Press Releases

2015-07-19 Security and Prevention
Information campaign on the occupation of the public domain without prior authorization

The public domain is made up of all the Non-appropriable property " : Lanes, sidewalks, squares, gardens, open or closed spaces for public use. As such, the private occupation of the public domain, on a temporary basis, is subject to prior authorization and must be the subject of a request to the services of the Collectivity. Violators of these rules are liable to a fine of the 5th class, described in article R 116 -2 of the Highway Code:

The penalties for fines of the fifth class will be fined:

1 ° Without authorization, have encroached on the public road domain or carried out an act which is likely to affect the integrity of this area or its dependencies, as well as that of works, installations, plantations established in the said domain ;

2 ° Have stolen materials stored on public roads and their dependencies for road purposes;

3 ° Without prior authorization and in a manner not conforming to the destination of the public road domain, have occupied all or part of this area or its dependencies or have made deposits there;

4 ° Have permitted or spilled or thrown on public roads substances likely to interfere with public health or safety or to inconvenience the public;

5 ° In the absence of authorization, trees or hedges shall be established or allowed to grow within two meters of the boundary of the public road domain;

6 ° Without prior authorization, have carried out work on the public road domain;

7 ° Without permission, have dug a subterranean under the public road domain.

For example, the amount of the fine for contraventions of the 5 class is 1500 € at most, which can be increased to 3000 € in the event of a repeat offense where the Regulation so provides.

2015-07-07 Culture, Youth & Sports
Congratulations Bachelor

I warmly congratulate the high school students of Saint-Martin who have obtained their baccalauréat. They were able to put all the chances on their side to succeed in their examination. These new graduates will now be able to enroll in the different universities and schools of the country, in order to continue their apprenticeship and train in a trade. I strongly encourage them to move forward because our territory as a whole, and especially our businesses, need the technicality of our young people.

I also want to salute the investment of teachers, high school supervisors and parents who, through their daily involvement with the students, contributed to their success in the examination.

Finally, I would like to extend my support to the students who will be taking the baccalaureate exams in the next few days. I wish them well in their oral success.

Aline Hanson.

President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin.

2015-07-07 Town planning
EEASM Works St James Street

The Saint-Martin Community and its Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM) inform the residents of Saint-James Street in Marigot that due to work to install a new drinking water pipeline, Is prohibited from parking for the entire duration of the work on this street, that is to say from Thursday 09 July 2015 between 7 hours and 16 hours, for a duration of approximately two months.

The President of the Territorial Council Aline Hanson and the President of the EEASM, Louis Fleming apologize in advance for the embarrassment caused by these works of public utility and thank the public for their understanding.

2015-07-05 Town planning
Cleaning up roadsides from 20 July 2015

As part of the cleaning and maintenance of the public spaces, the Community of Saint-Martin informs the population that it will proceed, as of Monday 20 July 2015, to the mowing of the aisles of the roads.

The Community apologizes in advance for the inconvenience this may cause to road users and thanks the public for their understanding.

2015-07-05 Culture, Youth & Sports
2015 summer timetables

The President of the Community of Saint-Martin informs all the citizens of the establishment of the summer schedules within the Collectivity.

The summer timetables were stopped as follows: From 13 July 2015 to 14 August 2015, from 8 hours to 14 hours, Monday to Friday.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2015-07-02 Culture, Youth & Sports
Registration for school transport - school year 2015-2016

2015-2016 School Transportation Registration

Registrations for public school transport will be open from Monday 06 July 2015.

Persons wishing to enroll their child will have to travel from 06h8 to 30 hours from 14 July to the office of the School Affairs Department, Seafront Annex of the Community of Saint Martin, from Monday to Friday, in order to retrieve the registration form. Registration and the list of documents to be provided.

For more information, please contact the School Affairs Department at the 0590 29 59 23.

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Registration for School transport - School year 2015-2016

Registrations for public School transport Will Be Open from Monday, July 6, 2015.
The parents wishing to Register their child Will have to go as of July 6 At the office Of School Affairs, Seafront building of the Collectivity of St. Martin, From Monday to Friday between 8: 30 am and 14 Pm, to recover The registration form And the list of Documents required.

For more information, thank you To contact the School Business Department at 0590 29 59 23.

2015-06-30 Town planning

The Community of Saint-Martin informs the users of the Galisbay-Bienvenue waste collection center that the structure will be closed on Tuesday 14 July 2015 for the national holiday and on Tuesday 21 July 2015 for the feast of Schoelcher. During the summer the waste collection center will be open to the usual schedules.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2015-06-28 Culture, Youth & Sports
Evening of Laureates

The Community of Saint-Martin is organizing the Laureates' evening on Friday 24 July 2015 at the Sandy Ground MJC. The purpose of this event is to reward students who have distinguished themselves during the end-of-year examinations.

Graduate students who wish to be included in the 2015 Award Winners may register between 1er and 17 July 2015 between 9h and 13h at the Youth and Sports Department of the Community of Saint Martin, located at 16 rue de la Liberté (rue de la Poste), in the Human Development cluster.

Documents to be provided: Copy of the identity document, copy of the transcript.

For more information: Youth & Sports Department: 0590 29 59 14.

2015-06-25 Life of Institutions and Leaders
The Territorial Council authorizes the President to become a civil party on behalf of the Community in the case of the Public Prosecutor's Office / Semsamar

The Territorial Council of Saint-Martin met on Thursday 25 June 2015 to discuss several items on the agenda, including item 9 to authorize the President of the Territorial Council, Mrs. Aline Hanson, to On behalf of the Saint Martin Community, in the case between the Public Prosecutor and the Semsamar joint-stock company in Saint-Martin.

In a press release issued the day after the head of Semsamar, the former director of Semsamar and Semsamar as a legal entity, the chairman Aline Hanson declared that "shareholders are I shall be called upon to communicate again on the position of the Collectivity in this case ".

This was done at the territorial council of 25 June 2015. The President made a deliberation (No. 9 on the agenda) requesting the territorial council to authorize her to file a civil claim on behalf of the Saint Martin Community in the proceedings Criminal proceedings against SEMSAMAR (article1) and to designate the councils to represent and defend the interests of the Saint Martin Community in support of its civil party complaint until the end of The procedure before the competent Criminal Court and, if necessary, the remedies against such decisions (Article 2).

A resolution approved with 9 votes (for unanimity of majority councilors who voted), 5 abstentions (opposition UD and independent councilor Jules Charville), the five territorial advisers on the board of Semsamar not having Not taken part in the vote.

As a preamble to the presentation of deliberation 9, President Hanson had an opportunity to comment on the merits of this case, insisting that she wanted this deliberation "as a precaution, in order to Give the Collectivity the opportunity to become a civil party and to be able to do so at any time in order to have access to the file if it considers it useful in the light of the charges against SEMSAMAR. "

"This is what we are talking about, and nothing else," said the president. "The goal of this approach, which aims to protect the interests of the community, is not to place any mistrust on SEMSAMAR, But rather to enable the Collective to be directly and truly informed of the factors which have justified the investigation of it. It is also a matter for the Collective to assert its will that all transparency be made at the end of the current investigation. All of us here, together, have a duty to take all necessary measures to ensure transparency and safeguarding the public interest in all circumstances. "

Semsamar director Marie-Paule Bélénus Romana and former director Jean-Paul Fisher are subject to a criminal investigation under three offenses retained by the public prosecutor's office: Illegal detention (Art 432-12), embezzlement of public or private funds (art 432-15) and favoritism (art 432-15). The Semsamar legal person is also prosecuted for two offenses: embezzlement of public or private funds and favoritism.

By the vote of this deliberation, President Hanson wished that the community of Saint-Martin could at any time exercise its right to the constitution of civil party, in order to obtain compensation for two prejudices, the financial loss resulting from the infringement If it is proved (material damage) and the discredit that this offense (if proved) throws on the community (moral prejudice).

2015-06-17 Security and Prevention
Fire Red Rock thanks

President Aline Hanson and 1er vice-president Guillaume Arnell, in charge of sustainable development, would like to publicly thank the authorities in Sint Maarten, in particular Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs, for helping the French side in the fight against The fire that broke out on June 16 in the evening at the ecosite of Grandes Cayes, and which spread on Mount Red Rock, devastating fifteen hectares.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks the firefighters of Sint Maarten who lent a helping hand to the fire brigade of the French party to fight the fire fanned by the wind and threatening some houses. The Community's thanks also go to the Guadeloupe firefighters, gendarmes and police officers who have joined forces with this intervention.

At the scene of the fire, on Wednesday 17 June, Vice President Arnell was able to measure the importance of North South cooperation and the excellent work carried out by the firefighters of the two parts of the island, which mobilized about twenty Of men and 6 fire engines to overcome the flames. A solidarity highly appreciated.

The current drought in the area is particularly conducive to the development of fires, so the population is called upon to be vigilant. The President also pointed out that burning was strictly forbidden on the territory.

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