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Saint-Martin: an island in the heart of a basin with an exceptional natural richness
France ranks second in terms of its area in terms of exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Thanks to the various overseas territories, it has a capacity of 15 million km and sup2; Of marine space. In addition, 80% of French biodiversity is overseas. Thus, unique on the biological level, Saint-Martin is one of the few French zones that make a significant contribution to the environmental heritage of the French State.
However, Saint-Martin is also part of a European logic as an outermost region. In this perspective, it is interesting to note that 70% of European biodiversity is overseas.


The signature of the contract is the 28 July 2015 marked a major step in the process of drafting the contract of city of Saint-Martin. This act confirmed the desire of the two main partners, the State and the community of Saint-Martin, to contribute to the pursuit of ambitions for urban cohesion and solidarity towards disadvantaged neighborhoods and their inhabitants set by Law No. 2014- 173 21 February 2014 programming for the city and urban cohesion.
During the territorial diagnosis, Sandy-Ground and Quartier d'Orléans served as a reading prism to understand the dynamics at work on the scale of priority geography, but also on the whole territory of Saint- Martinis, sometimes by making incursions on the Dutch part given their community of destiny. The content of the three pillars of the city policy defined, resulting from law 2014-173 21 February 2014, allowed the territorial authorities of Saint Martin to specify its priorities for intervention.
These were translated around five themes to serve as a framework for the reflections initiated in the perspective of elaboration of the territorial diagnosis and the project of territory. Cross-cutting priorities for these three pillars relate to youth, gender equality and the prevention of all forms of discrimination.
In accordance with the framework defined previously, the aim was to question the functioning of the territory, the diagnosis mobilized the main actors working on the following five themes:
Theme 1 - Habitat and living environment
Theme 2 - Health
Theme 3 - Education and success, education, youth, sport, culture and community life
Theme 4 - Social support, training and economic development
Theme 5 - Security and prevention of delinquency

Call for proposals: City contract 2016-2020
City contract Saint-Martin (document size 33Mo)
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