Administrative procedures and services

Active Solidarity Income (RSA) was created by the law of 01er December 2008.
An active solidarity income shall be established to ensure that its beneficiaries have adequate means of subsistence in order to combat poverty, encourage the exercise or return to a professional activity and assist in social integration Of beneficiaries.
Active solidarity income replaces the minimum income for integration, the single parent allowance and the various incentive mechanisms for the resumption of activity.

It entered into application the 1er January 2011 in the overseas departments and communities. It lays down the principle of the rights and duties of recipients by organizing new methods of guidance and un referent Social and occupational integration.

The referent develops the integration path of RSA beneficiaries through personalized social and / or socio-professional support.
It is based on the offer of integration of the territory.
It develops privileged relations with all the structures of insertion of its field of intervention.
It is also responsible for the Contract of reciprocal engagement (RECs), Its implementation and its evaluation.

Related processes

    The multidisciplinary team-RSA

This body shall be consulted prior to the decisions to redirect towards the organizations for social or occupational integration and reduction or suspension under Article L. 262-37 of the active solidarity income affecting the beneficiary.

The involvement and effective participation of the beneficiaries, thus making them involved in the definition, conduct and evaluation of integration policies, establishes the principle of the presence of beneficiary representatives in multidisciplinary teams, Examination of individual files.

It is governed by an internal by-law and supplemented by a code of ethics.
The missions of the multidisciplinary team are as follows:

It shall issue an opinion in the event of a reorientation. (Art L 262-39 - art L 262-31CASF)

It shall be seized if the RSA is reduced or suspended; It must give an opinion on the amount, the rate and the duration.

It shall issue an opinion on the administrative fines and the amount thereof. (Art L 262-52 CASF)

It gives an opinion in the event of a repeated misrepresentation, a deliberate omission of declaration or concealed work which led to the payment of the RSA for an undue amount of more than twice the monthly social security ceiling; Or in the case of recidivism before removal for a maximum duration of one year from the payment of the RSA. (Art L 262-53 CASF)

It is seized when the beneficiary has not appeared at the interviews following the sending of two convocations;

    Partnership Group Meetings

The meetings of collective and partnership information, allow us to present the device and to implement the orientation of the beneficiaries:

The Income of Active Solidarity,

The orientation device - the types of path and the orientation criteria -

The accompanying arrangements - The rights and duties, the obligation to contractualize a personalized project for access to employment EALP Or Reciprocal commitment agreement,

The multidisciplinary team-Rsa,

Personalized Return to Work Help

The insertion offer

    Personalized back-to-work assistance - APRE

APRE is an aid granted to beneficiaries of Active Solidarity Income (SAR), subject to the job search requirement, in order to enable them to bear all or part of the costs they have to face when they Start or resume An activity or vocational training.
It is an aid scheme financed by the State, via the National Fund for Active Solidarities.
The expenditure likely to give rise to the aid is expenditure:

Transportation (for example, taking charge of public transport tickets or fuel costs, help with obtaining a driving license, help with the purchase of a vehicle, etc.),

Clothing (aid for the purchase of clothing or footwear suitable for use),

Housing (eg moving aid),

Childcare (care of childcare expenses),

Obtaining a diploma, a license, certification or authorization.

The operational implementation of personalized back-to-work assistance is carried out with the sustained involvement of institutional partners.
Management of the envelope is made by the Collectivity in partnership with the CAF and the Pôle emploi.

The territorial-RSA partners:

The Collectivité is the leader of the integration policy in close partnership with the State services, the Caisse d'allocations familiales and the Pôle Emploi.


The demand
The opening of an RSA right begins with the filing of an application CAF , Which proceeds to examine the application.
Following an interview, the CAF Determines the amount of the right to the RSA and proceed to the opening of the right.
You can calculate your RSA entitlement on CAF website (Eligibility Test)

The orientation
The beneficiaries of the basic RSA are oriented, depending on their Pôle emploi , CAF Or to the services of the Community in order to determine the modalities of their integration path.

The Pôle emploi:
The development of a personalized project for access to employment, monitoring is carried out by a referent Pôle emploi

The CAF:
The development of a contract of reciprocal commitment "social support", the follow-up is carried out by a CAF referent.

The community:
The elaboration of a contract of reciprocal commitment "socio-professional accompaniment".
- The contract of reciprocal commitment formalizes a commitment between the sole referent acting for the President The Collectivity, and the beneficiary RSA.

Goal : Give the person the means to regain financial self-sufficiency as a matter of priority through employment or the creation of an independent activity and, if necessary, to solve social difficulties.

The sole referent mobilizes, within the framework of the contract, all the means of the insertion mechanism of the Collectivity.
The Collective accompanies RSA beneficiaries under their reciprocal contract of engagement.
These accompaniments are carried out according to the situation of the person. They aim to solve social problems, health problems (social integration path), or socio-professional integration. They take the form of individual interviews and group workshops.

The insertion pathways

The Collectivity is developing an offer to integrate to better respond to the difficulties encountered by beneficiaries on the path to integration.
Three types of course are proposed depending on the situation of the person:

- a career path
- a socio-professional integration pathway.
- a path of social integration

Within each of the courses, several complementary actions are available to offer the beneficiaries the best conditions to leave the system.
The journey and the accompanying body are determined within the framework of the evaluation with the sole referrer.

Social integration pathways
Under their reciprocal contract of employment and depending on their situation, the beneficiaries of the RSA can be referred by their sole referrer to an approved organization in order to benefit from assistance to help them solve problems related to their Social status or health status.

Socioprofessional integration pathway
The beneficiaries of the RSA oriented towards a socio-professional path are people who are not immediately available to work because of social difficulties, but which are not blocking for their integration and which enable them to take steps to find a job.

These are people:

- less autonomous in their approach than in their professional career;
- encountering linguistic difficulties in French;
- encountering difficulties in reading and writing in French and / or in their native language;
- seeking a position for which they do not have the necessary qualifications or experience;
- looking for a position in a weak sector.

The objective of the socio-professional course is to achieve a short-term career path.

Career path
Jobseekers immediately available for employment are required to participate in the definition and updating of their Personalized Access to Employment Project, to perform positive and repeated job search To take advantage of reasonable job offers

Different career paths can be set up with the aim of returning to employment.

It may be an accompaniment to employment carried out by the Pôle Emploi or a body agreed by the Collectivité, a journey within the framework of Integration by economic activity, An accompaniment towards the Creation of activity, A direct return to work accompanied by a Single Contract of Insertion (CUI).