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2015-02-24 Cooperation
Saint-Martin at the OCT Conference in Tortola

The outermost region of Saint Martin participated in the regional conference of the OCTs of the Caribbean, the 23 and 24 February 2015 in Tortola in the Virgin Islands. Our Community was represented by the President of the Territorial Council, Mrs. Aline HANSON.

Although Saint-Martin is an outermost region (RUP), the European Commission and the current President of the Association of Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTA), Dr Orlando Smith, Prime Minister of the British Virgin Islands, Invited the Community of Saint Martin to the Regional Conference of Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT), which is being held on 23 and 24 February 2015 in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

This regional conference brought together the Heads of Government and Territorial Authorities of the OCTs of the Caribbean, the representatives of the Member States of which the OCTs are responsible, the countries of the ACP group and the outermost regions (RUPs) (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana and Saint -Martin), as well as regional organizations, the European Investment Bank and financial institutions in the region.

The objective was to enable all the participants to discuss ways and means of strengthening cooperation between the actors in the area and to identify the priorities for action that could receive financial support from the Union European.

The objective of the participation of the ORs and ACP countries in the Caribbean area was to strengthen synergy and coordination between the European Development Fund (EDF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) cooperation programs, . The conference was a platform for discussion to identify opportunities for joint programming between the OCTs, the ACP countries and the ORs.

In this context, cross-border cooperation between Saint Martin and Sint Maarten could serve as a model for all future cooperation projects, which could call for the necessary coordination of the EDF and the ERDF.

2015-02-23 Economy
Eleven Guest Houses Join the Community Standards

Friday 20 February 2015: The Community of Saint Martin has organized a ceremony to give twelve owners of Guest Houses / Bed and Breakfast a plaque with the number of stars referenced in the official classification of the Collectivity. After the 2012 executive's hotel standards and the 2013 master restorer, it is now the Guest Houses to integrate the Community's reference classification. This framework was adopted in February 2014 by decision of the Executive Board.

The Guest Houses can now integrate the process and benefit from 1 to 5 stars, whose rankings have been defined by a customer audit. And if this new standard offers official recognition to these establishments, it will above all allow them to improve their offer and their product, the Community having set up a subsidy system for the renovation of guesthouses referenced. Aids evolve according to the number of stars, which will encourage homeowners to improve their services to get a star upgrade. Eleven owners of Guest Houses / Bed and Breakfast have joined the scheme and received their official plaque from the hands of the 3 Vice-President Wendel Cocks, responsible for economic development of the territory, and the elected representative of Tourism, Jeanne Rogers-Vanterpool .

And as mentioned by the two elected representatives, the Guest Houses referential is an integral part of the political project and the tourism development plan carried out by the Mandate. This plan includes the general beautification of the territory, the revitalization of Marigot, the development of the bay, as well as concrete actions to improve the security of the territory. Mrs Rogers-Vanterpool and Mr Cocks warmly thanked the eleven Guest Houses which have integrated the territorial arrangements, as they enrich the tourist offer referenced by the territory, while continuing to perpetrate the quality of reception and the Friendly Island , Which was born in the 50 years thanks to the tradition of the Guest House.

2015-02-22 Culture, Youth & Sports
Closing of Galisbay's Omnisports Hall

From 22 February 2015 to 10 May 2015 The Collectivity of Saint-Martin and its Sports & Youth department inform you about the closing of the Galisbay Omnisports Hall, from 22 February 2015 to 10 May 2015, for work. The room will be fully rehabilitated and brought up to standard, so that during this period of work, no sporting activity can take place on the site.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2015-02-21 Cooperation
20th Conference of Presidents of the ORs, Guillaume Arnell recalls the stakes for Saint-Martin

The XXth Conference of Presidents of the ORs met in Guadeloupe, the 04, 05 and 06 February 2015, the Presidents of the Outermost Regions (RUP), including the Community of Saint Martin in the person of 1er Vice-President Guillaume ARNELL representing the President , European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Ms Corina CRETU, as well as representatives of the European Parliament and national governments.

The Conference of the Presidents of the ORs, whose purpose is to defend the specificities and interests of its regions on a European scale, marked the end of the Guadeloupe Presidency and its transition to Madeira . The Presidents also adopted a final declaration highlighting the major challenges facing all outermost regions such as unemployment and youth employment, fisheries regulation, the importance of regional cooperation, accessibility And the need for structural catch-up in infrastructure.

In his various speeches, the 1er Vice-President Guillaume Arnell explained all the sectors that represent real issues of territorial development such as energy autonomy - supported by the European Union, which favors renewable energies and for which the Territories of the ORs have significant potentialities - regional integration as well as trade cooperation with the neighboring territories of the area. He highlighted the contrast between the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy and the developmental delays experienced by the Territory in relation to other European regions and, consequently, the Community's desire to promote development comparable to that of other regions which are experiencing A high rate of growth and a sufficient level of equipment and infrastructure.

The 1er Vice-President expressed his satisfaction at the allocation for the first time of an operational program for cross-border cooperation for Saint-Martin, while noting the need to provide suitable modalities for sharing the island, So that it can be implemented. In this connection, he referred to the Commission's reflection on the need for coordination between the outermost regions and third countries, since it was in the region that the island wanted to develop its assets. He finally recalled the need to maintain a stronger partnership with the European Commission.

The Community of Saint-Martin, in the person of Mr Thierry GOMBS, DGA of the human development division, and Mrs Salammbo GUIBERT-SOUTADE, in charge of the DGA, also took part in the thematic session dedicated to employment which Within the framework of the Conference. Following this thematic session, all the ORs adopted an 2015 action plan focusing on the green and blue economy, which reaffirms the need for joint actions and exchanges of good practice in sectors such as: Agriculture and sustainable tourism, the sector of new technologies for waste treatment, alternative energy and maritime resources, which constitute employment-generating sectors. All these orientations were presented to the Presidents of the ORs who reaffirmed the importance that should be given to the employment especially of the youngest and the desire to be endowed with a specific instrument for employment in the outermost regions.

2015-02-18 Miscellaneous information
E-Newsletter n ° 10 - February 2015

The digital magazine of the Community of Saint-Martin Click on the hyperlink below to consult the e-Newsletter of February:
E-newsletter n ° 10 (February 2015) Community of Saint-Martin.pdf

2015-02-10 Culture, Youth & Sports
The 2nd Forum of Parents

This Wednesday 25 February 2015 The National Education organizes in collaboration with the Community of Saint-Martin and Rotaract Clubs and Rotary Saint-Martin North:

The "2nd Parents Forum" of Marigot and Sandy-Ground
Theme: "Support for parenthood: the parent-child relationship within the family.
Communication within the family "
On Wednesday 25 February 2015 from 10h to 13h
At the Elementary School of Nina DUVERLY.

The objectives of the action:

Allow parents to meet with various educational collaborators;
Create a space for communication between partners;
Anchor the school in its territory.

Parents of pupils are invited to come and talk with educational professionals on the many subjects related to the education of their children.

2015-02-09 The taxation of non-residents
Income tax due by non-residents

The rules for calculating tax due on income in year 2015 change

The territorial council made significant changes to the calculation of the income tax payable by "non-residents", that is to say, persons not resident in Saint-Martin ( CT21-1bis-2014 of the 20novembre2014).

Thus, for the taxation of income for the year 2015 And subsequent years, the tax on income of non-residents deriving from Saint Martin all or almost all of their income will be calculated on the same terms as those applicable to persons having their fiscal domicile in Saint Martin ( Application of the general scale comprising several tranches subject to different rates which increase gradually according to the importance of income, family quotient, reduction of 40%, access to all tax advantages ...).

Who is affected by these changes?
The persons concerned by this reform are those who fulfill the following two cumulative conditions:
- They do not have their fiscal domicile in Saint-Martin;
- Their total income from Saint-Martin's source is greater than or equal to 75% of their taxable world income.

For example, persons settled in Saint-Martin but whose domicile for tax purposes has been established during any period between 1erjanvier2011 and their arrival in Saint-Martin, in a department of metropolitan France or overseas, Be affected by this reform if they are deemed to have their fiscal domicile in Guadeloupe (non-residents "Less than five years").
In order to assess the threshold of 75%, income from Saint-Martin's sources is defined as income from real estate located in Saint-Martin and income from professional activities, whether employed or not, exercised in Saint-Martin, Including where such activities are carried out within the framework of the civil service of the State.

What is the general scope of these changes?

The non-residents concerned are treated as income tax purposes by persons domiciled in Saint-Martin; They nevertheless remain subject to a tax obligation limited to the taxation of their only income from St. Martin's sources.

What are the consequences of these changes on the amount of tax due?

The amount of income tax for the year 2014 (tax notices sent in September 2015) will not be affected by this reform.

For the taxation of income in 2015 and subsequent years (tax notices distributed in September 2016 for the taxation of 2015 income), the effects of this reform will depend on the situation of the households concerned (level and nature of their incomes, composition The existence of expenses deductible from the total income such as alimony, payment of expenses likely to open right to reduction of tax etc ...).

In particular, some non-residents are currently subject to a minimum tax at the 14,4% rate, which will cease to apply, while others, such as wages and salaries, may see their taxation reduced To a considerable extent in relation to the taxation which would have been theirs had they been taxed as residents.

The simulations show that some households may see their income tax contributions increase compared to the current situation.

The attention of the households concerned is called on the fact that this increase may be wholly or partly neutralized if they From 2015 Of the expenses eligible for one of the many tax reductions provided for by local tax regulations. These tax reductions, now open to non-residents drawing from Saint-Martin at least 75% of their income, are as follows:

- Reduction of tax on contributions paid to trade union organizations (CGISM, Article 199 quater C)
- Reduction of tax on tuition fees for children attending secondary or higher education (CGISM, article 199 quater F)
- Reduction of tax on certain investments made in Saint-Martin (local tax-exemption regime, CGISM, Article 199 undecies D and 199 undecies E)
- Reduction of tax on expenses related to dependency (CGISM, article 199 quindecies)
- Reduction of tax on the employment of an employee at home (CGISM, article 199 sexdecies)
- Reduction of tax on cash compensatory benefits paid in the event of divorce (CGISM, article 199 octodecies)
- Reduction of tax on donations (CGISM, article 200)
- Reduction of tax on certain capital expenditure for the main dwelling (CGISM, Articles 200 quater and 200 quater A)
- Tax reduction for early childhood care expenses (CGISM, Article 200 quater B)

On applicable tax regulations

Taxation of the community

Head of the cluster:
David Girardot Mail:
Odile Winner
Tel: 05 90 29 56 20

On your personal tax situation (simulations etc ...)
Saint-Martin Tax Service (State services)
Responsible: Horace Cantone, Divisional Public Finance Inspector

Tel: 05 90 87 63 22

2015-02-08 Town planning

Burning in the open Following the incident on Friday 6 February 2015 near the airport of Grand Case requiring the intervention of the firefighters, it is reminded to the population that the burning in open air of the garbage And green waste is strictly prohibited throughout the territory of the Community of Saint-Martin. (99-2013 Territorial Decree of 15 May 2014 + Circular of 18 Nov. 2011 relating to the prohibition of open burning of green waste).
The burning of green waste can cause neighborhood disturbances generated by smells and smoke, harmful to the environment and health, and may cause a fire to spread. More specifically, burning in the open air is a source of significant emissions of pollutants.
Landscaping companies and landscapers are also obliged to eliminate their green waste in ways that respect the environment and the regulations: by grinding on site, bringing waste to the ecosite of Grandes Cayes , Or by direct valuation. Under no circumstances should they be burned.
It should also be borne in mind that Article L. 541-21-1 of the Environmental Code obliges persons who produce a significant quantity of bio-waste to ensure their valorization, since 1XXXXXXXXXX, which excludes any disposal Of their green waste by burning.
In case of non-compliance with the provisions of the decree, the offenses duly noted by the sworn personnel of the Collectivité of Saint-Martin, by the territorial police or the gendarmerie, will be the object of a verbalization in accordance with the provisions of the R.610.5, 632-1, 635-8 and 644-2 of the Penal Code and Article L. 1311-1 of the Public Health Code.

2015-02-08 Culture, Youth & Sports
Information to parents

Siméone Trott Kindergarten The Collectivité de Saint-Martin informs all the parents of pupils whose children are enrolled in the Siméone Trott kindergarten that, in partnership with the Rector's services, it has been decided that Carnival vacations will be on Tuesday 10 February 2015 after class (usual schedules).
Thank you for taking note.

The Directorate of Education / Community of Saint-Martin

2015-02-03 Town planning

Embellish roundabouts
The Environment and Life Framework in partnership with the Sandy-Ground On the Move association will plant on the roundabouts of Marigot, starting on Tuesday 10 next February. The program will begin with the embellishment of the Agrément, Mini Club and Sea Front roundabouts, as the planters in the downtown area will also be reflowed. As part of its integration market with the Community, Sandy Ground On The Move will benefit from mandatory training in the market, which will be delivered by the training center Foreisles du Nord.
The planting program will then extend to the roundabouts of the cemetery and tourist office, Bellevue, Sandy Ground and St James, and all other areas of Saint Martin.
The Saint-Martin Community and Environment Department also informs the public that it proceeded on Thursday 05 February to clean the car park of the Marina Royale, with a view to the opening of the event " Les Jeudis de la Marina "and that a mowing of the aisles on the main roads is scheduled from the beginning of February on the territory.

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