The development phase of the revitalization project is expected to be completed in the second semester of 2015. I am also thinking of the AW34 plot on the eastern bay, which will benefit from a general development being studied and which will be carried out at the end of the season. Start of work planned for early 2015 for delivery at the start of the season, before the 2015-2016 season. Finally, concerning the digital development, the Master Plan is under way with the help of the Tactis firm. This scheme will be completed at the end of the first quarter 2015. It will enable the Community, in conjunction with the operators, to launch funding applications for the deployment of very high-speed broadband to the support fund for the digital economy and the ERDF this year. All these projects are carried out in consultation with the population and professionals. Information and consultation will be accentuated throughout the year.

In terms of tourism, 2014 ended with the announcement of the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba. This long awaited news will necessarily impact tourism in the Caribbean in the years to come. We will have to take this new factor into account and orient our decisions accordingly. In line with the tourism budget guidelines presented in December 2014, 2015 is the year of the revision of the territorial planning and tourism development plan of Saint Martin in order to prepare the tourist future of the 5 next years. The preparation of this new programming for the 2015-2020 period will be the occasion for a consultation of the socio-professionals in the framework of the organization of the second Territorial Tourism Conference in order to take into account the expectations and ambitions of those Which contribute to make our territory a tourist territory. The tourism strategy, which can not be separated from the Marigot waterfront project and the downtown revitalization project, will also take into consideration the work undertaken in order to create a coherent and efficient development dynamic while at the same time serving Of these two projects by the definition of a trademark of territory. In the other economic sectors, the Community will have to update, according to a methodology similar to Tourism, the agricultural development plan (AGENA study commissioned by the CCISM in 2011) and launch the economic development plan (based on the " The KPMG study commissioned by the CCISM in 2013), and to validate the strategic choices in line with the Community's priorities in these areas.

In 2015, the Collectivity accompanied by new financial partnerships (ERDF, BPI in particular) will strengthen its actions to accompany the economic world. By participating more and better to the financing of companies: The community support system backed by the new PO 2014-2020 will complement the financing of projects in areas considered as priorities by the Community (tourism, agriculture, fisheries, ICT , Audiovisual production, etc.). The Community will continue to support micro-projects and will support the VSEs by helping to operate structures such as the St Martin Initiative or the new Federation of VSEs. The Community will also accompany the enterprises by means of conventional equipment grants but also through new aid such as advances repayable to serve as working capital. A new export aid fund delegated to the CCISM will also be implemented at the beginning of 2015 to accompany local companies wishing to export, the partnership agreement having been signed in December with the services of the State, the Inter- And UBIFRANCE in particular.

Finally, a new financial partner will be closely associated with the financing of the companies, namely the Public Investment Bank, which will be put to the effective service of Saint-Martin in 2015. In 2014, the Community has begun the reorganization of the services leading to the creation of a new directorate within the Economic Development Pole, namely the Directorate for Rural and Marine Development. Rural development will fall into 2 objectives: The first concerns the livestock sector. The slaughterhouse will actually start its activity in 2015. On the one hand, the aim is to optimize the profitability of the operation of the slaughterhouse thanks to the aid allowing the increase of livestock and the improvement of zootechnical performances. On the other hand, to enhance the carcasses leaving the slaughterhouse by cutting and organizing the marketing of meat products. This will eventually increase the income of the breeder. The diversification of agricultural activities, which, in addition to new training schemes and new aid for the establishment of farmers, is oriented towards the development of new activities such as the beekeeping sector.

The second objective concerns the development of marine resources. The objective for the 2015 year is to create the necessary and indispensable conditions for the development of fisheries. It is a question of implementing all the actions allowing the structuring of this sector. The first act is the strengthening of the representativeness of marine structures through the establishment of a fisheries committee. Follow-up of the creation of two landing points - the first located in Marigot and the second in the context of a project around the fish pond in Quartier d'Orléans - and a technical fishing zone. It should be noted that the majority of the above actions involve co-financing mainly from European funds (EAFRD and EMFF). The share of the lender may range from 50 to 85%.

In Conclusion, the Community is also committed at the end of the year in a strong action in favor of the competitiveness of our companies, facing the mechanisms favorable to the overseas departments, resulting from the pact of responsibility. Alternatives to the viable CICE are sought from the state so that our companies are treated fairly. My last words will be addressed directly to the economic actors to try modestly to give them hope in the future. 2014 will have been a year of launching actions and projects on our territory, 2015 will see the first important achievements in economic matters. With a favorable market conditions, you should start reaping the rewards of your perseverance. I wish you all a Happy New Year and prosperity.

Thank you, Wendel COCKS

2015-01-11 Town planning
Greetings 2015 by Guillaume Arnell

Speech of the 1er Vice-President of the COM Ceremony of the Vows 2015

Madame President,
Ladies and Gentlemen Vice Presidents,
Ladies and Gentlemen, Territorial Advisers,
Ladies and Gentlemen Deputy Directors-General, Directors and Heads of Service,
Mr President of the CESC,
Mr President of the CCISM,
Ladies and Gentlemen, community business leaders,
Ladies and Gentlemen, territorial officials,
Ladies and gentlemen, representatives of the print, audio and television press,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I am pleased to be able to for the second time, carry you with the executive gathered around the president, my vows for the new year.
Indeed, Madam President, you could, as so many others do, present the vows to the citizens and the civil servants alone, but you wanted to leave your vice-presidents a share of initiative,
That honors you and I thank you for that.

Ladies and gentlemen, the month of January is traditionally reserved for the formulation of vows
For the year that is opening, but it is also a privileged moment to take stock of the past year and present the prospects for the future.
But first of all, I would first of all like to give public testimony of all the pain I feel in view of the dramatic events that are shaking the national territory at the beginning of this year.
I wish to remind you that here too we are the Republic and the French nation we also belong, when the country is in danger, then we are all in danger.
So we have to be in communion both with those who suffer, who mourn the disappearance of a relative or a friend but in communion also and especially with those who struggle with the peril of their lives to To preserve our freedoms and our rights to the difference: at the moment, I think of the police and magistrates.
Thus, my first vows go to those who suffer, the sick, the excluded, the expatriates, the homeless, the unemployed, the excluded and form the vow they find at the beginning of Year of new reasons to hope, believe and strength, tenacity, envy and willingness to get out of it and that we, government, do not forget to include them and include them in their programs .
Allow me now as leader of the sustainable development and transport pole to revisit with you very quickly our flagship achievements of 2014 and to review the perspectives for 2015.

In terms of the environment and the environment
First of all, I want to salute the work of the entire team for the relentless fighting that is delivered on a daily basis for the preservation of a quality environment and for an improved living environment.
I must also pay tribute to the work of our partner companies.
Mowing and pruning of our roads are done regularly, the surroundings are made, the sorting selective increases in power and the collection of our waste produced.
However, this work is often not very visible because of the incivility of our populations, we must perhaps return to the good old methods of denunciation and especially of sanction.
All these efforts and financial resources can not be annihilated by the lack of civility of a few. 2015 will see us react faster and stronger, it can not be otherwise if we want to maintain our tourist destination and regain our lost market share, the effort must be generalized.
2015 will see the improvement of the selective sorting system, a generalized beautification program
Downtown, on our roads, at the entrance of the various neighborhoods and especially the restoration of the garden of the community.
And then how not to mention our desire to see the realization of a mobile waste disposal facility.

For transportation
I must confess that we must put the overdrive, because too many illegal immigrants, too many transports inside the city, too much frequentation by unauthorized transport to serve cross-border lines, failure to comply with regulatory stops and j 'on the way...
The installation of the bus station is a most incontestable but does not solve all the problems related to transport.
We will have to work more and better with the professional organizations of freight transport, passenger transport, taxi, but also with professionals from learning to driving.
On the subject of achievements, we need to mention the introduction of examinations for both the code and the conduct in the case of examiners and examination places, and I take this opportunity to salute the skills and the performances. from the company Computech that assists us in this matter.
The sites to open and / or to concretize in 2015 will relate to the following points:
- the issuance at the end of the month of the first permits issued locally
- the accentuation and finalization of license exchanges
- reflection on the urban transport plan
- the registration of vessels
In order to do so, I have to rely on renewed cooperation with our friends in the southern part of the Island, and I am very hopeful that the new Prime Minister of Sint Maarten will understand our common issues.
I want to be able to count on the full and entire availability of my workforce by whistling the end of the recess for some.
I want to be able to count on the effectiveness of our territorial police to carry out a number of these files.
The grouping of all the services in the sustainable development division must be able to allow me to be optimistic.
Major Risk Management
A dedicated and competent mission manager of the first two crises enabled us to test our efficiency and our responsiveness and will allow us to be even better armed and better trained in the management of major risks.
The year 2014 saw the acquisition of new means of satellite telephony and 2015 will see the pursuit of essential equipment and also the improvement of our DITRIM and a concretization hopefully of a harmonization of our alert processes and With the cross-border OP 2014-2020, for example, the acquisition of a radar to cover the shadow zone of hope, St Barth and of course the southern part of the island .

Spatial planning, urban planning and addressing
Very honestly, the worst is behind us, 2014 has seen the whole team re-mobilize, the quality of work has improved remarkably, our deadlines are now respected.
All this new dynamics allowed us to write, and vote our urban planning code which will be effective at 1er March 2015.
The continuation of the local plan of urban planning which will have to be finalized in 1er September 2015 and to do this we try to anticipate the few pitfalls which could be here and there on our road taking into account the grievances of the administered ones and by communicating via the community site and meeting the public and professionals.
The continuation and intensification of the regularization of the management and disposal of the 50 not geometric will be continued but it will also be necessary that the notifications already made are concluded financially
In any case we have agreed to a treatment of a hundred files both, this is the pace retained for the commission.
The management of the public domain is improving, new tariffs have been established and will have to be respected.
A systematic check of all permits will be carried out in order to compel the occupants to respect the authorized limits and freedom of movement.
A unique management structure is in place to better recover sums due to avoid the situations we are experiencing today.
Finally, we are in the final stages of negotiation for the acquisition of the trim grounds for the extension of the Grand Case track and for a number of other acquisition cases or we have asserted our right of pre-emption.
The arrival at the beginning of February of a deputy general manager, I am convinced, will further optimize our performance, perfect our modernization with new software to better meet the requirements of the world of urban planning, architecture And the environment.
To this recruitment will be added the hiring of a competence Saint-Martinoise for that which relates to the geographical information.
A reorganization will complete our actions with the establishment of an office, a cell or a land agency for better management of territorial heritage.

The Roads and Buildings
Much has been done at this level, but much remains to be done but we would need more money.
I shall merely enumerate a few enumerations:
- the realization of a campaign of asphalt for 1,5 Millions in 2014
- Concordia Road
- St. Louis Road
- the two streets of Shanty Town
- Nana Clark Street in Hameau du Pont
- Morne O'Reilly
- a portion of RN7
- the Oyster road lays in its initial part
- Victor Maurasse Street
- the installation of reflectors to improve the safety of the road of the Low lands
And in spite of this, a road network in poor condition, is to say how much the task is important vis-a-vis the weakness of the financial envelope.
In addition, the Galion road, the two works of art in Grand Case and three internal roads in Quartier d'Orléans were repaired.
The seismic comfort of Simeone TROTT, the staircase and the entry gantry of, high school.
The good execution of the work of the school district, leaving us optimistic for September 2015.
Complete reconstruction of our territorial council chamber.
But these achievements should not leave us with satisfaction but instead encourage us to go even further in our desire to equip this territory with quality infrastructures.
Thus 2015 will see the continuation of our action with the rehabilitation of the road of Colombier, that of Rambaud, Morne Valois and others.
The performance of our lighting needs to be revised, our vertical signs almost non-existent is to be put in place and the continuation of the security of our roads also.
But I would like to pay tribute to the work of the technical services and I will renew it on the occasion of my meeting with them scheduled at the end of the month I will not fail to congratulate them but also to let them know that I expect even more in terms of attendance , Punctuality, respect for the hierarchy and helpfulness.
As a vow, I want to borrow them from someone else as they suit what I expect from each one of you.
"I would like to ask each one of you more commitment than in the past and that 2015 is for each of us a year of Happiness, Peace, and that professionally, it enriches you to the measure of your expectations And your commitment "

Good Courage, Good Health and Very Happy 2015 year.

Guillaume Arnell

2015-01-11 Solidarity and Family
Greetings 2015 by Ramona Connor

Speech of the Nineteenth Vice-President of the COM

Ceremony of Greetings 2015 Good morning to all of you. First of all, allow me to greet you and especially thank you for your participation in this traditional ceremony of presenting the wishes of the community for the year 2015. It is a great moment for me, along with my elected colleagues, to report on my daily activities and the progress of the projects supported by our community. As Vice-President of the Solidarity and Families Pole for nearly three years, I have committed myself to defining the priorities in favor of all those who are vulnerable or vulnerable; Women, men and families affected by age, illness, disability, precariousness, unemployment, accidents of life ....

It is a privilege to work in the field of solidarity but also a very heavy burden in a complex international environment, a degraded national socio-economic context and a community whose financial difficulties represent both a straitjacket and a challenge . The needs of the population are legitimate and the expectations increasingly strong in our territory. The community must ensure territorial social cohesion by generating the necessary solidarities and ensuring that they are coordinated with the policies pursued by other actors (state, social welfare bodies, associations, etc.). It must also be combined with the other sectoral policies of education, integration, economy, culture, tourism and spatial planning ... with which it interacts in a logic of development sustainable. Cross-functional work represents, for me, a principle of action that can not be ignored, a source of innovation and optimization.

In this sense, we must be realistic, pragmatic and responsible and have the political courage to make decisions that are unpopular but inevitable if we are to guarantee the benefits for the poorest while at the same time allowing tomorrow's economic growth and employment. Our community spends the largest share of its budget on social spending like the RSA which it is no longer able to finance and which represents an unsustainable fiscal gap. A deliberation of the request for empowerment of the RSA was voted by the territorial council several months ago to adapt the device to the specificities of our territory. We are still waiting for an answer as the debt grows inexorably ....

My unwavering commitment is part of this crossroads of paths and requirements; The implementation of social policies on the different axes of the territorial scheme; Autonomy, childhood, social cohesion but also in prevention and health, optimizing spending, prioritizing actions in the light of today's and tomorrow's needs and rightfulness. If the crisis stimulates a natural generosity towards the poorest, it forces us to question social assistance and policies insofar as they influence opportunistic behavior on the part of some recipients. The preamble to the Constitution introduces the right to the individual and an obligation of society, but it also asserts the individual duties such as that of working to claim unemployment compensation. Situations of abuse exist in our territory, they are unacceptable and require reinforced controls which I do not wish to see as a risk of instilling distrust but as a means of strengthening the rights of those who need action public. A dedicated control team will be dedicated to this mission.

In the field of autonomy, the ambitious and structuring project of the medico-social center was finalized and sent to the ARS for its registration with the PRIAC and thus obtain the necessary funding for its realization. In total, it should represent a capacity of 139 places including 72 for the elderly and 99 for the disabled. Different establishments will offer a real life course: EHPAD with Alzheimer's reception and temporary reception, IME, MAS, Foyer of life, CAMPS ... This ambitious project will finally answer the needs of a population left too long in the confusion of a lack of Solutions for their loved ones. It will be ambitious in an innovative design to pool functional means and minimize operating costs. In home maintenance, the introduction of pre-financed checks will make the aid more effective. Awareness campaigns will be extended to families and caregivers and I invite you to take the 25 next March for a symposium on Alzheimer's disease. The Territorial Pensioners and Elderly Committee (COTERPA) will also be set up, so that our elders can be fully involved as resource and user players in the policies and actions that concern them.

As for the child and family axis, a restructuring of the child welfare system was initiated by the transfer of personnel from the former MDE branch to the 1E January. The aim is to strengthen the action taken in the care of children and families and to develop a genuine prevention policy by encouraging parenting activities in a space identified as such. By and for all concerned actors of the territory, it will have the ambition to raise awareness of educational responsibilities and to contribute to the accompaniment of families in their duties; Information meetings, group discussions, workshops, reparentalisation, mediation, .... In addition, and to illustrate this transversality desired by all the directorates, the Pôle Solidarité et Famille will pilot the axis of intrafamilial violence within the framework of the action plan of the CLSPD conducted with the state.

Interdepartmental Program for Handicaping and Loss of Autonomy The CRIP, an essential tool in the field of children at risk, has revealed in 2014 its effectiveness and its essential place in our childhood policy. Its action will be extended by an observatory for children in danger. Family planning will be reactivated to also respond, in the field of prevention, to the needs identified with young people and women. In the vast field of social cohesion, whose outlines remain determined by those of the other fields with which it is articulated in complementarity, the policy already mentioned in the field of RSA must be extended to actions instituting genuine territorial reform In terms of minimum income. An operational and legal audit was launched and finalized at the end of 2013, which advocated a range of measures that I defended with the two successive overseas ministers in 2014 and to which they respectively gave an interested and positive listening . Once the empowerment is given to us, the reform will have to be quickly reopened in order to adapt the system in its different meanings for the implementation of a policy of just justice with the services of the State, CAF and Pôle Emploi.

In terms of social inclusion, a partnership with ADIL was formalized in 2014 so that Saint-Martin's could be better informed and advised on housing and housing issues. A new housing assistance service will need to be put in place for modest homeowners to prevent and combat unsafe housing. Finally, and because prevention and access to health are intimately linked to social inequalities in health, and we are directly involved in medico-social action, this essential segment of public action in the Of the population was particularly invested in 2014 through the CLS (local health contract) and PLS (Plan Santé Jeunes).

In a reciprocal engagement with the ARS in response to a diagnosis made on the specific needs of the territory, the cluster will pilot the device on 3 components: -The implementation of screening measures for developmental disorders in children and Behavior in the elderly. -The implementation of the guidelines of the Youth Health Plan of Saint-Martin -The creation of a Medico-Social Pole The state will lead the 3 priorities that are:

-Nutrition and fight against overweight and obesity

-The prevention of human diseases transmitted by mosquitoes

-The establishment of a Local Council on Mental Health (CLSM)

The PSJ, will concern the 6-25 years, and will focus mainly on risk behaviors, the promotion of good eating habits, prevention of the suicidal crisis and the psychic suffering as well as the addictive practices ". It will include a series of measures to better protect the health of young people through 7 orientations:

- Access to rights with the project to create a Youth Health Area and reflection on the establishment of a "young passport"

-Nutrition and the fight against obesity and overweight,

- Sexual and maternal health,

- The addictive behaviors,

-Mental health,


- Immunization coverage.

Access to services is also a major challenge in the fight against inequalities and the satisfaction of users. The MSF of Sandy Ground will be moved in spaces more adapted to a quality reception and a permanence should be able to be held in Grand Case where the presence of the PSF is lacking. Finally, the Pôle Solidarité et Famille will be relocated to a new administrative center shared with Pôle Emploi; The agents currently dispersed for reasons of contingency will find working conditions more in line with their organization and for the satisfaction of the public.

Conclusion As you can see, in 2015 projects are numerous and significant in building solidarity based on shared values ​​and revisited in terms of inter-generationality, more readable family policy, support for parenthood, effective prevention , Home maintenance, accommodation, proximity, partnership and transversality. If social spending represents a massive collective effort, it must also be synonymous with productive investment for the benefit and future of all. I want to personally thank all those, partners, professionals, collaborators, local and institutional actors who are involved on a daily basis to build social citizenship without exclusion. I extend to the whole population and all of you my best wishes for happiness, health and prosperity for the 2015 year with a special emotional thought for those who are in pain.

2015-01-11 Culture, Youth & Sports
Greetings from Rosette Gumbs-Lake 2015

Speech of the 4th Vice-President of the COM Greeting ceremony 2015

Hello everyone.
As the Protocol has already been established, it is my pleasure and honor this morning to say a few words to you during this new year.
So I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very happy 2015 year. A year of health and peace.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all community and CTOS officers, not only for your daily work but for your dedication and drive.
President of CTOS and the elected representative for participatory democracy, which includes the neighborhood councils and the territorial youth council, this morning is a good time to review the main achievements of the 2014 year that have optimized The service as well as prospects for the 2015 year that will come I hope to strengthen this optimization.
The CTOS is composed of a central kitchen with a daily production of 4500 meals and groups 181 women and 43 men distributed in the 17 school restaurants: nursery and elementary schools as well as the College and the Lycée, also the management of four recipe authorities , The Per and Extra-school services and the annex to Marigot.

The year 2014 was marked by several major events:
1 - The implementation of peri and extra-curricular activities in the framework of the PEDT, in partnership with sports and cultural associations.
2- The opening of leisure centers during the Easter holidays, the month of July, and holidays of All Saints.
3- A very strong increase in the number of children enrolled in peri-school activities (from 300 at the beginning of the year to more than 1000 at the start of the 2014 / 2015 school year)
4- The declaration of our centers at the Directorate of Youth Sports and Social Cohesion, which allows us to claim financial assistance from the General Fund of Social Security.
5- The recruitment of a new chef de production at the Central Kitchen.
6- The regularization of the situation of agents made available to the community to the Territorial School Works Fund which simplifies career monitoring and personnel management.
7- The end of the first phase of the renovation of the satellites studied by the veterinary services so that they all meet the health standards in force.
8- The establishment of payment by credit card in the control rooms.
9- The building of the central kitchen has been connected to the fiber optic.
10- CTOS membership has a Social Works Committee (CNAS).
11- CTOS membership in Pole emploi.

Outlook 2015:
- The development of out-of-school and out-of-school services as a function of the increase in the number of students enrolled in activities, and a major purchase of equipment, especially sports equipment, to develop these activities and to facilitate access for all.
- Offer a reception service in the morning and extend the afternoon until 17h is part of the actions programmed in the Service Péri Scolaires.
- Follow the study and implementation of the satellite renovation program.
- Following the work of compliance of the building of the school Siméone Trott, it will serve as a "restau" witness with an acquisition of new materials.
- The 2015-2016 opening of the School City, which will lead to an increase in staff numbers or a redeployment of staff.
- Starting the use of our software "Salamander" current first quarter, with training and support, which will allow a fine analysis of costs.
- An open day at the Lycée's restaurant soon.
- Set up a menu committee and develop the activities of the Lycée et Collège school restaurant.

Neighborhood Councils:
I wish to extend my special wishes to the six Representatives of the District Councils for their constant implications in their respective neighborhoods.
Joint actions have been carried out such as PLU consultations, Blue Week, the fight against Breast Cancer, Mothers and Fathers Day and the mobilization of all participants following the cyclone Gonzalo.
I would like to thank you for your involvement in the development of your many cultural, economic and social projects, notably with the help of associations such as "Sandy-Ground On The Move", "Association for Hope & Music Development" , "Jeunesse Soualigua", "I Like My Neighborhood", etc. (To name a few).
Regarding the prospects for the 2015 year, in general, the points mentioned are the same for the majority of the neighborhood councils: a continuation of the projects carried out in 2014 but also the improvement of the planning of the territory for the " general interest.
- Public lighting.
- The removal of car carcasses.
- The regularization files of the "fifty geometric steps".
- The improvement of the environment.
- Rehabilitation of sports stadiums and platforms.
- Road rehabilitation and sanitation.
- Better care for young idlers. Etc.

The Territorial Youth Council:
The members of the Territorial Youth Council learned to invest in the community and to make themselves known and to exchange through the following various actions:
- Participation in the elaboration of the young health plan of the ARS.
- Participation in a TV show on youth health.
- Participation in ZUMFIT 2014.
- Several meetings with the "Youth Parliament" of the Dutch part.
- Participation in the organization of "Sport For All".
- Participation in the history of 14 July.
- Creation and realization of a play for the rights of the child.
All these actions allowed them to discover the functioning of the various organizations and institutions that make up society.
So I wish you a successful 2015 year.

Finally, I would like to extend to all the staff of COM and CTOS, all our partners and the population once again, all my best wishes for this new 2015 year.
I would also like to seize this opportunity to express my best wishes to the employees of the Collectivity and the CTOS, to our partners at large. I wish you much Health, Peace & Happiness for this New Year 2015.

I thank to de votre attention.

2015-01-06 Miscellaneous information
President Aline Hanson condemns attack on Charlie Hebdo

The words of President Aline Hanson after the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo. Following the tragic events that took place on 7 on 2015 in Paris at the headquarters of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, I would like to condemn this unprecedented attack against the press.
This barbarous act, which has left twelve dead and several wounded, must be taken with all the seriousness and pragmatism required of the French authorities, so that the perpetrators of these crimes may be put out of Freedom of opinion is no longer in danger, and that the French Republic is respected in its own territory.
The President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin, Aline Hanson

2014-12-09 Culture, Youth & Sports
The Territorial Archives are open to the public

Sign up now! The Territorial Archives of the Community of St. Martin officially opened their doors, on Monday 08 December 2014.
In order to celebrate the opening, the staff of the Territorial Archives organized a very beautiful exhibition entitled "My archives, archives and archives"; This presentation is open to the public from 8 December 2014 to 7 May 2015, Monday to Friday from 9h to 15h (free admission).
The annual registration in the Territorial Archives is required to obtain a reader card which will then allow you to consult the archival documents and work in the research room. Registration is made on site with the staff of the Archives during the opening hours: from 9h to 13h, from Monday to Friday (on presentation of an identity card).
The staff of the Territorial Archives of the Community of Saint-Martin awaits you numerous to make you discover the treasures of the archives of the territory of the Collectivity.

2014-12-08 Miscellaneous information
E-Newsletter n ° 8-December

The Digital Magazine of the Community of Saint-Martin Consult the 8 e-Newsletter by clicking on the link below:
e-newsletter December Community 2014.pdf

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