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Speech by President Daniel Gibbes
Speech by President Daniel Gibbes
Speech by President Daniel Gibbes
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great honor for me to appear before you today.
Through you, through its representatives, it is to the entire population of Saint-Martin that I also address myself today in my policy speech.

First of all, I would like to thank President Aline HANSON and the Senator and Vice-President Guillaume ARNELL very warmly for having greatly facilitated the transfer of power between the old and the new Majority, following the results of the second round.

Dear Aline, I want to express to you today all my friendship and the expression of my most sincere respect: I wish to my opposition today a relationship of trust and mutual respect identical to the one you Have known how to impulse with me for four years.


The time for action is now replaced by the elections.

Team Gibbs Team 2017 - Together, it is time to act, together it's time to act - becomes today the guiding thread of the policy that this new majority meets that I have the great honor of Driving for five years.

A majority of the voters, whom I wish to thank again this morning from the bottom of my heart for the confidence they have placed in our team and our project.

As questionable as they are, the numbers of participation, declining in elections in recent years, should no longer be the subject of purely political interpretations: we must see there objectively the signs of a certain weariness of our fellow citizens and of Their refusal to issue a blank-check to their representatives.

But I assure you: the vast work of the reconciliation of our fellow citizens for the political thing begins today.

There is no single battle to win: our young collectivity needs the energy, talent, skills and goodwill of all. Together we will win Saint Martin. It is united and animated with the same enthusiasm and energy to put Saint-Martin on the path of development, that we will put our country on the road to prosperity, equality, justice, progress and Social peace.

The lesson of these elections is clear: we are the agents of great hope.

And this victory, even if it is historical, requires us to be humble. Triumphalism has no place in the functions we inherit today, as expectations are strong - perhaps stronger than they have ever been - and many challenges.

Expectations to which we will respond, one after the other, of the challenges that together we will all meet.

And in order to achieve our objectives fully, it is a team of action, a competent team, strong and united, ready to go to Saint-Martin and our people without delay.

What are our fellow citizens saying?

They ask us to mark the path. They demand from us, that we show them where we are going, for what results and according to what schedule. They ask us on what roads we train them to respect the solemn commitments we have made before them.

To meet this imperative of transparency and efficiency, we will translate our society project into action, tomorrow and over the next five years at least.

For we are there as much to meet the immediate demands of our fellow citizens as to prepare the future of our children.

A project based on a renewed governance: the President that I am will fulfill fully his role and missions as President of the Collectivité of Outremer of Saint Martin by not keeping in its lapse any Pole of the Collectivity.

The 4 vice-presidents of this new majority will work in full collegiality, in total interaction, to better understand the transversality of our public policies.

Vice-presidents who will be supported in the heavy and complex management of their respective portfolio by the majority of the elected representatives, as we will create 11 new Territorial Commissions in our Assembly so that each elected representative of the Collectivity is at work And serving the population.

A strong and organized team, at the service of a project which is based on a method and on a two-part partition, because it is necessary both to put in place emergency measures and to trace the paths of the future.


The expectations of the population are strong, and they do not admit that the implementation of the commitments we have made will be further delayed.

That's why we also have a calendar: 10 month.

We give ourselves 10 months to establish the foundations of our long-term project and, at the same time, to act very concretely on improving the living conditions of Saint-Martinoises and Saint-Martin.

As you know, the Organic Law requires us to vote a budget before the April 15 every year. The electoral year offers no derogation: we thus inherit a budget for 2017 prepared by the outgoing majority.

However, Team Gibbs 2017 does not want to "rest" on this fact and make this first budget a simple transition or continuity budget.

This is not our vision of political action.

We are therefore working hard to ensure that all the measures promised to our fellow citizens for the first 10 months, and necessary for the start of our project, can be financed immediately and set up in compliance Of the timetable we have set for ourselves.


What are these measures?

First, to have the means to act effectively, we need to re-examine our financial, fiscal and institutional systems.
And yes, because it is necessary to stop sailing on sight and to make decisions in a hurry and without consultation, this global re-questioning involves a necessary phase of audits, presentation of the results of these audits at the Development of our reform projects in consultation with all the players in our territory.

I will not be the president of unpreparedness and approximations: to build solid foundations, I need accurate data and reliable statistics.
This will take me 10 months. This should have been done in the 10 first months of the 2007 year and we still suffer today from the lack of precise data for our Community. It is high time to act as responsible.

Thus, the financial and organizational audit of our Community will allow us to optimize our budget and will indicate to us the avenues of savings and improvement to be put in place in the coming years to remove Saint-Martin from the budget impasse that plumbs Our investment capabilities. The organizational audit of the Collectivité will lead to strong proposals for the reorganization of the missions and the working conditions of each one: I want to be able to rely on a fully operational administration, flourished in its work and valued in its missions. So is the quality of our public services ...

Institutional auditing will allow us to identify all the dysfunctions that we undergo since 2007.
The "74" is a great toolbox. He walks to St. Bartholomew and it handicaps Saint-Martin? This is unacceptable: we have to mature, we have to meet the obligations of the 74 to get out of a communal operation that hinders us, and at the same time fully utilize the skills that have been devolved to us.

This institutional expertise must also allow us to re-examine our place in Europe. Questioning goes hand in hand with the path we took when we proclaimed yesterday in favor of statutory evolution.
Is our current status as an Ultra-Peripheral Region, which results, let us be clear, from a non-choice, the most effective, the most adapted, if only with regard to our coexistence with the Dutch part of the " Island governed by the status of Country and Territory of Outremer? We must ask ourselves the question and obtain, as soon as possible, a clear and fair analysis of the situation that we face today in order to respond serenely.

Beyond the very question of harmonizing our European status with our immediate or near neighbors, it is now time to give a palpable sense to our cooperation with Sint Maarten. Ladies and gentlemen, representatives and elected representatives of the Dutch side, I am addressing you this morning: cooperation is now - admit it! - the mere fact of the good will of a handful of individuals.

I have a much higher idea of ​​the co-operation that should exist between the two parts of the island.

Our small territory, a prefiguration well before the time of distant Europe, was built on an enlightened desire of destiny shared centuries ago.

If only out of respect for our history and its servants, our cooperation deserves better, in my opinion, than an embrace in Quartier d'Orléans on November 11. Let's get out of the protocol! Let's give it a reality!
Let us give back to our fellow citizens this desire for shared destiny and a common future.

That is why I wish that my project to build as soon as possible the "Saint-Martin United Congress" finds tomorrow, a favorable echo with you, decision-makers and representatives of Sint Maarten.

I know I can count on you, to restore our Friendly Island.
I maintain European co-operation and affairs in my prerogatives as President of the Collectivity. These matters are crucial for the future of our territory and must be rethought, in my opinion, in good faith and in all fraternity, by the heads of our Executives.


Financial reform, institutional reform and tax reform.
I do not repeat the fact that we all do today: the taxation of Saint Martin has become totally counterproductive.
It does not reassure investors, it is complex for our entrepreneurs and it feels a general feeling of injustice.
This must change, as taxation, in addition to being the arm of our future development, remains our main source of funding for our public policies.

I will not be the President of an economy under an infusion. I will be the President of projects emerging from the earth, that of a population appeased by tax justice and that of prosperous entrepreneurs because sustained and reassured by just measures.

We will therefore launch an analysis of our tax system as soon as possible in order to establish, as soon as possible, a tax system that is both clear, fair, competitive and transparent, for entrepreneurs, investors and individuals alike.

That is why, for the three major reforms I propose to carry forward with us these 10 next months.


All these reforms must underpin the ambitious project of society carried by this new majority.

I repeat: I will be the President of Economic Development and Employment.

We will put in place all the instruments that will allow us to promote investment and purchasing power in a spirit of responsibility.
This includes, for example, the implementation of a Small Business Act specific to Saint-Martin for our companies or the creation of our future Economic Development Agency, a true arm of the economic development policy of our territory.

It also involves a complete rethinking of our tourism policy, the island's main economic sector. We have lived too long on our achievements: we will change the image of Saint-Martin, to attract customers with high purchasing power. To this end, we will develop our hotel reception capacities, build all the infrastructures necessary for our tourism development and redefine our strategies.

I speak of projects that are both ambitious and realistic: to speak only of our "capital", suffering for years, let me briefly decline what we envisage for Marigot.

Thus, our "Grand Marigot" will extend tomorrow from Morne Valois to Bellevue passing by Galisbay. Our project includes the renovation of the Marina Port la Royale, the increase in the capacity of the Marina Fort-Louis, the construction of a cruise ship terminal and a reception terminal, the creation of construction sites Naval facilities in Galisbay and the establishment of hotels and lodgings in the city center.

But Saint-Martin must also urgently diversify its economy: we will endeavor to this necessary diversification by supporting and developing traditional sectors such as agriculture and fisheries, but also by focusing on activities with high added value, particularly in the sectors of Sustainable development or new technologies.


Doping and diversifying our economy: these are the projects we will tackle without further delay. Because unemployment is a real scourge and we post 48 millions of euros of RSA debt.
A third of our population is now unemployed: today, hundreds of families, single women and young people are bogged down in inactivity and despair.

There is no fatality to unemployment, but to fight effectively, I remain convinced that we must recreate the conditions of a dynamic and competitive economy. What does that mean ? That we must accelerate growth, by creating the conditions of wealth in our territory.

This also means better training, especially for our young people: 80% of them, who are unemployed today, have no qualifications. And those who succeed in school do not always have the means to go to train outside the island or are simply discouraged by the lack of prospects of hiring locally.

We will give back to our young people hope, the desire to get out and succeed and access to the essentials: training, culture and employment.

To do this, we need to have the right tools:
• a vice-rectorate, because one can no longer accept that in Saint-Martin one teaches as in Paris;
• Tutors from the small first-level classes to support schoolchildren and teachers and ensure that our pupils are fluent in English and French at the start of the second semester;
• Excellence training, with particular emphasis on tourism or interpreting, and the opportunity, through a partnership with the University of the West Indies, to acquire at least a Bachelor's degree in our territory ...

For our drop-outs too, we must propose structures adapted to the reality of our territory: a school of the 2th chance, but also an RSMA, are devices that have proved their worth and that must be able to benefit Saint Martin.

To these well-trained and valued young people, it is necessary to offer employment opportunities locally. We have tax and legal levers to reassure and encourage the island's business leaders to hire our young people.


The return of growth and employment will benefit social progress that will benefit all. For years our social cohesion has been undermined: this is yet another area on which we will tackle. Sport, but also culture, which appear to be the forgotten ones of the public policies of the Collective, are two pillars that will allow us to act at the root because they are factors of social bond.

Certainly, our fiscal room is narrow, and we will have to reconquer them step by step, but we refuse to consider these areas of culture and sport as ancillary. Social cohesion can no longer wait: we must learn to live together and to share. Culture and sport, but also our way of rethinking the public space or of enhancing our tangible and intangible heritages, for example, will help us to re-establish links that are now distended.


To live together is to live without fear.

For several years, we have been confronted with new forms of insecurity. To ensure the safety of our fellow citizens, we will have to act on the causes of crime, with the support of the State in the field of prevention, but also to strive for a complete judicial chain in our territory.

The visibility of our police forces is essential to fight against delinquency and reassure our fellow citizens and tourists. That is why, this year, we plan to install annexes of the territorial police in Sandy-Ground and Quartier d'Orléans. I want all parts of the island to benefit from quality public services. Orléans and Sandy-Ground districts have been too long forgotten: the challenges that await these districts, which are dear to me and which are also the soul of Saint Martin, will be the object of my attention.

We will also multiply the nearby brigades on foot or by bicycle and we will create a unit dedicated to securing tourist sites. Finally, as soon as possible, we will set up a brigade-relay "tranquility" which will act in connection with the police forces throughout the territory and we will strengthen the video surveillance device.

Finally, and as a Member of Parliament, I passed the draft law on the Police Cooperation Treaty, I invite you to go further in the cooperation with Sint Maarten on these subjects relating to the security of all the islanders . Delinquency and crime do not stop at our dematerialized borders: we must combine our forces to contain them.
To live together is also to put an end to all that gives the impression of a generalized carelessness, of an anarchic organization.

I am talking here about the necessary education to respect and preserve our environment. Very symbolically, one of our first actions will be to set up a major cleaning operation of all the neighborhoods of the island.

But I also talk about road traffic: who does not suffer from the constant traffic congestion every morning between Grand-Case and Marigot and every night in the opposite direction? The work is long and expensive: 43 million euros, tells us our road map. We will therefore prioritize our investments, starting with the necessary circumvention of Grand-Case, also rationalizing our public transport policies or relocating some of the public services to Quartier d'Orléans.

This impression of the status quo, it also arises from our difficulties in solving land problems. I am thinking in particular of the problem of 50 not geometric: on this subject, we will act as soon as possible, through our future Land Development Agency. Cadastre and addressing are also two priority issues for our Community.


That, ladies and gentlemen, is the outline of the policy that I and my team intend to pursue over the next five years. Our project is dense: it will be very soon detailed by each of the vice-presidents whose roadmap is already drafted.
I wish once again, in conclusion, to assure you, through you who represent them, every Saint-Martinoise and every Saint-Martinois, that I would put all my soul, all my energy and all my determination into their service. I heard the anxiety of our elders, I heard the exasperation of our young people, I heard the need for the greatest number of things to change. I have confidence in the chances of Saint Martin and in the strengths of my country.
Together, it's time to act!
Together, it's time to act!
Thank you.

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