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2015-06-05 Culture, Youth & Sports
Training of the Archivists of the Caribbean in the Territorial Archives of Saint-Martin

Training of the Archivists of the Caribbean in the Territorial Archives of Saint-Martin

The Territorial Archives of Saint Martin have had the honor of hosting, from Tuesday 2 June to Friday 5 June, a training organized by CARBICA, the Association of Archivists of the Caribbean, within the framework of the MIGAN project.

The MIGAN project is a shared platform for accessing the various websites of the partner archives services, offering the public a central and shared access point to the archival riches of the Caribbean.

The Territorial Archives of Saint-Martin will thus benefit fully from these experiences in anticipation of the construction of its own database and website in 2016.

This training course was attended by about fifteen archivists, director of national archives institutions or archivists in charge of access to digitized documents, from Curaçao, Surinam, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Lucia and Guadeloupe and Martinique, come to professionalize to the construction of a website for the archives.

President Aline Hanson received the leaders of the association CARBICA, on Friday 05 June, at the city hall. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the advantages of pooling the archives of the Caribbean in order to provide the public with a complete database of archival documents in the Caribbean region.

Karla HAYWARD, secretary (Bermuda) and Dominique TAFFIN, MIGAN Project Manager for CARBICA (Departmental Archives), Mrs Rita TJIEN-FOOH, President of CARBICA (Archives of Surinam), Avril BELFON, Vice President of the Archives of Trinidad & Tobago Of Martinique and former president of CARBICA 2011-2014), were able to meet with President Aline HANSON and to inform her about the problems encountered in the archiving of historical documents in the Caribbean and the notable advances last years.

President Hanson welcomed the initiative of this CARBICA training, which was held for the first time in Saint Martin and allowed the territory to make itself known in this specific field and to present its territorial archives and the work carried out since their opening In 2014. Led by Stéphanie Dargaud, this service of the Collectivity, installed in the building of the Médiathèque, took a considerable extent in a few months allowing the population to come to learn about many aspects related to the history of the island and The many documents collected.

The Territorial Archives of Saint-Martin can be contacted by phone at 590 87 66 60 or by mail:

2015-06-05 Culture, Youth & Sports
Territorial Youth Council Initiative

The Territorial Youth Council of Saint-Martin is organizing an action for young high school students of the Polyvalent High School of the Northern Islands. Around the theme "Dej first! Food for Success ", a balanced breakfast will be offered to high school students on Thursday 11 June, from 7h to 7h45 and Tuesday 16 June, from 7h to 7h45. This initiative is an opportunity to pass on the good health gestures to adopt in the morning, to have all the necessary energy and start the day on the right foot.

High school students are invited to come and take advantage of this program (organized by the Territorial Youth Council), in partnership with the Community of Saint-Martin, Youth and Sports Department, CTOS, the Conseil de la School life, the Union of parents of pupils of Saint Martin and the association Youth Soualiga.

2015-06-02 Security and Prevention
Capture Wandering Animals

Commissioning of the 15 Animal Pound at 30 June 2015

The Community of Saint Martin informs the public that the next catch of stray dogs on the public road will be from Monday 15 June 2015 to Tuesday 30 June 2015.

All pet owners are asked to keep them tied up and monitor them even after the catch phase. For further information, please contact the Environment and Living Environment Department at 0590 52 27 30.

In the interest of all, the Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

To recall: Order of the President

The President of the Territorial Council, Aline Hanson, issued a decree (No. 033-2014) regulating the conditions of possession of pets and their movement on public roads.

This decree stipulates that it is forbidden to let the animals wander in the territory of the Collectivity. To avoid accidents, dogs must be kept on a leash, so-called dangerous dogs must be muzzled. In addition, dog owners are required to collect livestock manure on public roads, including gutters, beaches and public green areas. Note that this decree also stipulates that it is forbidden to place food on the street to attract stray or wild animals.

2015-06-02 Major Hazards
2015 cyclone season Press releases

Communicated to the public

The Community of Saint Martin calls for your good citizenship and asks you to respect the cleanliness of the island during a cyclonic period.

In fact, following the previous cyclones, many green and bulky waste had been deposited on public roads to the detriment of all road safety and public health regulations. In the event of a new cyclonic episode, it will be up to each person to take all necessary measures to evacuate his waste. In order to prevent them from slipping away and causing accidents, the green and bulky waste must be deposited at the Galisbay waste disposal site or at the eco-site of Grandes Cayes in Cul de Sac. No wild deposits can be tolerated upon the announcement of a cyclone warning.

The offenders will be verbalized and given formal notice to evacuate their waste on the Grandes Cayes eco-site or the Galisbay-Bienvenue waste disposal center.

The Community advises you to carry out the work of sizes, pruning of trees and shrubs and evacuation of your bulky items right now.

Timetable: Monday to Friday: 07h00-16h00 / Saturday: 07h00-14h00.

Departure times: Monday to Saturday from 10h to 18h. (Free sites for individuals).

Press Release The attention of hoteliers, condominium and professional trustees

The Community of Saint-Martin is calling on your professionalism and asks you to help it to ensure the cleanliness of the island, by already undertaking the pruning and cutting of plants in anticipation of A cyclonic phenomenon, and transporting green waste to the eco-site of Grandes Cayes.

In the previous cyclones, it was found that many hotels and condominiums had thrown large quantities of green waste and bulky items onto the public roads to the detriment of all road safety and public health regulations. To prevent this from happening again, the Community of Saint-Martin asks you to carry out cutting, pruning, pruning and cleaning work now. It is the responsibility of the professionals to take all necessary measures with their service providers to evacuate green and bulky waste to the eco-site of Grandes Cayes.

Green waste, rubble, bulky items and other rubbish deposited near garbage or roadside shelters will not be tolerated and picked up by the services of the Community. The offenders will be verbalized and given formal notice to evacuate their waste on the eco-site of Grandes Cayes.

Schedule of the eco-site: from Monday to Friday: 07h00-16h00 / Saturday: 07h00-14h00.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

Communicated to garages and mechanics managers

At the beginning of the hurricane season, hygiene and safety measures are required. The President and her Rescue Organization Committee reminded garage workers, mechanics and sheet metal workers that the removal of metal scraps that could be dangerously fatal in the event of strong winds in their vicinity is an essential step.

These preventive measures must be taken at the earliest stages of vigilance in the event of the passage of a cyclonic phenomenon.

Citizenship and the sense of responsibility of all persons involved in the implementation of this clean-up are being used.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

Communicated to Service Station Managers

It is brought to the attention of the owners and managers of service stations that, from the red vigilance phase, it is their responsibility to proceed with the closure of their establishment and the decommissioning of any automatic fuel dispenser.

In addition, for security reasons, the sale of gasoline in jerricane must be limited and not exceed 10 liters.

Public security and the organization of the Territorial Safeguard Plan are a matter of cooperation and goodwill. The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2015-06-01 Town planning
Grandes Cayes ecosite open doors

Grandes Cayes Ecosite Open Doors

As part of the European Sustainable Development Week and in order to raise awareness of waste issues in our region, the Saint Martin Community, in collaboration with VERDE-SXM, organizes two open days on:

Friday 5 June 2015 and Saturday 6 June 2015

The public will be welcomed from 10h00 to 16h00 on the sites of the eco-site and the Non-hazardous Waste Storage Facility (Grandes Cayes).

A free distribution of compost and composters accompanied by a practical composting guide will be made on the site. Those who wish to do so are invited to provide bags or other containers to bring back the compost "Saint-Martin" realized on the site of Grandes Cayes and resulting from the green waste collected on the island.

On Saturday 06 June, a paying barbecue and a sale of T-shirts will be proposed by the company VERDE-SXM. The proceeds will be donated to Lions Club Fort Louis to help finance the Bethany Home EHPAD bus.

The Community of Saint-Martin invites the population to come numerous during these two days Doors Open.

2015-06-01 Town planning
European Sustainable Development Week

Within the framework of the European Sustainable Development Week, which takes place from 29 May to 5 June 2015, and the "eco-citizen" project carried out in the schools of the territory, two classes of the Emile Choisy primary school have been sensitized To respect the environment in Saint Martin, by visiting the Galisbay waste disposal center, on Friday 29 May 2015.

During this morning of discovery, Anthony, the manager of the waste disposal center, first explained to the children the utility of this collective tool, made available to the population to get rid of bulky items, and thus participate in the recycling of different types of waste. This allowed the children to understand the stakes involved in selective sorting and the crucial role of the waste disposal center in protecting the environment.

The children then took part in a creative workshop where they made fellows from waste of all kinds: plastic bottles, aluminum cans ... A playful way to make children aware of the quantities of waste that each produces each day and Recycling.

Supervised by their teacher, the children then made a beautiful fresco recalling the importance of the gestures of selective sorting. This fresco is titled: "Ensemble trions!", You can admire it when depositing your waste at the waste disposal center.

The Saint Martin Community and its Environment and Lifestyle Directorate encourage the population to engage in the selective sorting of household waste and to use the structures made available on the territory for this purpose.

2015-05-29 Major Hazards
Cyclone Guidelines

Instructions for cyclones:

• Stay alert and keep abreast of developments;

Check the food and material reserves (candles, radio, batteries, medicines, etc.);

Avoid taking long hikes in the mountains or near waterways;

Do not take the sea for a long time without special obligation.

???? Listen to weather reports and instructions;

Preparing and consolidating housing;

Protect nautical craft;

To protect the stocks of goods and perishable foodstuffs and to safeguard work sites for companies (dismantling of cranes, scaffolding, etc.);

Disassemble the TV antennas and remove any installations likely to be carried away around the house.

???? Stay tuned to the weather information and apply the instructions of the authorities;

Join your home or a safe shelter

Avoid all travel;

Remove or secure any object that may become a projectile;

Protect your home, close all openings and exits;

Enter the animals;

???? Stay tuned to the weather conditions and respect the instructions of the authorities;

Keep safe and do not come out under any circumstances;

Take refuge if possible in the safest room in your home;

???? Use the phone only when absolutely necessary;

Prohibition on walking or driving

Do not use naked flame fire.

Keep informed of the weather situation and the consequences of the phenomenon on the island;

Keep out of the place where you were;

Try to establish a record of the damage around your home by remaining very careful;

Do not interfere with rescue teams, and avoid unnecessary travel;

Do not clutter the telephone network except EMERGENCY;

Pour en savoir plus:

2015-05-29 Major Hazards






Area N ° 1 - Sandy-Ground - Terres-Basses

Sandy-Ground Primary School

(Sandy-Ground Road)

06 90 88 85 01

50 to 55 people

Rooms N ° 07 to 10

Rooms N ° 16 to 19

Rooms N ° 03 and 13

Area N ° 2 - Marigot - Saint-James

Ecole Emile CHOISY

(Rue Léopold MINGAU -Concordia)

06 90 88 84 05

05 90 87 13 27

65 guests

Rooms N ° 01 to 03

RoomsN ° 06 to 10

Rooms N ° 1B to 5B

Sector N ° 3 - Concordia - Spring

School Hervé WILLIAMS 2

(Route of Spring)

06 90 88 83 67

05 90 87 91 20

90 guests

All Classrooms

(Except BCD, IT, administration)

Sector N ° 4 - Hameau-du-Pont - Approval

Church Assembly of God

(Rue Nana CLARK - Approval)

06 90 88 84 55

15 guests

Room of Worship

Area N ° 5 - Cripple-Gate - Friar's Bay - Colombier

Methodist Church of Colombier

(Route of Colombier)

06 90 88 83 96

08 guests

Room of Worship

Sector N ° 6 - Rambaud - Saint-Louis - Morne O'Reilley

Adventist Church

(Hamlet of Rambaud)

06 90 88 85 87

10 to 16 people

Youth Room

Area N ° 7 - La Savane - Grand-Case

Catholic Church of Grand-Case

(Bd BERTIN-MAURICE Léonel - Grand-Case)

06 90 88 83 91

12 guests

Parish Hall

Area N ° 8 - Cul-de-Sac

Cul-de-Sac Elementary School

(Cul-de-Sac Road)

05 90 52 07 69

06 90 88 84 96

40 guests

The 5 rooms on the ground floor + 3 rooms upstairs (except BCD)

Area N ° 9- Orléans area - Oyster Pond

Primary School Orleans 2

(Rue Corossol - Orleans Quarter)

06 90 88 83 68

05 90 87 33 13

70 guests

Rooms N ° 08 to 14

Rooms N ° 17 to 22

Room N ° 01

In the event of a cyclone approach, the announcement of a vigilance RED, Join your home or shelter closest to you.

2015-05-28 Culture, Youth & Sports
Blocking of the primary school of Cul de Sac

Following the blocking of the primary school of Cul de Sac on Friday 22 May 2015, the Community of Saint Martin received the parents of pupils, this Tuesday 26 May 2015, in the morning, school.

This two-and-a-half-hour public meeting was held in the presence of Mrs. Daniella DOLIUM, Inspector of the riding, the Director of the institution, Mrs. Annick PETRUS FERGA, Mr. Louis FLEMING, Educational Advisor for the constituency , And of all persons wishing to participate.

Mrs Nadine PAINES, territorial adviser in charge of the schools of Cul de Sac and Grand Case, Mrs Dominique AUBERT, territorial adviser, Mrs Maud ASCENT-GIBS, territorial adviser, Mr Thierry GOMBS, DGA of the Human Development department, Mr Médhi BOUCARD Mrs. Christine BOSQUI, Head of Department and Mr Vernon ROPER, DHR of the Community, represented the institution and answered the numerous questions of the parents on the question of the school map.

As a prelude to the exchanges, Mr. Médhi BOUCARD recalled the registration area of ​​the Cul de Sac primary school. Thus, the school map for this sector provides that children residing in the districts of Anse-Marcel, Mont Vernon I, Chevrise, Grandes-Cayes and Cul de Sac are assigned to this school.

The registration procedures are identical to those applied in France and the exemptions granted are examined on a case-by-case basis, all within the limits of available places. Since the Community can not meet all the requests for the medium and the small section, because of the limited size of the rooms, selection is made according to the month of birth of the child; The children not retained being assigned second choice in Grand Case.

Constantly respecting the values ​​of the Republic, and taking into consideration the difficulties encountered by certain parents, the Collectivité de Saint-Martin undertook to reflect on the school map in order to respond best Their expectations.

The issue of extracurricular reception, before and after the courses, was also addressed by some parents, anxious to see their child (ren) taken care of in the interclasses. One point on which the Community has confirmed a two-hour extra-curricular welcome in the afternoon, provided by associations paid by the Community. Similar arrangements could be put in place in the morning, always in partnership with the associations.

As for the dispute between parents and the head of the school, the President of the Collective condemns all the xenophobic statements or postures that might have been made against either of them, and calls for Appease all parties.

«Living together is a fundamental principle of our society, the school of the republic must be a place of exchange and enrichment for our youth. Also, it is unacceptable to oppose communities, even more so in a multicultural territory where diversity is a real wealth.»

The President of the Territorial Council


2015-05-28 Culture, Youth & Sports
Commemoration abolition slave

Speech Aline Hanson / Commemoration abolition slave

Your Honors,

The hon.

The honorable senator,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Hello everyone,

We commemorate together - on this Wednesday 27 May - under the benevolent eye of our symbol Lady Liberty, the abolition of slavery, which we all agree is one of the crimes against The most abominable humanity that history has ever known.

Without the freedom of our distant ancestors, we would not be here today, on our little end of France, to pay homage and to transmit to the youngest the values ​​of respect and tolerance that animate us.

The duty of memory is in this sense primordial, that it is a precious relay to the younger generations.

Young people to whom we must transmit the knowledge of the past - even in its darkest hours - so that they can build on solid foundations. So that they can love their territory for what it is / for its history / and for the symbol of unity that it represents.

I invite young people to read the works of our writers - I think of the book "Ségou" by Maryse Condé, which tells the story very well - and to appropriate history in order to stand up against slavery in all its forms forms.

The fight is not in vain, because 22 millions of people are still enslaved throughout the world.

As I said above, we all need to turn around / at one time or another / on our past.

Now we have the Memorial ACTe, which I had the privilege of inaugurating with the Caribbean and African heads of state / alongside the President of the Republic / 10 last May in Guadeloupe.

This monument testifies to the union of the African and Caribbean peoples around a common cause: the recognition of the suffering of the victims of trafficking, but also and above all the influence of the history of our territories and the formidable hope that we base In the future.

France was the first country in the world to recognize in the law slavery as a crime against humanity / it was in 2001 / we can be satisfied!

I will add a word On racism which has no place in our Republic and still less in Saint-Martin!

President Jacques Chirac said: "Racism, wherever it comes from, is a crime of the heart and the spirit".

With its 90 nationalities, Saint-Martin is a successful example of the mixture of peoples and cultures. So I hope that we will remain a model for a long time and that we will always have that height of view that places humanity above all, whatever its origins.

167 years have passed since the decree of abolition of the slavery adopted under the impulse of Victor Schoelcher in 1848.

167 years during which the diversity of peoples has made its work in our territories and all over the world.

This mix of origins is a wealth for France and a considerable asset for our overseas collectivity which shines every day of its cultural specificities.

When I see all these young people assembled today and who are preparing to bring their stone to the edifice of this commemoration, I think that the work of memory is making its way / I think that our island is rich in its And has great potential.

I would like to address all young Saint-Martinis and tell them: believe in the strength of your origins, believe in yourself! The Saint Martin Community will always be there to accompany you and guide our territory towards excellence.

En conclusion, I would like to say a word about the Territorial Archives (directed by Stéphanie Dargaud here) because they are a valuable witness to the richness of our history. This service of the Collectivity collects and centralizes historical documents that are a strong link with the past. This service also brings its expertise to the elected representatives of the executive in terms of the valorisation of protected sites as historic monuments.

I think of our three classified sites, the Fort Louis, the Mont Vernon plantation, and the Moho rock in Quartier d'Orléans, which will soon be the subject of an appropriate restoration and valorization in order to protect our heritage And to allow the public to benefit.

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