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2018-12-14 Civil status
The regulations in force for the registration of vehicles

In recent weeks, many vehicles registered abroad or with non-conforming plates circulate on the territory of the Collectivité. The territorial police wishes to recall the rules applicable in this matter.

Owners of vehicles whose license plates are not those of the Community of Saint-Martin, are required within a month, to go to the service of the gray cards of the Collectivité of Saint-Martin to regularize their situation.

All vehicles that have been acquired abroad, whether or not they are traveling with a foreign plate, also have a deadline, before which the registration formalities at Saint-Martin must have been made.

Exceeding the traffic delays is sanctioned by a fine of 4ème class is 135 euros in accordance with Article. R.322-5 of the Highway Code and the offender is exposed to the immobilization of his vehicle by the police.

In addition, vehicles traveling without registration plates (W) are liable to a fine of the 4ème class 135 euros and immobilization of the vehicle under Article R.317-8 Code Highway.

As of December 2018, territorial police and gendarmerie checks will be carried out throughout the territory to ensure compliance with the Highway Code and in particular compliance with the regulations on license plates.

The persons concerned are invited to go from Monday to Friday from 08 hours to 14 hours at the gray card service located Rue de la Liberté - Seaside - in Marigot. Service Contact: 05-90-87-61-91.

2018-12-13 Security and Prevention
Update on Dengue Management

2018-12-10 Event
The Territorial Youth Council revives its operation

As the Christmas season approaches, the Territorial Youth Council of Saint-Martin (CTJ) has decided to launch the 3e edition of its toy collection operation "A toy, a smile", in partnership with the commune of Bry on Marne. This collection will help to organize a large distribution of toys to children in need on our island.

The public is invited to contribute to this momentum of solidarity to make the children smile again during this Christmas period. Toys from birth to 10 years will make children happy.

Through this action, the CTJ wishes to give beautiful moments to children at a time of the year synonymous with sharing, exchange and love for all and especially for children.

The collection started this weekend and will end on Friday 21 December 2018.

You can drop the toys in three different places:

- Point N ° 1: Reception of the hotel of the Collectivité - MARIGOT - from 9h to 14h.

Thank you to deposit the unpackaged toys

- Item N ° 2: Baby Shop N'Kids - BELLEVUE - (store opening hours)

Purchase and deposit of unpackaged toys on site

- 3 Point: Chat Perché Store - HOPE ESTATE - (store hours)

Purchase and deposit of unpackaged toys

The Territorial Youth Council counts on the solidarity of the population and thanks you in advance for your contribution.

2018-12-05 Associative life
Information note to associations

The human development pole, youth and sports direction, culture, associative life, informs the associations that the grant application files for the 2019 year are available on the website of the community and in the service of community life. a USB key) from 17 December 2018 to 15 March 2019. Strict limit. Any file filed out of time will be inadmissible.

For more information, contact 0590 29 59 26 service.

2018-12-04 Territorial Bank for School Works and Canteen
CTOS situation

"On Friday 30 November 2018, a blockage of CTOS premises took place. It is not part of the laws governing the right to strike, as no notice has been filed. This movement, initiated by the union UTC / UGTG, follows the sending, last November 23, to 16 agents in office, a letter from President Pascale ALIX-LABORDE, indicating that they will definitely have cease their duties with CTOS at the end of this month.

I was indeed forced, as a supervisor of CTOS, to terminate, at 30 November 2018, all the contracts of the interested parties. This difficult decision comes after a working meeting held last October 9 at the Prefecture, and in accordance with the commitments I had to make to the State and its representatives. I nevertheless wished to maintain the dialogue with the above-mentioned trade union organization. So I accepted a meeting on Thursday 29 November, with the UTC / UGTG. On this occasion, I explicitly recalled the difficult budget situation of the CTOS, the severe conclusions of the report of the Territorial Chamber of Accounts on the management of the COM and its satellites between 2007 and 2016, as well as my incapacity, to at this stage, to be able to directly recruit these agents.

I also reminded my approach to the relevant departments of Pôle emploi, so that individual and individual support is guaranteed to each agent, especially in terms of paid training. The goal, shared, is to promote a return to employment as soon as possible.

Daniel GIBBS

President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin

2018-12-04 Roads, school buildings and public buildings
Institution receiving the public (ERP)

Read the attached press release.

2018-11-30 Jobs / Training / Reviews
The RSMA offers training in January and February 2019!

For the recruitment of the month of January:

Builder (MAC) with a duration of 10 months. Remains 10 places.
plaquiste (PLAQ) of a duration of 10 months. Remains 10 places.
Catering Agent / Cook Helper (ADR / AC) with a duration of 12 months. Remains 5 places.
Boy Waitress Restaurant (GSR) with a duration of 12 months. Remains 10 places.

THE'incorporation is planned the 7 January 2019 and the application files must be submitted before wednesday 19 december 2018.


For the recruitment of the month of FEBRUARY:

Automotive service agent (AEA 10) with a duration of 10 months (open to non graduates). Remains 10 places.
Accounting Secretary (AAD 6) with a duration of 6 months. Remains 10 places.
Carrossier peintre - bodywork painter (CRE / PEC) with a duration of 10 months. Remains 10 places.
Tourist agent (AAT) with a duration of 8 months. Remains 10 places.
Career orientation / discovery (ORI / DEC) lasting 6 months (open to young people for whom the professional project is not clearly defined or waiting for training). Remains 15 places.

THE'incorporation is planned the 4 February 2019 and the application files must be submitted before Wednesday 30 January 2019.


To apply for this free training, you must be:

male or female, no schooling,
18 aged less than 26 years,
French nationality,
medically fit,
living in Guadeloupe,

The files are to be collected from Corine PINEAU in Marigot, service of the AIO, "bus station", CTOS.

These files are also available on the RSMA website.

2018-11-28 Health
Diabetes screening day

The Solidarity and Families Cluster - Personal Autonomy Department - in collaboration with the Saint-Martin Santé Association, is organizing a free screening day on the theme "Diabetes concerns every family" as part of the World Day against diabetes.

An information and screening stand will be set up in the car park of the Solidarity and Families Center, rue Léopold Mingau in Concordia, on Wednesday 28 November 2018, from 9 hours to 11 hours.

The community of Saint-Martin invites the population to take advantage of this free device by coming to carry out the free screening test.

2018-11-28 Transport
Private transport: the rule to remember

The community wishes to recall the provisions in force regarding traffic in the territory.

The exercise of the various activities of transport of persons (taxi, public transport of persons, occasional or tourist transport, transport of great discount of delivery of VIP service, private transport) is regulated and can not be carried out without authorization or declaration with the competent services of the Collectivité.

In view of the large number of people who regularly transport people under the motive of a so-called private transport, it is important to remember the conditions of exercise of this form of transport.

Legal framework:

Private transportation is a regulated activity governed by le Decree No. 87-242 of 7 April 1987 relating to the definition and conditions of execution of private non-urban road transport services of persons.


Private transport is defined as a free passenger transport activity. But ATTENTION Private Transport is not and can not be a tourist transport. This activity is not to be confused with that of the private driver who must be declared as a taxi driver or a high-stater vehicle.

Operating mode:

For example:

Free transportation of companies for their staff;
Free transportation of associations for their members;
Free public transportation for their staff or certain categories of citizens;

Private transport is carried out free of charge either with a vehicle belonging to the organizer, rented by the driverless organizer, or contracted by the organizer with a transport company regularly registered in the Carrier Register of the Collectivité.

It will not be possible to recover customers at the Port or Airport without presenting a title or authorization for transport.

Anyone interested is asked to inquire at the Directorate of Transport - Regulatory Department located at 06 rue du Fort Louis (in the premises of the former hospital) in Marigot. Such. 0590 52 27 30.




The Community wishes to address the chaotic situation pertaining to illegal transportation of persons.

Many persons are practicing this activity with the proper documentation or authorization from the local government in charge.

Any persons shall be entitled to be punished by the law. It is reminded that taxi activity, bus driving, tour bus driving, VIP services, private transportation services, and the provision of services.

In first instance, it is imperative to address the situation of those many operating illegally private transportation services. Such activity must be done with an authorization or declaration issued by the Government.

Legal frame:

A private transportation service refers to the transportation of persons as regulated by the Decree No. 87-242 dated April 07th 1987 pertaining to the conditions under which such activity may be undertaken.


Private transportation services consist in the free transport of persons, and can not be operated for touristical or leisure purposes. This activity is one of a private chauffeur who is within the confines of the law and has been declared by the Community as a taxi or VIP driver.

Means of operation:

Following are some examples of private transportation services:

Free transportation for staff members within a business operation;
Free transportation for the benefit of any association members;
Free transportation from public institutions for their staff members or specified citizens;

Private transportation services are contracted by the organizer, or by services contracted by the organizer with the transportation company, duly inscribed on the Transportation Register of the Collectvité of SAINT-MARTIN. In this context, persons

airport pickups at the Port or Airport.

For any further information, please contact the Transportation Department of the Community, located at 06 Fort Louis Street (at the old hospital premises) 97-150 SAINT-MARTIN, Tel. 0590 52 27 30.

2018-11-28 Security and Prevention
Wake up, it's also #Bienrentrer!

For many years, alcohol has been one of the main causes of death on the roads of France and all age groups are concerned.

70% fatal accidents with alcohol occur at night *.

That is why the Road Prevention and Attitude Prevention associations are mobilizing to encourage caution as the holidays approach the end of the year, with the #BienRentrer campaign. In short, if you go out with family or friends, think about organizing to get home!



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