Press Releases

2017-05-05 Jobs / Training / Reviews
Air Force, gendarmerie and RSMA recruit in Saint-Martin

The RSMA and the Air Force are recruiting from the 09 to the 12 May 2017 for the RSMA, and 09 to the 11 May 2017, for the Air Force.
Information meetings on the Armed Forces trades will be open to the public as follows:
The RSMA: 09 May from 10h30 to 12h00 in the premises of the AIO service - Home Information Orientation - Annex of the community of Saint-Martin, former school Evelyna Halley.
The gendarmerie: the 9 May from 14h to 15h00 to the service AIO -
The Air Force: 9 May from 15h to 16h30 to AIO Service -
Interested young people are invited to come and ask for information. For further information, please contact the AIO service at the 0590 27 94 82.

2017-04-26 Elections
The Elections Office has changed its address

The Community of Saint-Martin informs its citizens that the Elections Office formerly located in the Annex of the Community's Seaside has been transferred to the annex of the former school Evelyna Halley (behind the bus station) in Marigot .
From now on, citizens wishing to carry out registration formalities or in search of any information relating to the elections, will have to go to the new address.
The Office of Elections is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 hours to 15 hours and can be reached at 0590 29 59 20.

2017-04-26 Land Use Planning and Urban Planning
Plantations of shrubs near the RN7 at Hope Estate

The community of Saint-Martin informs the population that it will proceed this week and for a duration of 15 days, planting palm trees and shrubs, on the approaches of RN7, in the zone of Hope Estate.
These plantations are initiated as part of the beautification work of the priority areas supervised by the Environment and Community Living Branch.
The community of Saint-Martin apologizes in advance for the inconvenience caused to the road users.

2017-04-26 Help / Steps / Services
Information note to the population: yellow fever vaccination

2017-04-25 Culture
CLT Community Partner on Fish Day!

President Daniel Gibbes signed on Monday 24 April 2017, the annual partnership agreement between the community of Saint-Martin and the Caribbean Liquors & Tobacco (CLT), historical sponsor of the FISH DAY.
It is in 2009 that this public-private partnership has come into being, it is now renewed every year, enabling the community to be financially accompanied in organizing this event offered to the population. Mr. Georges Gréaux Jr, director of CLT, wishes to participate in the promotion of the fish festival, a must-attend event that draws on a single day, near 8000 visitors.
Together with President Gibbes, Mr. Thierry Gombs, DGA of the Human Development Center and Mr. Alex Dollin of the Culture Department of the community, who oversee the implementation of this popular festival.
The community of Saint-Martin invites you to share the Fish Day celebration, Sunday 07 May 2017, from 10h to 22h, in the bay of Cul de Sac.

2017-04-25 Your Elected
Duties of the President's delegations to his / her elected representatives

By Territorial Decree No. 008-2017, President Daniel GIBBES has delegated the function and signature to Ms Valérie DAMASEAU, 1ère Vice-President, to conduct public policies in the following areas:
-Culture and animation
-Youth and Sports
-Community life
-Country Councils

By Territorial Decree No. 009-2017, President Daniel GIBBES has delegated the function and signature to Mr. Yawo NYUIADZI, 2e Vice-President, to lead public policies in the following areas:
-Study and statistics

By Territorial Decree No. 010-2017, President Daniel GIBBES has delegated the function and signature to Mrs. Annick PETRUS, 3e Vice-President, to conduct public policies in the following areas:

By Territorial Decree No. 011-2017, President Daniel GIBBES has delegated the function and signature to Mr. Steven PATRICK, 4e Vice-President, to lead public policies in the following areas:
-Sustainable development
-Agency of land and development

By Territorial Decree No. 012-2017, President Daniel GIBBES has delegated the position and signature to Mrs. Marie-Dominique RAMPHORT, Territorial Councilor, to carry out public policies in the following areas:
-Finance and finances
-Administration and Finance

By administrative order no. 013-2017, President Daniel GIBBES delegated the office and signature to Maud ASCENT-GIBS, territorial councilor, to sign all regulatory and financial acts relating to the Territorial Fund for School Works (CTOS).

2017-04-17 Elections
1er election round presidential: Saint-Martin vote on Saturday 22 april

The Community of Saint-Martin informs its citizens of the opening of 19 polling stations, Saturday 22 April 2017, for the 1th round of the presidential election. The polling stations will be open from 8 hours to 19 hours. The voters of the West Indies-Guyana vote 24 hours before the metropolis so that their votes are counted.
Voters are asked to present themselves with their voter's card and their identity document in the polling station of their residential area. If you are not in possession of your voter's card, you can still vote on presentation of your ID, the only condition is that you must be registered on the voters list.

Location of 19 polling stations
Office No. 1
: Hotel of the community in Marigot.
Offices No. 2 - No. 3 - No. 14 - No. 15: Elementary school Nina DUVERLY, rue de Hollande in Marigot
Offices n ° 4 - n ° 5 - n ° 16: Elementary School Hervé WILLIAMS, rue de Spring in Concordia
Offices n ° 6 - n ° 7: Aline HANSON Elementary School, main road to Sandy Ground
Offices n ° 8 - n ° 9: Cité Scolaire Robert WEINUM, road to La Savane
Offices n ° 10 - n ° 17: Elementary school Elie GIBS, school street in Grand Case
Office No. 11: Ghislaine ROGERS kindergarten, school street in Grand Case
Offices 12 No. 18 : Eliane CLARKE Preschool, Red Fill Street, Orleans District
Offices n ° 13 - n ° 19: Elementary School Omer ARRONDELL, rue de Coralita in Quartier d'Orléans.

The zoning of polling stations

Voters domiciled in downtown Marigot - Marina Royale - Mervotent front in office no. 1: Hôtel de la Collectivity, rue de la Mairie in Marigot.
Voters domiciled in Bellevue - St James - Holland Street - Galisbay - Hamlet of the Bridge - Accreditation - Morne Valois vote in the offices No. 2 / 3 / 14 / 15: School Nina DUVERLY, rue de Hollande in Marigot.
Voters domiciled at Concordia - Spring will vote in offices # 4 / 5 / 16: École Hervé WILLIAMS, rue de Spring, Concordia.
Voters domiciled at Sandy Ground - Baie Nettlé - Terres-Basses vote in offices # 6 / 7: Aline HANSON school, main road at Sandy Ground.
Voters domiciled at Cripple Gate - Friar 's Bay - Colombier - Rambaud - Morne O'Reilly - La Savanevotent in offices no. 8 / 9: Robert WEINUM school campus, Savane road.
Voters domiciled at Cul de Sac - Anse Marcel - Mont Vernon vote in offices no. 10 / 17: Elie GIBS school, rue des Ecoles in Grand Case.
Electors domiciled at Grand Case Center - Petite Plage - Espérance - Deviation vote in office no. 11: Ghislaine School ROGERS, rue des Ecoles in Grand Case.
Voters domiciled at East Bay - West RN7 to the Belle Plaine border vote in offices no. 12 / 18: Ecole Eliane CLARKE, rue Red Fill in Quartier d'Orléans.
Voters domiciled in Spring Orléans - Oyster Pond - East RN7 to the Belle Plaine border vote in offices # 13 / 19: Omer ARRONDELL school, rue Coralita in Quartier d'Orléans.
When you arrive at your voting place, you will be guided to your polling station (distribution of voters in alphabetical order).

2017-04-12 Speeches, meetings / Agenda / Debates
Executive Board 12-04-17

The Executive Council of the community of Saint-Martin meets weekly to deliberate on the day-to-day affairs of the Community. Meeting in plenary, on Wednesday 12 April 2017, the Board deliberated on 10 items on the agenda.

In point number 1, The 6 advisers present (Steven Patrick was excused) gave a favorable opinion to the draft decree on civil status and various provisions of civil procedure.
As part of the modernization of Justice Act of 21e century called J21 published in the Official Gazette on November 19 2016, this decree carries certain changes to the management of civil status consisting of several structural reforms to strengthen the objectives of Public service of justice and to simplify the daily life of citizens. These reforms will allow the judge to refocus on his primary mission: to settle disputes. This order consists of 61 articles having been the subject of prior consultation of all the professionals and actors of Justice, as well as the contribution of parliamentarians.

In point number 2, Following the invitation to tender issued for the topographical surveys of operations relating to the community of Saint-Martin, the Executive Council unanimously approved the decision of the To allocate various works of multi-attribute roads to the following companies:
Lot n ° 1: Road works - district n ° 1 and district n ° 2:
Company Soualiga Workers
Company Sogetra
Omega Construction Company
Lot n ° 2: Road works District n ° 3 and district n ° 4:
Company Soualiga Workers
Company Sogetra
Omega Construction Company
Lot n ° 3: Road works - district n ° 5 and district n ° 6:
Company Soualiga Workers
Company Sogetra
Company Dormoy Lewis
Lot No 4: Horizontal signaling work
Company Rugoway
Company Sogetra
Company Utek TP
Lot No 5: Asphalt works
Company Sogetra
Company Sign & Light
Company Dormoy Lewis
By delegation, President Daniel Gibbes will sign the deeds of the said public contract.

In point number 3, The Executive Board unanimously voted to implement a supplementary contract for the rehabilitation of the Vanterpool stadium in Marigot. These services concern the replacement of bleachers, the realization of the bleachers' coverage, the caretaker's lodging, for an amount of 461178.73 €. The mandated company is GTM Guadeloupe.

At point No. 4, The Territorial Council unanimously voted Amendment No 1 to the Vanterpool Stadium Rehabilitation Contract. This amendment takes into account the creation of additional storage boxes, equipment works, in particular the covering of the existing locker rooms, the work of connecting to the storm water and the work on the fence wall. This addendum to the initial contract amounts to 160737 € bringing the new amount of this public contract to 2146294 €.

In point number 5, The Executive Board unanimously voted to implement public contracts for the collection and transport of green waste on the territory of the community for a period of 36 months.
Lot 1 - Collection and transport of green waste from the eastern area of ​​Terres-Basses to Morne Valois - has been awarded to the company "Uranie Transport et Nettoyage" for an annual amount of 84000 €.
Lot 2 - Collection and transport of green waste from the West zone of Morne Valois to Oyster-Pond - has been awarded to Philips Rosemond for an annual amount of 107124 €; These contracts are paid by a monthly flat rate and their good execution regularly controlled by the Direction of the Environment and the Framework of life.

In point number 6, The Executive Board authorized the implementation of the public contract for the cleaning of garbage bins and their surroundings (20 meters around the premises) for a period of 36 months (unanimous vote of the members). The company "Uranie Transport et Nettoyage" is awarded this public contract, for an annual amount of 84000 €.

In point number 7, The Executive Board expressed its support for the draft Ordinance on movable and immovable property classified and registered as historic monuments. Considering that this draft ordinance is an effort to simplify and harmonize criteria and regimes for the protection of buildings and furniture as historic monuments, as well as an effort to clarify the drafting of Book VI Of the Code du Patrimoine to ensure cohesion and reinforcement of public action in these areas (including the territory of the Collectivité de Saint-Martin), the Executive Board expressed its support for this draft (unanimous vote) .

In point number 8, The Executive Board voted (5 votes for and 1 abstention) to modify the space rental prices on the Fish Day event, whose 2017 edition will be held on 07 May. The community of Saint-Martin, which organizes the annual fish day to celebrate local fishermen and traditions, offers 3mX3m stands for the day. To meet the security, logistical and technical requirements, the community decided to limit the number of stands to 35 and to take charge of the installation of tents to shelter them. This service offers additional comfort for users, but also a more uniform visibility of the village of Fish Day. The price of the rental of the stand is now set at 200 € for the day.

At point No. 9, The councilors examined applications for land use or occupation. For example, the Planning Department's advice on applications for planning permission and development permits was unanimously followed. On the 9 files submitted for approval, 6 received a favorable notice of construction, in accordance with the Urban Planning Code.

In point number 10, The Executive Board gave a favorable opinion (unanimous vote) to the draft national decree on the annual revaluation of 0.3% of solidarity income (SOS), allocated to unemployed persons over 55 years.

2017-04-12 Environment and Living Environment
2017 Waste Collection-Easter

The Collectivité of Saint-Martin informs the population that dumps to collect the waste of the paschal weekend will be installed on the beaches of Galion and Grandes Cayes, from Thursday 13 April 2017, eve of the Pascal weekend, and until 'On Tuesday 18 April 2017.

The Collectivité also organizes a free distribution of garbage bags for campers. This distribution will be done jointly, on Thursday 13 April 2017, by the agents of the company of insertion EME and the agents of the Community of Saint-Martin. They will be on the ground, especially in Galion and Grandes Cayes, to educate campers respect for the beach and the instructions of cleanliness to observe before leaving his place of picnic.

The Collectivity calls for the citizenship of all, so that the beaches Saint-Martin are respected. Please pick up your waste before leaving your camps.

In the interest of all, the Community of St. Martin is counting on you!

2017-04-10 Town planning
1e Phase works development street of Spring - April 17

Launch of the 1 phase of the development of the rue de Spring - Concordia
The community of Saint-Martin will start, on Tuesday, 11, April 2017, a phase of work on a portion of the rue de Spring, located between the intersection of Holland Street and the intersection of Paul Mingau Street.
The project will involve the first phase of work during the Easter holidays (10 at 23 April 2017), to demolish the wall of the Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium in Marigot to widen the adjoining sidewalk . The objective of this layout is to move back the enclosure wall to widen the pavement and secure pedestrians. This development will be finalized during another phase of work authorized by the community, between Monday 31 July and 31 Thursday August 2017, during the school holidays. The amount of operations entrusted to the prime contractor ETEC is 440286,50 €.
During the Easter holidays, the portion of Spring Street affected by the works will be closed to traffic (except residents). The traffic diversion will be by the street Concordia and St. Paul Mingau (cf. attached map).
The community of Saint-Martin apologizes in advance for the inconvenience caused by these works of public utility and thanks the users for their understanding.

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