Administrative procedures and services
Carrer information for professionals
Carrer information for professionals

The file must be submitted to the Directorate of Juridical and Legal Affairs within a maximum of one month from the date of receipt of this letter.

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(Art L. 310-, L. 310-2, L.310-5, R. 310-2 to R.310-7, R. 310-19 of the Commercial Code)

The declaration procedure
The prior declaration of sale in liquidation must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or to be filed with the community - Legal Affairs and Litigation Directorate.
It is signed by the seller, the organizer or by a person with standing to represent him.

Documents required :
- Completed reporting form
- the declarant's identity document
- k-bis extract of less than three months
- detailed inventory of the liquidated goods (name of the articles, quantities, selling price, average purchase price excluding tax)
- all documents substantiating the reason for the liquidation

Depending on the reason for the request:
- a copy of the work specifications, if the work involves changing the operating conditions.
- subscription or breach of a distribution contract including an exclusive or almost exclusive supply clause, in the case of a change in the legal form of the company.
- certificate of honor, if it is a cessation of activity without transfer of funds.
- copy of the compromise of sale, if sale of the goodwill.


The number of banners is limited to: 5 maximum banners per event
The Banner:

- Must be placed above the public domain and can only be authorized to announce an expression of general interest.
- It must be installed at 10 Days before the event and must be removed within 48heures following the event
- The maximum duration of installation of a banner is 30jours
- No inscription, advertising logo, price, is admitted
- It is strictly forbidden to affix a banner without being granted an authorization under penalty of immediate withdrawal by the competent authority
- Its installation on the gates, barriers of the parks and cemeteries is forbidden
- A banner placed on private barriers or hedges is subject to the prior authorization of the owner concerned.

Requests must be received 10 days before the banners are placed

Please tick the selected placements
1 Entrance Street of Low-Town
2 Exit Low Town Street
3 Rue de Hollande N ° 6 (after the store First deco)
4 Rue de Hollande N ° 14 (before the electronic shop)
5 Sandy Ground Street (after deck)
6 Street of the Republic / MARIGOT
7 Rue de Hollande, at the height of MOTO WORLD / MARIGOT
8 Savannah at the height of the Church (Christian Assembly)
9 Boulevard of Grand-Case N ° 221
10 Route de Cul de Sac (before the Caribbean pharmacy)
11 Route N7 Orleans area at the petrol station (BEST BYU GAS)
12 Route N7 Orleans area at the store (Fleming Carpet)


Department of Legal Affairs and Litigation

- Two-sided ID of the manager
- Lease of the place of business
- attestation of address
- Company - Articles of association
- Operating license


- Mail addressed to the President of the Collectivity, indicating the name, address and quality of the organizers, the nature of the event, the date, the place and the schedules.
- Copy of the statutes and the official declaration of the association
- copy of the liability insurance
- Receipt of payment of the right of place


This receipt is proof of possession of the license. However, it does not guarantee the right to exploit a debit or the validity of owner or manager relied on by the declarant or the accuracy of the declarations mentioned above.