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2016-11-09 Feedback
Reaction of the President to the election of Donald Trump

"By winning the US presidential election, Donald Trump became the president of all Americans. It is a democratic choice. I congratulate the new president on his victory, and I wish him good luck in his new role.

Because of its geographical position, Saint-Martin has always had privileged relations with America. Historically, Saint-Martin has maintained cultural and family ties with the United States, many families are settled there, and part of our youth is studying there. We also have strong tourism links with this country, and we wish to see these cordial and fraternal relations continue. The new president also has a connection with Saint-Martin, because he owns property and must appreciate the many assets of our territory. "


President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin

2016-11-07 Land Use Planning and Urban Planning
Closure of Kennedy Street on the night of 08 at 09 November

Works on the water network

The Saint-Martin Water and Sanitation Establishment informs the public of the closure of Kennedy Street in downtown Marigot on Tuesday 08 November 2016 from 19 hours. The reopening of Kennedy Street will be effective on Wednesday 09 November 2016 at 6 hours of the morning.
The EEASM is obliged to close this section, because the work to be carried out is delicate. Indeed, unlisted cables have been discovered, in particular a high voltage line. It was therefore decided to finalize the installation of new pipes at night to make as soon as possible.
The portion of road located between the Tourist Office and the branch of the street of General de Gaulle is currently closed and will reopen on Thursday 10 November. The deviation will be done by the Sea Front.

The laying of pipelines and fiber optics on rue de la Liberté is now complete. The workers began to concretize the street, beginning with the stretch between Rue de la République and Rue Félix Eboué. In order to avoid deterioration of the infrastructure, this portion of the street will be reopened once the final coating (asphalt) is laid.

Aware of the inconvenience caused to traders and local residents, the EEASM is making every effort to keep its calendar and reopen road traffic, as planned on 30 November 2016.

Reminder: This work to rehabilitate the water and sanitation network was a necessity. Never taken into account so far, the lack of maintenance of the networks has made the pipes dilapidated leading to numerous leaks and a considerable loss of drinking water (close to 70%). Four months of work, carried out in the low tourist season, were planned to rehabilitate these networks once and for all, and to offer the population suitable facilities.

2016-11-03 Cemetery
Maintenance of public cemeteries

The community of Saint-Martin informs the public that the four public cemeteries of Marigot, Grand Case, Cul de Sac and Quartier d'Orléans have been cleaned for All Saints' Day. The cleaning of the cemeteries is carried out throughout the year in the context of an integration market. Through this initiative, the community ensures that the common parts of the cemeteries of the territory are regularly maintained.
The burials are the property of the families, their maintenance is at their charge. The community invites families to arrange for regular cleaning and maintenance of graves and vaults. The waste must be deposited in the containers provided for this purpose at the sites.

The community of Saint-Martin thanks the population for its civic contribution to the good maintenance of the cemeteries.

2016-10-21 Solidarity and Family
Works at the Solidarity House and Sandy-Ground family

The community of Saint-Martin informs the public of the exceptional closure for works of the House of Solidarity (MSF) of Sandy Ground, from 21 October to 24 November 2016.
Maternal and child care consultations will be temporarily transferred to the MSF of Concordia.
For further information, please contact the 0590 87 93 22.
The community of Saint-Martin apologizes for the inconvenience caused by these works of public utility.

2016-10-21 Land Use Planning and Urban Planning
Work on the RN7

As part of the roadworks on the Grand-Case-Marigot axis, the Saint Martin Community will carry out work to secure the RN7 / chemin de Colombier intersection.

This work concerns the extension of the RN7 to the right of this crossroads, and the creation of islands in the crossroads.
The work will extend over a period of 2 months from Monday 24 October 2016. They are financed by the Community in the amount of 297 811.00 €.

The community of Saint-Martin apologizes in advance for the inconvenience and thanks the users for their understanding.

2016-10-21 Containers
Welcome to All Saints' Day

During the month of NOVEMBER 2016,
The Déchèterie will be closed as follows:

* TuesdayI 01 November

* Wednesday 02 November

* Friday 11 November

Thank you for your understanding!


2016-10-19 Waste Management
Notice to Merchants and Residents of Liberté and Kennedy Streets

The community of Saint-Martin is asking the merchants and residents of the rue de la Liberté, which is currently closed for work, to place their household waste in the bins outside the working areas. As long as household garbage collectors are unable to access areas under construction, the cooperation of residents of the sector will be greatly appreciated.
It should be noted that Kennedy Street is also affected by this work and that the residents and traders of this axis are also solicited.
The community of Saint-Martin thanks the merchants and residents for their contribution and apologizes for the inconvenience caused by these works of public utility.

2016-10-19 Help / Steps / Services
National Identity Card: Anticipate your steps.

At this beginning of school year do not wait to ask for your national identity card
Anticipate your efforts to limit waiting times!
In order to prevent the influx of requests from giving rise to significant delays at the time of the examinations, the prefecture of Saint-Barthélémy and Saint-Martin invites French schoolchildren to take measures now:
- verifying the expiry dates of their National Identity Card (NIC) and passport;
It should be noted that the national identity card acquired 5 additional years of validity as long as it was issued to a person of age before the 1er January 2014.
- by having them renewed now, if necessary from the vital statistics office of the community in which you live
- by applying for a national identity card
The title is free.
For more information, go to the home page of the site of the Prefecture of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin.

2016-10-18 Various urban planning
The Code Workshop

On the occasion of the 4th edition of the European Code Week, from 15 to 23 October 2016, the code workshop is organizing a workshop on computer programming.
Within the framework of the CodeWeek, The association L'atelier du code is organizing a workshop on computer programming on 22 October 2016 from 9h to 13h, at La Médiathèque Territoriale de Saint-Martin. Open to all, children (from 8 years), young people, adults, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs will be able to learn the code with a playful and participative approach.
Attention, places are limited (several sessions), free registration:

The association The code workshop Aims to promote the learning of the code and show that anyone, whatever its age, can learn the basics of

Europe Code Week Is a grassroots initiative which aims to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way.

2016-10-17 Schools
Sandy Ground Schools Reopen Wednesday 19 October

Sandy Ground Schools Reopen Wednesday 19 October

The Community of Saint Martin informs the parents of students of the schools Aline HANSON and Jérôme BEAUPERE of Sandy Ground that the resumption of the courses in these two schools will be effective on Wednesday 19 October 2016, at the usual class schedules.

The community apologizes to the parents for the inconvenience caused by this exceptional closure and thanks them for their understanding.

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