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2019-03-15 Home, Information and Referral
Opening hours of the labor inspectorate

2019-03-15 Sport
Friendly sports meetings at the Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium

On the occasion of the commemoration of the XNUMth anniversary of the Concordia Treaty, on Saturday 371 Mars 23, the community of Saint-Martin and its Youth and Sports Department organize two sports meetings under the sports hall of the Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium in Marigot , from 2019 hours.

Two sports disciplines are concerned:

Basketball at 14h00: Senior Male French Side vs Senior Male Dutch Side
Volleyball at 15h00: Senior Female French Side vs Senior Female Dutch Side

The Community invites the public to attend these two games and celebrate the Concordia Treaty.

2019-03-14 Associative life
The La Couronne association invites you to talk about your retirement

2019-02-27 Information / Administration
Exceptional closure Mardi Gras Bridge 2019

The Community of Saint-Martin informs the public of the exceptional closure of public services, during the Carnival celebrations. Public services will be closed on Monday 04 March, Tuesday 05 March (Mardi Gras) and Wednesday 06 March (Ash Wednesday).

The reception of the public will be done at the usual times (8h to 15h) as of Thursday 07 March 2019.

2019-02-21 Information / Administration
Field study to improve the service of water

SAUR Saint Martin is launching a listening campaign for users of water and sanitation services to gather information from users and optimize the water service in Saint-Martin.

14 listening agentsSAUR, with badge and letter of accreditation, are deployed in different neighborhoods of the island for four to five months and go out to meet citizens and businesses to learn about the operation of the service of the water in the houses. Administrators are invited to answer the questions of the agents of listening on their own use of the water, that they are connected to the mains water or connected to a tank of recovery of rainwater. People connected to the drinking water system will be asked to submit a water bill to enable the listening agents to complete the sheet used for this study.

This field study conducted by SAUR Saint Martin will allow the new delegate to better understand its customers to better meet its expectations. It will also enable the Saint Martin Water and Sanitation Authority (EEASM) to better identify areas with a connection or supply problem and areas requiring an extension of the existing network.

In the long term, it is for the community, the EEASM and their service provider SAUR Saint-Martin to improve the service of distribution of drinking water in Saint-Martin and to begin the work necessary to dimension the networks.


For all contact: SAUR - ST MARTIN,

5 rue Léopold Mingau

Concordia - Marigot

Tel: 05 90 87 97 03.

2019-02-18 Security and Prevention
The Community sets up the first psychotechnical tests for drivers in Saint Martin

In July 2018, on a favorable opinion of the Territorial Commission of Road Safety, the Community of Saint-Martin granted an approval for the organization and the animation of courses of awareness to the road safety. Thanks to the actions carried out by the road safety awareness center CSSR Esclapez Sécurité Routière Interventions (ESRI), the Saint-Martin Collectivité now has on its territory courses necessary for the management of drivers' files, such as:

Psychotechnical tests for drivers in breach, suspension or cancellation of driving license
Drivers' points recovery courses for drivers registered in the National Register and with a national driver's license (pink)
Sessions of initial and continuous training in the medical control of drivers for general practitioners wishing to participate medical commissions
Various road safety awareness courses

As such, the 1er session of psychotechnical tests will be organized from the 18 February 2019, in the presence of an approved psychologist. The drivers concerned are asked to contact the territorial service of STTC driving licenses, which is located in the community's annex (former school of the Bord-de-Mer), in order to retrieve their convocation. A dozen candidates are expected during this first test session held in the premises of the EVANYA social driving school, at the 1 floor of the Guillaume Llobregat building in Concordia.

Warning: To be able to take the psychotechnical tests, the drivers must be in possession of the summons of the STTC of the Collectivité, in charge of the management of the driving records and the issue of the driving licenses.

Note: in addition to the medical examination resulting from the medical check of the driving aptitude, the psychotechnical examination is made obligatory in case of application for a driving license, after cancellation or invalidation or after an involuntary attack on the integrity of a person with total incapacity for work. The conclusions of the psychotechnical test complete the medical examination carried out with a medical doctor and make it possible to enlighten the opinion of the medical commission or the designated medical doctor. The drivers are invited to go to this compulsory psychotechnical control, in accordance with the summons delivered by the territorial service of STTC driving titles of the Collectivité de Saint-Martin.

2019-02-18 Health / Social / Housing
Vaccination campaign at MSF Orleans District

2019-02-18 Land Use Planning
Avis to taxiters, tour operators, car rental companies

As part of the 2019 carnival festivities, the Saint-Martin community informs all users of the Marigot Seafront about temporary changes to parking spaces during the Carnival period, from 25 to 06 March 2019, according to the following terms:

- all areas reserved for taxis (with the exception of the ferry terminal line),

- all areas reserved for tourist buses,

- the whole area of ​​the taxi station

- all spaces of parking of the shuttles vehicles of the Renters of cars of the Sea Front

The use of these sites will be exclusively reserved for the events of the association "Carnival Festivities of Saint-Martin" (FCDSM) from Friday 25 February 2019 to 18h00 until Wednesday 06 Mars 2019.

In addition, the parking areas of Dr. Hubert Petit Boulevard at the front and rear of the PAF's former offices will be reserved exclusively for FDCSM festivities, which are therefore prohibited to car rental companies and all other vehicle during this period from 14h00.

Thus, the Sea Front Car Rental companies are invited to make any useful provision to the parking of their shuttle vehicles outside this area.

Taxis prohibited from parking at the usual taxi stand, maintain the use of the Taxi queue parallel to the traffic lane of the ferry terminal.

Tourist buses prohibited from parking in their usual area of ​​the Front-de-Mer, will be required to park in spaces at the height of the Food Market

These temporary parking changes will be restored under the usual conditions starting on 08h00, Thursday 07 Mars 2019. Any unauthorized vehicle caught in the act of stopping or blocking parking on the sites as described on the days and times indicated, will be stopped, removed and transported to the pound, at the expense and expense of the owner.

The community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.



To all taxi drivers, tour bus and Marigot Waterfront

In the event of the upcoming Carnival 2019 Festivities, we hereby inform the users of the waterfront parking spaces of the following measures:

- all areas reserved for taxis (with the exception of the ferry terminal line),

- all areas reserved for tour bus Companies

- all areas of the taxi station

- all parking spaces reserved for the car rental shuttles vehicles

The above listed parking areas will be closed to their usual use and only for the purpose of FCDSXM as of Friday February 25th at 6: 00 pm thru Wednesday March 6th 2019.

Included are the parking areas of Dr. Hubert PETIT's Boulevard around the PAF Offices thus prohibited from parking and closed to all vehicles during the period 2: 00 PM.

Car rental companies are invited to make arrangements for their vehicles outside the prohibited spaces.

Taxis prohibited from parking at the taxi will parallel the ferry terminal.

Tour bus Companies prohibited from parking in their usual spaces on the Waterfront, will be required to park in spaces at the Food Market.

These changes will be restored under the usual conditions of 08: 00 AM on Thursday March 7th, 2019

Anything that has been identified, will be seized, removed, and impounded, at the expense and responsibility of the owner.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding

2019-02-15 Information / Administration
SAUR Saint-Martin: Water breakage (breakage)

2019-02-11 Professional Info
Sandy Ground Bridge Repair

The community of Saint-Martin informs users and professionals of the sea that a first phase of work to repair the cylinder of Sandy Ground Bridge will start from the week 8 (from 18 to 24 February 2019). The repair of the jack is supported by the community to the tune of 22000 € and will require a week of work before the bridge Sandy Ground can again operate at the usual times.

A second phase of work, planned current 2019, will allow for a heavier intervention on the bridge. This intervention having an estimated cost higher than 1M €, a call for competition via the opening of a public contract will be launched soon.

The bridge will be operational again at the end of February.

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