Press Releases

2016-02-12 Economy
Recruiting Army

The Army will be present in Saint-Martin, from Monday 15 to Thursday 18 February 2016, for a recruitment session. An information meeting is being held on Monday 15 February from 14h to 16h, in the premises of the Home, Information and Orientation (AIO) service of the Community, former school Evelyna Halley.

The Community of Saint-Martin is joining this recruitment and is waiting for you many to come and discover the Army trades and the positions to be filled.

For more information, please contact the AIO service at the 0590 27 94 82.

2016-01-22 Transport
Transportation and school registration

The Community recalls that, in application of the school transport regulations:

- Every student taking school transportation must be in possession of his ticket (transport card).
- From the 1er February 2016, a check will be carried out before the climb in the bus.
- Students who do not hold the ticket will not be able to benefit from the service
- Registration for school transport must be made at the Human Development Center - School Affairs Department. Contact: 0590.29.59.23.

The Community recalls that in terms of school enrollment

- Registration for children born in 2010, to go to the CP, as well as new registrations of children from CE1 to CM2, not attending the public, will take place from 02 to 19 February 2016, to the Human Development Pole - Department of School Affairs. Contact: 0590.29.59.23
- The list of documents to be provided is as follows:
- Family booklet or birth certificate,
- Health record, parents' identity document,
- Proof of residence (less than 3 months),
- Notice of imposition or non-taxation 2014,
- Certificate of education (for children out of school)

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2016-01-22 Town planning
EEASM Works Cul de Sac

The Saint-Martin Water and Sanitation Institution (EEASM) informs the residents of Cul de Sac that due to the installation of drinking water and sewerage pipes along the main road, Circulation will be alternated from Monday 25 January 2016.

This work, carried out within the framework of the rehabilitation of the collective networks, will be carried out every day from 8h30 to 15h30, over a period of three months.

The President of the EEASM thanks you for your understanding and apologizes for the inconvenience.


Water and Sewage Treatment Facility Of Saint-Martin (EEASM) informs Citizens of Cul de Sac area that due to The installation of Water and sewage pipes Along the main road, Traffic will alternate from Monday, January 25, 2016.
This work is part of The rehabilitation of Collective networks undertaken by the EEASM. It will be conducted Daily from 8: 30 am to 3: 30 pm, Over a period of Three months.
The President of the EEASM Thanks you for your u And apologizes For the inconvenience.

2016-01-18 Town planning
Notice to restorers Garbage collection

The Collectivité de Saint-Martin brings to the attention of the restorers of Saint-Martin, and more particularly the restaurateurs in Grand-Case, that garbage collection is always done at night, and that it is imperative to respect This operation.

The garbage bins in the Community are strictly reserved for household waste. Consumers are therefore asked to place their household waste in collective waste bins, only after 18 hours. Before 18 hours, garbage cans must be kept in your respective premises, so that the waste does not stagnate in the sun and in the sight of all in the day. It should be noted that at the "Grand Case Tuesdays" event, collective containers are emptied after midnight, so restorers can deposit their waste at the last moment.

The community also reminds restaurateurs that it is strictly forbidden to throw the frying oils into collective waste bins. The waste oils must be collected in a prescribed grease trap and deposited at the sorting center of Grandes Cayes, with a view to their valorisation. Any offender will be verbalised by the agents of the brigade of the environment or the territorial police, during unannounced checks.

The Community of St. Martin counts on the cooperation of all to ensure that these rules of use are respected, and thanks the restorers for their contribution.


The Collectivity of St. Martin informs restaurant owners, especially those working in Grand Case, that the garbage collection is always done at night and that is very imperative to follow this rule.
Indeed, the Collectivity garbage bins are strictly reserved for domestic waste and restaurant owners must dispose their garbage bins in the collective garbage bins after 6 pm Before 6 pm restaurants are required to keep their garbage in their premises, Sun and in plain sight of the public. During the "Mardis de Grand Case" event, restaurant owners can put their waste in the community containers around 10 as the garbage truck empties them after midnight.

The community also reminds the restaurants that it is strictly forbidden to throw used cooking oils in garbage containers. Cooking oils must always be collected in a grease trap and brought to the garbage center in Grandes Cayes, in order to be recycled. People who do not comply with regulations will be fined by the Police or by the Territorial Police.
The Collectivity of St. Martin is a great place to stay.

2016-01-15 Speeches, meetings / Agenda / Debates
Greetings to the population: 2016, a year of concretization!

Community President Aline Hanson and her four vice-presidents, Ramona Connor and Rosette Gumbs-Lake, and Guillaume Arnell and Wendel Cocks, received the active leadership of the community on Friday, 15, January 2016, for the traditional Ceremony of the wishes of the executive to the whole population of Saint-Martin. The ceremony was broadcast by local TV and radio stations, so that people could watch the event live.

The 2016 Vows ceremony, which was organized in the City Hall deliberations room, began with the speeches of the five members of the Executive, who presented their guests with a summary of the actions initiated in 2015 and the perspectives Of 2016, within the various centers of competence of the community.

The objective of this unavoidable exercise is to inform the population about the strong political commitments of the majority and the actions undertaken in favor of the territory. In their respective domains, the councilors have listed the main achievements made by the clusters in the key sectors, namely the care of the pupils in Saint-Martin and the action of the neighborhood councils to Mrs. Rosette Gumbs-Lake, economic development for Mr. Wendel Cocks, everything related to social and family support for Mrs. Ramona Connor, sustainable development of the territory for Mr. Guillaume Arnell and the care of youth and Training activities for Mrs. Aline Hanson (see speeches below).

With the speeches delivered, the executive then invited the public to the traditional New Year's cocktail in the Community Gardens, where everyone was able to share the glass of friendship and meet with the local councilors.

As the President and his four Vice-Presidents are reminded, the 2016 year - the last straight line before the 2017 territorial elections - will be a year of concrete projects, like the new school city Robert Weinum, which has just opened its doors on 04 last January, on the impetus of the mandature, and Carbets d'Orient Bay, a project for which the community has invested 3.8 M € in favor of revitalizing the public parcel aw34 Located on the beach. As part of the accompaniment of the youth, the community has begun the renovation of all the sports platforms existing in the working-class neighborhoods, as well as the upgrading to the standards of the Omnisports room of Galisbay, which will be delivered 2016 and can again To host associations and school sports activities.

As part of the COM / ARS Health Plan, it is planned to launch contracts for the installation of Athletic pathways for all public health, from the first quarter 2016. The creation of a medico-social center is also planned, two projects carried out by the Solidarity & Families cluster. Followed by the economic development pole, the revitalization of downtown Marigot has progressed well, with the forthcoming implementation of the first action cards; As well as the major project for the development of Marigot Bay will soon see the launch of the international call for tenders to select the future developers.

The Majority is committed to the realization of all projects are now in the operational phase with one goal: to produce concrete results, to revive the economy and employment for our youth.

After outlining the main issues at the end of the mandate, the Chairperson and her Vice-Chairpersons welcomed the investment of community agents "who are contributing to the growth of the administration", the President insisted, before Wish once again an excellent 2016 year to the partners of the community, to the socio-professionals and to the whole population of Saint-Martin.

2016-01-07 Cooperation
EU to invest 10 million for cross-border cooperation Saint Martin / Sint Maarten

In a statement, the European Commission reported 15 December 2015, to have adopted the new cross-border cooperation program covering the whole island of St. Martin in the Caribbean. "The total budget of the program for the period 2014-2020 reaches 12 million, including 10 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)," the commission said.

Corina Creţu, Commissioner for Regional Policy, commented: The island of Saint-Martin is an exceptional territory, as much by its multicultural character as by its natural richness and its splendid landscapes. This program will foster greater cooperation between communities on the island, which will work together to preserve and promote its natural heritage."

As stated in the European Commission communiqué, the program has two priority axes:

Protect the environment and improve water and sanitation infrastructure, including the construction of a transboundary wastewater treatment plant. The program also plans to protect the biodiversity and ecosystems of the Simpson Bay lagoon.

Prevent flooding, particularly in the Belle-Plaine border area, through better management and regulation of stormwater.

Among the expected results of these investments:

Construction of a sewage treatment plant in Cole Bay that will benefit about 15.000 inhabitants.

The revitalization of more than 800 hectares of the lagoon of Simpson Bay.

A reduction of 50% of the population at risk of flooding.

This program should also mobilize the European Development Fund (EDF) for the construction of the cross-border processing plant to be located on the Dutch side of the island.


The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union by reducing imbalances between its regions. Coordination between the INTERREG program and the development programs financed by the EDF in the area will be sought in order to set up cooperation projects financed jointly by the EDF and the ERDF.

2016-01-05 Town planning
Census of Population, 21 January to 27 February 2016

Every year, the Saint Martin Community carries out the population census in partnership with the INSEE. Enumerators trained and officially mandated by the Community will present themselves to individuals, between 21 January and 27 February 2016, in order to carry out the annual census.

The census is a strong act on a territory, because it allows to know precisely the number of inhabitants and their characteristics, and on the other hand to define the participation of the state in the financing of the public policies of the community.

Enumerators will come to your home between 21 January and 27 February 2016, with an official card. They will provide you with all the necessary information and will provide you with the necessary support to complete the questionnaires concerning your accommodation and the people who occupy it. The community will also identify homeless people and people living in mobile homes. Be aware that your answers will be kept confidential; They will be handed over to the INSEE to establish strictly anonymous statistics, in accordance with the laws that protect your privacy.

This census operation is important for our territory because it will determine the number of people who live in Saint Martin, whatever their origin and their nationality. This figure of the population will be used in particular to determine the amount of certain budgetary allocations paid by the State to the Collectivity.

The census also provides statistical information on the age pyramid, family composition and housing stock. All this information is useful to your elected representatives to define public policies adapted to the territory (infrastructures, measures for the benefit of youth, the elderly, etc.).

For all these reasons, your participation in the census is essential, it is also made mandatory by law.

For further information, please consult the website, or get in touch with the Community Census Department, located at Fort Louis Road, in Marigot.

I thank you in advance for the good reception you will give to your enumerator.

President Aline Hanson

2015-12-24 Culture, Youth & Sports

The Community will inform the parents as part of the preparation of the 2016-2017 school year, students will be enrolled as follows.
Registration in kindergartens: All Sectors combined.
From 04 January to 22 January 2016

- Children born in 2013 (PS) and 2014 (TPS)
- Children born in 2012 and 2011 (MSet GS - not enrolled)

Preparatory Course (CP) Registration: All Sectors combined.
Parents of children enrolled in GS will withdraw at school from 01 February 2016, the fact sheet which, duly completed, will be deposited to the 1er degree and school board management between 25 January and 19 Février 2016.

From 06 June to 15 June 2016 : Classes nursery
- Transfer request: (bringing together siblings or domicile)

From 20 June 2016 : Classes (CE1 to CM2)

- Application for enrollment: (newcomers or enrolled elsewhere)
- Transfer request: (bringing together siblings or domicile)

Transfer requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be granted within the limit of available seats. The files will be analyzed in detail.

List of items to be provided per child for registration or transfer
The application can only be accepted if the application is complete.

- Photocopy of the family booklet or birth certificate (child)
- Photocopy of the vaccination record (pages 90 to 93)
- Photocopy of proof of residence less than 3 months (EDF, Waters)
- Notice of imposition or non-taxation 2014
- Photocopy of the parents' identity document,
- Photocopy of the judgment for the exercise of parental authority (in case of separation, divorce, ...). And the identity document of the ascendants or the persons legally responsible.
- Medical certificate of aptitude for life in school (children born in 2013 and 2014).
- Certificate of education or cancellation (in case of change of public or private school)

Registration certificates must be withdrawn from:
8 June 2016 for kindergartens and 27 June 2016 for elementary

Public Reception Schedule
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 8h30 to 15h00 and Wednesday and Friday from 8h30 to 14h00

2015-11-18 Town planning
Restoration: obligation to have a grease tray in the kitchen

You are professional of the food trades and catering, consequently, you reject waters loaded with fat. The problem is that these greases can damage the pipes and generate a malfunction of the purification plants.

According to the law, greasy waste must not be abandoned or released into the natural environment or even into household waste. They must not be burned in the open air. Food and beverage establishments must therefore have a grease trap and take charge of the elimination of this greasy waste (article R541-2 of the Environmental Code).

The Community therefore asks all the restorers who are not already equipped to install a grease trap in their establishment. The grease residues of the tanks must then be emptied regularly, collected and processed by a specialized company.

The Collectivity asks you to get closer to the two authorized collectors and waste processing center (Verde SXM) that are at your disposal for these mandatory operations.

The Chair of the Territorial Council Aline Hanson.

2015-11-10 Economy
Occupation of the public domain - Decisions of the Community

On Wednesday, 29, October 2015, President Aline Hanson received the prefect Anne Laubies in the community in order to work with the services of the prefecture and the services of the community on the respect of the law on the occupation of the land and maritime public domain Of the community of Saint-Martin.

While the situation of the beaches of Saint-Martin as a whole was raised during this working meeting, the Bay of Grand Case has mainly been the subject of an inventory of the untimely use of the public domain by private. The aim is to identify abuses and to bring strict enforcement of the law on the occupation of the public domain in this sector.

Several points were raised: the issuance of Temporary Occupancy Authorization (AOT) on this beach, the practice of nautical activities in the air corridor, the discharge of sewage and cooking oils into the sea, occupancy Of the public domain by many deckchairs and umbrellas, the installation of terraces on the beach without prior authorization, noise nuisance and licensing in drinking places. The issue of stray animals on beaches and the ignition of barbecues in inappropriate places was also discussed between community and state services.
The follow-up committee which met on Friday 06 November 2015 in community, allowed to define the strategic axes of actions to be implemented.

It was thus decided:

Meeting in session on Tuesday 03 November 2015, the Planning and Town Planning Commission decided to prohibit the occupation of the beach of Grand Case by deckchairs and umbrellas. The opinion of the committee will be proposed for validation to the executive board on 17 next November. Restorers of the area will be notified by mail of this decision.

An order prohibiting motorized water sports on the beach was signed by the president. Watersports operators will be notified by mail of the regulations in force. Note that the nautical activity is already prohibited in the air corridor of the airport of Grand case.

Additional signs will be installed by the community on the shores of the coast and controls will be operated by the territorial police to enforce the prohibition of animal wandering and nudism on the beaches of the Community.

The restorers will be notified by mail of the obligation to install grease traps and to evacuate the cooking greases through a non-polluting circuit. Controls will be carried out by the territorial police so that this directive is respected.

The Territorial Police will carry out regular checks in the bars of Grand Case, in order to combat noise pollution. Checks will also be conducted by the police regarding the possession of a license for the alcohol debit.

Anxious to enforce the regulations concerning the occupation of the public domain, the Collectivité de Saint-Martin decided to take action through concrete measures. President Aline Hanson asks everyone to respect the regulations in force; The respect of the residents and the tranquility of the Grand Case district.

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