Administrative procedures and services
Prevention and safety
Prevention and safety

To ensure that the rules of life in society, useful to all, are respected the Police
Municipale intervenes on three axes of work around which public security is articulated:
Prevention and proximity are the main areas of work aimed at directly preventing the commission of the offense by providing information, ensuring a visible and dissuasive presence (schools) in contact with the population and its needs.
Educational actions that aim to provide information and give benchmarks.
And if, despite these actions, the rules are still not respected, the repression of identifying offenses must make it possible to recall the security obligations to the offender.

The missions of the municipal policeman

The officers of the Municipal Police are territorial officials whose mission is to ensure: the surveillance of the municipal territory and in particular:

- good order (disturbances of public roads, surveillance of places of assembly, fairs, demonstration ...),
- security (prevention of delinquent acts, theft, damage);
- safety (prevention of various accidents, security of traffic lanes, parking, blue zone, deposits on the public domain, animal wandering ...),

- cleanliness (wild deposits, cleaning of land ....),
- public tranquility (noise nuisance).

As part of their activities, the latter are under the direction of the Mayor and the supervision of the Public Prosecutor with regard to their judicial activity.

They are: Agent of the Judicial Police and Agent of the Public Force which gives them competence to establish violations of the law and the regulations in particular the decrees of
Police of the President.

However, the latter do not carry out judicial investigations and do not take complaints (function carried out by the Judicial Police Officers of the National Police or the Gendarmerie Nationale).