Administrative procedures and services
Management of waste
Management of waste

Situated at Galisbay-Welcome, The waste collection center accepts waste free of charge for residents residing in the territory of the Community. A proof of domicile will be requested at the entrance of the site.
Simple to use, an agent sees you and guides you for the deposit of your waste.

Types of waste:

Inert rubble and rubble: earth, concrete, tiles, ceramics, stones ...
Scrap metal: bedsteads, old scrap metal, ...
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and non-ferrous:
Except cold: oven, dishwasher, washing machine, ...
Refrigerator: refrigerator, freezer, ...
Small household appliances: telephony
Computer hardware screen
Green waste from the garden: mounds of lawns, leaves, hedges and shrubs, floral waste ...
Untreated wood: rebus of joinery, ...
Monsters and treated wood: sofas, furniture, cabinets, ....
Newspapers-Magazines / Papers
Drain oils, automotive lubricants
Edible oils
Car Batteries
Special household waste: paints, solvents, adhesives and varnishes

Address, days and time of deposit:
9, rue du port, Galisbay

Access: Galisbay harbor road
05 90 87 79 48

From Monday to Friday
Between 10h00 and 18h00

Saturday from 10h to 14h
Closed on Sundays and public holidays

Rules to respect :

Prohibited to artisans, professionals, ...

Formally excluded waste:
The dead animals
Hospital waste
The putrid organic waste
The carcasses of car
Phytosanitary products and their containers
Waste containing asbestos cement
Floor lamps
Explosive or hazardous waste (toxic, flammable, corrosive ...)
Bottles of gas
Termite Infested Materials
Sewage treatment plant sludge
The Tyres

Contact :
Ms. Jacqueline Helissey
Phone: 05 90 52 27 30 Extension 1210 - Fax: 05 90 52 84 62 -
Direct dial telephone: 05 90 87 79 48

A green waste collection service is offered to the population.

The public is reminded that it is strictly forbidden to burn green waste in the open (ministerial circular of 18 November 2011).
For any clearing of land, an authorization is required (form to ask the Prefecture or the NFB)

Types of waste:
Branches, leaves, grass clippings, weeds

In what :
Tontes in bags

Or :
Near the garbage shelters

Days and times of deposit:
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Between 18h00 and 23h00

Rules to respect :
Deposits not allowed on sidewalks
Do not close bags
Do not put pebbles, earth, ...
Put the branches into bundles with a length of 80 cm and a unit weight less than 30 kg

Contact :
Ms. Jacqueline Helissey
Phone: 05 90 52 27 30 Extension 1210- Fax: 05 90 52 84 62 -

Types of waste:

Scrap iron, appliances, cartons, packaging, furniture, mattresses, ...
The total quantity must not exceed 1 m3 by removal and per accommodation.

Or :

Near the garbage shelters

Days and times of deposit:

Scrap metal, household appliances, Hi-fi, ... on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday from 18h00 to 23h00

Cartons, plastics, packaging Filing on Sunday, Wednesday from 18h00 to 23h00

Furniture, pallets, mattresses, large plastic toys Filing on Tuesday from 18h00 to 23h00

Rules to respect

Deposits prohibited on sidewalks or in front of dwellings
Separating bulky items
Avoid mixing

Bulky items remain under the responsibility of the depositor until they are removed by the Collective.

They must not be dangerous (visible points, sharp parts, etc.) during their handling or during their presence in the public domain and be placed in such a way that they do not constitute a danger to pedestrians and motor traffic.

Are not accepted: planks or beams with a section greater than 50 cm3 and of length greater than 80 cm; Waste arising from a permanent activity or from an industrial or commercial activity; Car wrecks; Gas cylinders, windows, mirrors, ...

Beyond 500 kg bulky items are considered professional.

Contact :
Ms. Jacqueline Helissey
Phone: 05 90 52 27 30 Extension 21210- Fax: 05 90 52 84 62

Voluntary contributions
Types of waste:

Verres : Bottles, jars, glass jars
Plastiques : Bottles of food liquid (water, milk, ...), bottles of cleaning products, hygiene products such as shower gel, shampoo, small folded cartons, overpacks
Boxes of metal : Tin cans, beverage cans, aluminum trays, aerosols, cans

Or :
Columns located on the roadside:
- Green lid for glass
- Yellow lid for plastic and metal cans

Days and times of deposit:

Rules to respect :
The bottles should be thrown gently for the respect of the neighborhood
Check that bottles are empty.
Do not dispose of plastic bags used for transporting waste in the columns

Contact :
Ms. Jacqueline Helissey
Phone: 05 90 52 27 30 Extension 1210- Fax: 05 90 52 84 62

Types of waste:
Food waste, paper, newspapers, flyers, food bricks, dirty packaging, dishwashing, earthenware, porcelain, ampoules, oil bottles, small plastic or polystyrene packaging, disposable tableware, tin cans, flowers

Or :

Brown trash bin

Days and times of deposit:

Every day from 18h00 to 23h00

Rules to respect :
Do not place bags on sidewalks

Contact :

Ms. Jacqueline Helissey
Phone: 05 90 52 27 30 Extension 1210- Fax: 05 90 52 84 62 -

Order of the President No. 056-2014 dated 15 May 2014portant Regulation on Household Waste

Deposits of rubbish, bulky items or green waste left on public roads generate visual and olfactory nuisances. These deposits contribute to the environmental pollution of the Community of Saint Martin, whose primary vocation is tourism.

Selective sorting meets the current requirements in terms of recycling waste at the Cul de Sac eco-site.

The Community has set up a system for collecting 7 days on 7 for household waste, 6 times a week for bulky items and 3 times a week for green waste, except holidays.

Please respect the schedules, days and places of deposit of your waste

The Collective reminds craftsmen, traders and professionals that they are responsible for their waste and their evacuation.
Unauthorized depots of household waste, bulky waste and green waste are prohibited by law (Article L. 541-3 of the Environmental Code).

The deposits of artisans (remains of construction sites such as rubble, tiles, used air conditioners, empty paint pots, ...), merchants (cartons), ... continually encumber the garbage shelters or even the bins garbage but reserved for household waste .

They must move closer to the sorting center located at Grandes Cayes for the treatment of their waste.

The waste you have sorted is checked in the sorting center and sent to recycling centers.