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2014-08-24 Town planning
The Community reorganizes the public cemeteries

Redevelopment Program Reorganization of Public Cemeteries

Identification is now by appointment

As part of the Saint-Martin public cemeteries redevelopment program, the Community has put in place a process to identify family tombs and vaults. The community asked the citizens who had buried the deceased in the public cemeteries to identify their burials. Throughout the summer, community officers received these people directly on site. From Monday 1er September, it is by appointment that these formalities can be carried out.
The Community has undertaken considerable work to reorganize the layout of all the public cemeteries in the French part. The first identification phase concerned the Marigot cemetery, from 15 July 2014 to 29 August 2014. This cemetery contains more 1000 graves, many of which are abandoned, so the rehabilitation will be long and tedious. The citizens who had buried one or more of the deceased in Marigot Cemetery were invited to visit the place where they were received by the funeral service. During the month of July, the agents assigned to this task received a dozen people a day come to carry out this formality.
From the September 1er, identification will now be by appointment. The Funeral Service invites those wishing to proceed to the identification of their deceased in the cemeteries of Marigot, Grand Case and Orleans District, to contact the 0590 87 61 51 No., in order to make an appointment. It is also possible to do this by email by asking for an appointment at:
At the time of the appointment, citizens are requested to bring with them an identity document, a death certificate, a burial permit or any document proving the date of burial.
The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2014-08-19 Culture, Youth & Sports
Opening of the Territorial Media Library

This Wednesday 27 August 2014 Opening of the Territorial Media Library

The Médiathèque Territoriale de Saint-Martin, located on Rue Jean-Luc Hamlet in Concordia, will open its doors to the general public as of Wednesday 27 August 2014.
The opening hours are fixed as follows:

- Monday and Tuesday: from 14h to 19h
- Wednesday: from 9h to 19h
- Thursday and Friday: from 11h to 19h
Saturday: from 9h to 13h
The staff of the Media Library will be happy to receive you.
The direction.

2014-08-18 Town planning
Sewerage network

The alternating circulation at Cripple Gate and Morne Valois Works on the sewerage network: the alternating circulation at Cripple Gate and Morne Valois

The President of the Territorial Council of Saint Martin, Mrs. Aline Hanson, and Mr. Louis Fleming, President of the Etablissement des Eaux et Sanitation de Saint-Martin (EEASM), inform you that work will be launched on the RN7 in Morne Valois and Cripple Gate, as part of the program to rehabilitate the sewerage network initiated by the Saint Martin Community.
Due to this work, road traffic will alternate from Thursday 21 August 2014, from 8 hours to 17 hours, for a duration of 3 months.
President Aline Hanson and President Louis Fleming ask you to respect the signage that will be put in place and apologize for the inconvenience caused by this work which aims to improve the living environment of the inhabitants of the sectors concerned.

2014-08-18 Security and Prevention
Communiqué from the Health Agency and the COM

Mosquito Control Please click on the link below to download the press release: ComPulvChk32x.pdf

2014-08-13 Miscellaneous information
Information note to the agents of the Collectivité and its public establishments

04 Professional Elections December 2014

To access the information note, download the following link: Note information - professional elections.pdf

2014-08-11 Town planning
Work on the sewerage network

(EEASM) is currently carrying out work on the sewerage network

The Saint-Martin Water and Sanitation Plant (EEASM) is currently working on the sanitation network in the city center of Marigot. Thus, work on the sanitation network is undertaken in the area between the Louis Vanterpool stadium and the rue de Hollande to the entrance of the Rue de la République. The goal is to build a backflow network from the future Mingau Street station, which will bring Concordia's effluent directly to the Sandy Ground mainline to avoid the downtown core.
As a result of this work: the parking spaces in front of the Nina Duverly public school (rue de Hollande) will be closed from Wednesday 13 August. From this date, the city buses that usually park outside this school will be parked in front of the entrance to the Louis Vanterpool stadium, for a duration of about a week.
The EEASM will carry out a second phase of work on the sanitation network in the Rue de la République. This involves the installation of a gravity sewage treatment network and a discharge pipe.
As a consequence of this work: A deviation will be put in place by the Sea Front. Rue de la République will be cut off from the traffic of the 18 August until the beginning of September. Only priority vehicles can use this axis if necessary.
Further work will be undertaken on the sewerage network after September and until February 2015, these are the areas in front of the Marigot ferry terminal, by the sea and a Stretch between the cemetery and the Beach Plaza Hotel.
This work aims at improving the living environment of the inhabitants of Saint-Martin. The Community and its EEASM establishment have chosen to undertake the heaviest work in the summer, in order to minimize the inconvenience to the users.
We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

2014-08-11 Town planning
Traffic Stops

Road works Information to the population on road works.

Below are the circulation orders:
Stopped circulation.pdf

2014-08-11 Culture, Youth & Sports
European Heritage Days

Overseas Ministry calls for photo contribution European Heritage Days: Overseas Ministry calls for photo contribution

The Ministry of Overseas is the initiative of a call for contributions photos as part of the European Heritage Days 2014, which take place this year under the theme "Cultural Heritage, Natural Heritage".
Through this call for contributions, the Minister responsible, Mrs. George Pau-Langevin, seeks to mobilize citizens to collect the most photographs to enhance our overseas territories. The inhabitants and visitors overseas are therefore invited to submit their photographs, which must be made without editing or editing. This call for papers takes place from 10 July to 10 September 2014. It will create a library of images on the value and diversity of French overseas heritage. The selected photographs will be broadcast electronically from 20 September 2014. Among the photographs received, a dozen photographs will be selected and will be the subject of a large format edition, to be displayed in front of the Ministry of Overseas, boulevard des Invalides in Paris.

It should be noted that after the launch of the September 20 image broadcast, the Ministry is committed to supplying the popular online image library with the new snapshots that will be sent beyond this date by participants wishing continue to show the beauties of the overseas landscapes.
To know all the necessary information and participate in this project, visit the website of the ministry:
The Collectivité de Saint-Martin invites you to join this citizens' initiative to highlight the natural and cultural heritage of our island.

2014-08-11 Miscellaneous information
Report of the Executive Board of Tuesday 29 July 2014

The Executive Council of the Community of Saint-Martin met in plenary session on Tuesday 29 July 2014 to 15h, under the presidency of Aline Hanson, President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin. REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF TUESDAY 29 JULY 2014

The Executive Council of the Community of Saint-Martin met in plenary session on Tuesday 29 July 2014 to 15h, under the presidency of Aline Hanson, President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin. The elected representatives of the executive have adopted several deliberations emanating from the Sustainable Development division, Human Development, Legal and Litigation, Taxation and Solidarity and Families.

Sustainable Development

1) - Examination of Applications for Use or Land Use
Several applications for land use or land use were analyzed by the Executive Board. Previously studied by the Department of Urban Planning, 31 files received a favorable opinion on 35 requests made to the Department of Urban Planning. These applications were mainly for individual housing permits or for the repair and maintenance of residential dwellings.
Voted unanimously

2) - Opinion on draft decrees on accessibility measures for urban facilities and amending the building and housing code
The Executive Council was called upon to give an opinion on several draft Decrees concerning the accessibility to urban facilities and amending the Building and Housing Code. This draft decree (amending Articles R111-19 to R111-19-10 of the Building and Housing Code) provides for the introduction of specific regulations for access to establishments that receive from the public. The Executive Council therefore decided to approve the provisions of the draft decree on the accessibility of establishments open to the public and facilities open to the public and amending the Building and Housing Code. It also decided to approve the provisions of the draft decree defining an accessibility master plan and an agenda subject to the postponement of 2015's applicability and to approve the provisions of the draft decree defining the conditions for determination Stopping points for public transport services to be made accessible to persons with disabilities. The Executive Council finally decided to approve the provisions of the draft Decree on the planned accessibility agenda subject to the postponement of its applicability beyond 2015.
3) - Opinion on the draft order concerning the accessibility of public buildings, public transport, residential buildings and roads for persons with disabilities
The Executive Council also gave its opinion on a draft ordinance on the accessibility of establishments receiving public, public transport, residential buildings and roads for persons with disabilities, in which the Organic Law (Cf art 6314-3 I and II) confers full competence on the Collectivity to define their legal regime. It should be noted that, under Article 16 of the draft ordinance, the Communities of St Martin and St Barth are exempted from having to create points of stoppage and accessibility of the rolling stock and to put in place a Accessibility plan containing a programmed agenda, the agenda being a tool for strict planning of actions to be implemented on the territory. This agenda is voluntary, it aims to set up a budget program to amplify after 2015 the movement initiated by the law of 2005. To the extent that the Community has just begun the phases of the inventory of its infrastructures, the Executive Council decided to ask to defer the applicability of a year in order to put in place the appropriate procedures. The Executive Board also approved the general framework of rules laid down in the Ordinance.
Voted unanimously
Human Development
4) - Opinion on the draft decree on the Regional Interprofessional Joint Committee for Employment and Training (COPAREF)
COPAREF ensures the deployment of the joint policies defined by the national interprofessional agreements on training and employment, in coordination with the other regional players. It shall draw up regional lists of eligible training in the personal training account after consultation with the regional representatives of the representative professional organizations. The decree determines the number of members, the duration of their mandate and the modalities of operation of COPAREF. In the absence of agreement in 2014, Article I of the decree provides for the composition of the committee. Article II includes overseas adaptation measures for the provisions of COPAREF. It should be noted that, with respect for gender parity, the composition of the committee differs overseas and in the communities of St Martin, St Barthélemy and St Pierre et Miquelon. This is the case for regional representatives of trade unions and employers' organizations representing national and inter-professional employers. The Executive Council has given a favorable opinion to this draft decree.

Voted unanimously
5) - Draft decree on deconcentrated aid for artists, authors of graphic and plastic works
The purpose of this decree is to modernize the individual support system designed to support and develop the creative activity of artists, authors of graphic and plastic works. The decision to grant this aid, taken by the regional prefect, is the subject of a prior opinion by an advisory commission. Promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, public policies on artists' assistance are then deployed throughout the regional territory by the state and communities. These aids are intended to correct the inequalities observed, be they geographical, economic or social, to diversify audiences and to promote the development of artistic and cultural practices of the greatest number, in all cultural fields. These aids can be mobilized by artists and authors in two forms:
-Development aid for the development of an artistic project
-Measures designed to facilitate the living conditions of creators and artists, with an allowance for the installation of a workshop allowing the installation of a work area or the acquisition of material intended for the artistic activity.
Applications for assistance must be made to the Cultural Affairs Department of Guadeloupe. After the advice of the dedicated committees, the final decision rests with the representative of the state in these communities. The Executive Council voted in favor of this draft decree, considering it important to support the vitality and diversity of cultural life in Saint Martin.
Voted unanimously

6) - Support for the travel expenses of an athlete: Thierry Parotte
The young Thierry Parotte represented our island in Trinidad & Tobago from 25 to 27 April 2014, during a BMX event. Knowing its potential, the Community had chosen to accompany it in this first trip by financing its ticket. On site, Thierry Parotte was noticed by the organizer of BMX events in Canada. The young sportsman Saint-Martin was invited to perform in Montreal as part of the Real City Spin BMX Flatland Competition, which will be held 30 and 31 August 2014. The Executive Council was asked to pay for its plane ticket to Montreal. In order to continue the accompaniment of Thierry Parotte, who is very talented in this discipline, the Council has decided to take charge of his air travel to Canada, knowing that the organizers of the event will take care of the stay of the champion saint-martinois.
Voted unanimously
7) - Implementation of the fee for the occupation of school premises
In conformity with the education code (Art L212-15), the Collective as part of its educational policy has enabled associations to make free use of school premises during the long and short holidays within the framework of Recreation centers with or without accommodation, or even in kermesses.
While it is clear that the use of the premises is subject to regulation, the fact remains that the Community is competent to define the financial conditions for the occupation of its property and to update the rental value annually. Thus, tariffs applicable to all associations, physical or moral personalities, wishing to use the school premises, were set up as follows for the school year 2014 / 2015:
For the holidays of All Saints: 200 euros (with accomodation 300 euros)
For Christmas holidays: 250 euros (with accommodation 350 euros)
For the holidays of Carnival: 200 euros (with accommodation 300 euros)
For the Easter holidays: 250 euros (with accommodation 350 euros)
For the holidays of mid-May: 100 euros (with accommodation 200 euros)
For the big holidays July and August: 500 euros (with accommodation 600 euros)
The Executive Board voted in favor of the introduction of these tariffs. A deliberation voted unanimously by the Councilors.
Voted unanimously
8) - Participation of the Saint-Martin Community in CUCS projects - 2e ventilation - 2014 program
The Executive Board was called upon to express its opinion on the payment of subsidies to associations working in the field of social cohesion. Thus, ACED, which implements activities in neighborhoods to care for young people and who work in social mediation, received assistance from the community. This grant will be coupled with a state grant.
The Executive Board voted in favor of this deliberation.
Voted unanimously
9) - Awarding exceptional support to the winners of the 2014 Entry Contest at the Nursing Training Institute (IFSI)
The Community of Saint Martin wished to renew the training preparing for the diploma of nurse on its territory at the 2014 school year. However, the provisional budget presented by the IFSI of Pointe-à-Pitre Abymes, which provides these training programs locally, far exceeds the Community's budget estimates. As a result, the Collectivité had no choice but to cancel the training session (1ère année) for September in Saint-Martin. However, the IFSI of Pointe-à-Pitre has accepted to receive in training in Guadeloupe the six candidates of the main list of admission to the competition 2014. The Collective deemed it necessary to accompany these six winners by providing them with an exceptional amount of 5000 euros per training year for a three-year period. An agreement defining the modalities for the payment of this exceptional aid will be signed between the Collective and each beneficiary.
Voted unanimously
10) - Opinion on the draft law on the law of foreigners in France
The bill on the law of foreigners in France, which is submitted to the opinion of the Community of St Martin, reforms and improves the existing provisions on reception and support of foreigners towards integration. Secondly, it simplifies and improves the positive law on the issuance of residence permits, the measures to be taken to make the remoteness of the territory effective, and organizes the bringing together of these new provisions with the regimes specific to the territories of another country, Overseas territories with special status.
Following an interministerial inspection mission commissioned by the government after May 2012, an individualized path taking into account the specific profiles of migrants will be set up instead of the hosting and integration contract established in 2002.
Two new residence cards will be created: the multi-year card of a maximum duration of 4 years can be issued after obtaining a first card of one year, subject to fulfill the conditions. A second multi-year card, the "Passport Talent" card will improve the attractiveness of the French territory for all foreigners with a competence to promote or an economic project to develop. This bill also wants to simplify the classification of categories of foreigners according to their country of origin and their situation.
It is interesting to note that in this bill, deportation to the border, which is sometimes duplicated with the Obligation to Leave the French Territory, will be abolished. The draft also contains an article aimed at bringing the new provisions into line with the legal regimes of the overseas territories.
After deliberation, the Executive Council decided to give an unfavorable opinion on this bill, considering that it would prove inoperative on the territory of the Collectivité, since it was not adapted to the reality of the territory.
Voted unanimously
11) - Opinion on the draft decree relating to the reporting obligations and the competition of intermediaries in tax exemption Overseas
Several forms of tax exemption are foreseen at the national level in favor of investments made in Saint-Martin (Girardin law). Dedicated structures (of the SNC type for example) can benefit from a significant tax advantage due to certain investments leased for a period at least equal to 5 years to operators established in Saint-Martin. In the framework of these "leasing schemes" operated by tax exemption intermediaries, the State may still contribute to the financing of certain productive investments operated in Saint-Martin (rental of vehicles, pleasure craft, construction equipment, equipment transport). The Parliament wished to regulate the profession of fitter or intermediary in tax exemption overseas, and among the new obligations, the companies concerned must be entered in a register kept by the representative of the State in the Community where these companies have their registered office . Transactions must be reported annually to the tax authorities regardless of the amount of the investment, and an ethics charter must be signed. On the basis of a certain threshold (50% of the capital above which the intermediaries must compete, the law obliges the intermediaries to compete for tax exemption). Article 242 septies of the General Code of National Taxes lays down the rules and obligations in this matter.
The purpose of the draft decree is to clarify the terms of the annual reporting obligation and to define the new procedure for calling for competition. These measures lead to greater transparency and better control of tax assistance schemes, except that the special situation of Saint-Martin is not mentioned and that no precision is given on the threshold for competitive tendering In the case of St Martin ??
The Executive Council therefore decided to give a favorable opinion to this draft decree, provided that details were given on these two points of shadow concerning Saint-Martin.
Voted unanimously

12) - Granting of grants to associations working in the seniors and disability sector
The Executive Council has decided to grant a grant to the association Tournesol, which works with children with disabilities, to the association Forever Young, which organizes recreational activities for isolated elderly people and aging people with disabilities , as well as the newly created SXM Autisme, which helps children with autism and raises public awareness about this disease. Finally, the "Network of Surgery and Cicatrization (RC2) for the treatment of chronic wounds and the training of caregivers, will also receive a grant aimed in particular to help fund a telemedicine platform.
Voted unanimously

2014-07-28 Miscellaneous information
Minutes of the Executive Council of Tuesday 1er July 2014

The Executive Council of the Community of Saint Martin met in plenary on Tuesday 1th July 2014 to 15h, under the presidency of Aline Hanson, President of the Territorial Council of Saint Martin. REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF TUESDAY 1er JULY 2014

The Executive Council of the Community of Saint Martin met in plenary on Tuesday 1th July 2014 to 15h, under the presidency of Aline Hanson, President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin. The elected representatives of the executive have adopted several deliberations emanating from the Sustainable Development pole, the human development pole, the administration and finance division and the services branch.

Sustainable development center
1) - Review of Applications for Use or Land Use
The Executive Council has analyzed a number of land use applications from companies or individuals. Of the nine applications for permits or authorizations for individual houses or businesses, seven were in compliance with the Land Use Plan and received a favorable opinion from the Executive Council.
Voted unanimously
General Directorate of Services

2) - Appointment of Territorial Advisers to the Joint Consultative Commission
The Executive Council appointed the elected members of the joint consultation committee, provided for in the General Code of Territorial Communities in LO 6345-3.
As stipulated by the CGTG, this commission must be composed of an identical number of representatives of the state and representatives of the Community. The representatives of the Community are appointed half by the executive council and half by the groups of elected representatives represented on the territorial council.
For example, 2 Vice-President Ramona Connor and 1er Vice-President William Arnell were nominated by the Executive Council, while elected representatives Daniel Gibbs (TDG) and Louis Fleming (RRR) represent elected representatives of the Territorial Council.
Article 6345-3 of the Organic Law of Saint Martin stipulates that "a joint consultative committee should be set up to deal with all matters, the regulation of which requires coordination of the actions and decisions of the State, And the community of Saint-Martin, on the other. The rules governing the organization and functioning of this commission are specified by decree in the Conseil d'Etat. This joint committee has the role of drawing up a catch-up plan on the renovation and the construction of structuring facilities aiming at economic and tourist development and assessing the respective financial commitments of the State and the community of Saint Martin " .

3) - Grant of equipment grant to Sandy Ground's Youth and Culture Center
Having considered the request made by the Sandy Ground MJC to subsidize a new central air conditioning system for the cinema, the Executive Council decided to allocate an equipment grant to the MJC to cover the entire project Of the expenses related to this work; The sum will be charged to the Community budget.
Voted unanimously
Human Development
4) - Renewal of the Saint-Martin Apprentice Training Center (CFA) creation agreement for the 2313-2018 period.

By agreement dated 23 September 2008, the Community of Saint-Martin has authorized the creation of the first CFA on its territory for a period of five years. In the first quarter of the 2013 school year, the CFA of Saint-Martin welcomed a workforce of 60 apprenticeship students divided into the following sections: Initiation to the Trades by the Alternance (DIMA) - CAP Cold and Air Conditioning 2th year - CAP Cuisine 1ère year - CAP Cuisine 2e year.
The five-year agreement between the CFA and the Community of Saint-Martin having expired, it was necessary to proceed to its renewal. Thus, in accordance with the will of CFA Saint-Martin and the favorable opinion of the Committee on Employment, Apprenticeship, Vocational Training and Professional Integration, meeting the 10 April 2014, the Community Saint-Martin proposes to renew the five-year agreement with the CFA of St Martin for the period 2013-2018. A resolution voted unanimously by the executive councilors.
Voted unanimously
5) - 2013-2014 Operating Grant Allocation at St. Martin's Apprentice Training Center (CFA)
For the 2013-2014 school year, the CFA of Saint-Martin declared that the estimated amount of its theoretical expenses would amount to 265 524 euros. The coefficient of care of the Community is fixed by the five-year agreement at 75%, so that the Community must allocate an operating grant. The Executive Board endorsed this decision. The amount will be charged to the Community budget.
Voted unanimously

Administration and Finance

6) - Registration of the Territorial Archives of Saint-Martin to the Association of French Archivists (AAF), to CARBICA - Caribbean branch of the International Council of Archives - to the Association of Caribbean Historians and to the society of History of Guadeloupe
The inclusion of the St Martin's Territorial Archives within the professional, cultural and heritage networks is an important issue for the development of this new entity of the Saint Martin community administration and to enhance the archive archives by train To be collected.
This integration within these qualitative associations will allow the development of the team's skills (training, reduction on training actions, new experiences), promote the dissemination of knowledge to users, make St Martin known to scientists, Promoting research and publishing knowledge about St Martin. It will also bring Saint-Martin's influence to its partners and outside the territory, in particular by developing networking with archivists in the Caribbean and French-speaking France, and by promoting the dissemination of knowledge to users.
The Executive Council expressed its support for the inclusion of the Territorial Archives within these networks. A vote was taken unanimously.
Voted unanimously

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