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The vice-pr
The vice-pr
3e vice-president in charge of Education and Social Affairs in the Community, Annick Pétrus, has deployed all her energy in recent months, to democratize the teaching competition locally and offer new employment opportunities to contractors St. Martin people.

"The National Education has, in fact, responded favorably to the recurrent demand of the Community and I would like to thank Mr. Jean-Michel Alfandari, Inspector General of the Administration of National Education and Research, to whom I submitted my project as early as June 2018, and who defended it with the ministry. I also greet the Rector of the Academy of Guadeloupe, Mr. Mostafa Fourar and his teams, for initiating this competition.

I carry this project, with President Gibbs and his majority, since taking office in 2017! It is therefore a real satisfaction for us, which rewards our joint efforts with my team, and which provides a concrete response to the needs of the territory.

This commitment was very important to me because the education system needs local teachers, for the knowledge of the territory, its history and its specificities, on the one hand, but also on the essential question of French / English bilingualism in the world. education, which is more than an educational priority, has become an emergency in the fight against school failure.

Thanks to the possibilities offered by this 2nd internal competition, the gradual tenure of appointed contractors is now possible. This competition is specifically dedicated to the tenure of contractual teachers of Saint-Martin since until now, there were no contractors appointed in the other territories of the academy of Guadeloupe.

I add that the Community has worked with the National Education to introduce bilingual classes in the territory. It is a system that gives full satisfaction since its creation in 2016, since today we have 29 bilingual classes distributed in the 1er degree and the 2nd degree, with a device specific to each institution, and that 500 students benefit today today, with results that are very encouraging.

This 2nd competition dedicated to public service contractors is a significant first step. It is intended for contractors with three years of experience and a license or equivalent. It is in this same logic that our electoral program provided for the development of a pool of local teachers to meet the challenges of education in Saint-Martin and I see that we are moving in the right direction.

Registration is open until 10 October 2019, so our compatriots justifying these criteria and interested in this contest, must quickly try their luck. I invite you to take this opportunity because Saint-Martin needs bilingual teachers from the territory. " Following the alerts received yesterday, the community intervened at the former RIU hotel. The site has been cleaned (see photos).
The community also secures its own projects.

Annick Pétrus

3 Vice President, in charge of Education

The Pr
The Pr - 2019-09-02
On Monday 02 September 2019, President Daniel Gibbs paid a visit to the schools to wish students, teachers and school staff a good start and make sure that the back-to-school season is going well. He was accompanied by elected officials Mireille Meus and Alex Pierre, and by DASEN Michel Sanz, Head of Education in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy. The President first went to ...
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The Coll
The Coll - 2019-08-30
President Daniel Gibbs and his teams inaugurated, this Friday 30 August 2019, the Mont des Accords college which was the subject of a complete program of reconstruction, following the passage of hurricane IRMA. A ceremony inaugurated by the President and Vice-President Annick Pétrus, in charge of Education, was organized in the presence of Vice-Presidents, MP Claire Guion-Firmin, Prefect Sylvie ...
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Convention signing for a music class
Convention signing for a music class - 2019-08-29
Signature of an agreement with: The community of Saint Martin, the academy of Guadeloupe, the direction of the cultural affairs of the rectorate and the music school "the music works shop" local association, FOR THE CLASS OF MUSIC HORAIRE . This is to allow students who want and who can not really afford to play music on 3 years (in the long run it can lead to an inscription in a ...
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COM organizes the op
COM organizes the op - 2019-07-29
Children in need of remedial education can join the operation Pen of August, organized by the Community of Saint-Martin. Registrations are open until 05 August 2019, starting date of the courses. The registration form can be picked up at the reception of the hotel of the Collectivité or directly with the Youth & Sports Service which organizes the operation. Once completed, the form must be ...
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The vice-pr
The vice-pr - 2019-07-23
The 3e vice-president, Annick Pétrus, announced today the creation of a new territorial scholarship for higher education: the incentive grant. In the coherence of the measures implemented by the community to support Saint-Martin students in their studies and encourage them to return to work in Saint-Martin in job-rich sectors, the incentive grant, granted without means tests, has vocation to support the ...
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The evening
The evening - 2019-07-20
Saturday 20 July in the Garden of the Community ************************************ SPEECH BY THE PRESIDENT The deputy of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, the representative of the rector of the Academy, the vice-presidents and the elected representatives of the Territorial Council, the President of the Territorial Council of Youth, ladies and gentlemen in your grades and...
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The Pr's message
The Pr's message - 2019-07-08
"In my personal name and on behalf of elected officials, I extend my congratulations to the winners of the 2019 exams. Congratulations to the new graduates, the holders of the technological patents and professional certificates, the graduates of the secondary studies. I am also thinking of the first winners of the BTS Saint-Martinois, open at the Robert Weinum school campus, in 2017. Your efforts have borne fruit and the precious sesame that you have now in your pocket, will allow you ...
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A convention to help lyc
A convention to help lyc - 2019-04-02
The president Daniel Gibbs and the rector of Academy Mostafa Fourar signed, this Monday 1er April, with the principal of the Lycée professional, Mrs Jeanine Hamlet, and a driving school of the place, a convention relating to the financing of the examination of the driver's license for students in the LPO Auto Preparation class. This agreement is financed to the tune of 40000 € by the Rectorate, 10000 € by the Collectivité in direct funds and 30000 € thanks to ...
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