Press Releases

2014-09-09 Town planning
The Directorate of Transport

Information to Heavy Vehicle Owners
The Directorate of Transport of the Community of St. Martin informs truck owners as the "Company Technical Control Heavyweight -Antilles Guiana -Group Cars Securitas" CTPLA-G will be present on the island forthe control of the session (Monday ) 15 to (Thursday) 18 September 2014 for truck, tractor, public transport, and trailer vehicles. These checks will be carried out at the Commercial Port of Galisbay - Galisbay Bay. In order to register for the next control, please contact directly with promptly society CTPL AG whose details follow: ZA Petit Perou 97139 Les Abymes Tel: 0590 88 30 02 / 0590 88 90 01 Fax: 0590 85 97 52 Mail Internet: Thank you for your cooperation. _______________________________________________________________________ The Transportation Department of the "Community of St. Martin" Hereby Informs all vehicle owners Heavy Equipments That "Company Technical Control Heavyweight -Antilles Guiana -Group Cars Securitas" the G-CTPLA HAS Their next scheduled inspection visit to the island for Monday, September 15th thru Thursday, September 18th, 2014. Galisbay Commercial Port - Galisbay Sable Bay. CTPLA-G ZA Petit Perou 97139 0590 88 30 02 0590 88 90 01 0590 85 97 Messaging ctpl-ag @ orange You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .fr Internet: Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

2014-08-25 Culture, Youth & Sports
Closing of the Siméonne Trott school

The school is closed for the duration of work The President of the Territorial Council, Aline Hanson, informed the parents of the kindergarten Siméonne Trott at Concordia, that under the constraints of the seismic reinforcement of the Upgrading work is currently under way.
The school will be closed for the duration of the work; (Hervé Williams 1 and 2, Emile Choisy, Nina Duverly and the former municipal library).
Parents of students are invited to participate in a large information meeting, to be held on Tuesday 2 September at 8 hours, in the courtyard of the Siméonne Trott school. The Director, Ms Choisy, will inform parents about the assignment of their children. The presence of all parents is strongly desired.
The earthquake-resistant work will be completed at the end of December 2014, the students will be able to return to their school at the start of the Christmas holidays.
The Community of Saint-Martin apologizes for these inconveniences, and thanks you for your understanding.
President Aline Hanson.

2014-08-24 Town planning
The Community reorganizes the public cemeteries

Rehabilitation Program Reorganization of Public Cemeteries

Identification is now by appointment
As part of the Saint-Martin public cemeteries redevelopment program, the Community has put in place a process to identify family tombs and vaults. The community asked the citizens who had buried the deceased in the public cemeteries to identify their burials. Throughout the summer, community officers received these people directly on site. From Monday 1er September, it is by appointment that these formalities can be carried out.
The Community has undertaken considerable work to reorganize the layout of all the public cemeteries in the French part. The first identification phase concerned the Marigot cemetery, from 15 July 2014 to 29 August 2014. This cemetery contains more 1000 graves, many of which are abandoned, so the rehabilitation will be long and tedious. The citizens who had buried one or more of the deceased in Marigot Cemetery were invited to visit the place where they were received by the funeral service. During the month of July, the agents assigned to this task received a dozen people a day come to carry out this formality.
From 1er September, identification will now be by appointment. The Funeral Affairs Department invites persons wishing to identify their deceased in the cemeteries of Marigot, Grand Case and Quartier d'Orléans, to contact the 0590 87 61 51, in order to make an appointment. It is also possible to do this by email by requesting an appointment at:
At the time of the appointment, citizens are requested to bring with them an identity document, a death certificate, a burial permit or any document proving the date of burial.
The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2014-08-19 Culture, Youth & Sports
Opening of the Territorial Media Library

This Wednesday 27 August 2014 Opening of the Territorial Media Library
The Médiathèque Territoriale de Saint-Martin, located on Rue Jean-Luc Hamlet in Concordia, will open its doors to the general public as of Wednesday 27 August 2014.
The opening hours are fixed as follows:
- Monday and Tuesday: from 14h to 19h
- Wednesday: from 9h to 19h
- Thursday and Friday: from 11h to 19h
- Saturday: from 9h to 13h
The staff of the Media Library will be happy to receive you.
The direction.

2014-08-18 Town planning
Sewerage network

The alternating circulation at Cripple Gate and Morne Valois Works on the sewerage network: the alternating circulation at Cripple Gate and Morne Valois
The President of the Territorial Council of Saint Martin, Mrs. Aline Hanson, and Mr. Louis Fleming, President of the Etablissement des Eaux et Sanitation de Saint-Martin (EEASM), inform you that work will be launched on the RN7 in Morne Valois and Cripple Gate, as part of the program to rehabilitate the sewerage network initiated by the Saint Martin Community.
Due to this work, road traffic will alternate from Thursday 21 August 2014, from 8 hours to 17 hours, for a duration of 3 months.
President Aline Hanson and President Louis Fleming ask you to respect the signage that will be put in place and apologize for the inconvenience caused by this work which aims to improve the living environment of the inhabitants of the sectors concerned.

2014-08-18 Security and Prevention
Communiqué from the Health Agency and the COM

Mosquito Control Please click on the following link to download the release: ComPulvChk32x.pdf

2014-08-13 Miscellaneous information
Information note to the agents of the Collectivité and its public establishments

04 Professional Elections December 2014

To access the information note, download the following link: Note information - professional elections.pdf

2014-08-11 Town planning
Work on the sewerage network

(EEASM) is currently carrying out work on the sewerage network
The Saint-Martin Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM) is currently carrying out work on the sewerage network in downtown Marigot. Work on the sewage network is undertaken in the zone between the Louis Vanterpool Stadium and the Rue de Hollande until the entrance to the Rue de la République. The project involves the construction of a backflow network from the future Mingau Street substation to move the Concordia effluent directly to the Sandy Ground mainline to avoid the downtown core.
As a result of this work, parking spaces in front of the Nina Duverly public school (rue de Hollande) will be closed from Wednesday 13 August. As of this date, the city buses usually stationed in front of this school will be parked in front of the entrance to the Louis Vanterpool stadium, for a period of about one week.
The EEASM will carry out a second phase of work on the sanitation network in the Rue de la République. This involves the installation of a gravity sewage treatment network and a discharge pipe.
As a consequence of this work: A deviation will be put in place by the Sea Front. Rue de la République will be cut off from the traffic of the 18 August until the beginning of September. Only priority vehicles can use this axis if necessary.
Further work will be undertaken on the sewerage network after September and until February 2015, these are the areas in front of the Marigot ferry terminal, by the sea and a Stretch between the cemetery and the Beach Plaza Hotel.
This work aims at improving the living environment of the inhabitants of Saint-Martin. The Community and its EEASM establishment have chosen to undertake the heaviest work in the summer, in order to minimize the inconvenience to the users.
We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.


2014-08-11 Town planning
Traffic Stops

Road works Information to the population on road works.
Below are the circulation orders:
Stopped circulation.pdf

2014-08-11 Culture, Youth & Sports
European Heritage Days

Overseas Ministry calls for photo contribution European Heritage Days: Overseas Ministry calls for photo contribution

The Ministry of Overseas France is launching a call for photographic contributions in the framework of the European Days of Heritage 2014, which take place this year under the theme "Cultural Heritage, natural heritage".
Through this call for contributions, the Minister responsible, Mrs. George Pau-Langevin, seeks to mobilize citizens to collect the most photographs to enhance our overseas territories. The inhabitants and visitors overseas are therefore invited to submit their photographs, which must be made without editing or editing. This call for papers takes place from 10 July to 10 September 2014. It will create a library of images on the value and diversity of French overseas heritage. The selected photographs will be broadcast electronically from 20 September 2014. Among the photographs received, a dozen photographs will be selected and will be the subject of a large format edition, to be displayed in front of the Ministry of Overseas, boulevard des Invalides in Paris.

It should be noted that after the launch of the 20 September broadcast, the Ministry is committed to feeding the popular online image library with the new images that will be sent beyond that date by participants wishing Continue to show the beauties of overseas landscapes.
To know all the necessary information and participate in this project, visit the website of the ministry:
The Community of Saint Martin invites you to join this citizens' initiative, in order to highlight the natural and cultural heritage of our island.


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