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Fiscal stamps
Fiscal stamps

The Collectivité de Saint-Martin and its passport service inform the population that since Monday 02 on March 2015, the government has launched the Internet website for the sale of tax stamps online for passports. The citizens of Saint-Martin are benefiting from this administrative simplification measure. To obtain their electronic tax stamps, citizens must log on to the website:, Follow the instructions and make their payment by credit card. These electronic tax stamps are identified by a number to 16 digits (QR Code). This code, sent to the online buyer by email or SMS, will then have to be added to the passport application file to be deposited with the Passport of the Community service.

According to a government statement, this measure will extend from 2016 to the renewal of the identity card or driver's license. It aims ultimately to complete dematerialisation of the tax stamps. It is of course always possible to purchase paper copies from public finance centers and depository agencies, which will soon also be equipped with electronic tax stamps.

For more information, please visit the website:

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