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2019-02-08 Associative life
The Manteau de Saint-Martin honors the woman

2019-02-06 Information / Administration
Fire of Frigodom

As a security measure, the community asks curious people who wish to venture near the port to respect the security perimeter of 500 meters, installed by the prefecture and to stay away.

The harbor access road is closed, as are the accesses through Friar's Bay and Morne Valois. Houses nearby were evacuated.

2019-02-06 Information / Administration
Press Release #2: Frigodom Fire

2019-02-04 Help / Steps / Services
Opening of a book of grievances as part of the Great National Debate

The Collectivité of Saint-Martin puts at your disposal a notebook of "grievances" according to the modalities of the Great national debate opened by the president of the Republic, the 15 last January.

Four themes have been selected by the government and cover major issues of the nation: taxation and public spending, the organization of state and public services, ecological transition, democracy and citizenship.

The notebook of "grievances" is thus opened from Monday 04 February 2019 to receive any comments or suggestions from the inhabitants regarding the orientations of public policies in the four themes reported. You can write your contribution or bring a writing already written.

This notebook is at your disposal in the lobby of the Collectivité in Marigot; it is open during opening hours, from 8h to 15h, from Monday to Friday. It will be closed 15 March 2019.

If you can not go to the Collectivité during the opening hours, you can send us your suggestions by mail to: Thank you to specify the theme chosen object. The grievances received by email will be included in the general specifications and sent to the government.

Thank you for your contribution.

2019-02-04 Security and Prevention
Animal Pound Activated Between 11 and 26 February 2019

The Community of Saint-Martin informs the population of the next capture of stray dogs on public roads by the territorial pound, Monday 11 February to Tuesday 26 February 2019.

Pet owners are advised to keep them attached and to monitor them even after the capture phase. For further information, please contact the Department of the Environment and Living Environment at 0590 52 27 30 or 0690 88 69 29.

Territorial decree 033-2014

According to the territorial decree n ° 033-2014 regulating the conditions of detention of the pets and their circulation on the public road, it is forbidden to let the animals roam on the territory of the Collectivité. To avoid any accident, dogs must be leashed and dogs called dangerous must be muzzled.

In the interest of all, the Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2019-02-04 Waste Management
Garbage collection during Tuesdays in Grand Case

As part of the organization of the Grand Case Tuesdays by the association Calypso Event, the community of Saint-Martin inform traders, restaurants and residents of the village of the need to deposit garbage in the bins provided for this purpose after 21h on Tuesday. The pickup will be done at the end of the event (23h). The Tuesdays of Grand Case begin this Tuesday 5 February and end on Tuesday 26 March 2019.

As a reminder, outside the "Grand Case Tuesdays" event, garbage collection is done by the community 7 days on 7 after 18h. The time of exit of the bins is thus fixed at 18h, not before.

Merchants and restaurateurs are also required to evacuate their own waste to the Grandes Cayes ecosite.

In the interest of all, the Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2019-01-28 Taxation
Collection at source of the tax: Saint-Martin's source income is not concerned

The Community and the Public Finance Center (CFP) of Saint-Martin want to provide clarification on the withholding tax of income tax (PAS) established in France and the overseas departments from the 1er January 2019.

When the activity is exercised in Saint-Martin, whether one is tax resident saint-martinois or not (rule 5 years), the revenues whether they are of public or private source are not subjected to the withholding at source (NOT). Taxpayers must pay installments and the balance of their tax with the Center des Finances Publiques de Saint-Martin.

When the income comes from an activity exercised in metropolitan France or in the French Overseas Departments (DOM), the 5 ans rule applies. Thus, residents of less than 5 years in the territory of Saint-Martin will see their income at source (PAS) according to Article 60 of the national tax code: levy operated by the income moneys on the bank account.

Tax residents of Saint-Martin (present on the territory for more than 5 years) are not subject to withholding tax. Taxpayers must pay their installments and the balance of the tax with the PSC of Saint-Martin.

Regarding taxation on public or private pensions, tax residents of mainland France or the overseas départements (- 5 years in Saint-Martin) are subject to SSP. The tax on pensions of the public service of State or of a public establishment established in mainland France or in the DOM is deducted at the source (PAS) according to article 60 of the tax code. The tax on private pensions for residents of less than 5 years is withheld by the debtor established in mainland France or in the DOM, at the time of payment.

With regard to taxation on public pensions, tax residents Saint-Martin (+ 5 years in Saint-Martin) are subject to SSP. The pension tax of the State Public Service or of a public establishment is deducted at source (PAS) according to article 60 of the tax code.

The tax on private pensions for tax residents of Saint-Martin is not subject to withholding tax. Thus, taxpayers must pay their installments and the balance of their income tax at the Center des Finances Publiques de Saint-Martin.

For clarification: the implementation of SAP at the national level will result in the removal of the monthly income tax levy in Saint-Martin. The taxpayers benefiting from the monthly payment will have to get closer to the Public Finance Center to know the new payment terms by installments and tax balance.

For further informationplease contact the CFP

2019-01-18 Calls for projects, national aids
Call for projects: EDF Group Corporate Foundation

2019-01-18 Information / Administration
Press release SAUR Saint-Martin: Morne Valois cuts water at Oyster Pond

2019-01-17 Schools
2019-2020 School Registration Campaign

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