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2019-04-30 Case Law & Notices
Referred Community: Occupation of Public Services

2019-04-24 Jobs / Training / Reviews
The community of Saint-Martin is eligible for free jobs

2019-04-19 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR Saint-Martin: Works on the network - Water cutoff

2019-04-19 Town planning
Opportunity note - Urban Planning Department

As early as the month of January 2018, after the publication by the State of the new marine submersion map, the President of the Collectivité announced new planning rules for the territory in order to simplify the procedures and to allow a quick start of the reconstruction. As a result, new modalities have been instituted for the reconstruction of buildings.

Regulatory framework

    Modification of the urban planning code of Saint-Martin- Mars 2018

    The urban planning rules have been simplified to help the population rebuild as quickly as possible with the implementation of the prior declaration Irma (DPI), a new planning permission that was in effect until 31 Mars 2019. It is important to emphasize that this authorization only concerned single family homes and apartment buildings and that the IPR is valid TWO (2) years renewable ONE (1) year.

    Since the community is responsible for ensuring the safety of its citizens, the urban planning code has been amended to authorize the executive council to defer granting planning permission pending the refinement of its knowledge of the risks. post IRMA for some reconstruction or construction projects.

    Since the 1er April 2019 we have fallen into the rules of common law urban planning namely:

    Advance declaration for repairs and whatever the destination of the building;
    Building permit for reconstruction work or new construction;
    Authorization of works for repair work inside a public institution (ERP);

      Modification of the Code of Construction and Housing - Mars 2018

      Obligation of a secure room with concrete walls and ceiling and a reinforced door, by housing or group of housing for any new construction of house which will allow to put its occupants safe during cyclonic events. It will also eventually reduce the need for cyclone shelters and the use of emergency evacuation.

        Modification of the Land Occupancy Plan (POS) - April 2018

        The Collectivité implemented a modification of the SOP which allowed a first regulatory evolution, favorable to the economic development and the emergence of the public projects pending the development of the Saint-Martin Urbain Plan (Plan of development and development of Saint-Martin).


        Since Irma During the Directorate of Spatial Planning and Urbanism composed of 16 agents, treated:

        680 Declarations Prior Irma;
        710 Planning Certificates;
        180 Declarations;
        165 Connection requests;
        5 License to develop;
        195 Building Permit;
        5 License to demolish;
        22 Work Permissions;
        613 Work Reports
        42 PV written;
        325 Declarations of intent to dispose of;
        47 Temporary Occupancy Permissions;

2019-04-18 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR Saint-Martin: Works on the network - Water cutoff

2019-04-02 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR Saint-Martin: Connection works - Water cutoff

2019-03-29 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR Saint-Martin: Cutoff of Orleans District in Oyster Pond

2019-03-29 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR invoice information

2019-03-29 Security and Prevention
Prohibition of access to the buildings of the Collectivité

The Collectivité de Saint-Martin informs the public that it is strictly forbidden to enter public buildings that are damaged or closed to the public. While a denial of access is reported there, the school Nina Duverly was visited and looted from its solar panels and various materials. This place will soon be demolished, it is forbidden to enter. A complaint will be filed. The community recalls that affected public buildings are strictly forbidden to the public for obvious security reasons. This prohibition also applies to private buildings. People who transgress this prohibition do so at their own risk and expose themselves to criminal prosecution.

2019-03-22 Event
World Water Day

The World Water Day, established by the UN in 1993, is dedicated to highlighting the importance of water and promoting the sustainable management of freshwater resources. 22 march of each year.

On this occasion, the Water and Sanitation of Saint-Martin (EEASM) wishes to draw the attention of the entire population of Saint-Martin to the importance of water and the need to work for its protection . Beyond this evidence, the EEASM continues to put its global action in the context of sustainable management, for the benefit of users and water quality.

In this sense, the EEASM works actively in partnership with the other actors of the Water of the territory, which are in particular SAUR, the DEAL, the ARS, the Natural Reserve, the definition of a series of measures and of actions they will have the pleasure to unveil at the next celebration of the Water Days in May and which will be part of the theme chosen by the UN this year: "Do not leave anybody behind ".

In the meantime, Dominique RIBOUD, President of the EEASM, as well as his staff wish you a Happy World Water Day and invite you to join, in conscience, the reflection and the actions put in place all over the world. this occasion. Climate hazards, population growth, migratory flows, environmental degradation, resource and consumption management ... The challenges are important and many, to successfully meet them will require the participation of all, the EEASM is there for you to accompany !

Some numbers

2,1 billion people do not have drinking water at home.

One in four primary schools do not have drinking water

Every day, more than 700 children under five die from diarrhea caused by unsafe water or lack of sanitation.

Nearly 159 millions of people draw drinking water from surface waters (eg ponds or streams).

Nearly 4 billion people - nearly two-thirds of the world's population - have been facing severe water shortages for at least a month during the year.

700 million people around the world could be displaced due to worsening water scarcity by 2030.

The wealthiest people generally have access to high quality water, sanitation and hygiene services at (often) very low prices, while poor people pay a much higher price for a service. of identical or lower quality.

Source: UN-Water

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