Press Releases

2016-04-04 Security and Prevention
Work on the RN7, zone of the Savannah,

The community of Saint-Martin will begin work on the RN05, zone of the Savane, starting on Tuesday 2016 April 7, 30h7, to secure pedestrians between the crossroads of the Robert Weinum school city and the Savane sports shelf . Thus, sidewalks will be built for the safety of students and users who walk on foot in this area.
The community of Saint-Martin asks road users to be vigilant during the work and thanks you for your understanding.

2016-03-22 Speeches, meetings / Agenda / Debates
Reaction President Aline Hanson ?? Brussels attacks

"Europe has once again been the target of terrorist attacks. This time it is the center of Brussels - and therefore the heart of the European Union - which has been affected, and we can only note with dismay the dramatic consequences of the murderous ideology conveyed by these terrorist organizations.
These attacks have a sad resonance with those perpetrated on the 13 November 2015 on French soil, which have all upset us. It is clearly our values, our freedoms, the very essence of our democracies that are being targeted, and we must fight this ideology relentlessly.
The Collectivité de Saint-Martin, represented by all the elected members of the Territorial Council and the entire population, joined the side of France in condemning these acts with the utmost firmness, and expressed its sympathy to the wounded, Families of the victims and the Belgian people as a whole.
The terrorist alert is at its maximum level in Europe, I have a thought for our fellow Saint-Martinis settled on the continent. I ask them to be vigilant.
To testify to the deep solidarity of Saint-Martin with Belgium, the Belgian flag will be illuminated on the Fort Louis, from this evening. This illumination will also be the symbol of unity and universal peace among peoples. "

Aline Hanson
President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin

2016-03-16 Town planning
VHU Campaign Launch at 1er April 2016

The Saint-Martin Community and Environment Department organizes a free carcass removal operation from 01 April 2016 to 31 July 2016.
A free pickup of all wrecks is indeed offered to all owners wanting to get rid of an end-of-life vehicle.
Beyond the 31 July 2016, this collection service will be paid and only the treatment will be taken care of by the Collectivity. The public will then be asked to bring their own vehicle to the VHU treatment center in Grandes Cayes. Take advantage of the opportunity!
The removal of carcasses carries out the development of our landscapes and makes it possible to effectively fight dengue, chikungunya and more recently zika viruses by destroying mosquito larvae.
If you wish to dispose of one or more vehicles, a telephone number is at your disposal: Direction of the environment and living environment / service life environment: 05 90 52 27 30 - Mrs. ISAAC Hélène.
Under no circumstances will kidnappings be carried out in private condominiums and garages.
The Community of Saint-Martin invites you to participate actively in this campaign of public utility.

2016-03-01 Town planning
Notice to car rental companies of Saint-Martin

The community informs vehicle rental companies that they are now invited to order their own parking discs in blue zone with the image of their company. They will be able to distribute them to their staff and clients. Vehicle rental companies were informed of this procedure by an individual letter from the Community.

To order their discs, they can directly contact the following supplier:
- email address
- Contact person's telephone number: Isabelle at 06 27 51 38 12

The discs ordered must however conform to the only approved model in force, from the 1er January 2012. This is indicated by a single window showing the time of arrival of the vehicle (see example below).

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks the rental companies for their involvement in the success of this car-sharing system in the city center, which aims to make parking and access to shops and services easier.

2016-03-01 Town planning
Census of the inhabitants of downtown Marigot

As part of a global reflection on the evolution of the regulation of parking in the blue zone, the Community of Saint-Martin asks the inhabitants of downtown Marigot, residing in the perimeter of the blue zone, to kindly To register with the territorial police, located at the Hôtel de la Collectivité, rue Victor Maurasse in Marigot.
The inhabitants concerned must present themselves at the reception desk of the territorial police, with proof of domicile of less than -3- months, the vehicle registration card and their identity document (the original and one Copy in 3 cases).

The results obtained at the end of the census will make it possible to examine the possible conditions for setting up a system specific to local residents. In the absence of any particular arrangement, residents of the downtown area are encouraged to make arrangements to park their vehicle outside the blue zone between 9H30 and 16H30.
The community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your cooperation.

2016-02-26 Town planning
Opening of the Kennedy-Holland road

Within the framework of the Local Council for the Safety and Prevention of Crime (CLSPD), the Committee on Regional Planning, Works, Urban Planning and Transport validated the reopening of the road junction between Rue de Holland and Kennedy Street, in Marigot.
By this decision, the Community of Saint-Martin wants to give back to this portion of the street its primary use and to make it easier to traffic in this busy area of ​​the city center, but also to avoid the congestion of parked vehicles and untimely gatherings On the edge of the causeway, for reasons of public safety and tranquility of the residents.
The opening of this section will be effective from the 1er March 2016, one way.
The community of Saint-Martin asks motorists to respect this new direction of traffic and thanks them for their collaboration.

2016-02-22 Culture, Youth & Sports
Exhibition media library

The Médiathèque Territoriale informs the public that it hosts 22 February 05 March 2016, an exhibition entitled "Blacks in Science". This exhibition is organized as part of the "Black History Month".

The public is invited to come and discover this exhibition proposed by the Médiathèque Territoriale, at the usual opening hours.
The media library is open on Monday and Tuesday from 14h to 19h, Wednesday from 9h to 19h, Thursday and Friday from 11h to 19h00 and Saturday from 9h to 13h.

(Médiathèque Territorial de Saint-Martin, Jean-Luc Hamlet Street, Concordia)

2016-02-22 Containers
Opening hours


During the month of March 2016, the waste collection center will be closed as follows:

THURSDAY 03 (Mid-Lent)

FRIDAY 25 (Good Friday)

MONDAY 28 (Easter Monday)

From Wednesday 23 March to Wednesday 30 March 2016: the waste disposal center will be open from 10h00 to 17h00 (closed on Saturday during this period).

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2016-02-12 Economy
Recruiting Army

The Army will be present in Saint-Martin, from Monday 15 to Thursday 18 February 2016, for a recruitment session. An information meeting is being held on Monday 15 February from 14h to 16h, in the premises of the Home, Information and Orientation (AIO) service of the Community, former school Evelyna Halley.

The Community of Saint-Martin is joining this recruitment and is waiting for you many to come and discover the Army trades and the positions to be filled.

For more information, please contact the AIO service at the 0590 27 94 82.

2016-01-22 Transport
Transportation and school registration

The Community recalls that, in application of the school transport regulations:

- Every student taking school transportation must be in possession of his ticket (transport card).
- From the 1er February 2016, a check will be carried out before the climb in the bus.
- Students who do not hold the ticket will not be able to benefit from the service
- Registration for school transport must be made at the Human Development Center - School Affairs Department. Contact: 0590.29.59.23.

The Community recalls that in terms of school enrollment

- Registration for children born in 2010, to go to the CP, as well as new registrations of children from CE1 to CM2, not attending the public, will take place from 02 to 19 February 2016, to the Human Development Pole - Department of School Affairs. Contact: 0590.29.59.23
- The list of documents to be provided is as follows:
- Family booklet or birth certificate,
- Health record, parents' identity document,
- Proof of residence (less than 3 months),
- Notice of imposition or non-taxation 2014,
- Certificate of education (for children out of school)

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

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