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2019-10-14 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR Saint-Martin: Water breakage (breakage)

SAUR SAINT MARTIN informs its users that due to a breakage on the main line DN 150, the distribution is interrupted:

This Monday 14 October from 8h00


The return to normal is expected on:
This Monday 14 October 2019 late morning.

After an interruption of the distribution, an unusual coloring of the water may occur. So that the water regains its transparency, it is recommended to leave the tap open for a few tens of seconds.
SAUR SAINT MARTIN implements all necessary means to restore the situation as soon as possible and asks its users to kindly apologize for the inconvenience.

SAUR SAINT MARTIN informs its users that the distribution is interrupted:

This monday, 14 October 2019 from 8h00 am


The return to normal is expected:
On monday, october, 14, 2019 late in the morning.

After an interruption of the distribution, an unusual coloring of the water may occur. So that the water regains its transparency, it is recommended to leave the tap for a few tens of seconds.
SAUR SAINT MARTIN implements all the necessary means to restore the situation as soon as possible and ask its users to kindly excuse them for the inconvenience.

The network manager
Dominique UGOLIN

Secretary of Direction
SAUR St-Martin
5 rue Léopold Mingau - Concordia
0590 29 39 66 0690 35 45 80

2019-10-11 Help / Steps / Services
Exceptional closure of the MSF of Orléans District

The Community of Saint-Martin informs users of the Quartier d'Orléans area of ​​the exceptional closure for works (replacement of tiles) of the House of Solidarity and Families (MSF) of Orleans District, Friday 11 October 2019, all day.

The resumption of the regular activities of the MSF Orleans District will be effective from Monday 14 October 2019, at usual times.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks residents for their understanding.

2019-10-08 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR SXM: Exceptional closure of the agency

2019-09-30 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR Saint-Martin: Smoke test

2019-09-27 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR Saint-Martin: Water breakage (breakage)

2019-09-20 Help / Steps / Services
EEASM conducts a survey of the Grand-Case Sanitation System

As part of the planning of works on the sanitation network in Grand Case, the Water and Sewerage Establishment (EEASM) is organizing from the Monday 23 September 2019, a field identification campaign to accurately locate existing networks. The objective of this survey is to locate with the help of local residents, sanitation and septic tank of each construction. It is for the EEASM to best prepare the realization of the new sanitation network.

As a result, workers from the WORK 7 contractor company (wearing a blue and orange uniform) will be working on behalf of the EEASM in the village of Grand Case to conduct these surveys.

The site managers will also come to meet the local residents to specify the location of the connection boxes and thus facilitate their future connection.

The schedule of work will be communicated very soon to socio-professionals and residents.

The Establishment of Water and Sanitation thank in advance the residents to reserve the best welcome to the teams that will come to meet them.

2019-09-20 Help / Steps / Services
Water cut: Gradual return of tap water

A major break-up occurred on the seawater supply line to the plant, preventing the production of drinking water and resulting in cuts in the distribution network, as the water supply was exhausted. The SAUR was able to repair the breakage, in the night of the 19 at 20 September, and put back the factory in function.

Since the restart of the plant, at 4 hours this morning, the return of water to the taps is gradually throughout the day. In the late morning, the neighborhoods of Oyster-Pond, Orleans and Cul de Sac will be served again. The Sandy Ground and Nettle Bay areas will be energized in the afternoon, while the Terres Basses and Orient Bay will be energized at the end of the day. The Marigot, Concordia, Friar's Bay, Rambaud, Savane and Grand Case sectors are already served.
President Daniel Gibbs wishes to salute the teams of the SAUR and the Establishment of Water and Sanitation (EEASM) who have strongly mobilized to find solutions and repair as soon as possible the damaged pipeline. This unique pipe by its diameter (400mm) has a central role in the production of drinking water, since it carries seawater to the plant for treatment.

The Community of Saint-Martin, the EEASM and the SAUR apologize for the inconvenience.

2019-09-19 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR Saint-Martin: Risks of disturbances - Lower pressure - The whole island

2019-09-17 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR Saint-Martin: Connection works - Water cutoff

2019-09-13 Reconstruction
A CAUE architect at the disposal of the public, the 20 and 27 September

The community of Saint-Martin informs its citizens that an architect of the Council of Urban Planning and Environment Architecture (CAUE) is available in Saint-Martin to advise people who need information for their reconstruction project or construction.

The permanence will be open Friday 20 September and Friday 27 September 2019, from 9h30 to 12h30, in the premises of the Administrative City of the Community - Department of Land Use Planning and Urban Planning, rue Jean-Jacques Fayel in Concordia.

This consulting architect is at the service of the population. Feel free to take advantage of this free public service.

2019-09-13 Associative life
2020 withdrawal and application campaign

The Community of Saint-Martin informs the associations of the territory of the opening of the campaign for withdrawal and submission of grant applications, for the budget year 2020.

These files may be withdrawn, as of 7 October 2019, from the Department of Community Life, located at the Annex of the Collectivité, rue de la Liberté, in Marigot. The duly completed files must be submitted to the Collectivité no later than the 15 February 2020 at noon.

The community of Saint-Martin thanks you for respecting the filing dates and invites you to contact the associative life service.

2019-09-12 Professional Info
Business Attitudes: Promoting Digital for Entrepreneurship

2019-08-20 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR: Rupture of water pipe

2019-08-13 Living environment
Stray dog ​​catch

The next catch of stray dogs wandering on public roads will take place from monday 19 august 2019 to tuesday 27 august 2019.

All pet owners are requested to keep them in touch even after the capture phase.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your understanding.

For further information, contact the Environment and Environment Department at 0590 52 27 30- 0690 88 69 29.

2019-07-30 Solidarity and Family
Report of the framing meeting of the Ministry of Overseas

Find attached the minutes of the meeting of the Ministry of Overseas held the 3 July 2019.

2019-07-29 Help / Steps / Services
Do not wait until the last moment to renew your passport!

Attached is a press release entitled "Do not wait until the last moment to renew your passport!"

2019-07-10 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR user information

2019-07-08 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR Saint-Martin: Risks of disturbances - Lower pressure - The whole island

2019-07-04 Help / Steps / Services
SAUR Saint-Martin: Water breakage (breakage)

2019-07-03 Event
Beachfront Users - SXM Best Weekend



By order: N062-2019, as of 24 June 2019, prohibiting parking on parking spaces parallel to the taxi parking of Thursday 04 July 2019 to 07 00 hours to Friday 05 July 2019 to 07 Hours 00

063-2019 No. on 24 Date June 2019 closing a portion of the Boulevard

from France between "The Express by Bacchus" to the restaurant "Ahrawak" on Thursday 04 July 2019 from 17 00 hours to 05 July 2019 to 01 morning time.

The organization Oualichi Festival is authorized to organize its event « SXM Best WeekendThe 04 at 05 July 2019. Front Sea users are advised of the following parking prohibitions:

- all areas reserved for taxis (except for the line of the ferry terminal),

- all areas reserved for tourist buses,

- the whole area of ​​the taxi station

- all spaces of parking of the shuttles vehicles of the Renters of cars of the Sea Front

The use of these sites will be reserved exclusively for the organizers of the event from Wednesday July 03 2019 from 10hours 00 on the parking spaces of taxis.

Taxis prohibited parking at the usual taxi parking, maintain the use of:

Taxi queue parallel to the traffic lane of the ferry terminal;
parking spaces at the former Henock's Place restaurant (Sea side);
the parking areas of Boulevard Dr. Hubert PETIT front and back of the location of the former PAF offices exclusively reserved taxis, (temporarily prohibited to car rental companies and any other vehicle during this period).

Sea Front Car Rental are invited to make any arrangements for the parking of their shuttle vehicles outside this area.

Tourist Bus Transporters prohibited parking in their usual area of ​​the Front-de-Mer, will be required to park in the spaces up to the food market

These temporary changes will be restored under the usual conditions from 07hours 00 on Friday 05 2019.

Any unauthorized vehicle caught in the act of stopping or uncomfortable parking on the locations as described on the days and times indicated, will be stopped, removed and transported at the impound, at the expense and expense of the owner.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding.

Saint Martin, the 28 June 2019

Deputy Director General



- Taxists of the Sea Front

- The Taxi Association of St Martin (SMUTA)
- The Swalicab Taxi Association

- Taxi Controllers of the Sea Front

- Tourist bus carriers

- Managers of companies renting cars of the Gare Maritime

- Mrs. the Director of the Territorial Police / COM -Jacqueline RODRIGUEZ

- The Organization Manager Oualichi Festival
- The Director of the Port - Alberic Ellis

- Ms Director of Communication Services / COM - Nathalie LONGATO

************************************************** **************************************************


By decrees: N ° 062 - 2019, dated June 24th 2019Marigot Waterfront, on Thursday, July 04th, 2019 at 7: 00 AM Friday, July 05th 2019 at 7: 00 AM, subject to the prohibition of parking for taxis, Tour bus Operators, and Marigot Waterfront

and No. 063-2019 dated June 24th, 2019 subject to the closure of a portion of

the Boulevard de France between 'The express by Bacchus' and the restaurant 'Ahrawak' on Thursday July 04th 2019 from 17: 00 to 01: 00 AM

The Oualichi Festival will be hosting the "SXM Best Weekend" event on July 4th thru 5th 2019 at the Marigot Waterfront parking facilities.

In this event, we hereby, advise all users of these areas of the following temporary changes:

- all the reserved areas to the taxis (with the exception of the leader of the maritime station);

- all areas reserved for taxis (with the exception of the ferry terminal line);

- all areas reserved for tour bus Companies;

- all areas of the taxi station;

- all parking spaces reserved for the car rental shuttles vehicles;

The use of the aforementioned rentals will be exclusively reserved for the organizers of the event Wednesday July 3rd 2019 at 10: 00 AM thru Friday July 5th 2019 at 7: 00 AM.

Taxi drivers are invited to maintain the following areas:

the taxi line parallel to the Marigot Ferry terminal,
the parking spaces parallel of the former restaurant "Henock's Place" (waterfront side),
the parking areas of Dr. Hubert PETIT's Boulevard on the former immigration (PAF) Offices (thus prohibited and closed to public vehicles during this period).

Car rental companies are invited to parking arrangements for their vehicles outside the prohibited spaces.

Tour bus companies, are required to park in their designated parking spaces at the Food Market.

These temporary changes will be restored under the usual conditions as of 07: 00 AM on Friday July 5th 2019.

Anything that has been identified, will be seized, removed, and impounded, at the expense and responsibility of the owner.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,

Thank you for your understanding.

Assistant General Director


Copied to:

- Taxis drivers - Marigot Waterfront
- Taxi association SMUTA

- Taxi Association SWALICAB

- Tour bus Companies

- Taxi Controllers

- Waterfront Car Rental Companies

- Director of the Communication Dept- Nathalie LONGATO

- Director of the Territorial Police- Mrs. Jacqueline RODRIGUEZ
- Director of the Port Authority Mr. Alberic ELLIS
- Organizers of the Oualichi Festival - "SXM Best Weekend"

2019-07-02 Environment
Sargasso situation update at 1er July 2019

The community of Saint-Martin informs the residents of Cul de Sac, Mont Vernon and Luca Bay that a public market was held three months ago for the collection of algae on the three beaches most affected by strandings. The legal and mandatory deadlines with regard to public procurement procedures have been respected. The award committee has ruled and the choice of companies will be validated by the next executive board for immediate implementation of the contract.

Without waiting and to respond to the emergency, the community has financed from the first massive strandings, the intervention of a company to start the collection on estimate. Given the high daily cost of this service, the amounts outside the public market were quickly reached (25 000 €) and it is no longer possible today to use this lever. The Community must now wait for the implementation of the public market next week.

The Community of Saint-Martin, like all Caribbean islands, is aware of the impact of Sargassum algae on the population for health, biodiversity and economic development.

This is why the President of the Community, Mr. Daniel GIBBS mandated Mrs. Pascale Alix-Laborde, territorial adviser in charge of the Environment, to engage our institution in the next international conference against Sargassum, initiated by the Guadeloupe Region and the Minister of Overseas Annick GIRARDIN, to be held next October.

Mrs ALIX LABORDE went to the 3e Sargassum Steering Committee, in the presence of the other communities affected by this scourge and involved in this process. Communities have alerted the state on their difficulties to manage alone these massive arrivals of algae. The goal of this International Conference is to bring together the largest number of Caribbean islands around an INTERREG European Territorial Cooperation Program. The objective is to mobilize international means to stem the harmful effects of massive strandings of Sargassum, to reinforce and reinforce the collaboration between the actors of the Caribbean and to create a network of technical and scientific experts around the Sargass problematic. scale of the Caribbean.

From an operational point of view, it will be a question of sharing the feedback of experiences at the scale of the Caribbean Basin, to facilitate the acquisition, the circulation and the exchange of expertise and technical and scientific competences to the Caribbean Basin and, above all, to begin operational work to mobilize international credits for the containment of the phenomenon. A device to which Saint-Martin is committed to participate.

The State has also announced for Saint-Martin an 370 000 € aid for 750 000 € (including 50% community-financed) for the purchase of algae collection equipment. This grant comes from the Plan Sargasses Antilles, the Community was notified by the prefect, the 21 last June, on the availability of these funds. This amount limits the community to the purchase of pickup equipment. The Community must take into account the time of purchase of this heavy equipment (backhoe loader, truck, mini-loader and screener), and the necessary training for the agents who will be responsible for it.

Despite the willingness to act, legal procedures impose turnaround times that limit rapid implementation of pickup. It should start next week. The community believes that it will be difficult, however, to reduce by itself the significant amounts of algae stranded in recent days on our coastline, given the limited means at its disposal. She will take care of the cleaning of the bay of Cul de Sac, of the beach of Mont Vernon (the cleaning of the plot AW34 of the BO is ensured by the holder of AOT Sindextour) and the bay Lucas.

2019-06-28 Health
EEASM: 28 June 2019 Press Release

The results of the self-checks carried out this week by the delegate SAUR Saint-Martin, as part of the monitoring of this new pollution with bromates in the water distributed by the public network, confirms bromate levels higher than the norm in force in proportions different depending on the sampling points on the network, bromates showing a tendency to develop over time.

In this sense, the EEASM recommends that the population continue to follow the precautionary measures recommended by the LRA, namely:

Prohibition of drinking, for cooking or brushing teeth.

The water can be used for the following purposes: WC, cleaning surfaces, washing clothes and dishes, showers while being careful not to swallow it. There is no risk of dermal absorption.

The LRA will not fail to communicate on its own controls and the public authorities will adapt their arrangements in a concerted manner.

A press conference is scheduled for Monday, July 1, in the presence of Madam the Prefect Sylvie Feucher, the President of the Collective Daniel Gibbs, the Vice-President of the EEASM Marie Dominique Ramphort, the General Director of the ARS Valérie DENUX , services of the EEASM and SAUR Saint-Martin.

We invite the public to keep in touch with the Facebook page of the EEASM and the media and remember that the recommended measures are based on the precautionary principle.

Without wanting to minimize this episode, the EEASM recommends that users stick to the factual elements, it is obvious that public health is the first priority of the stakeholders in the process of production and distribution of water.

In the meantime, the EEASM is continuing its expert consultations in order to find the best adaptations to this new problematic, which remains unknown on a worldwide scale and to which there are therefore few references.

A cell of experts integrating diverse and international competences was thus set up this week.

2019-06-28 Roads, school buildings and public buildings
Resumption of asbestos removal work on the buildings of the Collectivité.

The Community of Saint-Martin informs its citizens of the resumption of asbestos removal work on the buildings of the Collectivité.

Thus, the work is carried out as follows:

Nina Duverly School:

    17 asbestos work at 28 June 2019, for the classrooms on the ground floor.
    25 Asbestos Work June to 03 July, for the Director's Office
    Asbestos Removal Operation Scheduled for 28 June to 11 July

    Building rue de la Liberté in Marigot (former Legal Center):

      Setting up the scaffolding the 24 and 25 June
      Preparation of asbestos removal work up to July 03
      Asbestos removal work in the first half of July

      It should be noted that asbestos removal work is subject to special monitoring:

      The works are carried out in tight zones, put in depression, the rejected air being filtered by a system of extractors with double filtration
      Air analysis in the work zone
      Air analysis near work areas
      Air analysis in rejection of extractors

      Following the asbestos removal work, the decommissioning work on these two buildings, which were heavily damaged by Irma, will be completed. Specific protection means will be implemented to reduce nuisance:

      Misting to reduce dust
      By-rubble and mechanical protection for channeling rubble

      The Community of Saint-Martin apologizes for the nuisance caused to the neighborhood during the period of work.

2019-06-19 Associative life
Invitation to associations: Information meeting on the outsourcing of extracurricular activities

The Territorial Fund of the School Works of Saint-Martin (CTOS) wishes to outsource extracurricular receptions and entrust the management to the various associations present on the territory, from the beginning of the school year of September 2019.

An information meeting on the outsourcing process is organized on Friday 21 June 2019 at 14 hours, in the room of the Territorial Council of the Community Hotel in Marigot.

The associations interested in this partnership are invited to come to this meeting.


The Territorial School Board of St. Martin (CTOS) wishes to outsource extra-curricular receptions of children and entrust its management to the various associations of St Martin, from the beginning of September 2019.
An information meeting on the outsourcing process is organized on Friday, June 21, 2019 at 02: 00 pm, at the Territorial Council room - Community building in Marigot.
The associations are interested in this partnership!

2019-06-18 Economic Development of the Territory
The installation in Saint Martin of the OPMR: Observatory of Margins and Income Prices.

Attached is a press release as part of the OPMR's installation in Saint-Martin: Observatory of Margins and Income Awards.

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