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2018-03-12 Scholarships / Schools / Education
St. Martin's COM Convention with the CNOUS / CROUS

As part of its youth policy, the Saint-Martin Community has signed an agreement with 2015 with the CNOUS / CROUS which aims to improve the conditions of reception and installation of students from Saint-Martin to continue their studies in France. Thus for this fall 2018, the Collectivité invites the young students saint-martinois being in the following difficulties:

- Waiting for a decision on the scholarship file after the deadlines
- Waiting for an assignment of housing in university residence in France.

To get closer to the team of the Maison de Saint-Martin based in Paris, so that she can intervene with the CNOUS to solve these situations.

The Maison de Saint-Martin in Paris is located at 54 rue de Varenne, it can be reached by the 01 40 48 29 60.

2018-03-07 Scholarships / Schools / Education
Exceptional help for the mobility of high school students

Following the hurricane "Irma" on our territory, the Collectivité of Saint-Martin has implemented an exceptional mobility aid for high school students who have to leave the territory in order to continue their education. For this purpose, a fact sheet is to be withdrawn from the school affairs department - human development pole (Annex of the Collectivité - building of the seaside).

List of documents to be provided on behalf of the high school student :

1 photo ID

Copy of the valid identity document (CNI or passport)

Attestation of registration at a school in Saint-Martin before September 6 2017

The certificate of schooling in a school outside St. Martin is authentic

RIB bank account statement)

The information collection questionnaire at the entrance to the training (provided by the Collectivité)

The community invites high school students concerned by this situation to make themselves known to the human development pole.

2018-03-05 Land Use Planning and Urban Planning
Call for public consultation

The community will open a public consultation starting from 19 March and until 09 April 2018 for a modification of the Land Use Plan.

The public will be invited to give their opinion at the time of the publication of the territorial decree on the website of the community or directly on the grievance book open to the public at the Urban Planning Department, rue Fayel in Concordia. A press release will be issued for this purpose.

2018-03-02 Help / Steps / Services
Opening of Citizenship, Immigration and Fraud Service 05 March 2018

2018-03-02 Associative life
Notice to associations

The Human Development Division, Youth and Sports, Culture and Community Life Department, informs the associations that grant application files for the 2018 year are to be withdrawn from 05 March 2018 and to be submitted before the 06 April 2018 date rigor, near the service Associative Life. Located at the community's Seaside Annex, Liberty Street.

2018-03-01 Security and Prevention
Animal Pound Activated Between February 26 and 13 March 2018

The Community of Saint-Martin informs the population of the next capture of stray dogs on public roads by the territorial pound, from Monday 26 February to Tuesday 13 March 2018.
Pet owners are advised to keep them attached and to monitor them even after the capture phase. For further information, please contact the Department of the Environment and Living Environment at 0590 52 27 30 or 0690 88 69 29.
Territorial decree 033-2014
According to the territorial decree n ° 033-2014 regulating the conditions of detention of the pets and their circulation on the public road, it is forbidden to let the animals roam on the territory of the Collectivité. To avoid any accident, dogs must be leashed and dogs called dangerous must be muzzled.
In the interest of all, the Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

2018-03-01 Security and Prevention
The Heineken Regatta 2018

2018-03-01 Town planning
The technical control auto and heavyweight again operational on the island

The Collectivité of Saint-Martin, in partnership with the State services, the Prefecture of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, the DEAL Guadeloupe, has made every effort in recent months for a technical control center for cars and heavyweight is again operational on the island.
To this end, in support of a pre-verification report prepared by DEAL Guadeloupe engineers on the partially damaged DEKRA Grand-Case site, a territorial decree authorizes the temporary opening of an alternative technical inspection, the time of a return to a normal activity of the operators on the territory.
For example, the authorized DEKRA technical inspection center at Hope Estate is authorized to resume an activity:
-Technical control on isolated site, out of center in the conditions of the ministerial order of 27 July 2004, from Monday 05 March 2018 for heavy vehicles, on the parking lot of Galisbay from 8H00 to 16H00 on convocation. Heavy vehicles waiting are invited to park at the carnival village site.

-Optional technical control from Monday 12 March 2018 for light vehicles, in the provisional conditions recommended by the DEAL Guadeloupe.

Checks will be made exclusively by appointment with Dekra at 0690 74 03 79 (DEKRA Grand Case at Hope Estate Grand Case 97-150 SAINT-MARTIN).

If 85% of the usual control points are made during the alternative control, the general conditions to be respected for the passage of a vehicle to the technical control remain unchanged. The vehicle must be in condition to be presented, the owner must also provide the originals of the regulatory documents: certificate of registration, old technical control, original certificate of registration or loss of it an official duplicate issued by the community.
For heavy vehicles the owners must be presented in addition to:
-Authority check of the speed limiter for heavy vehicles
- Planning approval for the number of places in the public transport of persons (TCP)
Vehicles that do not comply with European standards are subject to a special technical check, free of certain checkpoints from the 27 July 2004 Ministerial Decree on the technical inspection of heavy vehicles.
The alternative control will focus on the control of 115 control points distributed on the 9 verification sections such as identification, braking, steering, visibility, lighting and signaling, the ground connection, the body structure, the equipment, the mechanical organ, and the pollution noise level.
By this alternative device, the Collectivité of Saint-Martin wanted to provide a temporary solution to the many motorists waiting for a change to the technical control to regularize their vehicle and allow insurers to the territorial service of the Driving Titles to be able to instruct requests vehicle registration), this device being only provisional.
WARNING: The alternative technical inspection of light vehicles, while contributing to the resumption of administrative and economic activities and the return of road safety conditions, following the interruption phase caused by Hurricane Irma, will not be valid and limited. than in the territory of the Collectivité de SAINT-MARTIN. Export vehicles will be required to undergo a new technical inspection at their new destination.
As a reminder :
For all vehicles over 3 years and 6 months, the technical inspection is mandatory in case of transfer. During the assignment of a vehicle, the technical inspection must have a validity of less than 6 months. The Technical Inspection must be carried out after 4 years for new vehicles, and then all 2 years. It must be completed after 1 year for taxis and heavy goods vehicles and after 6 months for Public Transit (TCP).

2018-02-28 Proceedings of the Executive Board
The latest decisions of the Executive Board

The Executive Board met in plenary session on Wednesday 28 February 2018 at 9h30.
At the first item on the agenda, the Board decided to endorse the decision of the tender commission, in order to award the market of the reform of the fiscal system of Saint-Martin to the specialized firm FIDAL, 6 deadlock Serge Reggiani in Saint-Herblain, for an amount of 500 000 €. This specialized company is responsible for carrying out a mission on the reform of the tax system. This audit is a will of the majority, which urgently wants to rethink the taxation to revive the economy and generate reliable revenue post cyclone Irma. The tender was launched on 15 December 2017, three offers were submitted on time: CMS Francis Lefebvre Lawyers, Cabinet Fidal and Ernst & Young Lawyers. The choice fell on the firm Fidal.
The 1 phase of the audit will consist in carrying out a diagnosis of the current tax system (strengths and weaknesses) and the competitive analysis of the territory in relation to its regional environment. The 2 phase, the overhaul of the tax system based on the diagnosis, political objectives and future investment projects, the rewriting of the general tax code and the organization of a local control center within the services of the DGFIP.
In point 2, the Executive Council authorized the signing of a management agreement with the Directorate General of Customs and Indirect Rights (DGDDI). Since the basis, control and collection of taxes, duties, taxes and other levies are carried out by State agents, this agreement defines the terms of payment for these agents. A first agreement was signed 21 March 2008 with the DGFIP. By agreement of 18 March 2014, the community then entrusted to the General Directorate of Customs the control operations of the tax on petroleum products, the tourist tax, and the tax on the hiring of vehicles. The framework having been rediscussed, the Executive Council authorized the President to sign the new convention on the same basis.
In point 3, the Executive Council authorized the signing of a partnership agreement with the Department of the Gironde. In a spirit of cooperation between public actors and in a logic of national solidarity towards its Saint-Martin citizens, the Gironde Department proposes to contribute to the financing of post-Irma rehabilitation or reconstruction operations. The Gironde Department Council has decided to commit to supporting elderly people in the area and has voted an investment grant from 100 000 € for the rehabilitation of the EHPAD Bethany Home, a unique medical and social structure taking into cares for people with aging disabilities. The Executive Council authorized the signing of a partnership agreement between the two communities for the implementation of this project.
President Gibbs thanked the President of the Gironde Departmental Council, Jean-Luc Gleyze and the members of his Council for this gesture of solidarity particularly appreciated.
In points No. 4 and 5, the Executive Council has approved the renovation projects of the Stadium Jean-Louis Vanterpool Marigot, for an amount of 252 000 € and stage sports Thelbert Carti Stadium in Orleans, for a fee of 81 886 €. For these two projects, a grant application will be submitted to the National Center for the Development of Sports (CNDS) covering the total eligible expenses of the two operations.
With regard to the Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium, the works include the repair of the enclosure fence, the rehabilitation of sports facilities, the repair of equipment, lighting, and the demolition of a wall. With regard to the Thelbert Carti stadium, the works consist of the refurbishment of the enclosure, equipment and lighting.
In Item No. 6, the Board deliberated on the award of specific scholarships for the academic year 2017-2018 - 1 Ventilation. Thus, 9 Saint-Martin students pursuing their studies outside the European Union received an exceptional scholarship, for a total amount of 13 500 €. Each student received the sum of 1500 € for the academic year.
In point n ° 7, the Executive Council voted favorably to the issue of a building permit to the company Sindextour, holder of a Temporary Occupation Permit (AOT), on the AW33 parcel of Orient Bay, for the realization of two beach restaurants meeting the post-Irma construction criteria, ie establishments located further from the sea, made of removable materials, with a portion of hard (kitchen and sanitary) to avoid projectiles on neighboring housing, in case of 'hurricane.

2018-02-27 Call for Projects
City Contract: 2018 Call for Projects

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