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2018-07-03 Sport
Closure of sports trays for work

The community of Saint-Martin informs users of sporting plateaus, individuals and associations, of the temporary closing of the Thelbert Carti stadium in Orléans, Orléans, Concordia and Sandy Ground during the months July and August, for works.

The summer period is being used by the community for a complete renovation of these public infrastructures to allow young users and sports associations to return to their habits, as of the beginning of September.

The community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2018-07-03 Culture, Youth & Sports
Registration for the Soirée des Laureates 2018

New Graduates Invited to Register Between 09 and 16 July

As part of the organization of the "2018 Laureates Evening" reward evening, the Saint-Martin Collective invites high school students who have obtained their Baccalaureate and 2nd cycle students who have obtained their post-baccalaureate diploma (BTS, DUT, License, Master 1, Master 2 or Doctorate), to register with the Youth and Sports Department of the Community, located in the annex of the Collectivité (Citée administrative), rue Fayel in Concordia. This registration will allow them to participate in the Laureates night, which will be held on Friday 20 July 2018.

Registrations will be open between Monday 09 July and Friday 16 July 2018 from 08h30 to 13h30the winners must have a copy of their identity documents and proof of their success.

The Community of Saint-Martin will be delighted to reward the new graduates of the territory, during this evening dedicated entirely to them.

2018-06-27 Building Permit
Temporary closure of the Galisbay car park for the heavy-lift permits

As part of the organization of the events plateau, non-circulation, heavy-duty driving license, the Collectivité de Saint-Martin brings to the attention of the public the temporary closure of the Galisbay car park, on the following dates:

Thursday 28 June 2018 from 7h00 to 13h30on the reserved area of ​​Galisbay car park
Thursday 19 July 2018 from 7h00 to 13h30 on the reserved area of ​​Galisbay car park

This exceptional closure is governed by the Territorial Order No. 1686-2018 of the President. As such, traffic and parking will be prohibited in this space at the dates and times mentioned above.

Thank you to make your arrangements, the vehicles parked in the parking lot after 7 hours can be verbalized and removed by the Community at the expense of the owner.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2018-06-22 Speeches, meetings / Agenda / Debates
Information meeting on the mobilization of the ESF European Social Fund for the training of employees

The Saint Martin Community sends the following information to the public: The ESECCTE Guadeloupe FSE service organizes an information meeting on the funding possibilities offered by the European Social Fund (ESF) for the implementation of training plans in favor of the employees of the companies of the territory.

This information meeting will take place Thursday 28 June 2018 from 18h30 in the Opal Room of the Interprofessional Consular Chamber of Saint Martin (CCISM). Come many!

2018-06-21 Speeches, meetings / Agenda / Debates
General statement of the President to the Territorial Council of 21 June 2018



Ladies and gentlemen Vice-Presidents,

Ladies and gentlemen, the territorial advisers,

The representative of the public accountant,

Ladies and gentlemen members of the press,

Dear public,

Hello everyone,

We are meeting this morning for a plenary session mainly focused on the finances of the Collectivité: the validation of the accounts of the public accountant and the validation of the accounts of the territorial administration.

Before going into the heart of the subject that concerns us today, I would like to take the time to give some current information on the reconstruction of public infrastructure undertaken by the Community in recent weeks.

I know that this is a strong expectation of our fellow citizens and I want to respond in the introduction to this Council to show the commitment of this team at the service of the people.

On rebuilding schools, which is under the authority of our vice-president Annick Pétrus, 2 million euros of expenses have already been paid by the Community to the companies in charge of carrying out the emergency work that allowed the return of the children to the schools.

The heaviest work will be done during the school holidays. In total, we have planned a budget of 9,5 million euros for the rehabilitation of 17 public schools with as a top priority, the return of schoolchildren on school benches in optimal conditions in September.

Under the authority of my 1ère Vice-President Valérie Damaseau, the Community has also concentrated its efforts on the rehabilitation of sports plateaus of the territory. Work is under way on the Concordia, Orleans District, Savannah, Grand Case and Sandy Ground plateaus.

The reopening to the public is scheduled for the beginning of August for most of the plateaus, and in October for the plateaus of La Savane and Friar's Bay.

Since the vote of the original budget last April, the community has committed for 2,9 its sports equipment million euros through public procurement, knowing that 800000 euros work have already been invoiced to date.

With regard to public lighting, whose rehabilitation is under the authority of my vice-president Steven Patrick, a lot of work remains to be done despite the intervention of the technical services of the community and our provider GETELEC who are in the field every day.

I know that this is a major concern for the safety of our fellow citizens and the economic recovery of the territory, that's why I asked that all the bright spots of Saint-Martin are replaced on the one hand but also and above all modernized (LED and Wifi).

This will be done through an energy performance contract, and I will propose to vote for an additional budget of 3,4 million euros, which will be presented to the vote of this Council, the 11 next July.

I recall that we already have an available envelope of 2,5 million euros under the EUSF (the European Union Solidarity Fund) which provides for an identical restoration.

On this project, we plan a rehabilitation on 3 years with an overall investment of 15 million euros.

The burial of the electrical and digital networks under the authority of my vice-president Yawo Nyuiadzi, will require two years of work. The organization between EDF and local operators for the simultaneous laying of networks is being finalized.

As for Grand Case, the electrical networks have been buried, it now remains to add the fiber and to redo the boulevard Bertin Maurice. The next phase of work will concern the Savannah with the burying of the electrical and digital networks.

A word on the establishment of Water and Sanitation, under the authority of President Dominique Riboud: the EEASM has budgeted 11.5 million euros for the rehabilitation of wet networks. Work is underway, with a major 2019 start-up which will consist of the total rehabilitation of the pipelines on the Grand Case area.

Another questioning of our fellow citizens: the demolition of public buildings having been destroyed by Irma.

On this point, we have concrete progress: the sites will start soon and we will propose to the supplementary budget to allocate an envelope of 6 million euros to carry out this work.

I want to point out that these demolition sites are not done by snapping their fingers. On the contrary, we are forced to comply with highly regulated legislation in this area, in particular the presence of asbestos, which has forced us to conduct diagnoses on each building.

The demolition schedule was established as follows:

In the very short term, as of mid-July, the community will begin the demolition of:

The Galisbay Omnisports Hall - The first phase will consist of removing the roof
The non-asbestos part of Emile Larmonie School
The carbets of Orient Bay,
The Grand Case MJC

As well as the following public buildings:

The old gendarmerie building in the center of Marigot, opposite the Hôtel de la Collectivité
The offices of the sports department in the former school of the seaside,
Part of the old Grand Case school for rehabilitation as well as the old post office
The frame of the Territorial Police Station of Marigot.

Will follow from mid-August the demolitions of:

The roof of the media library at Concordia,
Securing the Soualiga College and the former Fort Louis Road Hospital,
The demolition of the Thelbert Carti stadium in Orleans District for renovation and part of the Soualiga College of Cul de Sac.

The building of the former College of Cul de Sac will be partially preserved and rehabilitated to host local administrative services in this remote area of ​​the island.

For buildings where the presence of asbestos has been detected - for example the Albéric Richards stadium in Sandy Ground - as I said above, we are obliged to follow a legal procedure whose technical files are in progress development.

Other big projects are waiting for us such as the renovation of Port La Royale and Fort Louis marinas whose rehabilitation projects are supported by the community.

Here too, we will propose to budget the sum of 4,2 million euros to the supplementary budget, the 11 next July, to be able to engage these projects this year.

It will be a first phase of work to restore the existing: repair decks, landscaping and beautification of common areas.

We are currently working on the specifications with a start of work scheduled for the end of October 2018 to be ready for the next tourist season.

Dear colleagues, dear fellow citizens,

I have just presented to you a concrete list of achievements, which if necessary, reminds us of the extent of Irma's damage and the immense task that must be accomplished.

As you can see, this first semester 2018 has been used to realize the reconstruction projects and we can today give you a precise schedule of achievements.

I would like to conclude my opening remarks by saying a word the cleaning campaign who started the 10 May and that we decided to extend until the 15 July.

The public has free access to the ecosite and 25 skips are available in neighborhoods until the 15 July. I invite you to make the most of these free public services put in place by the community.

On the involvement of the community, it must be remembered that between September 2017 and April 2018, we collected 67 300 tons of waste while 10800 tons were collected by companies.

Since October 2017, community services and the ecosite of Grandes Cayes have evacuated 1800 wrecked vehicles. And there is still so much left to treat.

Here too, the figures are impressive and reflect the work done so far by the public authorities, in other words the Community, to clean the territory.

Thank you.

2018-06-21 Income Tax - Income of the Year 2017
2017 Revenues- Model Declaration 2042 C- Complementary Declaration

2018-06-21 Resident taxation
Primo-declarant-Supporting documents requested

2018-06-18 Jobs / Training / Reviews
Calls for applications INTERREG Caribbean

2018-06-13 Jobs / Training / Reviews
RSMA recruitment sessions, from 18 to 21 June!

RSMA will be present in Saint-Martin for recruitment sessions of Monday 18 to Thursday 21 June 2018.

Information meetings will be held at the AIO service of the Collectivité, former Evelyna Halley school in Marigot:

On Monday 18 June 2018:

From 10h30 to 12h00 for individual interviews.

LTuesday 19, Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 June 2018:

From 8h30 to 12h30 and from 14h to 16h30 for the collective information that will be followed by selection tests.

The Community of Saint-Martin invites young people (18-25 years) interested to come to inform themselves and to constitute a file of candidacy.

2018-06-04 Territorial Bank for School Works and Canteen
CTOS must cancel the collective reception of minors during the long school holidays

The Caisse Territoriale des Oeuvres Scolaires (CTOS) informs the general public that it is obliged to cancel the collective welcome of Minors during the long school holidays in July. This decision was taken to allow free access to the companies that will carry out the reconstruction work in the schools, and the restoration of the production area of ​​the central kitchen scheduled for this same period.

CTOS relies heavily on the understanding of everyone and apologizes for the inconvenience

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------

The CTOS would like to inform the general public that the summer camp has been canceled. This decision was taken in the future by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education.

The CTOS apologizes for the inconvenience that this decision may occur.

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