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Madam Vice-President of the Guadeloupe Region,

Mr. President of the Territorial Collective of Martinique,

Ambassador Delegate for Regional Cooperation in the West Indies-Guiana Area,

The Ambassador of France to the OECS countries

Dear OECS Colleagues,

Dear colleagues from Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana,

Dear partners,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to welcome you to Saint-Martin as part of our work on the INTERREG Caribbean Cooperation Program.

It is an honor to welcome you here to Saint-Martin with the convictions of cooperation and regional integration that characterize the very identity of the territory of Saint-Martin and its inhabitants.

This vision of concerted development of Saint-Martin in its geographical area, its area of ​​membership, naturally leads us to work in conjunction with the territories of our cross-border zone, the "Leeward Islands".

In assuring the Presidency of the Conference of Presidents of the Outermost Regions, the Saint Martin Community puts forward during its mandate:

Promotion of renewable energies and adaptation to climate change,
EDF / ERDF cooperation, essential for Saint-Martin for obvious geoeconomic reasons,
Responses to the challenges and challenges of the Caribbean area that are integral to our regional integration effort.

As you have already seen, St. Martin is recovering, thanks to the power of resilience of its inhabitants and the means already deployed on the ground by the authorities.

However, the road to reconstruction is long and requires the use of Caribbean, national and European solidarity.

Let me mention the creation of the INTERREG reconstruction axis with 95% co-financing rate.

The Collectivité de Saint-Martin was able to reflect on some projects sent to the Joint Secretariat for support:

Treatment and recovery of waste,
The reinstallation of a CROSS antenna for navigation at sea
The implementation of the Resilient Data Center

We have the duty to advance as soon as possible on the creation of this axis.

The projects proposed are of significant importance, not only for Saint-Martin, but also for the surrounding areas that use these infrastructures.

I also welcome the emphasis on solidarity, cooperation and regional integration.

This is a relevant and beneficial development for an island such as Saint-Martin, surrounded by five OCTs:

One British, one French and three Dutch!

This situation calls for better coordination in the Caribbean area between ERDF and EDF projects.

More than ever, following the catastrophic weather phenomena that we have suffered, and which constitute real threats for our island territories in the future, it seems perfectly appropriate to encourage and develop these initiatives.

The INTERREG Caribbean V program therefore shows the way for a concerted and successful development of Caribbean cooperation, while also having a program of territorial cooperation Amazon and a territorial cooperation program Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten.

Among the projects that are particularly important to us, I will mention:

The Leeward Islands Geothermal and Digital Interconnection Hub Project, which represents a major sustainable development axis for our reference area,
The SXM Festival: a real lever for stimulating tourism activity through culture. This event is sustainable and our project is to deploy it all over the island of St. Martin in partnership with Sint Maarten, but also other islands in the area;
The CARIBIX Project, supported by the telephone company Dauphin Telecom, in partnership with the CTU (Caribbean Telecommunication Unit), is an example of an innovative project co-financed by the ERDF and the EDF.

The Caribbean program for Sargasso algae cooperation, supported by the Guadeloupe Region, in which our Community has positioned itself as an involved partner for sustainable and shared solutions.

On behalf of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin, I wish you a pleasant stay on our island and good work.

I thank the team of the Joint Secretariat for organizing the meetings of this committee in Saint-Martin.

I take this opportunity to reiterate how important it is for our territory and this area to benefit from more sustained support and partnership from the Joint Secretariat. I count on each one of us to improve these collaborations.

And since we are talking about selecting projects to co-finance, I hope that our deliberations will be fruitful and generate development for the benefit of each of our respective territories.

Merci de votre attention.

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