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Interconnection Hub Project g
Interconnection Hub Project g
On Tuesday 9 October 2018, the President of the Community of St. Martin, Mr. Daniel Gibbs, received representatives of the islands of St. Kitts-Nevis, Anguilla, St. Barthelemy, Sint Maarten and Saba, around the presentation of a geothermal and digital interconnection hub project for the Leeward Islands area.

At the same time, Caribbean island, Overseas Collectivité of the French Republic and Ultrapériphérique Region (RUP) of the European Union, the Collectivité of Saint-Martin has made the choice to bring its openness to the international with a positive influence and influence by firmly integrating regional integration, inter-island cooperation and notions of sustainability and comprehensiveness at the heart of its development strategy.

Therefore, the Community of Saint-Martin, which will ensure, between December 2018 and January 2020, the presidency of the Conference of Presidents of the outermost regions, wishes to meet these challenges by promoting the concrete realization of a project of Electrical and Digital Interconnection to neighboring territories.

This large-scale inter-island project would be carried by the Community of Saint-Martin as part of the European Interreg Program 2014 - 2020.

The project has two components, the Energy component which is the driving force and the trigger for this initiative, the Digital component as a complementary valorisation.

The Energy component of the project involves upgrading the geothermal potential of the Leeward Islands through the production and distribution of electricity via an interconnected network integrating all these territories.

The geothermal resource allows a base-based, carbon-free electricity production, insensitive to climatic variations and at a much lower cost than the existing one.

Of the target islands, St Kitts, Nevis, Saba and St Eustache, all positioned on the volcanic arc, potentially have geothermal resources.

The second component of the project involves a digital interconnection of the Leeward Islands, taking advantage of the installation of fiber-optic power cables to create the network infrastructure.

The interconnection of the Leeward Islands will pool costs related to strengthening the digital interconnection to Puerto Rico: the installation of such a submarine cable will be all the more justifiable as it will allow all the islands to benefit from an interconnected Very High Speed ​​Digital Network (THD).

This system opens up prospects of cooperation with our neighboring islands on multiple topics: connected schools, Cloud solution, Internet exchange, Data Center, startup incubator, content cluster (TV, Radio, Social Networks ...), platform of tourist offer ...

Thus, this Project funded by the European Interreg Caribbean Program foresees at this stage the initiation of pre-feasibility studies on the potential existence of a geothermal resource on the islands of Saba, St Eustache and St Kitts and on the electrical and utility interconnection. with the establishment of a partnership between the islands integrated into the network.

During his speech, President Gibbs said "to have the ambition that our territories, with dedicated tools, can become exemplary, for example by developing Research and Development (R & D) particularly in the field of circular economy, energy renewable and digital ".

At the same time, the President reiterated his wish to "continue to advance on this project, while at the same time ensuring the diversity and securing of our energy supplies".

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