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2016-09-15 School transport
School Transportation Lines and timetables - school year 2016-2017

The Community of Saint-Martin informs the population that, as part of the September 2016 school year, school transport for students was organized according to the following itineraries:

In 2nd degree

CIRCUIT: Marigot (JL Vanterpool Stadium) - Hamlet of the Bridge Approval - Morne Valois - Friar's Bay - Cripple Gate - Colombier - Rambaud - Morne O'Reilly - Grand Case Savannah - Hope Estate.

1 LINE: Marigot College II SOUALIGA


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Go: 07H00 Return: 16H40
Wednesday Go: 07H00 Return: 12H40

CIRCUIT: Orient Bay - Mont Vernon 2 - Chevrise

2 LINE: East Bay Collège II SOUALIGA


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Go: 07H00 Return: 16H40
Wednesday Go: 07H00 Return: 12H40

CIRCUIT: Belle Plaine - Coralita Road - Oyster Pond - Avenue du lagon - Rue de la flibuste - Orient Bay - Cul de Sac - Grand Case - Morne O'Reilly - Rambaud Colombier - Friar's Bay - Morne Valois.

3 LINE: Beautiful Plaine College Mont des Accords (SEGPA)


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Go: 06H00 Return: 16H40
Wednesday Go: 06H00 Return: 12H40

CIRCUIT : Belle Plaine - Coralita Road - Oyster Pond - Avenue du lagon - Rue de la flibuste - Orient Bay - Cul de sac - Hope State - Grand Case Airport - Grand Case Bourg - The Savannah - Rambaud - Colombier - Friar's Bay - Morne Valois.

4 LINE: Belle Plaine Professional High School of Marigot


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Go: 06H00 Return: 17h10
Wednesday Go: 06H00 Return: 12H40

CIRCUIT : Beautiful Plain - Coralita Road - Oyster Pond - Avenue du lagon - Rue de la flibuste

Orient Bay - Cul de Sac - Hope Estate- Grand Case Airport

5 LINE: Belle Plaine Cité Scolaire Robert WEINUM


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Go: 06H00 Return: 17h10
Wednesday Go: 06H00 Return: 12H40

CIRCUIT : Spring (Marigot High School) - François Hunt Street - Nana Clark Street - Approval - Morne Valois - Friar's Bay - Cripple Gate - Colombier - Rambaud - Saint-Louis - Morne O'Reilly- La Savane

6 LINE : Spring Cité Scolaire Robert WEINUM


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Go: 06H00 Return: 17H10
Wednesday Go: 06H00 Return: 12H40


7 LINE: Baie Nettlé Cité Scolaire Robert WEINUM


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Go: 06H00 Return: 17H10
Wednesday Go: 06H00 Return: 12H40

In 1er degree


8 LINE: Primary Marigot


Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Go: 07H00 Return: 15H10
Wednesday Go: 07H00 Return: 11H10


9 LINE : Rambaud Elementary School Elie Gibs


Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Go: 07H30 Return: 15H10
Wednesday Go: 07h30 Return: 11H10


10 LINE: Chevrise Cul de Sac and Primary Elie Gibs


Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Go: 07H30 Return: 15H10
Wednesday Go: 07h30 Return: 11h10

2016-09-15 Territorial Archives
Territorial Archives - Climate Failure

Like the Médiathèque, the Territorial Archives suffer from a malfunction of the air conditioning system. The interventions carried out have shown the necessity of replacing a sensitive and high-tech defective part which is currently being manufactured. The general air-conditioning system has, moreover, shown regular failures; To find lasting solutions to these dysfunctions, the community decided to carry out a complete audit of the air conditioning system and the electrical system of the building.

Modification of Territorial Archives Mediation Activities

Until further notice, the conditions are not fulfilled for a good reception of the users during the conferences or workshops with the schoolchildren, these activities are deferred until the restoration of the air conditioning.

The Heritage Days (17 and 18 September 2016) in the Territorial Archives, where guided tours are offered to visit the archives and show exceptional documents entered during the year, are deferred and an event of this type will be organized later .

Opening of the research room: no change

The research room of the Territorial Archives remains open to the public at its usual schedules, from Monday to Friday from 9h to 13h.

The impact of air conditioning failure on the preservation of preserved archives lies in the access and communication of certain documents. In order to preserve the records of deterioration caused by climate change in shops (relative humidity and temperature), access to shops is prohibited in order to avoid sudden changes in storage conditions and to contain rising temperatures and The relative humidity in the air, factors of mold development, the consequences of which are irremediable on the legibility of the archives and the holding of the supports. Until further notice, only the registers of civil status are accessible to the communication. Genealogical research and birth certificates, for example, can be consulted in the research room of the Territorial Archives.

NB: It should be noted that there is no ideal temperature to respect. If standards have been laid down in recent years, it should also be borne in mind that these standards are reference standards with which to compose, in particular according to the chemical analysis of papers, inks, the external climate, pre-existing degradations of documents , Etc. These standards also apply to the northern European climate and hardly to the Caribbean climate. The relative humidity and the ideal storage temperature are therefore assessed with real expertise and archival professionals according to different criteria and by measuring the interactions between them (chemical in particular).

2016-09-15 Media library

The community of Saint-Martin informs the users of the multimedia library that, due to a general breakdown in the air-conditioning system, the opening hours have been set up until the completion of the repair work. A centerpiece of the central air conditioner must be replaced and manufactured outside the territory. The intervention period is set at 15 days.

In order to best meet the expectations of users in this particular context, the multimedia library is open to the public as follows:
- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9h to 13h
- Wednesday: 9h to 15h
- Closed on Mondays.

The community of Saint-Martin apologizes for this inconvenience and thanks you for your understanding.

2016-09-08 Land Use Planning and Urban Planning
Sidewalk construction in Quartier d ?? Orléans

The community of Saint-Martin informs the population that, starting on Monday 12 September 2016, it will proceed to the construction of sidewalks in the area of ​​neighborhood of Orléans, near the National 7, for the safety of the pedestrians.

The work area will be located between the intersection of the Coralita road and the Belle Plaine border crossing. The work will take place over a period of 4 weeks.

The community invites motorists to drive safely in the vicinity of the works and apologizes to local residents for the inconvenience caused by this public utility.

For further information, please contact the Roads and Buildings Department at the 0590 52 27 30.

2016-09-05 Town planning
Information campaign on the occupation of the public domain

The public domain consists of all "non-appropriable property": roads, sidewalks, squares, gardens, open or closed spaces for public use. As such, the private occupation of the public domain, on a temporary basis, is subject to prior authorization and must be the subject of a request to the services of the Collectivity. Violators of these rules are liable to a fine of the 5th class, described in article R 116 -2 of the Highway Code:
The penalties for fines of the fifth class will be fined:
1 ° Without authorization, have encroached on the public road domain or carried out an act which is likely to affect the integrity of this area or its dependencies, as well as that of works, installations, plantations established in the said domain ;
2 ° Have stolen materials stored on public roads and their dependencies for road purposes;
3 ° Without prior authorization and in a manner not conforming to the destination of the public road domain, have occupied all or part of this area or its dependencies or have made deposits there;
4 ° Have permitted or spilled or thrown on public roads substances likely to interfere with public health or safety or to inconvenience the public;
5 ° In the absence of authorization, trees or hedges shall be established or allowed to grow within two meters of the boundary of the public road domain;
6 ° Without prior authorization, have carried out work on the public road domain;
7 ° Without permission, have dug a subterranean under the public road domain.
For example, the amount of the fine for contraventions of the 5 class is 1500 € at most, which can be increased to 3000 € in the event of a repeat offense where the Regulation so provides.

2016-09-05 Transport
Recall parking area blue

The community of Saint-Martin reminds users that parking in downtown Marigot is governed by a blue zone, from Monday to Saturday from 8h to 18h. The purpose of the Blue Zone is to facilitate the rotation of vehicles and the sharing of parking spaces in the city center. The blue zone concerns the whole perimeter of the city center of Marigot and extends to the outsides of the city, on both sides of the Boulevard de France.

Panel P: The blue zone is indicated by a blue marking on the ground and by the installation of signs at the entrances and exits of the zone.

Handicapped or Reserved Places: Private parking spaces and reserved parking spaces (handicapped spaces, delivery areas, and places reserved for lenders) are not subject to the limited time parking of the blue zone.

Parking disks in the blue zone (1h30 permitted) are made available to the public at the Hôtel de la Collectivité in Marigot or at the territorial police station in Marigot and Grand Case.
The absence of a parking disk in the blue zone constitutes an offense punishable by a flat fine of 17 € and the removal of the vehicle by the prohibited parking pound. The territorial police are responsible for enforcing the current decree (No. 1034-2016).

Park on the outskirts of the Blue Zone

The car parks of Bellevue, Morne Rond (between Marigot and Sandy Ground) and Galisbay on the waterfront can be used by motorists to park their vehicle outside the blue zone. The Galisbay car park is served by a free shuttle bus between 7h and 19h, Monday to Friday.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your active participation in the success of this parking regulation system.


2016-08-31 Environment and Living Environment
Commissioning of Animal Pound, 12 to 27 September 2016

The Community of Saint-Martin informs the population that the next catch of stray dogs on the public road by the territorial pound will take place from Monday 12 to Tuesday 27 September 2016

All pet owners are asked to keep them tied up and monitor them even after the catch phase. For further information, please contact the Environment and Living Environment Department at 0590 52 27 30.

In the interest of all, the Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

Territorial decree 033-2014

The President of the Territorial Council, Aline Hanson, issued a decree (No. 033-2014) regulating the conditions of possession of pets and their movement on public roads.
This decree stipulates that it is forbidden to let the animals wander in the territory of the Collectivity. To avoid accidents, dogs must be kept on a leash, so-called dangerous dogs must be muzzled.

2016-08-31 Associative life
2017 grants to associations

Notice to associations,

The Human Development Division, Youth and Sports, Culture and Community Affairs Branch of the Community of St. Martin advises associations that grant applications for the year 2017 are to be withdrawn from the 1 on September 2016 and to be deposited before The 25 November 2016, with the service Vie associative, located in the seaside annex of the community, rue de la Liberté in Marigot.

Deadline for deposits: Friday 25 November 2016 to 12h00. Strict limit.

For more information, please contact the 0590 29 59 26 service.

2016-07-29 Transport
Urban buses: Reminder of transport conditions in downtown Marigot

By-laws 100-2009 and 105-2010 and 1054-2016 regulate the circulation of public transport vehicles to cross the city center of Marigot. They indicate the streets and traffic directions prohibited to passenger vehicles (not to be confused with tourist transports that have access to the whole territory, like taxis). The plan (attached) of Marigot's downtown clearly indicates the various possible routes.
The Community of Saint-Martin recalls here the instructions to be observed by the users and transporters in the matter of parking of the buses at the stops provided for this purpose.
A solemn reminder is given to the carriers and also to the users for the respect of the axis of the boulevard de France, which is the only authorized circuit to travel in direction of Sandy-Ground and Terres-Basses. People waiting for buses are called to wait in the bus shelters of the Boulevard de France, on the Front-de-Mer, and not at the corners of the streets of Liberty and President Kennedy, at the foot of the building Les Amandiers or in front Storefronts. The same applies at the corner of the Agrément roundabout and the Morne Valois road where stops and parking are prohibited. In the direction of Grand-Case, bus drivers and waiting passengers are invited to make use of the clearance (bus stop) before any roundabout.
For obvious rules of safety, it is imperative to use the bus stops and not to stop in the street and at every corner for the removal or loading of passengers. The adoption of civic and professional behavior by operators would contribute to a marked improvement in the flow of traffic in downtown Marigot and its surroundings and would avoid the traffic jams and constant discomfort caused to other motorists and road users .

Applicable regulations

In accordance with 518 of the Highway Code, bus drivers who operate public transit vehicles are required to stop at the stopping points for the removal and loading of passengers. This obligation is accompanied by a ban on stopping outside unauthorized stopping points. Carriers caught in violation will be prosecuted and arrested by the police.

The stopping points

Outside the space reserved for the Antoine GUMBS bus station, bus stops, with or without bus shelters, must be borrowed to remove and recover the passengers. Stop points are not parking areas. In the absence of passengers to drop off or retrieve, buses are not allowed to park in stops to wait for customers. This bad practice is very common at the bus stop of the Marina Royale, leaving Marigot.

The community of Saint-Martin invites bus drivers and their users to respect these safety instructions and thanks them for their understanding.

2016-07-19 Culture, Youth & Sports
Opening Concordia sports shelf

The community of Saint-Martin is pleased to inform the public of the reopening of the Concordia sports shelf, starting on Friday 22 July 2016.

Located on rue Jean-Luc Hamlet, near the Médiathèque Territoriale, this sports venue has been renovated as part of the campaign to restore the public sports infrastructure of the territory, undertaken by President Aline Hanson. The shelf has been completely redesigned by the Youth, Sports and Community Associations Directorate in order to provide the public with functional and adapted equipment.

The plateau consists of two mini-football fields, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a bowling green 6 playground. The infrastructure will be open to the public every day, from 8 hours to 20 hours. The public lighting will be installed at the beginning of September, to allow night use up to 22 hours.

The community of Saint-Martin invites the public to discover this new equipment, and to use these public facilities dedicated to the development of sport and relaxation.

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