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2014-12-04 Culture, Youth & Sports
A traditional Christmas

The "Pudding, Tart and Punch" Contest The Saint Martin Community and its Art & Culture service organize, on 23 December 10h to 20h, a traditional Christmas in the park of the Collectivity.
Like every year, the big contest "Pudding, Tart and Punch" will animate this day of celebration. A small Christmas market with the sale of cakes and local products will be offered to the public, not forgetting the traditional musical animation.

To reserve a stand or participate in the "Pudding, Tart & Punch" contest, please contact the Art & Culture department, in charge of Minerva Dormoy: 0690 88 90 97.

The Community is waiting for you to participate in this cultural event.

2014-12-02 Culture, Youth & Sports
The Territorial Archives of the Community of Saint-Martin

Official Opening The Territorial Archives of the Community of Saint-Martin officially open their doors on Monday 8 December 2014.
As part of the inauguration of the Territorial Archives, an inaugural exhibition of the Territorial Archives entitled "My archives, archives and archives" is proposed to the general public, from 08 December 2014 to 07 May 2015, free and open Monday To Friday from 9h to 15h.
Monday 08 december 2014 from 14h: exceptional guided tour (on invitation) of the spaces of conservation: 3 groups of 15 maximum people will be welcomed, with 15h, 16h and 17h.
The invitations are to be withdrawn by the public at the Territorial Archives, rue Jean-Luc Hamlet in Concordia, on Saturday 6 December between 10h and 13h.
Tuesday 09 December 2014 to 9h: Opening of the research room to the public.
In order to continue collecting and processing the archives to communicate them, the research room is open from Monday to Friday, from 9h to 13h.
The Archives of the Community of St. Martin invite you to come and discover the exhibition "My archives, archives, archives" and to take advantage of the activities set up as part of the inauguration day.

2014-12-02 Solidarity and Family

Obligations of the tenant in matters of insurance The obligation of insurance
The tenant of a dwelling is liable for the duration of the rental of the damages which it can cause to the building. In units subject to the provisions of the Act of 6 July 1989, that is to say an empty rented dwelling for residential use, whether it is social park or private park, the tenant is legally obliged to Insurance against the rental risks (art 7 law of the 6 July 1989).
Exempt from this obligation are seasonal rentals, official housing.
In the case of renting a rental insurance policy, it is not legally binding, but this obligation may result from the contract and the tenant must therefore subscribe.

What is insurance for rental risks
It covers damage to the building caused by fire, explosion or water damage.
It does not always cover damage to property including theft which will require the purchase of supplementary insurance.

What are the risks in the event of insurance default?
In case of absence of insurance, no damage will be compensated.
The lack of insurance can be sanctioned by the cancellation of the lease, that is to say its early cancellation, a month after the sending of a command to ensure remained unsuccessful.
The owner may require the delivery of an insurance certificate upon entering the premises and annually on the anniversary date of the lease.
New provision ALUR law (application suspended pending modification of the decree recoverable expenses):
If the certificate of insurance is not handed over and after a formal notice has not been given, the lessor may take out insurance on behalf of the tenant and recover it from the tenant.

Owner's insurance

The owner, whether he is an occupant or lessor, is not obliged to insure his accommodation, but he will then be responsible for compensation for any damage his property may cause.
The owner generally subscribes to a so-called "multi-residential insurance" which covers fire, explosion and theft damage.
The landlord (who rents out his property) can only insure a third-party liability, so he will be covered in the event of damage due to a construction defect or lack of maintenance.

Insurance in condominiums
Most condominium regulations require the condominium to make sure to guarantee the damage to the building and the civil liability of the union.
Since the ALUR Law it is now a legal obligation (art 9-1 new of the Law of 10 July 1965)
Group insurance covers only the common parts. However, it can also guarantee each co-owner for damages that have originated in his home and caused to third parties, neighbors (water damage ..) or potential tenants.
Attention, in the absence of personal insurance covering the damage caused to the units the co-owner will not be covered.

The guarantee "storm, hurricane, cyclone"
Insurance contracts that include a fire warranty automatically include a "storm" warranty.
In the case of this guarantee are covered not only the effects of wind, but also damage caused by rain.
Warning: Please check the conditions for putting into play the list of exclusions, as well as the amount of any deductibles set by the insurance contract.

The Natural Disaster Guarantee
Since the 13 July 1982 Act, all contracts covering damage to property necessarily include a guarantee against natural disasters (multi-hazard home, multi-risk commercial or business loss insurance, automobile insurance including a "damage" )
The definition of natural disaster is given by art 125-1 of the insurance code.
However, it is not the insurer that determines whether or not the damage results from a natural disaster, it is the public authorities that trigger the natural disaster procedure.

Setting game
The insurer's guarantee is triggered by the publication in the official gazette of an interministerial decree establishing the state of natural disaster for the event (s) and in the geographical area determined by the decree.

In order to be indemnified, the insured must declare the loss to the insurer as soon as he becomes aware of it and at the latest within ten days of the publication of the decree in the official gazette.
NB: The insured person can declare the loss before the publication of the order, it will avoid having to "monitor" the publication of the order and the risk of a late declaration that will not be taken account.
As soon as possible, the insurer must be provided with an estimate of the losses: any document may be taken into consideration (photo, purchase invoice, notarial deed)
The insurer must pay the indemnity within three months of the date of the presentation of the estimated loss, or if it is later than the date of publication of the order.

Contact: Pole Solidarity and Families -Direction Social Inclusion-Service Habitat-Logement
Tel: 0590 .876.192.

2014-12-02 Town planning
New drinking water pipeline

Cripple Gate-Morne Valois Sector The Saint-Martin Community and its Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM) are informing the public that work relating to the installation of a new drinking water pipe in the area of ​​Cripple Gate-Morne Valois, now continue at night. These delicate works carried out at night started on Wednesday 03 December 2014 for a duration of one week, until Wednesday 10 December 2014. Night work schedules are between 19h30 and 04 in the morning.
However, the workers will carry out the concreting of the trenches of the day and by point phases, with the obligation to put in place an alternating circulation.
President Aline Hanson and EEASM President Louis Fleming thank the public for their patience and demand that the signage put in place be respected for the safety of workers and road users.

2014-12-02 Miscellaneous information
Report of the Executive Board

- Allocation of Territorial Aid to the remuneration of future jobs at GRETA
The 25 January 2013, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin signed an agreement with the state in which it undertakes to assume the share of salary and related social charges not covered by the state, namely 25% of SMIC (Minimum Interprofessional Wage of Growth) of persons signing a contract employment of the future.
This support for employers in associations carrying out activities of a social, environmental or activities with a high potential for job creation is managed on behalf of the Community by the Services and Payment Agency ( ASP), Delegation of Guadeloupe. In order to respond to GRETA's request for the payment of 25% of the salary of two staff recruited under the forward employment contract, the Executive Board authorized the ASP to pay the Territorial Aid to the applicant knowing that These agents will benefit at the end of this system of a contract of employment of indefinite duration.

- Assignment of Individual Training Assistance (AIF) and Exceptional Help
The AIF allows jobseekers or employees in precarious situations with a professional project to undergo qualifying training in order to gain access to the labor market. For example, the 13 November 2014, on the advice of the Committee on Employment, Learning, Insertion and Vocational Training, decided to award an XIFX EUR and That 800 Exceptional Aid to Training for a global amount of 5 euros.

- User fees for Territorial Archives and royalties related to the use of archival documents
At the plenary session of the Executive Council on Tuesday 18 November 2014, the councilors set the fees for services to users of the Territorial Archives of Saint Martin, located in the Media Library building at Concordia, with a view to its opening to the public, The 8 next December.
As the use of the reproduction of archival documents is subject to a legislative and regulatory framework, as regards intellectual property and the re-use of public information, the tariffs defined in the executive council will be applied as soon as the Territorial Archives are opened.
These rates range from 30 cents for a simple black and white photocopy to 25 euros for the printing of an HD file, with a reduction of 50% for students and retirees (upon receipt). Tariffs have also been fixed for the editing of still images (book, CD-Rom, DVD, video and multimedia).

- Appointment of the alternate of the President of the Collectivité to the National Commission for the Evaluation of Overseas State Policies (CNEPEOM)
Considering the request of the Deputy Prefect of St Barthelemy and Saint Martin to designate the deputy of the President of the Territorial Council of Saint Martin at CNEPEOM, the Executive Council which met on 25 November 2014 decided to appoint Unanimity of the six councilors present the 2 Vice-President, Mrs. Ramona Connor.

- Procurement awards
Considering the need to install additional surveillance cameras in the territory of the Community of Saint-Martin and considering that the sum allocated to the signing of the contract was to be modified as a result of the increase in these additional establishments, Meeting on 25 November 2014, voted to deliberate the commitment of this public market previously validated by the tender commission, 13 November 2014. This is the addition of 16 cameras throughout the territory, as well as four cameras for reading license plates. With the replacement of radio links by fiber optics, the securing of data transmissions and the maintenance of this equipment, this public contract now stands at 4 281 357, 70 euros, entrusted to Getelec.
The Executive Board also authorized the President to sign the contract for a public contract, previously validated by the tender commission, 13 November 2014, on the award to the Cariburo company of Two lots of supplies of office furniture and supplies of school furniture.
Finally, the Executive Board authorized the President to sign the contract for a public contract previously validated by the tender commission on 14 November 2014, to award the contracting authority for the contract, Development of the Belle Plaine basin, the SAFEGE group and the Independant Consulting Engineers NV A water retention project carried out jointly between the two parts of the island financed by the European funds Interreg Caraïbes.

- Award of a grant to the association "Manteau de Saint-Martin"
The association Le Manteau de Saint-Martin's mission is to provide day care, accommodation, accompaniment, and social integration of people in great difficulty. It also manages the Emergency Hospitality and Reception Center (CAHU), created in 1998.
The association is experiencing structural financial difficulties and some rationalization measures have been implemented with a view to reducing costs, thus reducing expenditure items. In this difficult context, the Executive Council, meeting on 25 November, decided to grant a grant from the Collectivité to the Mantle de Saint-Martin, in order to help it carry out its charitable missions. This grant is in addition to the state's allocation.

- Vote of the agenda of the territorial council of 18 December 2014
At the 25 November 2014 Executive Council, the six councilors present voted on the agenda of the next Territorial Council, to be held on Thursday, December 18, and which was adopted as follows:

1- Adoption of the urban planning code of St Martin
2- Financial guarantee granted to SEMSAMAR
3- Decision modifying the 2014 budget
4 Update Depreciation Rates for 2015
5 - Review of the 2015 budget of the Tourist Office
6- Examination and vote of the original 2015 budget of the Community
Divers questions.

2014-11-27 Town planning
Drinking water system

Work is continuing at Cripple Gate The Saint Martin Community and its Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM) are informing the public that the work currently being carried out on the drinking water system between the Agrément roundabout and the intersection of Friars' Bay require day interventions.
This involves replacing the old central pipeline along the RN7 with a new pipeline. This part of the work could not be carried out at night because the workers needed maximum visibility of the underground networks to carry out the drilling to install the new pipeline.
These day jobs were scheduled Thursday 27 and Friday 28 November between 8h30 and 18h, resulting in an alternating traffic that greatly slowed traffic during peak hours.
The Community and the EEASM apologize for this inconvenience and recall that the replacement of pipes older than thirty years is more than necessary, as this work has never been done in the past.
The workers will be working again all weekend (29 and 30 November), knowing that a concrete phase to cover the new pipeline is planned between the 1er and 8 December, which punctuated the work in this sector.
The Saint-Martin Community and the EEASM are grateful to the public for their patience and demand that the signage put in place be respected until the end of the work, for the safety of workers and road users.

The President of the Territorial Council, Aline Hanson,
EEASM President Louis Fleming

2014-11-24 Town planning
The Community of Saint-Martin organizes a major consultation meeting

The Town Planning Code The Community of Saint-Martin is organizing a major consultation meeting before the finalization of the new Saint-Martin Urban Planning Code, to be held
on thursday 04 december 2014 at 18h30 at CCISM.

The meeting will be chaired by Mr. Guillaume ARNELL, senator of Saint-Martin, and 1er vice-president in charge of the Sustainable Development of the Community. Philippe BAFFERT, consultant in charge of drafting the new code, will outline the content of the new code, namely:
• Urban planning rules (littoral, 50 not geometric, Local Planning Plan)
Land policies (right of pre-emption, ??)
Urban planning (ZAC, subdivisions ??) Urban planning certificate, building permits Financial provisions (Participation, Territorial Development Tax ??) Litigation and penal sanctions.

Philippe BAFFERT will bring all the necessary clarifications to the understanding of this new document and the many domains which it covers in matter of town planning.
All the elected members of the Territorial Council are invited to this meeting, as well as professionals involved in urban planning law (architects, lawyers, builders, promoters, bailiffs ??), and the general public.
The Community of Saint-Martin is waiting for you, in order to make live this consultation and to take cognizance of the content of the Urbanism code of Saint-Martin, which will take effect at the beginning of 2015 and will define the urban planning rules of our territory for the coming years.

NOTE: The Draft of the new Urban Planning Code is available on the Internet site of the Community (

2014-11-23 Town planning
Waste treatment

Reminder to the population
Untimely deposits of garbage, bulky items or green waste left on the road deteriorate our living environment. However, the Community of Saint-Martin has set up a collection system 7 days on 7 for household waste, 6 times a week for bulky and 3 times a week for green waste.
The public is asked to respect the measures put in place in order to preserve the environment.
For household waste
Food waste, paper, newspapers, flyers, food bricks, dirty packaging, dishwashing, earthenware, porcelain, ampoules, oil bottles, small plastic or polystyrene packaging, disposable tableware, tin cans, flowers ??
Please drop off your containers at the roadside from 18 hours. Daily pickup from 18h00 to 23h00 (do not drop the bags on sidewalks).

For bulky items
Scrap, appliances, cartons, packaging, furniture, mattresses, ??
The total quantity must not exceed 1 m3 by removal and per accommodation.
Pick-up times:
Scrap, household appliances, Hi-fi, ?? Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 18h00 to 23h00
Cartons, plastics, packaging Sunday, Wednesday 18h00 to 23h00
Furniture, pallets, mattresses, large plastic toys Tuesday 18h00 to 23h00

For green waste
Branches, leaves, grass clippings, weeds
Deposit days and times: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday between 18h00 and 23h00.
All other waste, including waste from construction sites (Inert rubble and rubble: earth, concrete, tiles, ceramics, stones ... Scrap metal: springs, old scrap, etc.) must be deposited by you at the Galisbay or at the sorting center of Grandes Cayes in Cul de Sac.

For voluntary intakes of types glass - plastics - metal boxes
Glasses: bottles, jars, glass jars
Plastics: bottles of liquid food (water, milk, ??), bottles of cleaning products, hygiene products like shower gel, shampoo, small folded cartons, overpacks
Metal cans: tin cans, beverage cans, aluminum trays, aerosol cans, cans

To be placed in the columns located along the road:
- Green lid for glass
- Yellow lid for plastic and metal cans

For a protected environment, please respect the schedules, days and places of deposit established by the Community of Saint-Martin.

2014-11-19 Culture, Youth & Sports
The Youth Pro Forum

The Community of Saint-Martin mobilizes for its youth! The Forum Pro Jeunesse, 2e edition, is an important event in metropolitan France. It will take place in five major cities of France, Paris, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse, on Saturday 29 November 2014, with a declination in several overseas cities, including Saint-Martin. The young people of the island are invited to take advantage of the facilities linked to the Forum which will be set up at the polyvalent high school of the northern islands, the whole morning of Saturday 29 November.
The Forum Pro Jeunesse aims to promote the professional integration of young people from working-class neighborhoods and young people from overseas who are mobile in France. The idea of ​​the Forum is to provide a maximum of answers and opportunities in terms of employment, internships, work-study, housing at 16 / 30 years.

The Saint-Martin Community and its Paris branch have decided to associate themselves with this event: The Maison de Saint-Martin team will have its stand at the CIDJ in Paris, which is located at 101 Quai Branly, while l The Saint-Martin Youth Association Pel'Icarus will be present at the CRIJ in Lyon, 66 Charlemagne, in partnership with the Paris branch. The Polyvalent High School of the Northern Islands also helps, so that the young people of Saint Martin can enjoy the Forum.

Thus, Saturday November 29, videoconferences will be installed in high school, in two different forms:
- A public webcast on international opportunities and entrepreneurship
- A room available to young people who want to participate in the "web workshop" that will be held in Paris. Young people in Saint-Martin will have the opportunity to interact by asking questions to the worker.

It should be noted that the headmaster of the Lycée, Frantz Gumbs, will be present Saturday morning in his establishment to lead the young people.

The Community of Saint-Martin invites young Saint-Martin to participate in this Forum to go to the multi-purpose school of 9h 13h, Saturday 29 November 2014, to follow live information disseminated in the framework of the Forum and to provide information on the various sectors of the future, through interactive exchanges.

2014-11-17 Town planning
Work on the RN7 between Accreditation and Cripple Gate

Information for road users The Saint-Martin Community and its Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM) inform road users that due to work currently being carried out on the sewerage network between Concordia and Sandy Ground, Will be alternated at the entrance of Sandy Ground (towards the bridge), starting on Wednesday 19 November 2014, for a duration of four weeks. This major work involves the rehabilitation of the wastewater system to the Sandy Ground substation.
Traffic will also be alternated on the RN7 between Accreditation and Cripple Gate at the pace of road repairs as part of the installation of new drinking water pipelines in this area.
The Community of Saint-Martin would like to thank you for your understanding, since this work is needed to rehabilitate drinking water and wastewater systems for the well-being of all.

2014-11-11 Town planning
Consultation meeting on the Urban Planning Code

The 04 December 2014 The Community of Saint-Martin organizes a large consultation meeting before finalization of the new Code of Urbanism of Saint-Martin, to be held on Thursday 04 December 2014 18h30 at the CCISM.
The meeting will be chaired by Mr. Guillaume ARNELL, senator of Saint-Martin, and 1er vice-president in charge of the Sustainable Development of the Community. Philippe BAFFERT, consultant in charge of the drafting of the new code, will be present to explain the issues and to provide all the necessary clarifications for the understanding of this new document and the many areas it covers in urban planning.
All the elected members of the Territorial Council are invited to this meeting, as well as professionals involved in urban planning law (architects, lawyers, builders, promoters, bailiffs ??), and the general public.
The Community of Saint-Martin is waiting for you, in order to make live this consultation and to take cognizance of the content of the Urbanism code of Saint-Martin, which will take effect at the beginning of 2015 and will define the urban planning rules of our territory for the coming years.

NOTE: The Draft of the new Urban Planning Code is available on the Internet site of the Community (

2014-11-11 Miscellaneous information
E-Newsletter n ° 7- November 2014

The digital magazine of the Collectivité de Saint-Martin To consult the e-Newsletter n ° 7, please click on the following link: e-newsletter n ° 7 - november 2014.pdf

2014-10-29 Miscellaneous information
Exclusion of the system Tax Credit for Competitiveness and Employment

The Collectivité de Saint-Martin decides to refer the case to the Administrative Court The Executive Council, which met on 28 October 2014 to 15h, unanimously authorized the President Aline Hanson to refer the matter to the Council of State via the Administrative Court of Saint-Martin, in order to obtain answers to specific questions on the issue of the non-application in Saint-Martin of a specific scheme having equivalent effects to the Employment Tax Credits Tax Credit (CICE).
This referral appeared perfectly legitimate to the members of the Executive Board, since the State deprives the Community's enterprises of the benefit of a public policy which is nevertheless solely within its remit and places them in a very unfavorable competitive situation To companies established in neighboring departments. This referral will take place at the beginning of next week.
Indeed, introduced in 2012 by the government, the CICE is particularly advantageous for the French companies that benefit from it. Its rate will probably be increased for companies in the overseas departments, reaching 9% of the wage bill as of the 1XXXXXXXXXXX. It is important to emphasize that the objective of the CICE is to reduce the cost of labor, a cost on which the Collective really has no control whenever labor law and social law are the sole responsibility of the State . However, companies in Saint-Martin are deprived of it. While national tax provisions are not intended to apply to Saint-Martin, it is inappropriate that no provision having equivalent effect to the CICE is provided for and financed by the State.
What does the law say about this referral?
In accordance with the provisions of Article LO6352-14 of the General Code of Local and Regional Authorities:
The president of the territorial council may, after deliberation by the executive council, apply to the administrative tribunal for a request for an opinion on the interpretation of the statute of Saint-Martin or on the applicability in the community of a law or regulation .
In case of serious difficulty, the President of the Administrative Court may transmit this request to the Council of State.
Where the request for an opinion concerns the division of powers between the State and the community, it shall be examined by the Council of State and shall be transmitted without delay. The representative of the State shall be informed immediately.
The Executive Board therefore decided to make use of this possibility for the first time in order to clarify several points concerning the articulation between the competences vested in the Collectivity and those which remain the sole responsibility of the State.

2014-10-23 Major Hazards
Cyclone Gonzalo

Lifting of the ban on bathing
The results of the Institut Pasteur on water quality in Saint-Martin concluded that the ban on bathing was lifted. Here are the results per beach, click on the following link: levée interdiction baignade.pdf

2014-10-20 Town planning
The Saint-Martin Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM)

Works in Concordia
The Saint-Martin Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM) has just begun work on the sewerage network, rue Paul Mingau in Concordia. This involves rehabilitating Concordia's wastewater transfer to the Sandy Ground substation. This work began on Monday 20 October 2014, for a duration of three weeks approximately, the biggest of the site being realized during the school holidays.
On the other hand, the night work announced in the area of ​​Cripple Gate on the drinking water network will continue from Thursday 23 October 2014. In the meantime, the precast concrete is poured during the day. It began on Monday 20 October for a duration of four days. An alternating circulation has been put in place.
The Community of St. Martin and the EEASM thank you for your patience and understanding.

2014-10-19 Major Hazards

Prohibition of bathing
The President of the Territorial Council, Mrs. Aline Hanson, adopted a territorial decree on 16 October 2014 prohibiting bathing on all the coast of Saint Martin, following the passage of hurricane Gonzalo. In order to know the state of water quality, the Regional Health Agency is currently collecting samples from all the beaches of the Community. The bathing ban therefore remains applicable until the results of these tests confirm the good quality of our bathing waters. In anticipation of these analyzes, which are due to arrive this weekend, the Community asks you to respect these basic precautions after a hurricane.

2014-10-19 Miscellaneous information
E-Newsletter n ° 6

The Saint-Martin Collective Digital Magazine Click on the following hyperlink to consult the e-Newsletter n ° 6: e-newsletter n ° 6 - october 2014.pdf

2014-10-19 Major Hazards
Special Cyclone Gonzalo

Chronology of the organization of civil security
To read the Special on Cyclone Gonzalo click on the link below: special cyclone gonzalo.pdf

2014-10-19 Miscellaneous information
Information on accommodation

The Departmental Agency for Housing Information of Guadeloupe (ADIL) will hold a permanence: Monday 27 October 2014 from 9h to 13h and from 14h to 17h, to the direction of social inclusion, building SEMSAMAR, 2th floor, Fort Louis, 97150 Saint-Martin.
For complex situations requiring an in-depth analysis of the documents, it is advisable to make an appointment with the Solidarity & Families Division - Social Inclusion Department - at the 0590 87 61 92.

2014-10-16 Culture, Youth & Sports
The Collectivity organizes the Poets' Garden

Annual cultural activities As part of its annual cultural activities, the Community of Saint-Martin organizes the event "Garden of Poets", the 24 October 2014, from 19 hours to 22 hours in the Gardens of the Community in Marigot, in support of October Pink month, against breast cancer.
Saint-Martin authors will present their poems and essays on the theme "Tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month". The strength of the women will thus be honored through this evening whose color of predilection will be pink. Touching testimonies will be offered in the form of poems. The authors Dania Amacin, Léon Noël, Mélissa Fleming, but also the Gunslingers and beautiful artistic surprises await you in the Gardens of the Collectivity, Friday 24 October 2014 from 19h. The Arts & Cultures department of the Community is waiting for you!
The program :

19h: Musical Interlude "Steel Pan Melody" Break the chain.
19h15: Opening of the Ceremony and presentation of the program of the evening
19h20: Color me Alive with Melissa Fleming. Body Expression Rythm; John Legend Dancers; Peggy Dance Factory.
19h30: First session of poets
Refreshing break
20h30: Second session of poets.

2014-10-16 Miscellaneous information
Community Sports Facilities

The Community of Saint-Martin informs the population and the user associations of the Community's sports facilities that following the passage of Hurricane Gonzalo, a control will soon be carried out on all the sports facilities of the Community by a specialized company. This, in order to make a precise inventory of the state of the infrastructures.
In the meantime, Sandy Brook's Vanterpool and Albéric Richards stadiums can be used with caution by the public and associations, while the Orleans District Thelbert Carti Stadium (football field, athletics track, and field of play). Basket) is forbidden to the public and to user associations until further notice, because of the major damage caused by the cyclone.
The Community thanks you for your understanding and asks you to respect this safety instruction.

2014-10-14 Town planning
The eco-site and the waste disposal center

Opening hours Opening hours of the eco-site and the waste disposal center

The Collectivité informs you that in order to allow the tremendous quantities of waste arriving every hour to be treated in the context of post-cyclone cleaning, and to rationalize storage spaces on the Grandes Cayes eco-site, the latter will close its doors To 16h. It will be open until 12h on Saturday (closed on Sunday). Please dispose of your waste before the closing hours inside the site and do not spill on the roadside of Grandes Cayes.
Individuals can also deposit their waste at the Galisbay waste disposal facility, which is open every day from 10h to 18h (closed on Sundays).
The Collectivité deploys at the moment all its means to clean the public domain, it does not intervene, on the other hand, on the private domain.
The Community thanks its citizens for the collective cleaning effort initiated yesterday, and for compliance with these guidelines.

2014-10-09 Miscellaneous information
Report of the Executive Board of Tuesday 07 October 2014

The Executive Council of the Community of Saint Martin met in plenary session on Tuesday 07 October 2014 to 15h, under the presidency of Aline Hanson, President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin.
General Directorate of Services

1) - Complementary contract for project management assistance for the implementation of the Sea Front development project.
Considering the need to carry out technical studies through more in-depth calculations, to specify the cost of the Marigot Bay development project and the conditions of its profitability - on the grounds of additional services strictly necessary for the perfect completion of the initial contract - the Executive Council has decided, in accordance with the Code des Marches Publics, to proceed with a supplementary contract by negotiated procedure without prior publicity and without call for competition for the following additional services:
- Study of agitation
- Pre-sizing of the channel
- Pre-sizing the dike
- Pre-sizing of platforms and scenario alternative cruise
- Environmental background.
A contract awarded with the Ricochin Consulting group (mandataire) / Cabinet Landot & associates Selarl / Stratorial Finances / Sarl Tropisme and Egis Ports, for an amount of 142 760 euros.
The Executive Board has delegated signing of the undertakings of the said contract to President Aline Hanson.
Voted unanimously

2) - Contract of Mandate of Delegated Project Management for the realization of a study of revitalization of the sector of Marigot
Having regard to the consultation procedure launched by public notice of competition published in the 101 May 176976 27-2014 (also published in BOMP No. 101 and Pelican No. 2447), the Executive Board decided to endorse the decision of the tender commission to award the contract Contract of mandate delegated project management for the realization of a revitalization study of the Marigot sector. This contract was awarded to the Semsamar / Axo group / CCET / ETEC Tropisme / BC Conseils / CGIL for an annual amount of 217 190 euros.

Taxation Department
3) - Notice of a Free Recourse Presented in Respect of Income Tax
The Executive Council gave an unfavorable opinion regarding a gracious remedy from an official in Saint-Martin since the 1er May 2008. This graceful appeal within the meaning of Article 247 of the book of fiscal procedures of the Community of St Martin requires an opinion of the Executive Council, the final decision belonging to the tax administration, in accordance with the organic law.
In the context of a real estate purchase in the 2009 metropolitan area, the holder of the appeal benefited from a tax reduction on "Scellier" income. Since the acquisition by our Community of the source jurisdiction (in December 2010), the officials assigned to St Martin after the 15 July 2007 must declare their "world" income to the state, To the Collectivité, this double taxation being neutralized by the granting by the State of a specific tax credit.
This complex system has had mixed effects on taxpayers who have been in the country for less than five years. Thus the bearer of the appeal had to pay taxes to Saint-Martin (without possible reduction) whereas it would have been non-taxable by the state if the rules had not changed in 2010. However, it can not be considered that, in the sense of Article 247, the person concerned is in a "situation of annoyance or indigence" since the amount of the unfavorable financial impact referred to above is much lower The amount of the financial benefits resulting from its installation in Saint-Martin (40% increase, special allowance and installation allowance, which is equal for an installation in 2008, 16 month of the agent's basic index processing).
The Executive Board therefore decided to give an unfavorable opinion to this appeal.

Voted unanimously

Directorate of Legal Affairs and Litigation
4) - Opinion on the draft law authorizing the approval of the Franco-Lithuanian agreement on cooperation in the field of defense and security.

The Executive Council decided to give a favorable opinion to the adoption of the draft law authorizing the approval of the Agreement between the Government of the French Republic and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on cooperation in the field of Defense and security.
This agreement, which is in conformity with the Treaty of the European Union, seals the Franco-Lithuanian understanding as regards the interventions to be carried out on international theaters of operation. It also includes provisions for the exchange of training, training or expertise between civilian personnel working in the armed forces. Finally, it strengthens the modalities of police cooperation and exchange of information between the National Gendarmerie and the Public Security Service of Lithuania.
Voted unanimously

5) - Opinion on the draft decree relating to certain administrative sanctions in the field of civil aviation
This draft decree amends and simplifies the regulatory provisions for personnel responsible for recording failures committed by air transport operators and provides for new procedures for the imposition of administrative penalties by the Administrative Commission for Civil Aviation and the Minister for Development sustainable. The draft decree provides for the establishment of two administrative police regimes to enforce the technical safety rules, the operating rules of an aerodrome and the rights of passengers.
The Executive Council expressed a favorable opinion on this draft decree. It also decided to send a letter to the competent authorities in order to have a representation from Civil Aviation in Saint-Martin.

Voted unanimously

6) - Approval of the draft decree relating to exceptions to the application of the principle "silence equals agreement" (Article 21 Law 2000-321) concerning the right of citizens in their relations with administrations
Article 21 of the law of 12 April 2000 relative to the rights of the citizens in their relations with the administrations in its drafting resulting from the article 1er of the law of 12 November 2013, stipulates that the silence kept for more than two months by The administration of an application constitutes an agreement and provides that the application of that principle may be disregarded with regard to the subject-matter of the decision or for reasons of good administration. This decree specifies the list of procedures excluded from the application of the principle that the "silence of the administration is valid for agreement", such as work authorization, family reunification, acquisition of French nationality.
This text, which enters into force on 12 November 2014, extends in particular to applications relating to the code of entry and residence of aliens, the Civil Code, the Electoral Code, the Highway Code and the Internal Security Code.
The Executive Council has given a favorable opinion to this draft decree.
Voted unanimously

Pole Solidarity and Families
7) - Granting of grants to associations - Early childhood institutions
The Single Service Benefit (PSU) was introduced as part of the financing of the operation of childcare facilities, particularly nurseries, day-care centers and kindergartens. As part of the 2014 exercise, the "1.2.3 Soleil", "Club Dafy Swing" and "Les 3 Oursons" management associations are seeking financial assistance from the COM to carry out their educational projects. This is mainly funding for the operation of nurseries given the funding capped at 66% by CAF. Funding requested by the association "Mandarine" covers the assistance to the equipment in the framework of renewal of external material. The Executive Council endorsed the award of a grant to each of these structures. These expenses will be charged to the budget of the Collectivité.
Voted unanimously
Human Development
8) - Decree on the collection of contributions from continuing vocational training in Saint Martin
This decree sets out the criteria by which the bodies "approved joint collectors with professional competence" may be authorized to collect in the overseas departments including Saint-Martin. It provides in its provisions for authorization for authorization and control of collection. These new provisions preserve the specificities of the collection and management of vocational training contributions. There are now 48 organizations collecting contributions to vocational training companies. The law of 5 March 2014 modified the provisions of Article L6523-I by implementing a single contribution and enabling other organizations to set up. Thus, the draft decree will also aim to empower professional UCITS to provide quality services in the territories.
The Executive Council decided to approve the general framework of the collection authorization rules by the approved joint collecting bodies. The Council also proposed that the Regional Committee on Employment, Training and Vocational Guidance be consulted and give its opinion on the withdrawal or issuance of an accreditation before their adoption by the ministers responsible for training. professional and overseas. This proposal will require OPCAs to be present in the territory of Saint-Martin, which is not the case for all currently. The Council issued a favorable opinion on this draft decree.
Voted unanimously
Economic development center
9) - Aid to businesses - Island production (Caribb'in TV)
On 28, April 2011, the Executive Council granted the Island Production Company a start-up aid requested by the creation of Caribb'in TV, a new local television station authorized to broadcast on DTT. The Executive Board had granted a grant for three years. In 2014, the Island Production Company asked the Community to renew its grant which ended on 27 April 2014.
In addition, the CSA authorization for Caribb'in TV has expired this year and a call for applications has been launched on 2 July 2014 for its renewal; This call for candidature now distinguishing Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy. The Executive Board therefore considered it prudent today not to anticipate potential candidates until they are all known. To date, two candidates have made themselves known, knowing that only one will be retained for Saint-Martin.
In the light of these considerations, the Executive Board decided not to award a grant.
Voted unanimously

10) - Road Authorizations
The Executive Council analyzed fifty-four applications for itinerant sales authorization (set by an annual fee) on the public domain of the Collectivité. Thirty requests received a favorable opinion from the Evaluation Commission, for the majority of itinerant sales authorization renewals on the Marigot market. Eight received an unfavorable opinion, while 16 requests were adjourned. The Community has also taken measures to combat street selling under Articles 446-1 to 446-4 Criminal Code. It has also taken measures to expel five occupants from the Marigot market, citing the urgency of the situation with the President of the Administrative Court.
The Executive Board unanimously voted this deliberation.

Voted unanimously

11) - Approval of the agenda of the next Territorial Council
The next Territorial Council will take place on Thursday 30 October 2014.
1- Opinion of the DRFIP on the duration of the concession of the water production service
2- Collection of taxes - 2014 income tax schedule for the year and various tax measures
3- Fiscal Measures to Generate the Resources to Make 2015 Investments
4- Introduction of a flat tax levy on the sums received as active solidarity income.
5- Replacement of Territorial Advisor on SEMSAMAR Board of Directors

Voted unanimously

2014-10-06 Miscellaneous information
Report of the Executive Board of Tuesday 23 September 2014

The Executive Council of the Community of Saint-Martin met in plenary session on Tuesday 23 September 2014 to 15h, under the presidency of Aline Hanson, President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin.
Human Development

1) - Endowments to secondary schools for the 2014-2015 school year - 2015 budget
Within the framework of its competences, the Community has allocated the following sums for the 2014 accounting year:
- College Mont des Chords: 295 400 euros
- Soualiga College: 204 000 euros
- Collège Quartier d'Orléans: 180 123 euros
- Multipurpose High School of the North Islands: 889 600 euros.
That is an annual total of 1.582 million. These operating grants and specific grants have been validated by the Executive Board.
Voted unanimously

2) - Housing concessions granted to staff accommodated by absolute necessity of service and utility of service in public educational institutions
By virtue of the 14 article of the 863-663 law of the 22 July 1983, the Collectivity can allocate and maintain the housing concessions to the personnel performing certain functions. According to the provisions of the Education Code, the Collective may accommodate, by absolute necessity or utility of service, management, management or educational staff, depending on the size of the institution, as well as health and social workers. service.
On the basis of a system of calculation defined by law, the Executive Council decided to grant 5 housing for the college Mont des Accords, 5 for Soualiga College, 5 for the Quartier d'Orléans college, and 5 for the LPO des Islands of the North.
Five votes in favor, the President did not take part in the vote

Sustainable development center

3) - Review of Land Cover Applications
The Executive Council analyzed twelve requests for occupation of the public domain. Ten Temporary Occupation Authorization (TOP) applications received a favorable opinion, one of which was conditional. Two AOT applications received an unfavorable opinion because one was located on private land and the other had previously been allocated. The twelve requests concerned mainly authorizations or renewal of authorizations for beach restaurants, beach shops or the creation of floating pontoons. These AOTs are issued for a period of 1 to 5 years, renewable by decision of the Executive Council.

Voted unanimously

Directorate of Legal Affairs and Litigation
4) - Notice - Draft decree relating to the regulatory part of the expropriation code for reasons of public utility
The Executive Council decided on a national decree to amend the statutory part of the Code of Expropriation to take account of the amendment to the legislative part of the code. This decree repeals the obsolete provisions of the existing code and simplifies it.
The Council decided to give a favorable opinion to this draft decree.
Voted unanimously

2014-10-06 Miscellaneous information
Report of the Executive Board of Tuesday 16 September 2014

The Executive Council of the Community of Saint-Martin met in plenary session on Tuesday 16 September 2014 to 15h, under the presidency of Aline Hanson, President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin.

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