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2015-01-11 Solidarity and Family
Greetings 2015 by Ramona Connor

Speech of the Nineteenth Vice-President of the COM

Ceremony of Greetings 2015 Good morning to all of you. First of all, allow me to greet you and especially thank you for your participation in this traditional ceremony of presenting the wishes of the community for the year 2015. It is a great moment for me, along with my elected colleagues, to report on my daily activities and the progress of the projects supported by our community. As Vice-President of the Solidarity and Families Pole for nearly three years, I have committed myself to defining the priorities in favor of all those who are vulnerable or vulnerable; Women, men and families affected by age, illness, disability, precariousness, unemployment, accidents of life ....

It is a privilege to work in the field of solidarity but also a very heavy burden in a complex international environment, a degraded national socio-economic context and a community whose financial difficulties represent both a straitjacket and a challenge . The needs of the population are legitimate and the expectations increasingly strong in our territory. The community must ensure territorial social cohesion by generating the necessary solidarities and ensuring that they are coordinated with the policies pursued by other actors (state, social welfare bodies, associations, etc.). It must also be combined with the other sectoral policies of education, integration, economy, culture, tourism and spatial planning ... with which it interacts in a logic of development sustainable. Cross-functional work represents, for me, a principle of action that can not be ignored, a source of innovation and optimization.

In this sense, we must be realistic, pragmatic and responsible and have the political courage to make decisions that are unpopular but inevitable if we are to guarantee the benefits for the poorest while at the same time allowing tomorrow's economic growth and employment. Our community spends the largest share of its budget on social spending like the RSA which it is no longer able to finance and which represents an unsustainable fiscal gap. A deliberation of the request for empowerment of the RSA was voted by the territorial council several months ago to adapt the device to the specificities of our territory. We are still waiting for an answer as the debt grows inexorably ....

My unwavering commitment is part of this crossroads of paths and requirements; The implementation of social policies on the different axes of the territorial scheme; Autonomy, childhood, social cohesion but also in prevention and health, optimizing spending, prioritizing actions in the light of today's and tomorrow's needs and rightfulness. If the crisis stimulates a natural generosity towards the poorest, it forces us to question social assistance and policies insofar as they influence opportunistic behavior on the part of some recipients. The preamble to the Constitution introduces the right to the individual and an obligation of society, but it also asserts the individual duties such as that of working to claim unemployment compensation. Situations of abuse exist in our territory, they are unacceptable and require reinforced controls which I do not wish to see as a risk of instilling distrust but as a means of strengthening the rights of those who need action public. A dedicated control team will be dedicated to this mission.

In the field of autonomy, the ambitious and structuring project of the medico-social center was finalized and sent to the ARS for its registration with the PRIAC and thus obtain the necessary funding for its realization. In total, it should represent a capacity of 139 places including 72 for the elderly and 99 for the disabled. Different establishments will offer a real life course: EHPAD with Alzheimer's reception and temporary reception, IME, MAS, Foyer of life, CAMPS ... This ambitious project will finally answer the needs of a population left too long in the confusion of a lack of Solutions for their loved ones. It will be ambitious in an innovative design to pool functional means and minimize operating costs. In home maintenance, the introduction of pre-financed checks will make the aid more effective. Awareness campaigns will be extended to families and caregivers and I invite you to take the 25 next March for a symposium on Alzheimer's disease. The Territorial Pensioners and Elderly Committee (COTERPA) will also be set up, so that our elders can be fully involved as resource and user players in the policies and actions that concern them.

As for the child and family axis, a restructuring of the child welfare system was initiated by the transfer of personnel from the former MDE branch to the 1E January. The aim is to strengthen the action taken in the care of children and families and to develop a genuine prevention policy by encouraging parenting activities in a space identified as such. By and for all concerned actors of the territory, it will have the ambition to raise awareness of educational responsibilities and to contribute to the accompaniment of families in their duties; Information meetings, group discussions, workshops, reparentalisation, mediation, .... In addition, and to illustrate this transversality desired by all the directorates, the Pôle Solidarité et Famille will pilot the axis of intrafamilial violence within the framework of the action plan of the CLSPD conducted with the state.

Interdepartmental Program for Handicaping and Loss of Autonomy The CRIP, an essential tool in the field of children at risk, has revealed in 2014 its effectiveness and its essential place in our childhood policy. Its action will be extended by an observatory for children in danger. Family planning will be reactivated to also respond, in the field of prevention, to the needs identified with young people and women. In the vast field of social cohesion, whose outlines remain determined by those of the other fields with which it is articulated in complementarity, the policy already mentioned in the field of RSA must be extended to actions instituting genuine territorial reform In terms of minimum income. An operational and legal audit was launched and finalized at the end of 2013, which advocated a range of measures that I defended with the two successive overseas ministers in 2014 and to which they respectively gave an interested and positive listening . Once the empowerment is given to us, the reform will have to be quickly reopened in order to adapt the system in its different meanings for the implementation of a policy of just justice with the services of the State, CAF and Pôle Emploi.

In terms of social inclusion, a partnership with ADIL was formalized in 2014 so that Saint-Martin's could be better informed and advised on housing and housing issues. A new housing assistance service will need to be put in place for modest homeowners to prevent and combat unsafe housing. Finally, and because prevention and access to health are intimately linked to social inequalities in health, and we are directly involved in medico-social action, this essential segment of public action in the Of the population was particularly invested in 2014 through the CLS (local health contract) and PLS (Plan Santé Jeunes).

In a reciprocal engagement with the ARS in response to a diagnosis made on the specific needs of the territory, the cluster will pilot the device on 3 components: -The implementation of screening measures for developmental disorders in children and Behavior in the elderly. -The implementation of the guidelines of the Youth Health Plan of Saint-Martin -The creation of a Medico-Social Pole The state will lead the 3 priorities that are:

-Nutrition and fight against overweight and obesity

-The prevention of human diseases transmitted by mosquitoes

-The establishment of a Local Council on Mental Health (CLSM)

The PSJ, will concern the 6-25 years, and will focus mainly on risk behaviors, the promotion of good eating habits, prevention of the suicidal crisis and the psychic suffering as well as the addictive practices ". It will include a series of measures to better protect the health of young people through 7 orientations:

- Access to rights with the project to create a Youth Health Area and reflection on the establishment of a "young passport"

-Nutrition and the fight against obesity and overweight,

- Sexual and maternal health,

- The addictive behaviors,

-Mental health,


- Immunization coverage.

Access to services is also a major challenge in the fight against inequalities and the satisfaction of users. The MSF of Sandy Ground will be moved in spaces more adapted to a quality reception and a permanence should be able to be held in Grand Case where the presence of the PSF is lacking. Finally, the Pôle Solidarité et Famille will be relocated to a new administrative center shared with Pôle Emploi; The agents currently dispersed for reasons of contingency will find working conditions more in line with their organization and for the satisfaction of the public.

Conclusion As you can see, in 2015 projects are numerous and significant in building solidarity based on shared values ​​and revisited in terms of inter-generationality, more readable family policy, support for parenthood, effective prevention , Home maintenance, accommodation, proximity, partnership and transversality. If social spending represents a massive collective effort, it must also be synonymous with productive investment for the benefit and future of all. I want to personally thank all those, partners, professionals, collaborators, local and institutional actors who are involved on a daily basis to build social citizenship without exclusion. I extend to the whole population and all of you my best wishes for happiness, health and prosperity for the 2015 year with a special emotional thought for those who are in pain.

2015-01-11 Culture, Youth & Sports
Greetings from Rosette Gumbs-Lake 2015

Speech of the 4th Vice-President of the COM Greeting ceremony 2015

Hello everyone.
As the Protocol has already been established, it is my pleasure and honor this morning to say a few words to you during this new year.
So I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very happy 2015 year. A year of health and peace.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all community and CTOS officers, not only for your daily work but for your dedication and drive.
President of CTOS and the elected representative for participatory democracy, which includes the neighborhood councils and the territorial youth council, this morning is a good time to review the main achievements of the 2014 year that have optimized The service as well as prospects for the 2015 year that will come I hope to strengthen this optimization.
The CTOS is composed of a central kitchen with a daily production of 4500 meals and groups 181 women and 43 men distributed in the 17 school restaurants: nursery and elementary schools as well as the College and the Lycée, also the management of four recipe authorities , The Per and Extra-school services and the annex to Marigot.

The year 2014 was marked by several major events:
1 - The implementation of peri and extra-curricular activities in the framework of the PEDT, in partnership with sports and cultural associations.
2- The opening of leisure centers during the Easter holidays, the month of July, and holidays of All Saints.
3- A very strong increase in the number of children enrolled in peri-school activities (from 300 at the beginning of the year to more than 1000 at the start of the 2014 / 2015 school year)
4- The declaration of our centers at the Directorate of Youth Sports and Social Cohesion, which allows us to claim financial assistance from the General Fund of Social Security.
5- The recruitment of a new chef de production at the Central Kitchen.
6- The regularization of the situation of agents made available to the community to the Territorial School Works Fund which simplifies career monitoring and personnel management.
7- The end of the first phase of the renovation of the satellites studied by the veterinary services so that they all meet the health standards in force.
8- The establishment of payment by credit card in the control rooms.
9- The building of the central kitchen has been connected to the fiber optic.
10- CTOS membership has a Social Works Committee (CNAS).
11- CTOS membership in Pole emploi.

Outlook 2015:
- The development of out-of-school and out-of-school services as a function of the increase in the number of students enrolled in activities, and a major purchase of equipment, especially sports equipment, to develop these activities and to facilitate access for all.
- Offer a reception service in the morning and extend the afternoon until 17h is part of the actions programmed in the Service Péri Scolaires.
- Follow the study and implementation of the satellite renovation program.
- Following the work of compliance of the building of the school Siméone Trott, it will serve as a "restau" witness with an acquisition of new materials.
- The 2015-2016 opening of the School City, which will lead to an increase in staff numbers or a redeployment of staff.
- Starting the use of our software "Salamander" current first quarter, with training and support, which will allow a fine analysis of costs.
- An open day at the Lycée's restaurant soon.
- Set up a menu committee and develop the activities of the Lycée et Collège school restaurant.

Neighborhood Councils:
I wish to extend my special wishes to the six Representatives of the District Councils for their constant implications in their respective neighborhoods.
Joint actions have been carried out such as PLU consultations, Blue Week, the fight against Breast Cancer, Mothers and Fathers Day and the mobilization of all participants following the cyclone Gonzalo.
I would like to thank you for your involvement in the development of your many cultural, economic and social projects, notably with the help of associations such as "Sandy-Ground On The Move", "Association for Hope & Music Development" , "Jeunesse Soualigua", "I Like My Neighborhood", etc. (To name a few).
Regarding the prospects for the 2015 year, in general, the points mentioned are the same for the majority of the neighborhood councils: a continuation of the projects carried out in 2014 but also the improvement of the planning of the territory for the " general interest.
- Public lighting.
- The removal of car carcasses.
- The regularization files of the "fifty geometric steps".
- The improvement of the environment.
- Rehabilitation of sports stadiums and platforms.
- Road rehabilitation and sanitation.
- Better care for young idlers. Etc.

The Territorial Youth Council:
The members of the Territorial Youth Council learned to invest in the community and to make themselves known and to exchange through the following various actions:
- Participation in the elaboration of the young health plan of the ARS.
- Participation in a TV show on youth health.
- Participation in ZUMFIT 2014.
- Several meetings with the "Youth Parliament" of the Dutch part.
- Participation in the organization of "Sport For All".
- Participation in the history of 14 July.
- Creation and realization of a play for the rights of the child.
All these actions allowed them to discover the functioning of the various organizations and institutions that make up society.
So I wish you a successful 2015 year.

Finally, I would like to extend to all the staff of COM and CTOS, all our partners and the population once again, all my best wishes for this new 2015 year.
I would also like to seize this opportunity to express my best wishes to the employees of the Collectivity and the CTOS, to our partners at large. I wish you much Health, Peace & Happiness for this New Year 2015.

I thank to de votre attention.

2015-01-06 Miscellaneous information
President Aline Hanson condemns attack on Charlie Hebdo

The words of President Aline Hanson after the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo. Following the tragic events that took place on 7 on 2015 in Paris at the headquarters of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, I would like to condemn this unprecedented attack against the press.
This barbarous act, which has left twelve dead and several wounded, must be taken with all the seriousness and pragmatism required of the French authorities, so that the perpetrators of these crimes may be put out of Freedom of opinion is no longer in danger, and that the French Republic is respected in its own territory.
The President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin, Aline Hanson

2014-12-09 Culture, Youth & Sports
The Territorial Archives are open to the public

Sign up now! The Territorial Archives of the Community of St. Martin officially opened their doors, on Monday 08 December 2014.
In order to celebrate the opening, the staff of the Territorial Archives organized a very beautiful exhibition entitled "My archives, archives and archives"; This presentation is open to the public from 8 December 2014 to 7 May 2015, Monday to Friday from 9h to 15h (free admission).
The annual registration in the Territorial Archives is required to obtain a reader card which will then allow you to consult the archival documents and work in the research room. Registration is made on site with the staff of the Archives during the opening hours: from 9h to 13h, from Monday to Friday (on presentation of an identity card).
The staff of the Territorial Archives of the Community of Saint-Martin awaits you numerous to make you discover the treasures of the archives of the territory of the Collectivity.

2014-12-08 Miscellaneous information
E-Newsletter n ° 8-December

The Digital Magazine of the Community of Saint-Martin Consult the 8 e-Newsletter by clicking on the link below:
e-newsletter December Community 2014.pdf

2014-12-04 Culture, Youth & Sports
A traditional Christmas

The "Pudding, Tart and Punch" Contest The Saint Martin Community and its Art & Culture service organize, on 23 December 10h to 20h, a traditional Christmas in the park of the Collectivity.
Like every year, the big contest "Pudding, Tart and Punch" will animate this day of celebration. A small Christmas market with the sale of cakes and local products will be offered to the public, not forgetting the traditional musical animation.

To reserve a stand or participate in the "Pudding, Tart & Punch" contest, please contact the Art & Culture department, in charge of Minerva Dormoy: 0690 88 90 97.

The Community is waiting for you to participate in this cultural event.

2014-12-02 Culture, Youth & Sports
The Territorial Archives of the Community of Saint-Martin

Official Opening The Territorial Archives of the Community of Saint-Martin officially open their doors on Monday 8 December 2014.
As part of the inauguration of the Territorial Archives, an inaugural exhibition of the Territorial Archives entitled "My archives, archives and archives" is proposed to the general public, from 08 December 2014 to 07 May 2015, free and open Monday To Friday from 9h to 15h.
Monday 08 december 2014 from 14h: exceptional guided tour (on invitation) of the spaces of conservation: 3 groups of 15 maximum people will be welcomed, with 15h, 16h and 17h.
The invitations are to be withdrawn by the public at the Territorial Archives, rue Jean-Luc Hamlet in Concordia, on Saturday 6 December between 10h and 13h.
Tuesday 09 December 2014 to 9h: Opening of the research room to the public.
In order to continue collecting and processing the archives to communicate them, the research room is open from Monday to Friday, from 9h to 13h.
The Archives of the Community of St. Martin invite you to come and discover the exhibition "My archives, archives, archives" and to take advantage of the activities set up as part of the inauguration day.

2014-12-02 Solidarity and Family

Obligations of the tenant in matters of insurance The obligation of insurance
The tenant of a dwelling is liable for the duration of the rental of the damages which it can cause to the building. In units subject to the provisions of the Act of 6 July 1989, that is to say an empty rented dwelling for residential use, whether it is social park or private park, the tenant is legally obliged to Insurance against the rental risks (art 7 law of the 6 July 1989).
Exempt from this obligation are seasonal rentals, official housing.
In the case of renting a rental insurance policy, it is not legally binding, but this obligation may result from the contract and the tenant must therefore subscribe.

What is insurance for rental risks
It covers damage to the building caused by fire, explosion or water damage.
It does not always cover damage to property including theft which will require the purchase of supplementary insurance.

What are the risks in the event of insurance default?
In case of absence of insurance, no damage will be compensated.
The lack of insurance can be sanctioned by the cancellation of the lease, that is to say its early cancellation, a month after the sending of a command to ensure remained unsuccessful.
The owner may require the delivery of an insurance certificate upon entering the premises and annually on the anniversary date of the lease.
New provision ALUR law (application suspended pending modification of the decree recoverable expenses):
If the certificate of insurance is not handed over and after a formal notice has not been given, the lessor may take out insurance on behalf of the tenant and recover it from the tenant.

Owner's insurance

The owner, whether he is an occupant or lessor, is not obliged to insure his accommodation, but he will then be responsible for compensation for any damage his property may cause.
The owner generally subscribes to a so-called "multi-residential insurance" which covers fire, explosion and theft damage.
The landlord (who rents out his property) can only insure a third-party liability, so he will be covered in the event of damage due to a construction defect or lack of maintenance.

Insurance in condominiums
Most condominium regulations require the condominium to make sure to guarantee the damage to the building and the civil liability of the union.
Since the ALUR Law it is now a legal obligation (art 9-1 new of the Law of 10 July 1965)
Group insurance covers only the common parts. However, it can also guarantee each co-owner for damages that have originated in his home and caused to third parties, neighbors (water damage ..) or potential tenants.
Attention, in the absence of personal insurance covering the damage caused to the units the co-owner will not be covered.

The guarantee "storm, hurricane, cyclone"
Insurance contracts that include a fire warranty automatically include a "storm" warranty.
In the case of this guarantee are covered not only the effects of wind, but also damage caused by rain.
Warning: Please check the conditions for putting into play the list of exclusions, as well as the amount of any deductibles set by the insurance contract.

The Natural Disaster Guarantee
Since the 13 July 1982 Act, all contracts covering damage to property necessarily include a guarantee against natural disasters (multi-hazard home, multi-risk commercial or business loss insurance, automobile insurance including a "damage" )
The definition of natural disaster is given by art 125-1 of the insurance code.
However, it is not the insurer that determines whether or not the damage results from a natural disaster, it is the public authorities that trigger the natural disaster procedure.

Setting game
The insurer's guarantee is triggered by the publication in the official gazette of an interministerial decree establishing the state of natural disaster for the event (s) and in the geographical area determined by the decree.

In order to be indemnified, the insured must declare the loss to the insurer as soon as he becomes aware of it and at the latest within ten days of the publication of the decree in the official gazette.
NB: The insured person can declare the loss before the publication of the order, it will avoid having to "monitor" the publication of the order and the risk of a late declaration that will not be taken account.
As soon as possible, the insurer must be provided with an estimate of the losses: any document may be taken into consideration (photo, purchase invoice, notarial deed)
The insurer must pay the indemnity within three months of the date of the presentation of the estimated loss, or if it is later than the date of publication of the order.

Contact: Pole Solidarity and Families -Direction Social Inclusion-Service Habitat-Logement
Tel: 0590 .876.192.

2014-12-02 Town planning
New drinking water pipeline

Cripple Gate-Morne Valois Sector The Saint-Martin Community and its Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM) are informing the public that work relating to the installation of a new drinking water pipe in the area of ​​Cripple Gate-Morne Valois, now continue at night. These delicate works carried out at night started on Wednesday 03 December 2014 for a duration of one week, until Wednesday 10 December 2014. Night work schedules are between 19h30 and 04 in the morning.
However, the workers will carry out the concreting of the trenches of the day and by point phases, with the obligation to put in place an alternating circulation.
President Aline Hanson and EEASM President Louis Fleming thank the public for their patience and demand that the signage put in place be respected for the safety of workers and road users.

2014-12-02 Miscellaneous information
Report of the Executive Board

- Allocation of Territorial Aid to the remuneration of future jobs at GRETA
The 25 January 2013, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin signed an agreement with the state in which it undertakes to assume the share of salary and related social charges not covered by the state, namely 25% of SMIC (Minimum Interprofessional Wage of Growth) of persons signing a contract employment of the future.
This support for employers in associations carrying out activities of a social, environmental or activities with a high potential for job creation is managed on behalf of the Community by the Services and Payment Agency ( ASP), Delegation of Guadeloupe. In order to respond to GRETA's request for the payment of 25% of the salary of two staff recruited under the forward employment contract, the Executive Board authorized the ASP to pay the Territorial Aid to the applicant knowing that These agents will benefit at the end of this system of a contract of employment of indefinite duration.

- Assignment of Individual Training Assistance (AIF) and Exceptional Help
The AIF allows jobseekers or employees in precarious situations with a professional project to undergo qualifying training in order to gain access to the labor market. For example, the 13 November 2014, on the advice of the Committee on Employment, Learning, Insertion and Vocational Training, decided to award an XIFX EUR and That 800 Exceptional Aid to Training for a global amount of 5 euros.

- User fees for Territorial Archives and royalties related to the use of archival documents
At the plenary session of the Executive Council on Tuesday 18 November 2014, the councilors set the fees for services to users of the Territorial Archives of Saint Martin, located in the Media Library building at Concordia, with a view to its opening to the public, The 8 next December.
As the use of the reproduction of archival documents is subject to a legislative and regulatory framework, as regards intellectual property and the re-use of public information, the tariffs defined in the executive council will be applied as soon as the Territorial Archives are opened.
These rates range from 30 cents for a simple black and white photocopy to 25 euros for the printing of an HD file, with a reduction of 50% for students and retirees (upon receipt). Tariffs have also been fixed for the editing of still images (book, CD-Rom, DVD, video and multimedia).

- Appointment of the alternate of the President of the Collectivité to the National Commission for the Evaluation of Overseas State Policies (CNEPEOM)
Considering the request of the Deputy Prefect of St Barthelemy and Saint Martin to designate the deputy of the President of the Territorial Council of Saint Martin at CNEPEOM, the Executive Council which met on 25 November 2014 decided to appoint Unanimity of the six councilors present the 2 Vice-President, Mrs. Ramona Connor.

- Procurement awards
Considering the need to install additional surveillance cameras in the territory of the Community of Saint-Martin and considering that the sum allocated to the signing of the contract was to be modified as a result of the increase in these additional establishments, Meeting on 25 November 2014, voted to deliberate the commitment of this public market previously validated by the tender commission, 13 November 2014. This is the addition of 16 cameras throughout the territory, as well as four cameras for reading license plates. With the replacement of radio links by fiber optics, the securing of data transmissions and the maintenance of this equipment, this public contract now stands at 4 281 357, 70 euros, entrusted to Getelec.
The Executive Board also authorized the President to sign the contract for a public contract, previously validated by the tender commission, 13 November 2014, on the award to the Cariburo company of Two lots of supplies of office furniture and supplies of school furniture.
Finally, the Executive Board authorized the President to sign the contract for a public contract previously validated by the tender commission on 14 November 2014, to award the contracting authority for the contract, Development of the Belle Plaine basin, the SAFEGE group and the Independant Consulting Engineers NV A water retention project carried out jointly between the two parts of the island financed by the European funds Interreg Caraïbes.

- Award of a grant to the association "Manteau de Saint-Martin"
The association Le Manteau de Saint-Martin's mission is to provide day care, accommodation, accompaniment, and social integration of people in great difficulty. It also manages the Emergency Hospitality and Reception Center (CAHU), created in 1998.
The association is experiencing structural financial difficulties and some rationalization measures have been implemented with a view to reducing costs, thus reducing expenditure items. In this difficult context, the Executive Council, meeting on 25 November, decided to grant a grant from the Collectivité to the Mantle de Saint-Martin, in order to help it carry out its charitable missions. This grant is in addition to the state's allocation.

- Vote of the agenda of the territorial council of 18 December 2014
At the 25 November 2014 Executive Council, the six councilors present voted on the agenda of the next Territorial Council, to be held on Thursday, December 18, and which was adopted as follows:

1- Adoption of the urban planning code of St Martin
2- Financial guarantee granted to SEMSAMAR
3- Decision modifying the 2014 budget
4 Update Depreciation Rates for 2015
5 - Review of the 2015 budget of the Tourist Office
6- Examination and vote of the original 2015 budget of the Community
Divers questions.

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