Press Releases

2017-06-08 Land Use Planning
Free pickup of vehicle carcasses on public roads!

As part of the big campaign of cleaning of the island "Operation island clean: all solidary! , Launched by President Daniel Gibbs and his team, the weekends of 24 & 25 June and 1er and 02 July (7h to 13h), the community of Saint-Martin - Environment and Lifestyle Branch - proposes a free operation for the removal of carcasses from vehicles.
A free pickup of all wrecks is indeed offered to all owners wanting to get rid of an end-of-life vehicle. Removal of carcasses contributes to the development of our landscapes and makes it possible to fight effectively against the viruses transmitted by the mosquitoes, destroying the larval hovels.
If you need to dispose of one or more vehicles, a phone number is available: 05 90 52 27 30 - Environment Directorate and the living environment / living environment service. The community carries out free removal of vehicles that are no longer in use on the public domain.
This operation will continue beyond the 02 July 2017, enjoy!
The Community of Saint-Martin invites you to participate actively in this campaign of public utility.

2017-06-07 Jobs / Training / Reviews
The Army recruits in Saint-Martin!

The Army recruits from the 12 to the 16 June 2017, the community of Saint-Martin agrees to this recruitment.
A collective information meeting will take place on Monday 12 June 2017 to 10h30 at the AOI service - Home Information Orientation - Annex of the community of Saint-Martin, former school Evelyna Halley.
Interested young people can now pick up a candidature file for the AIO service from 8h00 to 15h, from Monday to Thursday.

Such. : 0590 27 94 81 or the 06 90 33 61 06.


2017-06-07 Culture
Sign up for the music festival!

The community of Saint-Martin invites musicians of the island and groups of artists to register with the Culture department, to participate in the festival of music, on Wednesday 21 June 2017.
Like everywhere in France, the community of Saint-Martin will put sound sites at the disposal of musicians in the different parts of the island, so that they can come to perform.
The musicians can play at their leisure, between 10 hours and 22 hours. In order to coordinate this musical event, the community invites amateur artists and musicians to contact the Culture Department located in the Marigot Border Community Annex, by joining the 05 90 29 59 18, or by Directly between 8 h and 15h, from Monday to Friday. A registration form will have to be filled out, while the selected sites will be communicated to you later.

2017-05-29 Schools
Weather: Schools

As a safety measure against the weather, the prefecture asks parents to keep their children at home as far as possible. However, schools remain open and school transport is in operation.

Below is the message of the prefecture:
"Monitoring of the meteorological phenomenon in progress: the schools are not closed, the school transport and the reception of pupils are insured. However, in order not to overload the road network, parents are asked, as far as possible, to keep their children at home for at least the morning, while waiting for the situation to evolve.

2017-05-17 Sport
Great sports performances at the International Meeting of Athletics of Saint-Martin!

Supported by the community of Saint-Martin, the 13 edition of the International Meeting of Athletics held all its promises, Saturday 13 May 2017, on the corridor of the Albéric Richards stadium of Sandy Ground.
Mrs. Valérie Damaseau, 1ère Vice-President in charge of Culture, Sport, Youth and Associative Life, opened the festivities with a welcome speech where she encouraged this type of initiative and recalled the measures Which will be launched by its majority in the coming months to promote sport in Saint Martin. The creation of a center of excellence through sport and a "Sport" window, which will be a point of information and support for sports associations, are among the flagship projects of the new mandate.
The association Speedy Plus, organizer of the event, can be satisfied, as the performances of the athletes on the various international events have broken some world records. It is indeed the case for the American Sharika Nelvis who achieved the best world time (12''59) on the 110m hedge feminine. Shahka Nelvis and his compatriots Jasmine Stowers (12''65) and Christiana Mannin (12''72) will be the winners of the tournament.
Among the other performances of the day, the 100m hurdles feminine, on which imposed the American Alexandra Anderson with a time of 11''26, followed by his compatriot Jasmine Todd with a time of 11''49 and of the Italian Gloria Hooper in 11''55.
In men, the hedges 100m was pulled a knife with the victory of Liberian Emmanuel Matadi, who won against the Americans in 10''19 Beejay Lee and Diondre Batson who realize 10''22 and 10''26 respectively . The men's race the long jump was won by the Cuban Juan Echevaria with a jump of 8m19, while in girls is Bianca Stuart of the Bahamas who placed first with a jump of 6m50.
The youth was not outdone since the morning was devoted to the school tests between St. Martin, Sint Maarten and Anguilla, followed by the Juniors in the early afternoon and the senior international events at the end of the day.
The community of Saint-Martin decided this year to dedicate a grant of 100 000 € to this international sporting event, a way to promote the territory through sport and to allow young athletes Saint-Martin and sports lovers to Have access to that quality of play.
The results of all the events of the 13e International Meeting of athletics of Saint-Martin can be consulted on the website of the league of athletics of Guadeloupe:

2017-05-15 Schools
Exceptional closure of the Evelina Halley school, Monday 15 May 2017

The Community of St. Martin informs the parents of the Evelina Halley kindergarten in Concordia that, for health reasons, the school will be exceptionally closed on Monday 15 May 2017, and will therefore not be able to accommodate children .
The community apologizes to parents for the inconvenience, and thanks them for their understanding. The class will resume at the usual schedules, Tuesday 16 May 2017.

Exceptional closure of the Evelina Halley school, Monday, May 15

The Collectivite of St. Martin. The School of Higher Education in the University of St. John's, New York.
The Collectivite apologizes to the parents for the inconvenience and thanks for their understanding. The class will reopen at the usual schedules, Tuesday May 16, 2017.

2017-05-15 Land Use Planning and Urban Planning
Bypass of Grand Case Boulevard: Community Launches Soil Studies

President Daniel GIBBES gave the go-ahead for the Community of Saint-Martin to start the 17 May 2017 studies to prepare the project to bypass the Boulevard de Grand Case. This project aims at reducing and decongesting the center of Grand-Case by creating a road and pedestrian road along the edge of the pond of the airport, on the outskirts of Grand-Case, connecting the RN7 to the new road .
The task of project management and the carrying out of regulatory environmental studies have been entrusted to the ARTELIA group (mandataire) -SCE-TROPISME.

Various studies will have to be carried out within the framework of this program, in particular the geotechnical studies on the site that will be carried out on 17 May 2017. The purpose of these studies is to determine the state of the soil in order to provide prescriptions on the construction principles (earthworks, supports, slopes and slopes, foundations, road bases). They will be made by mechanical shovel. The subcontractor for this work is "Antilles Geotechnique" with two rentals of excavator with driver:
• M. Didier Lake - EURL TTGCE
• M. Herbert Lake - SARL GCEE

This first phase concerns only feasibility studies, the start of the project will be the subject of a second phase which will be programmed later.

2017-05-15 Containers
Galisbay Warehouse Welcome: Exceptional modification of opening hours

The Galisbay-Bienvenue waste collection office informs users of the exceptional change in opening hours as follows:
From Monday 22 May to Saturday 03 June 2017: La Déchèterie will be open from 10h to 16 from Monday to Friday and from 10h to 14h on Saturday.
The waste disposal facility will be exceptionally closed to the public:
Thursday 25 May 2017: Ascension Day
Saturday 27 May 2017: Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery
Monday 05 June 2017: Feast of Pentecost

2017-05-10 Land Use Planning and Urban Planning
Cleaning up roadsides from 19 May 2017

As part of the cleaning and maintenance of public spaces, the Community of Saint-Martin informs the population that it will proceed to the mowing of roadside roads, from Friday 19 May until 16 June 2017 including two Saturdays (20 and 27 May) and two Sundays (21 and 28 May).

The Community apologizes in advance for the inconvenience this may cause to road users and thanks the public for their understanding.

2017-05-10 Containers
Reminder: Waste collection

The deposits of rubbish, bulky items and green waste left on the public road generate olfactory and visual nuisances for residents and tourists who visit our destination.
To precisely avoid these environmental problems, the community of Saint-Martin has set up a waste collection system:
-7 days on 7 for garbage
-5 times per week for bulky items
-3 times a week for green waste.
The Galisbay-Bienvenue waste disposal center is open to individuals every day, from 10h to 18h (except Sundays and public holidays).
The community invites craftsmen, traders and professionals to contribute to this scheme by evacuating their waste as soon as necessary, as required by the regulations.
Unauthorized depots of household waste, bulky waste and green waste are prohibited by law (Article L. 541-3 of the Environmental Code).
The Community of Saint Martin invites the population to respect the schedules, days and places of waste disposal and thanks everyone for their contribution to the respect of our common environment.

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