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St-Martin: A Franco-Dutch agreement on reconstruction and the fight against immigration ill
St-Martin: A Franco-Dutch agreement on reconstruction and the fight against immigration ill
An agreement between the French side of the island of Saint-Martin and the Dutch part was signed Thursday 28 June 2018 in Paris, to improve cooperation especially in terms of reconstruction after hurricane Irma, fight against illegal immigration , waste management and maritime links.

In a joint statement, the French Minister of Overseas, Annick Girardin, the President of the community of St. Martin Daniel Gibbs, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of the Interior of the Netherlands Raymond Knops and the Prime Minister of Sint-Maarten, Leona Marlin-Romeo, indicate that they have signed in Paris a Final Declaration, which reinforces cooperation between the two sides of the island in terms of reconstruction, after the devastating passage of Hurricane Irma in September 2017 .

In this quadripartite declaration, the parties agree in particular on the removal, treatment, and securing, before the next tourist season in December, wrecks of boats that sank in the lagoon of Simpson Bay, which are shared territorially Saint Martin and Sint Maarten.

The parties also intend to work on "a common direction in sustainable waste management", to reach an agreement by March 2019.

The signatories also agreed on the need for a "crisis management cooperation agreement", to "have a shared and coordinated vision of the actions to be taken in the field of warning and communication to the population. ".

In the fight against illegal immigration, the signatories emphasize a "very satisfactory" cooperation, but "in the face of a strengthening of migratory flows", and "the need to develop coordinated strategies to fight against the underground economy, and in particular, illegal work, in the context of reconstruction ", they agreed, inter alia," on the reciprocal presence of immigration agents at the airports of the two territories ".

They also noted the need for an exchange of information to combat social benefits fraud, "especially for people who are actually living in the other part of the island".

Finally, the signatories agreed to "finalize and conclude by November", an agreement "to regulate maritime traffic between Anguilla / Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten with regard to the passage of ships in French territorial waters", and provide for "to study the establishment of a mechanism for periodic communication of data relating to the flow of goods (both import and export) processed in the territory of one party but intended for the other" .

President Gibbs said he was very pleased with this quadripartite agreement, which expresses the shared desire to make concrete progress on key issues for the future of our island.

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