Press Releases

2017-09-28 Reconstruction
Latest practical information

President Daniel Gibbs is currently in Paris to discuss with Elysée and Matignon the modalities of the reconstruction and the aid that will be granted to Saint Martin. A communication will be sent to you no later than Saturday morning.

- The community advances on the cleaning of the island, 50 local companies are mobilized on this work. 90% of the axes are cleaned. The community is assisted by the RSMA and the Navy (Building Thunder) for clearing. The naval means may be used for the demolition of public buildings that can not be recovered.
-11 waste disposal sites have been designated in the territory. Skips were installed at Sandy Ground to allow residents to deposit their waste.
- The objective of the Sustainable Pole: Return to normal operation of the collection of waste and bulky as of October the 06.
-The population is asked to separate garbage from bulky items to facilitate pick-up work.

- The interdepartmental delegate in charge of reconstruction, Philippe Gustin, will receive Les Socioprofessionnels de Saint Martin at CCISM, Friday 29 September at 10 hours.
-The CCISM is in charge of the support of the companies: In 27 / 09 / 17: 788 companies have reported their damage to the CCISM, that is 300 M € of damages recorded.
-350 emergency aid files for beneficiaries of the IHR were sent to Guadeloupe by the CCISM. Beneficiaries who have not made these arrangements have until the 02 October to do so.
-Tourism: evaluations of the different sectors of tourism activities are in progress (private / public), the community will be able to give more precise indications within a few weeks (November) on the possibilities of recovery by sector of activity (restaurants- Guest Houses - Hotels - rental villa, shops, etc ...).

Back to School
- The school year is organizing, the Human Pole is currently enrolling students who wish to return to Saint Martin. This census takes place from 8h to 12h, until Friday 29 October (former school Seaside).
- President Gibbs wished that the buildings or emergency accommodations that will accommodate the pupils be secured and properly equipped before the start of the school year. The Rectorate will communicate on the date of re-entry.

Territorial administration

-The territorial administration has been relaunched. 1ère slice on Monday 18 Sep / 2e slice on Monday 25 September with a gradual return to normal.
- A permanent registration of the civil status takes place every day from 8h to 12h, from Monday to Friday.
-A permanent civil status will be open exclusively for the victims on Saturday: Saturday 30 / 09 and the first two Saturdays of October, at the hotel of the community, from 9h to 12h. This permanence will help the victims wishing to redo their official documents (ID - Passport, various acts).
-The PSF lists all the people in difficulty (problem of accommodation, declaration of loss for the uninsured.
-PHD identifies students for the start of classes
-The DP works on the inventory of public buildings, the pole itself has been affected.
-The economic cluster has been affected, the economic unit has taken over for information and assistance to companies, in partnership with the CCISM.

-La Poste announces that it will be able to receive and send the mail from Monday 02 October, in the framework of an emergency distribution of which it will communicate the modalities.
-EDF announces that 67% of homes are powered, they will be 80.% At the end of the week.
- Water production is operational again (UCDEM plant), a backup plant has been installed.
-Générale des Eaux is continuing the re-watering of the distribution network. This work is done gradually to avoid leaks and losses of water. To date, 45% of households are fed. It will take several more days to regain optimal distribution.
-13 water distribution points are currently open in the neighborhoods since Sunday 24 September.

-The food distribution continues at the usual 6 points until the end of the week, from 8h30 to 13h: Sandy Ground, Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium parking lot, Rambaud Dormoy field, Grand Basketball court Case, residence Chevrise in Cul de Sac, Place du Marché Orléans area.
From 30 September, water and food distribution will be reserved exclusively for families in difficulty identified by the Pole Solidarity and Families of the community.
-The traffic ban of St Martin and the curfew of Sint Maarten are always fixed by common agreement to 21h until 6h.

2017-09-28 Security and Prevention
79 people (essentially robberies and receels) arrested since the 6 seven.

6 are being held in Basse-Terre and about sixty convoked in court, we have seized more 100 m3 stolen equipment and nearly ten vehicles. Tuesday morning two new arrests to QO with stolen equipment. And this Wednesday morning new interpellations took place.
Gendarmerie services hand over the materials to companies or individuals and search for victims for restitution. Donations are made to the Red Cross.

2017-09-26 Economy
The RSMA of Guadeloupe organizes an information meeting

The RSMA invites business leaders to an information meeting on the missions of the RSMA

The RSMA (Guadeloupe Military Service Regiment) is organizing an information meeting on the RSMA's activities and its action in favor of the Saint-Martinois youth, on Wednesday 27 September 2017, at 15 hours in the deliberations room of the Collectivité.

Through this initiative, the RSMA wishes to inform the business leaders of Saint-Martin in activity or who intend to relaunch their activity of the training opportunities for the young people of the territory and of the needs for the months to come.

All the economic forces (companies, construction and craftsmen) are therefore invited to this information meeting.

2017-09-25 Reconstruction
Latest news from the community

Following the coordination meeting this morning (editor's note 23 September 2017), here is the latest information useful to the public:

Registration for tarpaulins is open on 5 sites from 8h to 12h from Monday to Friday:
- Solidarity and Families
- Hotel of the community in Marigot
- A. Hanson School at Sandy Ground
- Elie Gibs Grand Case School
- Ecole Clair St Maximin in QO

11 water distribution points are currently open in the neighborhoods since Sunday 24 September.
The distribution of food continues at the 6 regular points until Friday 29 September, from 8h30 to 13h: Sandy Ground (basketball court), Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium parking, Damboy field in Rambaud, Grand Case basketball court, residence Chevrise in Cul de Sac, Market Square Orleans Quarter.
From 30 September, water and food distribution will be reserved exclusively for families in difficulty identified by the Pole Solidarity and Families of the community. A normal operation will resume, with the opening of the supermarket U (already effective) and neighborhood grocery stores.

Cleaning: 90% of the main axes are now cleared. The work continues during the weekend in the ancillary axes to finish the work of pickup.
It is important that the population separates household waste from bulky waste. This sorting will greatly help the cleaning crews.

Commercial flights have resumed at the Grand Case airport since Saturday 23 September. The return to normal is done gradually, it is now possible to buy air tickets to leave the territory.

Back to school is organized, the Human Pole currently lists students who wish to return to St. Martin.
This census takes place from 8h to 12h, from Monday to Friday (old seaside school). The community prepares the schools for the school year, and it is only when the schools are ready, the logistics of reception of pupils in place by the Rectorate, that the re-entry can take place. It will take some day to finalize this work.
The President has made the beginning of the school year a priority, with a focus on the examination classes. It is working with the rectorate to speed up the process. The rector will communicate on the date of re-entry.

The Community and the National Service announce the cancellation of the DC Day of Defense and Citizenship scheduled on Wednesday 27 September at the MJC Sandy Ground. The youth will be convened at a later date.

2017-09-22 Reconstruction
Platform Dons

The President of the Community, Mr Daniel GIBBS, is pleased to inform you about the establishment of a donation platform (in kind or in cash) following the hurricanes IRMA and MARIA, island of Saint-Martin.
If you are considering performing undon, just write to the Community of St. Martin at: indicating the amount of your pledge and your contact information.
We thank you for your generosity and be assured of the correct use of this one.
Thanks to you, Saint-Martin will rise faster.

The President of the Community, Mr. Daniel GIBBS, is pleased to inform you that the donation is for the donations (in kind or in cash) of the hurricanes IRMA and MARIA on the island of St. Martin is now ready.
If you are considering making a gift, please write to the Community of Saint-Martin at indicating the amount of your donation and your contact information.
We thank you for your interest in this product.
Thanks to you, Saint-Martin will rise faster because of you.

2017-09-21 Reconstruction
Census of 1er degree students

The Solidarity and Families section of the Saint-Martin community, located on rue Paul Mingau in Concordia (Pôle Emploi building), organizes workshops to help uninsured persons and victims of Hurricane Irma report their real estate claims and furniture.
Those who have been affected and who wish to join the tents village in front of Grand Case Airport will also be able to register.
Solidarité et Familles is open from Monday to Friday from 9h to 13h to collect your requests.

Several reception and information points will be set up directly in the neighborhoods:
- Maison de Solidarité et Familles d'Orléans: For people living in Quartier d'Orléans, Oyster-Pond - Orient Bay.

- Elie Gibbes Primary School in Grand Case: for people living in Grand Case - Mont Vernon - Cul de Sac - Anse Marcel - Morne Oreilly - La Savane.

- Neighborhood Council Room # 5 (Marigot Low-Town): for residents of St James - Low-Town - Bellevue - Concordia.

- Local of the district council n ° 6 (Sandy Ground): for the residents of Sandy Ground - Terres - Basses - Baie Nettlé.

These openings will be open on Thursday 21 September, Friday 22 September, Monday 25 September 2017, from 9 hours to 12 hours. Do not hesitate to come and inquire.

2017-09-20 Information / Administration
Natural Catastrophe Maria - President Gibbs

Saint-Martin - 20 September 2017 - Mr Daniel GIBBS, President of the Community of Saint-Martin, spoke today with Ms Annick GIRARDIN, Minister for Overseas. On this occasion, the President expressly asked the Minister that Saint-Martin passes "in natural catastrophe" in the title of Hurricane MARIA (thus in addition to IRMA).
Ms GIRARDIN expressed her favorable opinion to President Daniel GIBBS for a decree of Natural Disaster for Saint Martin following the passage of MARIA and informed him that his services were currently working on the preparation of this decree.

Mr Daniel GIBBS, President of the Community of Saint-Martin had a telephone interview just after the passage of Hurricane MARIA, with Mrs. Annick GIRARDIN, Minister of French Overseas Territories. NATURAL DISASTER "for Hurricane MARIA (in addition to Hurricane IRMA).
Mrs. GIRARDIN expressed her favorable opinion to President GIBBS for a decree of NATURAL DISASTER-NATURAL DISASTER for Saint Martin following the passage of MARIA and that her services are currently working on the preparation of this decree.

2017-09-16 Cooperation
Cooperation meeting

The authorities of Saint Martin, represented by the President of the Community, Daniel Gibbs, and the prefect Anne Laubies, and the authorities of Sint Maarten, represented by Governor Eugene Holiday, Prime Minister William Marlin and the Minister of Justice, Raphael Boasman, met on Friday 15 September and Saturday 16 September 2017, to optimize cross-border cooperation after Hurricane IRMA.
Thus, following a particularly constructive discussion of 60 minutes, it was agreed to synchronize the curfew of the Dutch side and the ban on circulation of the French side, which constituted a source of misunderstanding. starting on Sunday 17 September, from 19 hours to 6 hours until Wednesday 20 September, when a new meeting will take place to re-evaluate the needs.
Only persons with a "Priority vehicle - driving permission" authorization from the French side or a "Disaster Team pass" from the Dutch side can cross the border during the curfew. The others will have to make sure that they have reached their home before 19 hours.
During the period of restriction (19h - 06h), common border controls will be organized, which will in no case prevent the circulation on the whole territory. The will of both sides is to allow citizens on both sides of the island to move freely, while ensuring their protection during the night; it is in no way disrupting the free movement of persons between the North and the South and vice versa.
It was also decided to set up a common protocol for both pre-cyclone and post-cyclone management, as well as joint means of communication, in order to optimize the organization between the two parts of the island.
President Gibbs welcomed the listening to the authorities in Sint-Maarten and the scope of the discussions. Cooperation meetings on post Irma management will be organized regularly between the two parties.

2017-09-15 Reconstruction
Great Cleaning in Marigot

The President of the Community of Saint Martin Mr. Daniel GIBBS, informs you that a great operation of cleaning and clearing will be held on the night of Thursday 15 to Friday 16 September 2017.

The sector concerned goes from Bellevue to the Agrément roundabout.

150 men will be mobilized from 19h30 the 15 / 9 / 2017 until 5h00 of the morning the 16 / 09 / 2017.

Reminder: The curfew is maintained from 18h00 to 5h00 in the morning.

Thank you for your understanding.

The President of the Community of Saint Martin Mr. Daniel Gibbs, 15 September 16.

The sector concerned goes from Bellevue to the Agreed roundabout.

150 / 7.30 / 9 until 15AM on the 2017 / 5 / 9.
Reminder: The curfew is maintained from 18: 00 to 5: 00 in the morning.

2017-09-15 Reconstruction
Latest news from the community

Public information points
Community of Saint-Martin, main building in Marigot: 8h30 to 12h every day.
Robert Weinum school campus, at the Savannah: 8h30 to 12h every day.
Sandy Ground MJC: 8h30-12h
Concordia Media library: 8H30 -12h
Orleans neighborhood: 8h30 - 12h

Permanence of civil status:
To the community, main building: 9h - 12h every day: for obtaining administrative documents

EDF: The company is progressing on the rehabilitation of the networks. It announced that by 8 days all the fireplaces would be connected either directly or by a generator.

Latest news GDE: Water networks are being audited in order to restart distribution in areas where this is possible. First of all, it is necessary to check the state of the networks so as not to risk losing water at the reopening. Distribution points will then be installed in the districts, the points will then be communicated to the population.

Concerning wastewater treatment: two hydro-cureuses will arrive today at the port of Galisbay, thanks to the partnership Région Guadeloupe - Collectivité de Saint-Martin. This equipment will make it possible to clean the areas where the networks are obstructed and to evacuate the waste water.

Hébergement: Relief tents carried by the SOS Attitude association will arrive at the end of the week, a relief village will be created, tents can be distributed to private individuals who wish to do so.
To be registered: a permanence will be open from Monday 18 September at the Solidarity and Families Pole, Paul Mingau Street in Concordia, from 9h to 12h.

Departure from the territory:
The air bridge between Grand Case and Guadeloupe is still operational. It is necessary to go directly to the place to be able to embark (management by the state).
A maritime link is organized by the community of Saint-Martin in partnership with the Region Guadeloupe. A boat departed Sunday 17 September with 121 passengers (Voyager III). If the weather allows it another rotation will be organized in the middle of next week.
To register:
Community reception point: 8h30 -12h every day.
Reception point of the school city: 8h30-12h every day. By boat, it is possible to bring luggage and animals. The boat goes to Guadeloupe (8h of sea).

Distribution: Part of the distribution of water and food is managed by the State, knowing that the Community has also taken charge of the situation. Mrs. Ramphort Marie-Dominique, elected from the Territorial Council, is in charge of coordinating distribution in the port of Galisbay.
Three daily distribution points:
Marigot: Train station: 9h to 12h
Hope Estate: parking lot of the new Aventura Mall: 9h to 12h
Orléans neighborhood: 9h to 12h
Point and water distributions are organized every day in all neighborhoods.

Cleaning of the territory:
Operation of clearing in the night from Friday to Saturday.
A vast clearing operation will take place this night (night: 15 to 16 Sept) from the area of ​​Bellevue to the area of ​​Approval. 150 men will be mobilized to carry out a great cleaning. Traffic will be cut from 19H30 to 5h: curfew from 18h to 05h.

Opening of the ecosite of Grande Cayes: only to receive household waste.
Whenever possible, carry out tri-selective waste before bringing on site.

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