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2016-10-17 Schools
Sandy Ground Schools Reopen Wednesday 19 October

Sandy Ground Schools Reopen Wednesday 19 October

The Community of Saint Martin informs the parents of students of the schools Aline HANSON and Jérôme BEAUPERE of Sandy Ground that the resumption of the courses in these two schools will be effective on Wednesday 19 October 2016, at the usual class schedules.

The community apologizes to the parents for the inconvenience caused by this exceptional closure and thanks them for their understanding.

2016-10-15 Schools
Exceptional closure schools sandy ground

The Community of Saint Martin informs the parents of pupils of the Aline HANSON and Jérôme BEAUPERE schools that, for health reasons, they will be closed on Monday 17 October 2016. Parents are encouraged to keep their children.

The institution is making every effort to have the class resume on Tuesday 18 October, it will confirm the date of resumption of classes Monday night by press.

The community apologizes to the parents for the inconvenience caused by this exceptional closure and thanks them for their understanding.

2016-10-14 Land Use Planning
EEASM-Population Information

The Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM) informs the population that, as part of the rehabilitation of the water and sanitation networks in downtown Marigot, the 3 phase of the work concerned Kennedy Street will be launched from next week.
Kennedy Street will be open one way from Monday 17 October 2016.

One-way traffic requires the following organization:
-The one-way traffic is in the direction: Roundabout Tourist office / Bellevue
-Vehicles coming from Bellevue will have to go through the Rue de Hollande (except the residents of Low-Town Street who will have reserved access).
-The work on Kennedy Street will spread out over a period of 3 weeks.
-The respect of the signaling for the safety of the users and the workers
The EEASM thanks motorists and traders in the sector for their understanding, which is of public utility.

2016-10-13 Tourist Attractions and Heritage
Conference of restitution of the archaeological diagnosis of Fort Louis in Saint-Martin Thursday 20 October to 18h to the Territorial Archives

As part of the restoration and development of the Fort Louis, sponsored and piloted by the Saint-Martin Community (Direction des Archives territoriales et du
Heritage), the Department of Archeology of the Department of Cultural Affairs (Dac) of Guadeloupe prescribed a preventive archaeological
To assess the impact of the work on the monument. The diagnosis was made from 22 September to 7 October 2016 by a team of the Inrap (National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research).

A military fort
The military fort of Fort Louis was built in the eighteenth century on the heights of Marigot to defend the French part of the Isle of St. Martin of the enemy attacks. Its primary vocation was to defend the warehouses of the port of Marigot, where the harvests (salt, coffee, sugar cane, rum) were stored before falling into ruins and being abandoned.
The head of the operation, Emmanuel MOIZAN, archaeologist and Stéphanie DARGAUD, director of territorial archives and heritage,
The context and the framework of this diagnosis as well as its preliminary results,

Thursday 20 October from 18h to the Territorial Archives Rue JL Hamlet - Concordia 97150 Saint-Martin - Free admission in the limit of places available

This conference will be an opportunity to take stock of the current knowledge of Fort Louis.

The Territorial Archives of Saint-Martin
Open to the public on 8 December 2014, the Territorial Archives of St. Martin welcomed almost 700 readers and communicate about 1300 documents each year. The educational activities conceived and animated by the Territorial Archives have benefited 754 scholars in 2015. Two exhibitions have already been made, the last of which, presented between 15 September 2015 at 22 October 2016, "Archives of the soil, paper archives. Archeology in Saint-Martin (1950-2015) "(bilingual French / English exhibition, 18 mobile panels) which makes (re) discover the richness of the archaeological finds of this territory.

With these missions of preservation and enrichment of the heritage, scientific networking and mediation with the public, the Archives Directorate
Territorial and pilot heritage, under the impetus of the Community of Saint-Martin, the project of restoration and development of Fort Louis and its surroundings
As well as the inventory of the built heritage of Saint Martin (January 2016-Press Release 13 October 2016 December 2016) for a better knowledge of the architecture and the history as well as their valorization while respecting their preservation.

Interventions of the Inrap on the island of Saint-Martin
The Inrap intervened upstream of the various construction works for many years on the island of Saint-Martin to study vestiges dating as much from the pre-Columbian period as from the colonial period. Its scope of intervention concerns preventive archaeological diagnoses and excavations.
Two simultaneous interventions took place as another team of archaeologists uncovered part of a pre-Columbian site in Grand Case until November 7, during a preventive excavation. This deposit, located between the dingy First Stick Hill and the airport, is characterized by the dump levels of an installation attributed to the Neo-Indian.

With close to 2 000 collaborators and researchers, Inrap is the most important French archaeological research organization and one of the very first in Europe. As a national research institute, he carried out most of the archaeological diagnoses and excavations in partnership with private and public developers: close to 2 500 workshops a year, in metropolitan France and in the Dom.

planning Territorial Archives and Heritage Branch, Saint-Martin Community
Scientific control Archaeological Service of the Dac Guadeloupe
SEARCH Archaeological Inrap
Scientific Officer Emmanuel Moizan, Inrap

Territorial archives of Saint-Martin
Stéphanie Dargaud
Director of Territorial and Heritage Archives
Street JL Hamlet - Concordia
97150 Saint-Martin
Tel: 05 90 87 66 60
Emmanuel Moizan
Inrap Scientific Officer
06 94 26 83 50

2016-10-12 Taxation
Right of lease 2016

The declaration of lease right for the period 1er October 2015 to 30 September 2016 must be addressed to the treasury of Saint-Martin, accompanied by the sums due, before the 31 December 2016.

2016-10-12 Media library
Resumption of opening hours at the Media Library

The Saint-Martin Territorial Media Library, located on Jean-Luc Hamlet Street in Concordia, is pleased to inform its public of the resumption of the usual opening hours.

Thus, the establishment is open to the public as follows:

Monday and Tuesday: 14h00-19h00
Wednesday: 09h00-19h00
Thursday and Friday: 11h00-19h00
Saturday: 09h00-13h00

The team of the multimedia library will be happy to welcome you and to accompany you in your research.

2016-10-12 Transport
Extended Transport Survey to 30 October 2016

With the aim of realizing a Territorial Movement Scheme (STD), the aim of which is to improve traffic and parking conditions throughout the territory for all users, the Saint Martin Community invites the population To express themselves through a survey of satisfaction with users of public transport, and a general survey on the habits and modes of travel on the territory.

Individuals interested in participating in this survey can respond to the two questionnaires online on the Saint-Martin community website: (Click on the page of the new site, then on the "Transportation and Travel Survey" tab.

As a reminder, the blue questionnaire deals with the modes and the choices of displacement, it is addressed mainly to the drivers of private vehicles. The green questionnaire concerns the degree of satisfaction of public transport (bus). It is mainly aimed at urban bus users.

Your answers will allow us to define new perspectives on accessibility, on which the Saint Martin community will be able to rely to realize its territorial pattern of displacement.
The community of Saint-Martin invites you to contribute to this operation of general interest. These questionnaires are entirely anonymous. End of investigation: 30 October 2016.

2016-10-07 Speeches, meetings / Agenda / Debates
Agenda - Territorial Council 13-10-16

The Territorial Council of Saint Martin will meet in plenary session on Thursday 13 October 2016, at 9 hours, in the deliberations room.

The agenda of this re-entry council was established as follows:

Item No. 1: Proposal for revision of Organic Law No. 2007-223 of 21 February 2007 introducing statutory and institutional provisions relating to overseas territories.

Item No. 2: Adoption of the updating of the Territorial Master Plan of Digital Development of Saint-Martin (SDTAN)

Item No. 3: Extension of the Convention of concession of the activity of pleasure of the Portal of Marigot - Marina Fort Louis.

Item No. 4: Modification of the Soil Occupancy Plan (POS).

Various issues.

2016-09-29 Waste Management
Selective sorting in schools

The Community of Saint Martin and its Environment and Living Environment Directorate inform you that it has been distributed to all the elementary and secondary schools of Saint-Martin, selective sorting bins, with the aim of To make pupils aware of the environment by sorting and recycling our waste.

These containers are used exclusively for selective sorting and are in no case household waste collectors. Thank you to the principals of schools, the entire faculty and the school staff, to ensure that everyone takes care of this material and that its proper use is respected by the students.

The community of Saint-Martin is counting on your cooperation so that this initiative can bear fruit and sensitize the youth to the protection of our environment.

2016-09-28 Environment and Living Environment
Meeting of artisans taxi of Saint-Martin (Fr-Ang)

The community of Saint-Martin - Transport Department - in consultation with the SMUTA association, invites all taxi craftsmen of Saint-Martin to a general information meeting, to be held on Thursday 06 October 2016 to 17h30, in The CCISM premises at Concordia.
The agenda of this meeting will cover issues of organization of the activity.
The taxi craftsmen are invited to participate in this meeting, in order to get informed and discuss new developments and various development points before the opening of the next tourist season.
Thanks for your presence.

VERSION FRANÇAISE: General taxi meeting

The Collectivite of Saint Martin - Transport Department - in consultation with the SMUTA taxi association.
The agenda for this meeting will focus on the organization of the activity. Taxi drivers are invited to participate and to be informed of various points of development before the opening of the next tourist season.
Thank you for your presence.

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