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President Aline Hanson received in college on Thursday 10 March 2016, Anne Leydet, a great-granddaughter of Marie-Amélie Leydet, whose elementary school of Concordia is now named.

Historic owner of the Spring-Concordia plantation, Marie-Amélie Leydet is in the memory of many Saint-Martin's. Born in Pointe-Pitre in 1858, Marie-Amélie was the daughter of surgeon Désiré Pellerin, then in charge of the medical service of Saint-Martin. His mother Anne-Marie French was the daughter of Daniel French and Eliza-Mary Cock, owners of Spring and Concordia.
In 1869, she leaves Saint-Martin for metropolitan France with her parents. Having become widowed at 44 years, Marie-Amélie Leydet returns to settle in Saint-Martin in 1915 and resumes with his son Bruno the exploitation of the property. She grows lemons, cassis, cotton, cocoa and bananas and sells the milk of her cows.
Anne Leydet traced the life of her great grandmother thanks to the many family letters given by her father. Now in Canada, she has decided to donate some of these letters and family photos to the Community Archives of Saint Martin, and to thank her for these valuable archives Which President Aline Hanson wished to receive, during its passage on the island.
With a rare precision on the habits of life of the inhabitants and on the significant events of the beginning of the nineteenth century, these letters are an exceptional testimony to what Saint-Martin was at that time. Stéphanie Dargaud, Director of Territorial Archives and Heritage, presented a few original copies of these letters in a state of conservation. The archives can be consulted at the Territorial Archives, rue Jean-Luc Hamlet in Concordia (open from Monday to Friday from 20h to 9h).

In addition, President Aline Hanson thanked Mrs. Leydet for her contribution to the Territorial Archives and for highlighting the history of the island. Anne Leydet is very honored to donate other documents belonging to her family to the Territorial Archives. She hopes that her initiative will encourage others to donate their archives in order to maintain the duty of memory.