Administrative procedures and services
Civil registration
Civil registration

Weddings are celebrated in the Hotel de la Collectivité
Two persons of different sex or of the same sex may marry in France provided they are at least 18 years old.

The list of coins is given to future spouses.
- Full copy of birth certificate - Proof of address - Identity document - witnesses
- certificate of custom and celibacy etc ...)

The place of residence determines the competence of the President.
Either of the prospective spouses must be domiciled or have a residence in the
Community for one month at the date of publication.
Certification on honor is not enough.


The Civil State instructs:

Birth declarations
Recognition of Children
Change of name declarations
Wedding records
Declarations of death
Divorce registrations, body separations, changes in matrimonial regimes, adoptions
The military census
Legalization and certification

Central Registry Service: Hôtel de la Collectivité

Responsible: Fabien Gumbs
Hotel of the Collectivity - Marigot: Tel: 0590 87 50 04 - Email:

Citizen services Center
Responsible: Daniella Richardson
Phone: 0590 87 61 71 - Email:

National Identity Card / Passport
Responsible: Elina Leblanc
Phone: 0590 87 61 54 - Email:

Election Service
Responsible: Véronique Sapor
Phone: 0590 29 59 20 - Email:

To obtain a full copy of birth certificate, marriage the applicant must
Satisfy conditions:
- Be the person concerned by the deed, his spouse, his ascendants, descendants, a lawyer, a notary, the courts or his legal representative. (Brothers and sisters are excluded).
No information is given by telephone.
Requests for deeds must be made at the birth council.
- At the Civil Registry
-By mail with a copy of the ID and a stamped envelope
-By e-mail
The reply shall be in writing and transmitted by post.
French-born foreigners should send their application directly on-line or to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The declaration of birth is made within three days of the birth.
In case of confinement during the weekend or public holiday the period is extended until the first working day.
After this deadline, it will be necessary to request a late declaration to the Court of First Instance
The declaration is made at the town hall of the place of birth.

Documents required :
- Family Booklet and Parent Identification
- Full copy of the recognition (if applicable)
- Declaration of Name Selection (if applicable)
- Certificate of delivery signed by the doctor

Declarations of death are made by funeral directors or the family

Documents required :
- Certificate of death signed by the doctor who found the death.
- Family booklet or birth certificate
- Identification of the deceased
- Identity document of person declaring death


When the parents are married the recognition is not necessary.
On the other hand, if the parents are not married, the child will not have the paternal filiation in his act unless he is recognized by his father.
Since the reform of 1 and July 2006, the mother no longer needs to recognize her child, the indication of her name in the act establishes the filiation towards her.
However she can do a reconnaissance before birth to keep her name.
Recognition can be made at any time and in any town hall.

Room to be furnished :
- ID
- Invoice on behalf of parents


The person whose signature must be authenticated must present himself with a document
Identity and a proof of address in his name.

The administrator presents himself with the original and the copy of the document to be certified.

The family booklet is drawn up and delivered by the Civil Registry Officer:
To the spouses at a wedding
Parents on birth declaration
Provide a room