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2014-11-23 Town planning
Waste treatment

Reminder to the population
Untimely deposits of garbage, bulky items or green waste left on the road deteriorate our living environment. However, the Community of Saint-Martin has set up a collection system 7 days on 7 for household waste, 6 times a week for bulky and 3 times a week for green waste.
The public is asked to respect the measures put in place in order to preserve the environment.
For household waste
Food waste, paper, newspapers, flyers, food bricks, dirty packaging, dishwashing, earthenware, porcelain, ampoules, oil bottles, small plastic or polystyrene packaging, disposable tableware, tin cans, flowers ??
Please drop off your containers at the roadside from 18 hours. Daily pickup from 18h00 to 23h00 (do not drop the bags on sidewalks).
For bulky items
Scrap, appliances, cartons, packaging, furniture, mattresses, ??
The total quantity must not exceed 1 m3 by removal and per accommodation.
Pick-up times:
Scrap metal, household appliances, Hi-fi, ?? Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 18h00 to 23h00
Cartons, plastics, packaging Sunday, Wednesday 18h00 to 23h00
Furniture, pallets, mattresses, large plastic toys Tuesday 18h00 to 23h00
For green waste
Branches, leaves, grass clippings, weeds
Deposit days and times: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday between 18h00 and 23h00.
All other waste, including waste from construction sites (Inert rubble and rubble: earth, concrete, tiles, ceramics, stones ... Scrap metal: springs, old scrap, etc.) must be deposited by you at the Galisbay or at the sorting center of Grandes Cayes in Cul de Sac.
For voluntary intakes of types glass - plastics - metal boxes
Glasses: bottles, jars, glass jars
Plastics: bottles of food liquid (water, milk, ...), bottles of cleaning products, hygiene products type shower gel, shampoo, small folded boxes, overpacks
Metal cans: tin cans, beverage cans, aluminum cans, aerosols, cans
To be placed in the columns located along the road:
- Green lid for glass
- Yellow lid for plastic and metal cans

For a protected environment, please respect the schedules, days and places of deposit established by the Community of Saint-Martin.


2014-11-19 Culture, Youth & Sports
The Youth Pro Forum

The Community of Saint-Martin mobilizes for its youth! The Forum Pro Jeunesse, 2e edition, is an important event in metropolitan France. It will take place in five major cities of France, Paris, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse, on Saturday 29 November 2014, with a declination in several overseas cities, including Saint-Martin. The young people of the island are invited to take advantage of the facilities linked to the Forum which will be set up at the polyvalent high school of the northern islands, the whole morning of Saturday 29 November.
The Forum Pro Jeunesse aims to promote the professional integration of young people from working-class neighborhoods and young people from overseas who are mobile in France. The idea of ​​the Forum is to provide a maximum of answers and opportunities in terms of employment, internships, work-study, housing at 16 / 30 years.
The Saint-Martin Community and its Paris branch have decided to associate themselves with this event: The Maison de Saint-Martin team will have its stand at the CIDJ in Paris, which is located at 101 Quai Branly, while l The Saint-Martin Youth Association Pel'Icarus will be present at the CRIJ in Lyon, 66 Charlemagne, in partnership with the Paris branch. The Polyvalent High School of the Northern Islands also helps, so that the young people of Saint Martin can enjoy the Forum.
Thus, on Saturday 29 November, videoconferences will be installed in the secondary school, in two different forms:
- A web-based conference on international opportunities and entrepreneurship
- A room available to young people who want to participate in the "web workshop" that will be held in Paris. The young people of Saint-Martin will have the opportunity to interact by asking questions to the intervener.
It should be noted that the headmaster of the Lycée, Frantz Gumbs, will be present Saturday morning in his establishment to lead the young people.
The Community of Saint Martin invites young Saint-Martin to attend this Forum to attend the 9h polyvalent high school at 13h, Saturday 29 November 2014, in order to follow the news on the Forum Information on the different pathways of the future, through interactive exchanges.


2014-11-17 Town planning
Work on the RN7 between Accreditation and Cripple Gate

Information for road users The Saint-Martin Community and its Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM) inform road users that due to work currently being carried out on the sewerage network between Concordia and Sandy Ground, Will be alternated at the entrance of Sandy Ground (towards the bridge), starting on Wednesday 19 November 2014, for a duration of four weeks. This major work involves the rehabilitation of the wastewater system to the Sandy Ground substation.
Traffic will also be alternated on the RN7 between Accreditation and Cripple Gate at the pace of road repairs as part of the installation of new drinking water pipelines in this area.
The Community of Saint-Martin would like to thank you for your understanding, since this work is needed to rehabilitate drinking water and wastewater systems for the well-being of all.

2014-11-11 Town planning
Consultation meeting on the Urban Planning Code

04 December 2014 The Community of Saint-Martin is organizing a major consultation meeting before the finalization of the new urban planning code of Saint Martin, which will be held on 04 December 2014 to 18h30 at CCISM.
The meeting will be chaired by Mr. Guillaume ARNELL, senator of Saint-Martin, and 1er vice-president in charge of the Sustainable Development of the Community. Philippe BAFFERT, consultant in charge of the drafting of the new code, will be present to explain the issues and to provide all the necessary clarifications for the understanding of this new document and the many areas it covers in urban planning.
All the elected members of the Territorial Council are invited to this meeting, as well as professionals involved in urban planning law (architects, lawyers, builders, promoters, bailiffs ??), and the general public.
The Community of Saint-Martin is waiting for you, in order to make live this consultation and to take cognizance of the content of the Urbanism code of Saint-Martin, which will take effect at the beginning of 2015 and will define the urban planning rules of our territory for the coming years.
NOTE: The Draft of the new Urban Planning Code is available on the Internet site of the Community (

2014-11-11 Miscellaneous information
E-Newsletter n ° 7- November 2014

The digital magazine of the Community of Saint-Martin To consult e-Newsletter n ° 7, please click on the following link: e-newsletter n ° 7 - november 2014.pdf

2014-10-29 Miscellaneous information
Exclusion of the system Tax Credit for Competitiveness and Employment

The Collectivité de Saint-Martin decides to refer the case to the Administrative Court The Executive Council, which met on 28 October 2014 to 15h, unanimously authorized the President Aline Hanson to refer the matter to the Council of State via the Administrative Court of Saint-Martin, in order to obtain answers to specific questions on the issue of the non-application in Saint-Martin of a specific scheme having equivalent effects to the Employment Tax Credits Tax Credit (CICE).
This referral appeared perfectly legitimate to the members of the Executive Board, since the State deprives the Community's enterprises of the benefit of a public policy which is nevertheless solely within its remit and places them in a very unfavorable competitive situation To companies established in neighboring departments. This referral will take place at the beginning of next week.
Indeed, introduced in 2012 by the government, the CICE is particularly advantageous for the French companies that benefit from it. Its rate will probably be increased for companies in the overseas departments, reaching 9% of the wage bill as of the 1XXXXXXXXXXX. It is important to emphasize that the objective of the CICE is to reduce the cost of labor, a cost on which the Collective really has no control whenever labor law and social law are the sole responsibility of the State . However, companies in Saint-Martin are deprived of it. While national tax provisions are not intended to apply to Saint-Martin, it is inappropriate that no provision having equivalent effect to the CICE is provided for and financed by the State.
What does the law say about this referral?
In accordance with the provisions of Article LO6352-14 of the General Code of Local and Regional Authorities:
The president of the territorial council may, after deliberation by the executive council, apply to the administrative tribunal for a request for an opinion on the interpretation of the statute of Saint-Martin or on the applicability in the community of a law or regulation .
In case of serious difficulty, the President of the Administrative Court may transmit this request to the Council of State.
Where the request for an opinion concerns the division of powers between the State and the community, it shall be examined by the Council of State and shall be transmitted without delay. The representative of the State shall be informed immediately.
The Executive Board therefore decided to make use of this possibility for the first time in order to clarify several points concerning the articulation between the competences vested in the Collectivity and those which remain the sole responsibility of the State.

2014-10-23 Major Hazards
Cyclone Gonzalo

Lifting of the ban on bathing
The results of the Institut Pasteur on water quality in Saint-Martin concluded that the ban on bathing was lifted. Here are the results per beach, click on the following link: levée interdiction baignade.pdf

2014-10-20 Town planning
The Saint-Martin Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM)

Works in Concordia
The Saint-Martin Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM) has just begun work on the sewerage network, rue Paul Mingau in Concordia. This involves rehabilitating Concordia's wastewater transfer to the Sandy Ground substation. This work began on Monday 20 October 2014, for a duration of three weeks approximately, the biggest of the site being realized during the school holidays.
On the other hand, the night work announced in the area of ​​Cripple Gate on the drinking water network will continue from Thursday 23 October 2014. In the meantime, the precast concrete is poured during the day. It began on Monday 20 October for a duration of four days. An alternating circulation has been put in place.
The Community of St. Martin and the EEASM thank you for your patience and understanding.


2014-10-19 Major Hazards

Prohibition of bathing
The President of the Territorial Council, Mrs. Aline Hanson, adopted a territorial decree on 16 October 2014 prohibiting bathing on all the coast of Saint Martin, following the passage of hurricane Gonzalo. In order to know the state of water quality, the Regional Health Agency is currently collecting samples from all the beaches of the Community. The bathing ban therefore remains applicable until the results of these tests confirm the good quality of our bathing waters. In anticipation of these analyzes, which are due to arrive this weekend, the Community asks you to respect these basic precautions after a hurricane.

2014-10-19 Miscellaneous information
E-Newsletter n ° 6

The Digital Magazine of the Community of Saint-Martin Click on the following hyperlink to consult the e-Newsletter n ° 6: e-newsletter n ° 6 - october 2014.pdf

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