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2019-05-21 Land Use Planning and Urban Planning
Notice of works Drinking water: Sanitation in Grand Case

The Saint-Martin Water and Sanitation Authority (EEASM) is bringing to the attention of the population, and in particular users of the Grand Case road network, the start of work as of Monday 20 May 2019.

This first minor intervention is part of the necessary improvement of the sanitation system and the renewal of the drinking water supply network.

More intense works should start in September, in coordination with the development works of the Grand Case Boulevard initiated by the Collectivité and the operators.

Consisting of geotechnical reconnaissance, ongoing operations will run on 2 weeks and may generate minimal traffic disruptions that the EEASM apologizes for.

The EEASM thanks you for your patience and your civism for the benefit of the improvement of the water service and development of the territory.

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Vacuum Sanitation, Choosing Resilience for Saint Martin

The Water and Sanitation Institute of Saint-Martin (EEASM) is actively working on the rehabilitation of water and sanitation distribution networks with a constant concern for quality and sustainability adapted to the needs of the territory and to the requirements environmental.

In this sense, the EEASM has made the choice of vacuum sanitation to equip the urban area of ​​Grand Case, hitherto devoid of collective network.

Certified at the European level, the vacuum process has the merit of combining economic performance by controlling investment and operating costs, and respect for the environment (no pollution of groundwater, network self-cleaning, detection immediate malfunctions).

Following the consultation launched in February, tenders are currently being analyzed for an effective start of work in September 2019. The detailed planning of these will then be available and will be the object of a recurrent communication.

The EEASM will pay particular attention to ensuring that these are carried out in the strictest respect of both standards, quality and safety, and the population of the areas concerned.

2019-05-21 Social
Territorial Regulation of Social Aid

2019-05-20 Tourism
Tourism Council

President Daniel GIBBS brought together the Tourism Council, Tuesday 14 May 2019, at the Hotel de la Collectivité. This political body created after the hurricane Irma makes it possible to exchange on the tourist development of the territory and on the strategies implemented for the promotion of the destination.

The ambition of this 3ème Conseil was to reflect collegially on the creation of the Saint-Martin territory brand with the technical support of Atout France, France's tourism development agency.

The creation of a territorial mark, provided for by the territorial plan of development and tourist development of 2017-2027 reconstruction, has for first objective to make it possible to distinguish us from the competition by relying on the heritage assets of the territory and our values. The second objective is to create social bonds to revive a sense of belonging to a community by bringing citizens together around a shared identity.

The creation of the territory brand is a long process of work that requires a collective investment in the service of a tool that must be representative of the identity of the territory and understood by all. The brand will be followed by the development of a communication-marketing strategy of the destination and a strategy of animation of the territory that aims to make it live locally and shine internationally.

Press contact: Nathalie Longato-Rey

Tel: 0590 29 5660 / 0690 65 89 52 - Email:

2019-05-20 Associative life
Presentation meeting of CNBS to associations

The Community of Saint-Martin organizes a meeting of presentation of the National Center for the development of the sport (CNDS) to the attention of the sports associations, the monday 20 may to 17h30, room of deliberation at the Hotel of the Collectivité. Mr. Marc Fabre of the DJSCS will moderate the meeting.

Associations are invited to come numerous.

2019-05-10 Help / Steps / Services
CP SAUR Saint Martin

2019-05-10 Security and Prevention
Prevention message against the risk of burglaries

2019-05-07 Tribute
Tribute to Father Charles

2019-05-06 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR Saint-Martin: Water cutoff

2019-05-03 Security and Prevention

2019-05-02 Land Use Planning
Temporary closure of the Albéric Richards and Galisbay stadium parking lots for driving tests

As part of the organization of the events plateau, excluding circulation of motorcycle and truck driver licenses, it is ordered closure of the entire parking lot adjacent to the stadium Albéric Richards, rue Morne Rond, Sandy Ground Road according to the following dates:

From Thursday 02 May until Wednesday 22 May 2019 (without interruption), from 7 hours to 12 hours
From Tuesday 11 June until Wednesday 26 June 2019 (without interruption), from 7 hours to 12 hours

The reserved area of ​​the Galisbay car park will also be closed on the following dates:

On Thursday 23 may be 2019, from 7 hours to 13h30.
On Thursday 27 June 2019, from 7 hours to 13h30

Exceptionally, on the periods between 02 and 22 May 2019 on the one hand and between 11 and 25 June 219 on the other hand, the parking of the stadium Albéric Richards will be reserved for the preparation and training of candidates heavy truck and motorcycle licenses.

As such, traffic and parking will be prohibited in these areas on the days and times mentioned. All the prohibitions and closures mentioned above will be materialized by safety barriers and all other equipment provided for this purpose.

Any infringing vehicle will be verbalized and removed at the expense of its owner, in accordance with the regulations in force and the rates of the headland (Deliberation No. CE77-21-2014 08 July 2014). The territorial police is responsible for ensuring the execution of this order.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

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